3 Reels (Classic) Slots List, Best 7 Classic Slots

Slots with 3 reels are considered classic. They also stand out from the rest of the games because of the small number of lines from 1 to 9. These slots generally have less advanced graphics, but that doesn't mean they're not fun to play. Classic slots have their own category of players, most of whom are accustomed to seeing these games played in land-based casinos.

A lot of players think that classic slots are a relic of the past because they have less advanced graphics and few different betting options. The low popularity of 3 reels slots is due to technology upgrades that allow all studios to develop more technologically advanced versions of slots with a varied number of lines, with many bonus features and winnings options.

In fact, this is the case. Classic slots do not compete with modern gaming solutions that use 3D animation and modern, superior graphics. However, it is worth pointing out that this category of classic slots still has fans among players to this day. Furthermore, many online casino software providers use these slots as part of their portfolios and take great pride in them. In addition, classic slots are a great start for new players. The fact is that it is very easy to operate 2 reels slot and you will not have any difficulty in understanding the principles of building winning sequences.

Best paying 3 reels online slots

Hawaiian Dream Xmas Online Slot Logo

Hawaiian Dream…

Reels: 3
Mechanical Clover Online Slot Logo

Mechanical Clo…

Reels: 3
Jellyfish Flow Ultra Online Slot Logo

Jellyfish Flow…

Reels: 3
Christmas Gift Rush Online Slot Logo

Christmas Gift…

Reels: 3
Wealth Inn Online Slot Logo

Wealth Inn

Reels: 3
Emerald's Infinity Reels Online Slot Logo

Emerald's Infi…

Reels: 3
Million Tree Online Slot Logo

Million Tree

Reels: 3
Epic Riches Online Slot Logo

Epic Riches

Reels: 3
9 Tigers Online Slot Logo

9 Tigers

Reels: 3
Kongo Bongo Online Slot Logo

Kongo Bongo

Reels: 3
Rooster Fury Online Slot Logo

Rooster Fury

Reels: 3
Disco Danny Online Slot Logo

Disco Danny

Reels: 3
Dark Joker Online Slot Logo

Dark Joker

Reels: 3
Knockout Diamonds Online Slot Logo

Knockout Diamo…

Reels: 3
Sweet Crush Online Slot Logo

Sweet Crush

Reels: 3
Gargoyle Infinity Reels Online Slot Logo

Gargoyle Infin…

Reels: 3
Hot Coins Hold and Win Online Slot Logo

Hot Coins Hold…

Reels: 3
Dragon Sevens Online Slot Logo

Dragon Sevens

Reels: 3
Multi Seven Online Slot Logo

Multi Seven

Reels: 3
Grabba Dabba Dough Online Slot Logo

Grabba Dabba D…

Reels: 3
7 and Hot Fruits Online Slot Logo

7 and Hot Frui…

Reels: 3
Vegas 27 Online Slot Logo

Vegas 27

Reels: 3
Space Invasion Online Slot Logo

Space Invasion

Reels: 3
Money Bunny Online Slot Logo

Money Bunny

Reels: 3

Best 7 Classic Online Slots

#1. Lightning Joker (Yggdrasil, RTP: 96,3%)


Producer: Yggdrasil

RTP: 96,3%

Volatility: High

Paylines: 5

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 10,000x

Theme: Fruits

List of features: Multiplier, Wild

Are you ready to be electrified by a slot game that combines classic fruit symbols with an exhilarating twist? Lightning Joker, developed by the renowned producer Yggdrasil, takes you on a thrilling ride filled with bursts of excitement and perplexing surprises.

With an impressive RTP of 96.3% and high volatility, Lightning Joker ensures that the gameplay is both rewarding and unpredictable. Its five paylines provide ample opportunities to line up fruity combinations that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But that's not all! Lightning Joker introduces a range of features to enhance your gaming experience. The Multiplier feature electrifies your wins by granting random multipliers of up to 10,000 times your stake. And let's not forget about the Wild symbol, which sparks into action to substitute for other symbols, giving you a higher chance of hitting winning combinations.

The vibrant fruit-themed graphics and captivating sound effects add to the overall charm of the game, immersing you in an electrifying atmosphere.

#2. Powerspin (Relax Gaming, RTP: 96,84%)


Producer: Relax Gaming

RTP: 96,84%

Volatility: Low

Paylines: 5

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 300x

Theme: Fruits

List of features: Respin, Bonus Wheel

With a commendable RTP of 96.84% and low volatility, Powerspin offers a smooth and rewarding gameplay. Its five paylines create ample opportunities to savor the taste of victory as you line up juicy fruit symbols in winning combinations.

Powerspin introduces an array of features that add a dash of excitement to every spin. The Respin feature ignites the reels with anticipation, allowing you to respin individual reels for a chance to complete winning combinations. And don't miss out on the exhilarating Bonus Wheel, where you can unlock hidden treasures and trigger bonus rounds to amplify your winnings.

Immerse yourself in the vivid and vibrant fruit-themed graphics, accompanied by a melodic soundtrack that sets the perfect ambiance for your fruity adventure.

Prepare to be captivated by Powerspin, where the allure of fruity rewards and thrilling twists will keep you spinning the reels in anticipation of that big win.

#3. Starstruck (NolimitCity, RTP: 96,19%)


Producer: NolimitCity

RTP: 96,19%

Volatility: Medium

Paylines: 5

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 1,000x

Theme: Fruits

List of features: Wilds, Multipliers (x2-x5)

With an impressive RTP of 96.19% and medium volatility, Starstruck strikes the perfect balance between frequent wins and exciting unpredictability. Its five paylines offer a celestial path for aligning the vibrant fruit symbols and soaring towards astronomical rewards.

Starstruck introduces a constellation of features to enhance your gaming experience. The Wilds dazzle across the reels, substituting for other symbols to create winning constellations. But that's not all—the Multipliers, ranging from x2 to x5, add an enchanting twist to your wins, multiplying your celestial fortunes.

The mesmerizing visuals, accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack, transport you to the depths of space, making every spin a captivating cosmic encounter.

Prepare to be spellbound by Starstruck, where the fusion of fruit and celestial wonders will leave you starry-eyed and brimming with cosmic rewards.

#4. Tower of Fortuna (Betsoft, RTP: 96,09%)


Producer: Betsoft

RTP: 96,09%

Volatility: Medium

Paylines: 5

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 3,200x

Theme: Ancient Greece

List of features: Free spins (10), Multiplier (x2), Scatter, Wild

With an impressive RTP of 96.09% and medium volatility, Tower of Fortuna ensures an immersive gameplay experience that strikes the perfect balance between frequent wins and thrilling suspense. Its five paylines pave the way to ancient treasures as you spin the reels adorned with symbols inspired by Greek mythology.

Tower of Fortuna introduces a host of features to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Unlock the power of Free Spins, where you are granted 10 opportunities to uncover hidden riches. The Multiplier feature adds an extra layer of excitement, doubling your wins and amplifying your fortunes. Look out for the Scatter and Wild symbols, which hold the key to unlocking even greater rewards.

Immerse yourself in the rich visuals depicting the magnificence of Ancient Greece, while the immersive soundtrack transports you to a realm of myth and legend.

Embark on an epic adventure with Tower of Fortuna, where the mysteries of Ancient Greece await your discovery, and untold riches are within your grasp.

#5. Riches of Midgard (Netent, RTP: 96,06%)


Producer: Netent

RTP: 96,06%

Volatility: Low

Paylines: 9

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 1,000x

Theme: Medieval

List of features: Free spins, Scatter, Wild

With a commendable RTP of 96.06% and low volatility, Riches of Midgard ensures a rewarding and captivating gameplay experience. Its nine paylines pave the path to untold riches as you spin the reels adorned with symbols reminiscent of a bygone era.

Riches of Midgard unveils a treasure trove of features to amplify your gaming adventure. Trigger the Free Spins feature to unlock a realm of bonus rounds, where the reels expand and offer even greater opportunities for wins. The Scatter symbol holds the key to unlocking hidden treasures, while the Wild symbol enhances your chances of forming winning combinations.

Immerse yourself in the medieval-themed graphics, accompanied by a majestic soundtrack that sets the stage for your quest for riches.

#6. RTG 777 (RTG, RTP: 96%)


Producer: RTG

RTP: 96%

Volatility: Medium

Paylines: 1

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 1,680x

Theme: Wealth

List of features: Multiplier, Wild

Prepare for a nostalgic journey into the world of classic slots with RTG 777, a captivating online slot game brought to you by the renowned producer RTG. Get ready for bursts of excitement and perplexing surprises that will transport you to a realm of wealth and fortune.

With a solid RTP of 96% and medium volatility, RTG 777 delivers a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. Its single payline offers a straightforward path to riches as you spin the reels adorned with classic symbols.

RTG 777 introduces a range of features to elevate your gaming adventure. The Multiplier feature adds an extra layer of anticipation, multiplying your wins by up to 1,680 times your stake. Keep an eye out for the Wild symbol, which substitutes for other symbols, increasing your chances of hitting winning combinations.

#7. Big Hitter (1x2Gaming, RTP: 95%)


Producer: 1x2Gaming

RTP: 95%

Volatility: Medium

Paylines: 3

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 1,000x

Theme: Fruits

List of features: Gamble Feature, Wilds

With a solid RTP of 95% and medium volatility, Big Hitter offers an engaging gameplay experience that strikes the perfect balance between frequent wins and thrilling suspense. Its three paylines create a compact yet rewarding path to fruity fortunes as you spin the reels adorned with vibrant symbols.

Big Hitter introduces a range of features to elevate your gaming adventure. Unleash the Gamble Feature to take risks and multiply your wins, adding an extra layer of thrill to your gameplay. The Wilds come to life, substituting for other symbols and increasing your chances of hitting winning combinations.

How do you play 3 reel slots?

In order to start playing classic slots it's important for you to learn some parameters that will help you, later on, learn how to choose 3 reels slots:

  • First, take a look at the RTP value. The optimal RTP for classic slots is 96-97%. The higher this value is, the more wins you will get over a longer period of time

  • The next thing you need to know is the maximum winnings of your chosen slot. As a rule, classic games offer a higher payout.

These are the basic requirements for those who want to learn how to choose slots to play. Only after that should you proceed directly to the game itself:

  • First, in the slot of your choice, adjust the bet size per line. Just because a slot has only three reels doesn't mean it has to have only one line. It can be 3, 5, or 9

  • The betting levels per line can also be adjusted. This is the number of coins you place on each spin. In other words, you select the value of each coin first and only then select the number of coins. Of course, you can only use this if this option is available in the slot

  • Choose the number of lines. Again, if the design of the classic game allows you to choose the number of lines. Once you have done this, all you have to do is click 'Spin'.

Specifics of 3 reels slots

The most powerful thing that distinguishes modern slots from 3 reels slots is the number of pay lines. For example, while 5 reels games can have from 25 to 243 lines, in 3 reels slots the number can be up to 27 at most. However, in most classic games the number of lines is between 3 and 5. More often than not, this number can be even smaller and is only 1 line, which is located in the middle of the reels.

You might think that playing 3 reels slots would get boring. However, they can be just as exciting and rewarding as the equivalent 5 reels slots. Of course, the prize options in the classic games are much smaller, because at the time of the release of the classic games were not such flexible technology as now, but it does not prevent them to have their own fans. This is most likely due to the fact that players associate such slots with land-based casinos, which still have such slot machines to this day.

Remarkably, but classic slots are inherently set up to pay both ways. This is usually only true of 3 reels slots with a number of lines between 1 and 5. When several of the same symbols line up on the same pay line, you'll win from that combination both left to right and right to left. This option has subsequently been borrowed by some modern slot producers.

The 3 reels games use a larger bet size than modern games. This was created because the smaller number of pay lines means that the wager on each pay line is much higher. As a consequence, you can sometimes win a lot more than in 5 reels slots.

Most prominent 3 reels slots producers

You already know that many developers who create 3 reels slots use them in their collections and integrate them with the rest of the games on online casino sites. Check out these famous developers and the top 3 reels slots:

  • Microgaming. One of the industry's most renowned iGaming market leaders. The developer holds operating licences and RNG operating certificates. There are more than 800 games in the studio's portfolio. The most popular 3 reels slot is Break Da Bank with 5 active pay lines and a x160 multiplier

  • Netent. A Swedish developer that has established itself as a reliable and trusted operator. Its games are available at online casinos around the world. The company's most popular classic slot is the Mega Joker with 7 pay lines and an incredible x2,000 multiplier.

  • Elk Studios. The company has been developing games for mobile and browser platforms since 2013. There are more than 50 slots in the developer's portfolio, which will work great on both mobile phones and computers. This company's best 3 reels slot is Diablo Reels with 5 active pay lines and an x2,500 multiplier

  • Wazdan. The company is not an idol, a benchmark or a market giant. It's a regular studio that has been producing mobile and desktop solutions for online casinos for more than 10 years. There aren't many games in their portfolio, but they stand out for their quality and technical content. Among the most popular classics is Vegas Reels 2 which has just 1 payline and an x1,000 multiplier

  • IGT. What was once a small studio has grown to a staff of 1,500, who work to bring bold ideas to life in offices around the world. The company is renowned for its development of online casino games and has won several prestigious awards. A classic slot that you can try for real money is Triple Diamond. This 3 reels slot has 9 pay lines and a maximum multiplier of x1.199

  • NextGen. The studio was established back in 1999 and is part of the NYX Group. The main markets the company focuses on are the B2B sector. They develop and supply games to other companies and offer business solutions. A popular product is the 3 reels slot Jackpot Jester with 5 pay lines and a maximum multiplier of x500.

  • Play'n GO. A Swedish company that develops games for online casinos. Its portfolio includes 100+ games of different genres and categories. The company is the winner of the prestigious "Best Developer of the Year" award. The studio's top classic slot is Fire Joker with 5 pay lines and a maximum multiplier of x10.

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