Reels in Online Slots: All You Need to Know

For many years, slots have held a key place in online casinos. This type of gambling has not lost its position in popularity for many reasons: the story, the striking features, the opportunity to win big money, and the ease of use.

Have you often wondered how slot machines work? How combinations of symbols are created? What are the reels and what are they for? Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, this article will tell you the general principles of how online slots work.

Online slots are a favorite among many players, and for good reason. Whether you like the vintage feel of classic 3-reeled slot machines or the fast-paced action of online video slots, there is a game out there to suit your taste. In this blog post, we'll take an in depth look at what makes them so great, jumping forward, this is reels, the most important part of any slot machine.

Reels are lay out vertically, and the absolute majority of online slots has got 5 reels. In the past, 3 reels slots used to be more popular. However, in the recent years 6-7 reels slots are getting more and more traction, and slot producers are eager to create exactly this number reels slots.

What are reels on Slots?

All existing slot machines vary in terms of their storyline, functionality, prize features, mechanics and much more. Among these variations, they all have one thing in common - the reels. This not only applies to the slots available on the internet, but also to those you'd normally encounter in land-based casinos. Modern slots are also united by the RNG, but the reels are what no slot machine could ever be without, and that's why.

The first slot machines were powered by pushing a massive lever. After this began to rotate the drums, which were made in the form of three metal hoops. They were depicted on them, and the various characters. As you can see, slot machines, in general, can live without the RNG, but not without the reels.

So what are the reels in modern slots? They are vertical lines and are set in motion by pressing the 'Spin' button on the screen. During the virtual spin, various symbols appear on the reels. They represent the winning combinations that have been laid down by the developer in the mechanics of the slot. Also, drums affect the number of possible paylines. The more reels, the more paylines. In those slots where the developer has abandoned the paylines, the reels are responsible for the number of payout methods.

The history of slot machines knows of cases where their owners have been able to influence the movement of the reels. Since 1984, the RNG has been used in slots. It is he who is responsible for the combinations that land on the reels. So the reels in modern slots essentially act as an intermediary between the RNG and you.

How many reels on slots normally

The first online machines had 3 reels. Combined with 3 horizontal rows, they could create 1,000 different combinations. Younger slots have 5, 7, 9 paylines (less frequently 4, 6, 8, 12) and create tens of thousands of combinations. You can even find a Playtech 30 reel slot on the internet!

Some providers, as well as creating innovative slots, continue to develop retro slots. In this way, they pay tribute to the past and to players who like to be nostalgic. Machines with 3 reels have up to 5 paylines and a higher RTP. In general, you shouldn't expect anything special from such slots - the providers don't depart from the fruit theme, there aren't many bonus features, etc. In all parameters, they remain similar to the old games.

On the Internet, the absolute majority of slots have 5 reels, which is why they are called standard slots. These slots have great graphics and many different bonus features (Scatter, Wild, multipliers, risk game, free spins, etc.). Winning combinations are formed along with the paylines, or even without them. In the first case, they may be 9 units. In the second, they are formed in ways to win. There are slots with 243, 1024 and 3125 ways.

Newer slots have 6-7 reels. When it comes to land-based casinos, they are quite common. For online casinos, 6-reel slots are no longer a novelty. Along with this is not to say that with an increase in the number of reels you get more opportunities to win. It's more for the sake of variety.

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