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TomHorn Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 9.2

Reputation: 9.2
Average RTP: 8.9
Graphics: 9.4
Features: 9.3
License(s) United Kingdom, Malta

TomHorn is a casino slot studio that has been in the business for over 10 years. They have created many popular games, including "The Great Fire" and "Rise of the Red Dragon." TomHorn's latest game, "Cats and Cash," is set to release on September 13th. The company was started by Thomas Horn who had a vision to create fun and exciting games with great graphics that everyone would enjoy playing. Today we will be talking about what this company does, what their newest game entails, as well as some of their most popular games!

Best Paying TomHorn Online Slots

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TomHorn Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Thrones of Persia 98.83 % High x5470
# 2 Sizable Win 97.36 % Medium x1000
# 3 Monkey 27 97.0 % Medium x250
# 4 Wild Bells 97.0 % Low x1000
# 5 Disco Fever 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 6 Casino Royale 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 7 Nitro Madness 97.0 % Low x1000
# 8 Wild Bells 97.0 % Low x800
# 9 Jungle Adventure 97.0 % Medium x4450
# 10 King Arthur 97.0 % Low x560
# 11 Jungle Adventure 97.0 % Medium x4500
# 12 Treasure Island 97.0 % Low x1000
# 13 Oxo 97.0 % Low x879
# 14 Ice Age 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 15 Flaming Fruit 97.0 % Low x64
# 16 Chicago 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 17 Hammer Of Thor 96.94 % Medium x5000
# 18 La Playa 96.84 % Low x250
# 19 Wild Pearl 96.66 % Low x300
# 20 243 Crystal Fruits 96.55 % Medium x100
# 21 Beastie Bux 96.55 % Medium x100
# 22 Dragon Egg 96.44 % High x10000
# 23 Shaolin Tiger 96.44 % Low x5000
# 24 Savannah King 96.41 % Medium x5000
# 25 Gangland 96.35 % Low x1000
# 26 The Cup 96.31 % Medium x5000
# 27 Blackbeard's Quest Mini 96.31 % Medium x5000
# 28 Blackbeard's Quest 96.31 % Medium x5000
# 29 7 Mirrors 96.26 % Medium x5000
# 30 Leprechaun's Treasure 96.23 % Low x700
# 31 Aladdin's Lamp 96.19 % Medium-low x2000
# 32 Book of Spells 96.13 % High x5000
# 33 Geisha's Fan 96.13 % High x5000
# 34 Loch Ness Monster 96.11 % Medium x5000
# 35 Don Juan's Peppers 96.08 % Medium x8000
# 36 Kongo Bongo 96.07 % High x800
# 37 Lunapark 96.06 % Medium x4500
# 38 Wonders of the Ancient … 96.03 % Low x1000
# 39 Soccer Championship 96.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 40 Treasure Run 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 41 Diamond Hill 96.0 % High x200
# 42 Black Mummy 96.0 % Medium x500
# 43 Hot'n'Fruity 96.0 % Medium x200
# 44 The Secret of Ba 96.0 % High x500
# 45 243 Crystal Fruits Reve… 96.0 % High x990
# 46 Sweet Crush 96.0 % Medium x250
# 47 Red Lights 96.0 % Medium x100
# 48 Sherlock a Scandal in B… 96.0 % Medium-low x100
# 49 243 Crystal Fruits Happ… 96.0 % Medium x4500
# 50 81 Frutas Grandes Happy… 96.0 % Medium-low x1280
# 51 Red Lights 96.0 % Medium x100
# 52 Inca's Treasure 96.0 % Low x117
# 53 Fruits Go Pop 96.0 % Medium x1728
# 54 Sweet Crush 96.0 % Medium x250
# 55 Monster Madness 96.0 % Medium x173
# 56 Joker Reelz 96.0 % Low x250
# 57 Dragon Riches 96.0 % Medium x1000
# 58 Jingle Bells 96.0 % Low x1000
# 59 Double Flash 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 60 Royal Double 96.0 % Medium x4420
# 61 Wild Wild Bill 96.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 62 Arctic World 96.0 % Medium-low x2300
# 63 Dragon Tales 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 64 Space Adventure 96.0 % Medium x4419
# 65 Stop The Crime 96.0 % Low x997
# 66 Dragon Riches Progressi… 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 67 243 Crystal Fruits Happ… 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 68 81 Frutas Grandes Happy… 96.0 % Medium-low x1280
# 69 Golf Championship 95.98 % Medium x4670
# 70 Cleopatra's Secret 95.96 % Medium-high x6900
# 71 Middle Earth 95.96 % Low x1000
# 72 Wolf Sierra 95.93 % Medium x2000
# 73 Spinball 95.91 % Low x14
# 74 Wall Street 95.82 % Low x990
# 75 Hot Blizzard 95.8 % Medium x1015
# 76 Gardener 95.76 % Low x1000
# 77 Wild Sierra 95.74 % Medium x5100
# 78 Panda's Run 95.74 % Medium x1000
# 79 Fire'n'Hot 95.74 % Medium x819
# 80 Mine Mine Quest 95.41 % Medium x223
# 81 Drunken Vikings 95.24 % Medium x5000
# 82 Gold X 95.21 % Medium x180
# 83 Feng Fu 95.2 % High x1000
# 84 81 Frutas Grandes 95.12 % Medium x1000
# 85 Dragon vs Phoenix 95.06 % Medium x5684
# 86 La Tomatina 95.05 % Medium x510
# 87 Sky Barons 95.01 % High x5000
# 88 Hot Date 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 89 Spacejammers 95.0 % Medium x2500
# 90 Cricket Mania 94.84 % High x327
# 91 Wheel of Luck 94.1 % Medium x1000
# 92 Wild Weather 94.0 % Medium x360
# 93 Frozen Queen 94.0 % Medium x1152
# 94 Midnight Knights 94.0 % Medium x5000
# 95 Fluxberry 92.09 % Low x1670
# 96 3 Mermaids 92.06 % Medium x1620
# 97 Rot Stormo 92.06 % High x2000
# 98 PengWins 92.03 % Medium x1200

Best TomHorn Online Casinos

Cashback up to 20%
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Tom Horn Slots RTP

Providers are endlessly finding different ways to get to the top of gamblers' lists. However, few of them take into account the fact that it takes a Herculean effort to become a clear favourite with players. There are still no developers on the market who can provide a new and unique feature in each of their slots, or the highest RTP. While the features are clear, in terms of RTP, things are quite bad. The maximum values reach only 97%, because if you set a lower percentage, how can you maintain a staff of thousands of people? That begs a fair question: why should the players pay for it?

The only provider who can seriously compete with modern developers is Tom Horn. The minimum RTP of this provider is 94% while the maximum is 98.83%. It turns out that the average theoretical return rate here is 96.4%. This is quite a serious and high level of RTP if you compare it with some other developers. In addition, it is worth remembering that the minimum recommended percentage of RTP should not be less than 96%.

Best 7 Tom Horn Slots

The best slots are made so by a set of many features. Here, the slot must have advanced graphic elements and prize options. Another equally important element for the best slot is the winnings, the higher the multiplier or total payout in the game, the better. However, many users sometimes limit themselves to having as many special symbols and different features as possible. But, it is highly recommended to pay attention to the maximum multiplier.

Tom Horn has several slots that are the best in all of the above features:

  • Dragon Egg with an RTP of 96.44% and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • Don Juan's Peppers with an RTP of 96.08% and a maximum multiplier of x8,000

  • Thrones of Persia with an RTP of 98.83% and a maximum multiplier of x5,470

  • Blackbeard's Quest with an RTP of 96.31% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Savannah King with 96.41% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Book of Spells with an RTP of 96.13% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Shaolin Tiger with an RTP of 96.44% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000.

Tom Horn Slots Features

When you already know the best slots, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the prize features that may be waiting for you in the games. For many players, Free Spins or the classic Wild symbols will suffice. However, these are features that have already become classics. Developers try to add as many different pay-per-action features as possible to modern slots. Tom Horn offers the following features:

  • Free Spins (Panda's Run)

  • Sticky Respins, Flux Spins (La Tomatina)

  • Scatter Wild, Multiplier (Monster Madness)

  • Sticky Wild, Stacked Symbol (Don Juan's Peppers)

  • Magic Crystal (Frozen Queen)

  • The Newspaper Bonus Game, The Paparazzi Bonus Game (Sherlock a Scandal in Bohemia).

As can be noted, there are no supernatural options or prize features. Everything is quite classic. Of course, the developer has some interesting features, but they are very few and only found in a few slots.

Tom Horn Slots

Provider Tom Horn releases slots with 3, 4 and 5 reels. And the total number of paylines can reach 5, 8, 9, 27, 40, 81 or 243 ways. The minimum bet in the slots is 0.01 USD per line, and the maximum is 2.5 USD. To find out what the betting limits will be in a 40 payline slot, you can calculate. The minimum bet in this game will be 0.40 USD, and the maximum of 100 USD. You can change the number of lines and the bet amount will change along with it. If you are looking for a jackpots adventure, Tom Horn has several solutions to offer you.

To start playing the developer's slots, you need to fund your account with an online casino that has the games of this provider. After that, choose the slot that suits you best and run it. When the game opens you will see a playing field in front of you where the symbols are located. Underneath this box, there is a special menu where you can adjust the total bet, select the number of paylines, adjust the sound or spin the reels.

Tom Horn Slots List

Tom Horn was established in 2008. During the time it has been on the gambling services market, more than 110 games have appeared in its portfolio. If we count the average number of slots released per year, we can say that the provider has developed from 7 to 8 games per year. This is quite a modest figure. However, some providers release there are providers that release even fewer games. And if we compare the volume of the portfolio with other providers, 110+ games is quite a solid catalogue of games.

Fairness of Tom Horn Slots

ISP games are produced using RNG. This is special software that generates random results in all games. To give players even more confidence in the company, the random number generator is tested by the independent GLi and iTechLabs. These are quite serious auditors who check the software for compliance and if it has deviations, no certificates will be issued. The company has also licensed its business in Malta and the UK. This enables it to conduct its business by the laws.

Mobile Tom Horn Slots

Tom Horn allows players to run their games on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can easily play on your mobile phones or tablets without any additional software. That's because the company develops its games using HTML5 technology, which greatly adapts the games and doesn't burden your devices. All you need to play slots is a smartphone or tablet and a built-in browser.

Tom Horn Slots Sound and Graphics

To put it bluntly, Tom Horn has games that deserve a special mention due to the fact that they feature modern graphics and plenty of bonus features. However, there are also games that use outdated graphics, symbols and features. Few people will like that. Especially since the choice is so great these days. However, pay special attention to the soundtrack, which is at the level of the old slots. There aren't any interesting sounds that tend to simulate real slot machines. Instead, they sound like the sound of a plastic box.

Best 7 Mobile Tom Horn Slots

Tom Horn, like all representatives of the new 'school' of gambling, is constantly experimenting with the plots, mechanics and mathematics of the slots. In doing so, the entire portfolio runs on HTML5 technology, making the slots compatible with mobile devices. On your way to work or home, on a trip or vacation under a palm tree, grab your smartphone and experience the developer's best mobile games:

  • Monster Madness is a slot machine with a surprisingly fine blend of classic and creative. It supports Medium volatility, a maximum multiplier of x200 and an RTP of 96%

  • Frozen Queen - once again an unusual model, as it uses an industry rare number of reels - 4. Returns are customisable - 94% or 96%, and the maximum winnings can be up to 1,132 times the bet

  • Don Juan's Peppers - a video slot with a spicy chilli pepper plot, good winning potential (x8,000) and an average payout rate (96.08%)

  • Savannah King is a slot machine with a prize that is 5,000 times the bet. The RTP is 96.41%

  • Book of Vampires - the model can bring to your piggy bank an amount of 19,291 times the bet. The yield for the player can be adjusted according to the operator's needs in the range of 92% to 95.07%

  • Feng Fu - an appellation with an Asian flavour, a bet multiplier of up to x1,000 and a return of 95.2% of bets placed

  • Spinball - take this game into space, for it holds such riches as a maximum prize of 14,4 times your stake, mechanics with no usual reels, and a 95.91% return on your bets.

Best 7 Free Tom Horn Slots

Although each of the company's video slots operates in real-money betting mode, it should not be forgotten that they are also available in the free version. Moreover, even the developers advise getting familiar with a new game for the user in the mode of saving their own money and only then proceeding to the main game. In the meantime, we've gathered for you 7 of the best options from the Tom Horn portfolio available in free mode:

  • Fluxberry - the name implies the ability to pay out a maximum of x1,670 bets and a customisable RTP with options of 92.09% and 95.09%

  • Blackbeard's Quest - the video slot includes an RTP of 96.31% and a betting multiplier of x5,000 in its technical parameters

  • Mine Mine Quest is a creative slot machine with an x223 betting multiplier and an RTP of 95.41%

  • Hot Blizzard is a video slot with a classic story, a payout of 95.8% and the highest multiplier of x1,015

  • Joker Reelz - a title with an RTP of 96% and a bet multiplier of x250

  • Shaolin Tiger is another Asian-themed variant with Low risk, a yield of 96.44% and a betting multiplier of up to x5,000

  • Black Mummy - this variant offers a 96% return on the money invested by players, with a maximum prize calculated on an x500 betting multiplier and Medium volatility.

Best 7 Bitcoin Tom Horn Slots

The list of the best Tom Horn digitally powered slot machines, and therefore available at bitcoin casinos, looks like this:

  • Kongo Bongo is also attractive because it maintains a medium payout (96.07%), with a rare 3*1 playing field. The game allows you to take the maximum prize, which is 800 times the bet

  • Wild Weather, a creative slot machine with an unparalleled storyline, can give you a maximum winning of 360 times your bet and has a payout variation of 94% and 96%

  • Wheel of Luck is a slot machine with 5 reels, an RTP of 94.1% and a betting multiplier of up to x1,000

  • Panda's Run is a 95.74% RTP variant with an opportunity to win an amount greater than 1,000 times the bet

  • La Tomatina is a slot machine that can bring the lucky player 510 times the bet. The yield is set at 95.05%

  • Dragon vs Phoenix - a slot machine with a customizable RTP (92.05% and 95.06%) and a maximum bet multiplier of x5,684

  • Sky Barons - the game can pay out x5,000 bets, includes an RTP of 95.01% and High volatility.

How Do We Rate Tom Horn Slots?

Our ranking is designed to make it easy for you to visit an online casino. You come and based on our ranking you choose the games of your choice. Convenient? Convenient! That being said, you should understand how our ranking was created. Firstly, we gave the lead in forming the list to RTP, as it is the most important indicator of slots. To this metric, we added an estimate of winning potential, because it is what has been attracting players from all over the world for decades. Secondly, the games in our ranking simply had no chance of being 'empty'. We only chose options that had at least a few cool prize features to make the story even more appealing. This, in turn, inevitably improves the quality of the gameplay. Thirdly, we chose titles with nice, modern graphics and, of course, adapted for mobile devices.

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