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Habanero Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 9.1

Reputation: 8.9
Average RTP: 9.1
Graphics: 9.1
Features: 9.2
License(s) Malta

Habanero is a well-known name in the online slots game. It has been around for over 8 years and it has always been known as one of the hottest games on the market. The graphics are amazing, with various scenes ranging from jungles to deserts that make you feel like you're really there! You can play any number of lines and bet any amount per line, which makes this game accessible to everyone's individual budget.

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Habanero Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Hot Hot Fruit 96.84 % High x10000
# 2 Marvelous Furlongs 96.83 % Extreme x50920
# 3 Knockout Football Rush 96.8 % High x14400
# 4 Four Divine Beasts 96.8 % Medium-high x7400
# 5 Knockout Football 96.8 % Medium x5000
# 6 Calaveras Explosivas 96.79 % Extreme x50000
# 7 Pumpkin Patch 96.79 % Medium x5000
# 8 Magic Oak 96.77 % High x6250
# 9 Lantern Luck 96.77 % Low x702
# 10 Lucky Durian 96.77 % High x4375
# 11 Mount Mazuma 96.76 % High x500
# 12 New Year' Bash 96.75 % Low x21265
# 13 NineTails 96.75 % Medium x46865
# 14 Disco Beats 96.74 % Low x1277
# 15 Candy Tower 96.73 % High x31213
# 16 Techno Tumble 96.73 % High x13080
# 17 Colossal Gems 96.72 % Low x750
# 18 Lucky Fortune Cat 96.72 % High x1200
# 19 Mystic Fortune Deluxe 96.71 % Medium x8888
# 20 Loony Blox 96.71 % High x4864
# 21 Wild Trucks 96.71 % High x10000
# 22 Hey Sushi 96.71 % High x1304
# 23 Bomb Runner 96.71 % High x6235
# 24 Fly! 96.71 % Medium x36140
# 25 Presto 96.71 % Medium x4500
# 26 Wizards Want War 96.69 % High x10000
# 27 Jellyfish Flow 96.69 % Extreme x32416
# 28 Happiest Christmas Tree 96.69 % High x10000
# 29 Before Time Runs Out 96.68 % High x100000
# 30 Return To The Feature 96.68 % Medium x54000
# 31 Fortune Dogs 96.68 % High x500
# 32 Taberna De Los Muertos 96.67 % Medium x9226
# 33 Christmas Gift Rush 96.66 % High x2675
# 34 Jump 96.66 % High x10000
# 35 Naughty Santa 96.66 % High x57600
# 36 Happy Ape 96.66 % High x11070
# 37 5 Mariachis 96.65 % Medium x4500
# 38 Lucky Lucky 96.65 % Medium x4000
# 39 Space Goonz 96.65 % Medium x3624
# 40 Egyptian Dreams Deluxe 96.64 % High x10000
# 41 Wealth Inn 96.64 % Low x750
# 42 Ways of Fortune 96.64 % Low x1000
# 43 5 Lucky Lions 96.64 % Low x100
# 44 London Hunter 96.63 % Medium x5000
# 45 Hot Hot Halloween 96.62 % High x1250
# 46 Fa Cai Shen Deluxe 96.62 % High x10000
# 47 Laughing Buddha 96.61 % High x56043
# 48 Mighty Medusa 96.6 % High x1729
# 49 Orbs of Atlantis 96.6 % Medium x60000
# 50 Totem Towers 96.58 % Medium x10100
# 51 Prost! 96.57 % Medium x1500
# 52 Nuwa 96.57 % High x10000
# 53 Taiko Beats 96.48 % High x4005
# 54 Tower Of Pizza 96.41 % Medium-high x7550
# 55 Shaolin Fortunes 100 96.3 % Low x800
# 56 Fenghuang 96.29 % Low x960
# 57 Koi Gate 96.26 % Low x1000
# 58 Panda Panda 96.24 % Low x450
# 59 Blackbeard's Bounty 96.19 % High x9800
# 60 Scruffy Scallywags 96.18 % Low x500
# 61 S.O.S! 96.18 % Medium-high x7720
# 62 Cash Reef 96.16 % High x9000
# 63 Bikini Island 96.15 % High x9900
# 64 Fire Rooster 96.14 % Medium-low x2500
# 65 Haunted House 96.14 % Medium-high x7500
# 66 Viking's Plunder 96.13 % Medium x5000
# 67 Golden Unicorn 96.11 % Medium-high x7000
# 68 Buggy Bonus 96.1 % Medium x4400
# 69 12 Zodiacs 96.1 % Low x800
# 70 Disco Funk 96.09 % Medium x5000
# 71 Egyptian Dreams 96.08 % Medium x5000
# 72 Cake Valley 96.08 % Medium x5000
# 73 Sky's the Limit 96.08 % Medium-high x7780
# 74 Santa's Village 96.07 % Medium x5000
# 75 Sir Blingalot 96.06 % Medium x5000
# 76 Bird of Thunder 96.06 % Low x1000
# 77 Arcane Elements 96.06 % Low x500
# 78 Roman Empire 96.05 % High x10000
# 79 Dragon's Throne 96.04 % Medium x5000
# 80 Rodeo Drive 96.04 % High x9800
# 81 Zeus 2 96.04 % Low x550
# 82 Barnstormer Bucks 96.03 % Medium-low x2500
# 83 Queen of Queens II 96.03 % High x10000
# 84 Indian Cash Catcher 96.02 % High x10000
# 85 Dr Feelgood 96.02 % High x9500

Best Habanero Online Casinos

Cashback up to 15%
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€

Habanero Slots RTP

All players know that there are games that can bring a lot of payouts, and there are games where you have to wait a very long time for the winning combination to play. For the most part, this depends on the RTP of the game. This figure shows players what theoretical percentage of bets they can get back. However, this figure does not take into account big winnings, so some users win more often than others.

If you take the average RTP of Habanero slots, you get a figure that ranges from 96-96.5%. This cannot be called a very good figure. The fact is that this is actually the minimum recommended RTP, which starts at 96%. However, keep in mind that this is just an average and the RTP in some Habanero slots can be higher. Therefore, be sure to make sure that this figure is at the level you want before you start playing.

Best 7 Habanero Slots

Agree, for the most part, you play those slots and those games that you like and already know? Many players prefer Habanero slots because they have so many great features and unusual options that you'll be able to win big money. Take a look at the top 7 Habanero slots:

  • Marvelous Furlongs with an RTP of 96.83% and a maximum multiplier of x50,920

  • Knockout Football Rush with an RTP of 96.8% and a maximum multiplier of x14,400

  • Four Divine Beasts with an RTP of 96.8% and a maximum multiplier of x2,500

  • Pumpkin Patch with an RTP of 96.79% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Calaveras Explosivas with an RTP of 96.79% and a maximum multiplier of x25,000

  • Magic Oak with an RTP of 96.77% and a maximum multiplier of x6,250

  • Mount Mazuma with an RTP of 96.76% and a maximum multiplier of x500.

Habanero Slots Features

The fact that there are so many interesting and lucrative features in modern slots has made them so popular. After all, it's far more interesting to watch and take part in a colourful bonus game than just spin the reels in a classic slot. Habanero has some interesting options that have made users play these games more and more often:

  • Hot Hot Feature (Hot Hot Fruit)

  • 259 Ways, Lady Feature (NineTails)

  • Wild, Scatter, Candy Tower, Wild Drop Feature, Vertical Boost, Horizontal Boost, Cash Boost, Roaming Boost, Multiplier Boost, Grouped Pays (Candy Tower)

  • Respins (Colossal Gems)

  • Free Spins (Wild Trucks)

  • Cascade (Hey Sushi)

  • Character Feature, Map Feature (Loony Blox)

  • Illusions, Crystal Ball Illusion, Throwing Cards Illusion, Synced Reels Illusion, Expanding Wild Illusion (Presto)

  • Duels (Wizards Want War)

  • Rewind Feature, Buy Feature (Return To The Feature)

  • Exploding Crackers, Colossal Symbols, Multiplier (Naughty Santa)

  • Pinata Pick Feature (5 Mariachis).

Habanero Slots

Habanero's slots are moderately popular. This is most likely due to the fact that they have a low RTP, or maybe there are other reasons for that. However, when it comes to the slots themselves, they consist of 3 and 5 reels, and the number of lines can reach 3, 15, 25, 30, 243 or 259 paylines. The minimum bet depends on the lines and the number of coins you wager on the paylines. So the minimum value per coin is 0,01 USD, and the maximum is 20 USD. So minimum bet in a single paylines slot can range from 0.20 to 400 USD per spin. In slots with more paylines, the bet will vary.

You can also hit the jackpot at London Hunter and Zeus slots.

In order to start playing Habanero slots, you need to choose the game that suits you best. You can then start it up and on the main screen, you will see the slot control panel and settings. It is located at the bottom of the playing field. Essentially, all the settings are intuitive. In the centre of the panel is the button that starts the game. Bet button shows the total bet amount. Bet Level shows how many coins you bet per line. Bet Max turns on the highest possible bet in the game. Coin shows the value of one coin.

Habanero Slots List

Habanero was founded in 2010 and in more than 11 years has released 150+ games, the vast majority of which are slots. Remarkably, it turns out that they released 10-15 games every year. Not many providers can boast such speed and responsiveness. And if you compare it with their competitors, the company's portfolio is not very large. Rather, it is somewhere in the middle and has its own place in the world of iGaming.

Fairness of Habanero Slots

The company is officially licensed in Malta. This entitles the provider to operate legally. All the games that Habanero has developed are based on RNG. This is special software that generates random sequences and provides players with fair play. In order for players to be confident that all results are completely random and honest, the company undergoes audits by iTechLabs and BMM Testlabs.

Mobile Habanero Slots

Play Habanero slots on all modern platforms. No matter what resolution your screen is or what operating system it is. The provider's games work with all screen resolutions and diagonals, and with all Android and iOS devices, be it mobile phones or tablets. This is made possible by HTML5, which automatically adapts to the screen size of your device and will not cause you any difficulty in using it. The point is that the games will load directly in the browser of your mobile device, which greatly reduces the load on your memory and processor.

Habanero Slots Sound and Graphics

The graphics in the slots are solidly average. When compared to Yggdrasil or another developer whose games are graphically beautiful, Habanero lacks a bit of imagination. It needs to fix the monotonous payout table and bring more bright colours to its games. And when it comes to sound, Habanero has no competition here. You'll hear every click of a symbol and the sound of reels.

Best 7 Mobile Habanero Slots

Online casinos partnering with Habanero offer a good range of slot machines for players from all over the world. Some of the best products from this particular studio that work on mobile devices include:

  • Orbs of Atlantis - the video slot offers a break from the usual slot grids with an explicitly delineated number of slot machines. The playing field is presented in the form of a Zuma game, has several attractive bonus features, a winning potential of x60,000 bets and payout options of 92.06%, 93.95%, 96.6%, 97.93%

  • Calaveras Explosivas is another of the many creative slot machines without the traditional reels. Symbols in the form of funny skulls drop onto the playing field and form winning combinations using Cluster Pays mechanics. This is one of the most generous slot machines, as its maximum multiplier is an incredible x500,000. The only downside to this model is the adjustable RTP (98.02%, 96.79%, 94.05%, 92.36%)

  • Before Time Runs Out is a 5-reel model, incredibly popular with players, RTP 92.01%, 94.22%, 96.68% or 97.61%, and a bet multiplier of x1,000,195!

  • Mount Mazuma - the Vulcan in this game will rejoice in your wins, which can reach x500 bets, and get frustrated during unsuccessful spins. There are also payout options here: 92.40%, 93.89%, 96.76%, 97.98%

  • 12 Zodiacs is a slot machine with the option to pick up the entire accumulated Progressive Jackpot and a player yield in variations of 92.00%, 94.10%, 96.10%, 98.00%

  • Taberna De Los Muertos slot machine offers a payout of 92.34%, 94.06%, 96.67% or 98.03% and the possibility of increasing your bet by 9,226 times

  • Prost! - The brightly coloured video slot can bring you more than 1,500 times your bet. The RTP options are as follows: 92.22%, 94%, 96.57%, and 97.95%.

Best 7 Free Habanero Slots

The best video slots from the provider's collection available in the free version are called:

  • Dragon Castle - The game features a multiplier of up to x1,000, with customizable returns of 92.12%, 94.03%, 96.13% and High volatility

  • The Dead Escape is one of the studio's few post-apocalyptic slot machines that can bring a player x500 of the bet size. Returns again have variations of 92.03%, 94.12%, 95.92%, 98.18%

  • Pamper Me - model with 37,500 coins offers an RTP of 93.43% and 95.98%

  • Jugglenaut - model with x6,000 betting potential, Low-Medium volatility and RTP 91.97%, 93.98%, 95.98%, 98.01%

  • King Tut's Tomb - the model can increase your bet by 1,000 times. Returns are 92.00%, 94.00%, 96.00%

  • All For One - player has an opportunity to win 90,000 coins. RTP options 93.58%, 96.00%

  • The Big Deal - here you are given a chance to get 25,000 coins. The yield can be 93.60% or 96.00%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Habanero Slots

The studio's best video slots available at bitcoin casinos, and therefore accepting cryptocurrency bets, look like this:

  • Sir Blingalot - model with Progressive Jackpot, maximum win in the main game 24,000 USD, RTP 93.38%, 96.06%

  • Tower Of Pizza - this slot machine has an RTP of 93.71% or 96.41%, a winning potential of 135,000 coins, a Progressive Jackpot

  • Jellyfish - you can expect to get 32,416 times your stake during the game. Return options 92.02%, 93.99%, 96.69%, 97.91%

  • Fly! - slot machine will allow you to turn off your head and just enjoy the gameplay, especially since there are 36,140 times the amount at stake. Get ready for payouts of 92.32%, 93.98%, 96.71%, 98%

  • Candy Tower is a sweet-tooth model with x31,213 potential and an RTP of 92.10%, 94.10%, 96.73%, 98.07%

  • Knockout Football Rush - the biggest multiplier available to players will increase the bet by a factor of 14,400. Once again, the payout is variable: 92.16%, 94.03%, 96.8%, 97.97%

  • Dragon Tiger Gate - for fans of live action, this game can be considered. The slot allows you to win x10,026 bets and the returns can be as follows: 97.89%, 96.78%, 93.83%, and 92.23%.

How Do We Rate Habanero Slots?

Almost every Habanero slot machine available is ranked as one of the best. One model offers the biggest payouts, another has an unusual playing field structure, etc. We had the task of not stopping at one thing and looking at the games comprehensively. First, we looked at the RTP percentage. Basically, it was the first thing we paid attention to. Only after that, we evaluated games by their winning potential, and the presence of prize features, including innovative, gameplay. We did not leave out points such as adaptability to mobile devices and modern graphics. All of these points may indicate the company's desire to please its fans not only with the design of the games but also with their features.

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