Multipliers in Online Slots: a Complete Guide + Top Slots

Multipliers help players to increase the amount of payout for a single combination. These are special symbols or slot features that are designed to multiply your payout from the combination. In most cases, multipliers between x2 and x10 will be waiting for you. However, thanks to some multiplier features this amount can be x100.

Everyone who has at least once faced slot machines knows that to increase the likelihood of winning is very advantageous to use the various bonuses provided by online casinos. One of the most popular bonuses provided by gaming platforms is a multiplier. So what is a multiplier in casinos? Basically, this is a special kind of bonus that gives the player a chance to significantly increase the total winnings by doubling up to a few units or up to a few dozen times per game.

To date, this option has almost any online slot, thanks to the use of the multiplier the player can instantly turn the game and even after a series of failures to rip a tangible prize.

Best online slots with Multipliers

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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Volcano Fruits

Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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King of Cats

Multipliers: Yes
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Hey Sushi

Multipliers: Yes
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Razor Shark

Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Cash Elevator

Multipliers: Yes
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Galactic Girls

Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
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Multipliers: Yes
Emerald Isle Online Slot Logo

Emerald Isle

Multipliers: Yes

Wild Multipliers

In online casinos there are slots with a large number of different symbols. This also applies to all the well-known Wild symbols. Thanks to the fact that Wild multiplier is present in slots you can get the most tangible winnings. His main purpose were two functions: replacing simple pictures and adding combinations, as well as multiplying the line bet or winnings. And what size multiplier the player will get depends on what is written about it in the payout table. This determines the amount of multiplication that the Wild multiplier will bring if this symbol takes part in a winning combination.

Some slots have a Wild multiplier by default and when this symbol appears on one of the active pay lines and helps build a paying combination, the multiplier value assigned to it increases the payout as many times as specified in the payout table. Most often this value ranges from x2 to x10. For example, if the multiplier is x2, the winnings will be doubled, if the multiplier is x3, the winnings are tripled and so on.

There is another kind of Wild multiplier, which is present in some slots. If more than two or more of these symbols appear on a payline, they are multiplied by each other. That is, if initially each of them had a multiplier of x2, then two of the falling out symbols will bring a multiplier of x4, if three symbols, then the multiplier will be x6.

It happens that Wild multipliers are used in the regular game, and after the free spins round they will be there. But, instead of the classic multipliers, the bonus round will use an increased multiplier.

Remember that the size of the multiplier in the slot determines its volatility. Namely, the higher the multiplier, the higher the volatility. Therefore, playing slots with high volatility you should have a large bankroll.

Free spins Multipliers

This option is used in many slots and leads to the fact that users become addicted to them. It is worth noting that these multipliers are used exclusively on their own, and sometimes this requires special symbols that bring these multipliers. Variants of free spins multiplier depend on the imagination of the developer, who created this or that game.

There are only a few multipliers that are used during the free spins:

  • Before you start your free spins round you will be asked to choose the number of spins and which multiplier you want to apply during the game. For example, you will see something like 10 free spins with x5 multiplier, 7 free spins with x10 multiplier and 5 free spins with x20 multiplier. Of course, the higher multiplier you choose the fewer winning spins you will get, but the rewards will be much higher, than for a smaller multiplier

  • It can be a fixed multiplier. For example, 10 free spins with x10 multiplier. This is not a bad option, which can bring a lot of big winnings. In addition, slots in which there is a similar feature is much more common

  • Perhaps you can get free spins round without an explicit multiplier. That is, it will not be shown before the game starts. However, during free spins, you will see a special scale where multipliers will be shown. Each winning spin will increase this figure and each losing spin will decrease it.

In any case, you are entitled to choose that option free spins multiplier that you like the most. In order to clearly determine which slot to play, you only need to look at the paytable and you will know what options multipliers will be offered in the game.

Increasing Multipliers

This is a special kind of multiplier, which can work both during the regular game and during the prize option. This kind of multiplier is usually found in a variety of variations of reels, such as cluster pays or cascading reels. When each new combination that falls on the playing field of the slot brings a new multiplier. It can progress in several ways. For example, x2, x4, x8 etc. Or simply increasing by one value x2, x3, x4 etc. This looks different in each game.

As an illustrative example, you can consider the implementation of the multiplier when it is displayed next to the playing field. This is a special scale on which the multiplier values are plotted. When you win, the multiplier goes up one notch, and when you lose, it returns to its original position. So, the payout you get will depend on the right slot you choose. Such games tend to have higher volatility and therefore you should keep a large bankroll.

Random Multipliers

This type of multiplier is even rarer. The fact is that such multipliers are not very popular due to the fact that each user should not know what multiplier will be added to their winnings. It can be any value the slot developer sets. However, this value can only be found out before you start spinning.

For example, you spin the reels and see that the x2 multiplier is set for this spin. After the reels have stopped you start a new spin with an x6 multiplier. And the third spin you do will be with an x1 multiplier. That is, before each spin, you will get a new multiplier. This is not really interesting, because in most cases a high multiplier appears when there are no winnings or when you get a weak combination of symbols.

Unlimited Multipliers

In order to unleash the full potential of unlimited multipliers, you need to wait for the free spins round. Once this round begins you will be relying on the cascading reels option. This plays a major role in how successful your game will be and how big your winnings will be. After each successful reel cascade, your multiplier will increase by one point (i.e. x1). Of course, you can get several winning sequences in one spin during the game. However, this does not guarantee that the payout will be large. But, you will be in a better position if you can accumulate a high multiplier at the very beginning of the game.

To explain it more simply, unlimited multipliers are the kind of multipliers that act during the free spins round in slots with cascading reels. Once the bonus round starts you will already have some multiplier. When you get a winning spin this multiplier goes up. And thanks to the cascading reels, you can have multiple winning combinations during one spin. That is, in theory, it can last indefinitely, but in practice, the maximum multiplier can reach values of x100 of your original bet. As soon as you get a losing sequence as a result of cascading reels, a new spin will start and there the situation can be repeated.

How often do you get Multipliers on slots?

Basically, you get multipliers every time you get a winning combination. Every sequence is paid with a multiplier. However, the multipliers discussed today are capable of giving you much more winnings and they will be much larger than in regular games without multiplier features. However, speaking of multiplier frequency, you'll get them often enough. But, they may be small multipliers. Most likely, this parameter depends on the volatility of the slot. If it is a low volatility slot, you will get multipliers with a lower value, but quite often. And if it is a slot with high volatility, the multipliers will be less frequent, but the winnings from them will be much higher.