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Spinomenal Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 9.3

Reputation: 9.4
Average RTP: 9.1
Graphics: 9.5
Features: 9.4
License(s) United Kingdom, Malta

Spinomenal is a provider of online casino software. They offer custom web development, and have a focus on providing the best possible player experience. Spinomenal has been in operation since 2014 and has grown to be one of the top providers of online gaming solutions in the world.

Best Paying Spinomenal Online Slots

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Spinomenal Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Parrots Rock 97.19 % Medium x4500
# 2 1 Reel Egypt 97.16 % Low x500
# 3 Colossus Fruits Easter … 96.5 % Low x150
# 4 Queen of Ice Frozen Fla… 96.5 % Medium-low x2000
# 5 Colossus Fruits Christm… 96.5 % Low x150
# 6 Colossus Fruits 96.5 % Medium-low x2000
# 7 Golden Piggy Bank 96.47 % Low x900
# 8 Reign of Seth 96.43 % Low x1000
# 9 Nova Gems 96.4 % Low x1000
# 10 Story Of The Samurai 96.31 % Medium x5000
# 11 Glowing Fruits 96.31 % Medium-low x2300
# 12 Story Of The Samurai Th… 96.31 % Medium-low x2000
# 13 Goddess Of Lotus 96.31 % Low x1000
# 14 4 Horsemen 2 96.3 % Low x1000
# 15 Beer Collection 20 Lines 96.3 % Medium x3000
# 16 Fruits On Ice 96.3 % Medium-low x3000
# 17 Easter Spin 96.3 % Medium-low x3000
# 18 Valentines Fortune 96.3 % Medium-low x3000
# 19 Majestic King Expanded … 96.3 % Medium-low x2000
# 20 African Rampage 96.3 % Low x1000
# 21 Aztec Spell 96.3 % Medium-low x3000
# 22 Beer Collection 40 Lines 96.3 % Medium-low x3000
# 23 Beer Collection 10 Lines 96.3 % High x3000
# 24 Story Of Vikings 96.3 % Medium-low x1859
# 25 Penny Fruits Easter Edi… 96.3 % Medium-low x3000
# 26 Penny Fruits 96.3 % Medium-low x3000
# 27 Egyptian Rebirth II 96.3 % Low x1000
# 28 Story Of Egypt Christma… 96.3 % Low x1000
# 29 Story of Egypt 10 Lines 96.3 % Medium-low x3000
# 30 Beer Collection 30 Lines 96.3 % Medium x3000
# 31 Demi Gods IV Christmas … 96.3 % Low x1000
# 32 Story of Egypt 96.3 % Low x1000
# 33 Demi Gods IV 96.3 % Medium-low x2000
# 34 Origins Of Lilith Expan… 96.3 % Medium-low x2000
# 35 Penny Fruits Christmas … 96.3 % Medium x5000
# 36 Age of Pirates 15 Lines 96.29 % Medium-low x2500
# 37 Age Of Pirates 96.29 % Medium x5000
# 38 Demi Gods II 15 Lines 96.2 % Medium-low x2000
# 39 Wildfire Fruits 96.2 % Low x1000
# 40 Story of Hercules 15 li… 96.2 % Medium x5000
# 41 Wacky Monkey 96.2 % Low x1000
# 42 Demi Gods III 96.2 % Medium x5000
# 43 Egyptian Eclipse 96.2 % Medium-low x2000
# 44 Demi Gods III 15 Lines 96.2 % Medium-low x2000
# 45 Winners Gold 96.2 % Low x1000
# 46 Book Of Diamonds Reload… 96.18 % High x10000
# 47 Book Of Panther Wild Da… 96.18 % Low x1000
# 48 Easter Gifts 96.16 % Medium-low x3000
# 49 Blue Panther Christmas … 96.14 % Medium-low x3000
# 50 Blue Panther 96.14 % Medium x5000
# 51 Book Of Sirens 96.14 % Medium x5000
# 52 Book of Panther 96.14 % Medium x5000
# 53 Book of Baba Yaga 96.14 % Medium x5000
# 54 Book Of Piggy Bank 96.14 % High x10000
# 55 Book Of Tribes Reloaded 96.11 % High x10000
# 56 Book Of Champions Reloa… 96.11 % High x10000
# 57 Book Of Rebirth Reloaded 96.11 % High x10000
# 58 Wild Santa 96.1 % Low x1000
# 59 Hut With Chicken Legs 96.04 % Medium-low x3000
# 60 Werewolf - The Becoming 96.04 % Medium-low x3000
# 61 The Ankh Protector 96.04 % Medium-low x3000
# 62 Lucky Jack - Book Of Re… 96.01 % High x10000
# 63 Book of Muertos 96.01 % High x10000
# 64 Irish Treasures 96.01 % High x10000
# 65 Book Of Aphrodite 96.01 % Medium-low x3000
# 66 Story of Hercules 96.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 67 Nights of Egypt Expande… 96.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 68 Nights of Egypt 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 69 Origins Of Lilith 96.0 % Medium-low x3000
# 70 Nights Of Magic 96.0 % Low x300
# 71 Nights of Magic Expande… 96.0 % High x2000
# 72 Book Of Champions 95.9 % High x5000
# 73 Book Of Demi Gods 2 95.9 % High x5000
# 74 Book Of Rebirth 95.9 % Medium x5000
# 75 Book Of The Divine 95.9 % Medium x5000
# 76 Book Of Tribes 95.9 % Medium x5000
# 77 Book Of Clovers 95.9 % Medium x5000
# 78 Book of Diamonds 95.9 % Medium x5000
# 79 Book Of Xmas 95.9 % Extreme x50000
# 80 Wolf Fang Winter Storm 95.89 % Low x1000
# 81 Ded Moroz 2 95.83 % Medium x5000
# 82 Goddess of Lotus Christ… 95.83 % Medium x5000
# 83 Wolf Fang Golden Sands 95.83 % Low x1000
# 84 Queen Of Fire 95.8 % Medium-low x2000
# 85 Lucky Score 95.8 % Medium-low x2000
# 86 Penny Fruits Xtreme 95.8 % Medium-low x2000
# 87 Queen Of Ice 95.8 % Medium-low x2000
# 88 100 Juicy Fruits 95.8 % Medium-low x2000
# 89 Wild Ox 95.8 % Medium-low x2000
# 90 Night Wolf Darkest Flame 95.79 % Medium x5000
# 91 Majestic King - Sunset 95.79 % Medium x5000
# 92 Tennis Champions 95.72 % Low x1000
# 93 Snegurochka 2 95.72 % Medium-low x2000
# 94 Pick A Fruit Fire Blaze 95.72 % Medium-low x2000
# 95 Egyptian Ways 95.14 % Medium x5000
# 96 Summer Ways 95.14 % Medium x5000
# 97 Book Of Demi Gods IV 93.96 % Medium x5000
# 98 Poseidon's Rising 93.59 % Medium-low x2000
# 99 Book of Xmas Reloaded 93.35 % High x10000

Best Spinomenal Online Casinos

Cashback up to 15%
Cashback up to 20%
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Spinomenal Slots RTP

When it comes to choosing video slots, an experienced player will tell you that you should focus on games with a payout of over 97%. In turn, the providers must also understand that these are the slots that consumers will be interested in. By maximally levelling the playing field with the operator, the studio will be able to popularize its software.

And this is where the main drawback of the Spinomenal library comes into play. Its average RTP is around 96%. If you consider that the casino always has an advantage over the player, it turns out that in the company's slots the chances of getting your bets back are even lower.

With such an average RTP, the company will never get the obvious love of users. Moreover, the company is not even in the top five of the industry leaders in terms of slot payout. While the quality and variety of the provider's game library are quite good, it would be nice if its specialists pulled up that figure.

Best 7 Spinomenal Slots

Despite the low RTP of Spinomenal's portfolio for iGaming, it has plenty to please consumers. Some of the best slots in terms of percentage return on winnings include:

  • Hunting Treasures Deluxe includes an RTP of 97.88% and a maximum multiplier of x160

  • Amigos Fiesta includes an RTP of 97.51% and a maximum multiplier of x400

  • Code Name: Jackpot includes an RTP of 97.51% with a maximum multiplier of x800

  • Golden Dynasty includes an RTP of 97.51% with a maximum multiplier of x400

  • 88 Lucky Charms includes an RTP of 97.51% and a maximum multiplier of x600

  • 8 Lucky Charms includes an RTP of 97.4% and a maximum multiplier of x400

  • Demi Gods include an RTP of 97.4% and a maximum multiplier of x400.

The listed video slots are successful among online casino visitors for several reasons. Firstly, the RTP is above the industry average. Secondly, the quality of the games is of a high standard.

Spinomenal Slots Features

Without the special features, playing modern slots wouldn't be as much fun. For big wins, Spinomenal includes many standards and special bonus features in its products:

  • Wild, Guaranteed Wild in Free Spins, Sticky Wild, Random Wilds/ Additional Wilds (Stinky socks)

  • Scatter, Scatter Jackpot Feature (Snegurochka II)

  • Free Spins, Free Spins Mode Choosing (Mystery of Aztec)

  • Multiplier, Free Spins Multiplier, Random Multiplier (Blue Panther)

  • Buy Feature (Book of Xmas Reloaded)

  • Stack (Gslot Queen of Fire)

  • Risk/Gamble (Double) game (Queen of Ice Christmas Edition)

  • Bonus Symbol (Lotus Kingdom)

  • Bonus Game (Power Pups)

  • Synchronizing reels (Story of Viking's Christmas Edition)

  • Respin, Expanding wild with re-spin (Goddess of Lotus Christmas Edition)

  • Lock it Link (Blue Panther Christmas Edition)

  • Sheats tool (Book of Demi Gods 2 Christmas Edition)

  • Level Up (Story of Egypt).

Spinomenal Slots

The provider's products are available at more than 120 online casinos. The company's rapid development shows that video slots are still relevant among consumers in various markets. Although the manufacturer has not yet released a single slot model with a progressive jackpot feature, there are still games with large local jackpot payouts in its catalogue.

In terms of the number of reels in the provider's portfolio, the 5-reel machines lead the way. Alternatively, Spinomenal also offers a more modern layout in the form of 6 reels and Super Reels games. In terms of paylines, slots with 5-100 paylines account for the largest proportion. Also found in the library are slots with more modern algorithms, where there are 243-1024 ways to win. In those games where the rules allow you to adjust the lines, there is a "Lines" button. It can be used to adjust the winning expectations of the selected slot.

The provider's slot machines support the following betting sizes: minimum - 0.01 EUR, maximum - 1000 EUR. The bet amount can be fixed using the "+" and "-" buttons. After pressing the "Autoplay" button, the spins will continue automatically until they are manually cancelled by the player ("Pause"). This should be taken into account if it becomes necessary to change the bet amount.

There is also a 'Buy Feature' button for slots with a bonus feature. A bonus feature is activated for a player's wager of their choice (most often Free Spins). For the convenience of users in the provider's products, there is a quick game mode. Trigger to start it is a small button with a hare on the bottom left corner of the playing field.

Spinomenal Slots List

In the early years, Spinomenal set out to make a dramatic entry into the market. Every year the company releases at least 20 video slot titles. Thus, during the 7 years of its success, it has implemented 140 video slots alone, while the company's library also includes other types of online casino games. Such an extensive library puts the company among the industry leaders in terms of the speed of production. And at the same time, credit must be given to this developer. While the leaders use third-party studios, Spinomenal creates every game in-house.

Fairness of Spinomenal Slots

The fast pace of game production does not indicate poor quality. All video slots run on certified RNG. The honest operation of RNG has been officially confirmed by reputable international labs eCogra and BMM Testlabs. This means that users are offered safe and honest software, and all the falls during a gaming session are truly random.

Mobile Spinomenal Slots

Understanding the importance of mobile phones in today's world, Spinomenal produces slot machines that are always available. Players need only pick up their smartphone or tablet and plunge into the world of this provider's gambling games. Whichever device the consumer has - Android, iOS, Windows Phone, the slots retain excellent quality and high speed. This is achieved through the use of an innovative coding solution for internet products - HTML5. Even if the user is in a location where there is a speed problem, slots from this company can easily bypass it.

Spinomenal Slots Sound and Graphics

When developing video slots, the company focuses on incorporating various bonus features into its mechanics. However, this does not exempt the specialists from maintaining the design of the games at a competitive level. In Spinomenal slots, consumers can expect neat animations and unobtrusive music. Together, these features allow them to enjoy a relaxed game.

Best 7 Mobile Spinomenal Slots

Of all the variety of Spinomenal mobile products, the greatest effect can be shown:

  • Beer Collection 40 Lines - With an RTP of 96.3% and a bet multiplier of x3,000, this video slot will appeal to high rollers and connoisseurs of the modern approach to playing field formation

  • Fruits Collection 40 Lines is a 6 reel slot machine with low volatility, an x3,000 bet multiplier and a yield of 96.3%

  • Book of Sirens - Golden Pearl is a video slot with an industry-famous theme that can bring the player an x10,000 higher bet. The payout reaches a level of 96.18%

  • Demi Gods IV Thunderstorm, a model with 3D graphics, a 96.2% yield to the player and an x1,000 betting multiplier

  • Winners Gold Dice - slot machine includes in its technical parameters the betting range 0.3 - 300 USD, RTP 96.2% and potential of maximum bet x1,000

  • Book of Horror Friday The 13th is a visually superb video slot capable of paying 10,000 times the bet. The payout is 96.18%

  • Blue Panther Christmas Edition is the developer's variant, which contains a prize potential of x1,000 bets, as well as a 96.14% return on bets placed by users.

Best 7 Free Spinomenal Slots

Spinomenal is one of the providers striving to satisfy the interests of each side of the deal, be it the player or the operator. This is clear not only from the number of plots, mechanics and winning potential used. The portfolio contains games that aim to meet the needs of operators. These are so-called slots with customisable payoffs. Players need to be careful and check the quality of the formation of the winning in the free version in person before betting with real money. The best in this category are:

  • Wolf Fang - a video slot with a yield variation of 88.36% to 95.83% and the ability to increase your balance by x1,000 of the amount of money you've wagered

  • Times Of Egypt is a slot machine that takes you to a mysterious temple that holds a sum of 1,000 times your bet. The returns to the player here, too, are variable. Depending on the operator's preference, it can range from 88.36% to 95.83%

  • Titans Rising is a delightfully designed slot machine that includes a betting potential of x1,000 and an RTP of 88.68% - 95.58%. The final betting return percentage depends on the operator's wishes

  • 1 Reel Monkey is one of the few fun slot machines from the studio's portfolio presented with RTPs of 88.76%, 91.54%, 93.9%, and 96.2% and with the highest bet multiplier of x500

  • Mammoth Rampage is a model that will take you back to the Ice Age. It offers payouts of 88.88%, 92.04%, 93.65%, 96% and a betting potential of x1,000

  • Majestic Winter - Avalanche is an attractive slot machine not only in terms of design and storyline but also in terms of payouts of up to x5,000. The overall payout percentage for the user can vary from 88.57% to 95.79%

  • Wild Penguin - the video slot features a possible payout of up to x3,000 and a customisable payout range of 88.94% - 96.04%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Spinomenal Slots

Cryptocurrency has made its way into the lives of gambling enthusiasts. Having assessed the promise of the currency, the developer has created an entire line of blockchain-based slot machines. Some of the best options available at bitcoin casinos include:

  • Lilith's Passion 15 lines - video slot consists of a betting multiplier of up to x15,000 and a payout of 96.16%

  • Mardi Gras Wild Party is a case where a provider has chosen to appeal to the rare event of carnival. A game with High volatility and yield of 96.16% can increase a player's balance by up to x3,000 bet

  • Easter Gifts is a "frivolous" slot machine, but it's only frivolous in its plot. From a technical point of view, it's pretty good. It offers an RTP of 96.16% and a betting multiplier of x3,000

  • Book of Baba Yaga - Winter Spell - 96.18% payout and x10,000 betting potential

  • Egyptian Sands - the story takes you back to the days of Ancient Egypt and the rule of the pharaohs. Potential winnings are up to x3,000 and the payout is 96.16%

  • Poseidon's Rising is a slot machine made in a nautical style, that can bring users up to x1,000 bets and includes an RTP of 96.1% in its characteristics

  • Kitsune's Scrolls Expanded Edition is a video slot dedicated to Japanese culture that includes a 96.1% payout and the ability to increase bets by up to 3,000 times.

How Do We Rate Spinomenal Slots?

To form our ranking we have used several important evaluation criteria. The main one we will call RTP is because it shows how generous the slot machine will be. In addition, we selected video slots adapted for mobile devices. You can play anywhere and anytime with your smartphone. The maximum possible winnings we tracked for a reason, too. The information about it makes betting even more exciting. Our list of the studio's best slots includes the games with the best graphics and the most effective prize options. They work well together to improve the gameplay.

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