Re-spin Feature Explained + Best Paying Slots

Slots with special symbols and additional free options are more valuable than games with simple functionality. Among the standard parameters are Wilds and Scatters - quite often, these symbols come with special capabilities. One of them is to receive and activate the re-spin, that is, a chance to spin a separate reel. In the article, we will tell you more about this function, its peculiarities, usage, and more. Keep reading not to miss the key details!

Best online slots with Re-spin Feature

Fruit Million Summer Edition Online Slot Logo

Fruit Million …

Re-spin: Yes
Hawaiian Dream Xmas Online Slot Logo

Hawaiian Dream…

Re-spin: Yes
Mechanical Clover Online Slot Logo

Mechanical Clo…

Re-spin: Yes
Lucky Fortune Cat Online Slot Logo

Lucky Fortune …

Re-spin: Yes
Frozen Fruits Online Slot Logo

Frozen Fruits

Re-spin: Yes
Joker Troupe Online Slot Logo

Joker Troupe

Re-spin: Yes
Sails of Fortune Online Slot Logo

Sails of Fortu…

Re-spin: Yes
Heroes Hunt Megaways Online Slot Logo

Heroes Hunt Me…

Re-spin: Yes
Sakura Fortune Online Slot Logo

Sakura Fortune

Re-spin: Yes
Emerald's Infinity Reels Online Slot Logo

Emerald's Infi…

Re-spin: Yes
Blue Fortune Online Slot Logo

Blue Fortune

Re-spin: Yes
Genie Jackpots Megaways Online Slot Logo

Genie Jackpots…

Re-spin: Yes
Empty the Bank Online Slot Logo

Empty the Bank

Re-spin: Yes
Lucky Lightning Online Slot Logo

Lucky Lightning

Re-spin: Yes
Meganova Online Slot Logo


Re-spin: Yes
Victoria Wild Online Slot Logo

Victoria Wild

Re-spin: Yes
Wild Chapo Online Slot Logo

Wild Chapo

Re-spin: Yes
Samurai Ken Online Slot Logo

Samurai Ken

Re-spin: Yes
Book of Itza Online Slot Logo

Book of Itza

Re-spin: Yes
Crazy Mix Online Slot Logo

Crazy Mix

Re-spin: Yes
Land of Zenith Online Slot Logo

Land of Zenith

Re-spin: Yes
King of the Trident Deluxe Online Slot Logo

King of the Tr…

Re-spin: Yes
Epic Riches Online Slot Logo

Epic Riches

Re-spin: Yes
Divine Diamonds Online Slot Logo

Divine Diamonds

Re-spin: Yes

The Re-spin Feature Peculiarities

Re-spins are available only in online casinos as an innovative function for modern gaming software by NetEnt and Microgaming developers mainly. The re-spin feature can be used even in a simple automatic slot, but more often than not, these are new games like Jurassic Park, Sakura Fortune, James Dean, and so on.

Before using the feature, you need to know the following peculiarities:

  • A re-spin is a kind of bonus round, during which conditions of the game change: multipliers may appear, winning coefficients increase, payouts get larger, etc.;

  • Re-spins are somewhat similar to free spins, especially if they both activate one and the same new symbol (wilds mainly). Yet, the re-spin is generally paid option;

  • The re-spin feature is activated in connection with the specified player's actions. These are activator symbols (special characters of a particular slot) or winning combos after spin;

  • Some automatic machines offer random re-spins to maintain the player's interest in the game. They are still charged additionally.

How Does the Re-spin Feature Work?

Let’s dig into the feature’s basics. A player chooses a number of active pay-lines, places a bet, and spins the reels. Once the reels stop, points for winning combinations are calculated and allocated. After that, a re-spin button appears under a reel together with the cost of the feature. You can use the re-spin option an unlimited number of times, and spin the selected reel as much as needed.

The re-spin cost depends on your winning combinations and overall game situation. It’s calculated separately for each line. And of course, the more expensive the combination may be after the re-spin, the more pricey the feature will cost.

All the following payouts (if there are any) will be paid out fully, depending on your initial bet. You can cancel the re-spin function by clicking on the Spin button. Also, if a gambler changes the initial bet, re-spins will be unavailable for the following round. A corresponding notification will appear on the screen. Apart from that, free spins aren’t available during re-spins.

How Does the Re-spin Feature Get Triggered?

The re-spin feature can be activated if the player gets a winning combination. For example, the gambler has 4 identical symbols on the screen, but they want to collect all 5 of them. To do this, the player can activate the reel by pressing the re-spin button, as many times as needed. At the same time, the rest of the reels remain in their places. Of course, such a function is available only in the games that provide it.

Another way to trigger re-spins is by hitting special symbols. To give an example, in the Bikini Party slot, the re-spin feature is provided for any reel with a picture of a girl in a bikini. In Dragon Dance, the function is triggered by dragon images. And these are only a few examples.

Re-spin Feature vs Cascading Reels

Cascading reels is an innovative slot machine feature that is becoming increasingly popular in gem-based online video slots. After the symbols appear on the reels, pay lines explode, allowing new symbols to fill empty spaces. If new symbols create new winning combinations, they also explode, and more symbols fall in their place. It doesn't last forever, but this great feature adds dynamism to the game.

The advantages of cascading reels include:

  • More excitement: The action can be crazy with consistent wins. If you're lucky, you can win five combos in a row for the price of one spin.

  • Improved animations and graphics. Most of the falling (cascading) reels have the best 3D graphics and animation. This is one of the reasons to play cascading slots.

  • Extra chance to collect Scatters. With most of the cascading reels, you will be able to trigger free spins or bonus rounds by releasing Scatter symbols.

The re-spin feature provides almost the same opportunity: your chances of getting winning combinations grow when the function is activated. Yet, there are a couple of differences between cascading reels and re-spins:

  • Each re-spin is paid. With cascading reels, you have a chance to blast symbols several times in a row at the cost of one spin.

  • With re-spins, symbols don’t get blasted. The reel with the activated feature spins as usual. From the slot animation perspective, it may not seem as impressive as in cascading games.

So, as you can see, Reel re-spin is a function that is useful for players who have studied all its features and nuances and are ready to pay for spinning separate reels. With a skillful approach, this option can bring you large winnings.

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