Random Number Generator (RNG) in Online Slots Explained

The RNG is a random number generator that is used in slots. The RNG determines how the round will end. The outcome of the spin in slots is already known before the moment you run it. There are two types of generators: True RNG which is used in land-based casino slots and Pseudo RNG which generates results for all online casino slots.

There is no doubt that everyone was interested in the question of how the slot determines when to pay out the winnings? The answer to this question, of course, is a random number generator. What exactly is an RNG? It is a computer program that randomly selects a number. The fact that the numbers are random means that there is absolutely no pattern, order or sequence to the selection. All online slots are computer-based, and computers have microprocessors.

The RNG is responsible for the line and reel combinations you see on the screen. The generator is programmed to generate up to four billion random numbers per spin. Thus, the chances of you meeting all the number combinations are reduced to zero. The random number generator is always in action. Even while you're not playing the slot, the generator is still running. So, when you press "Spin", the result is actually already predetermined. All you have to do is find out what the result will be.

Two types: RNG and PseudoRNG

Control of both slot machines in land-based gambling clubs, and online casinos, is carried out by a random number generator (RNG). It is thanks to him that the chance to win or lose is ensured. Certification of the generators for fairness and functionality is performed not by the developers, but by a third-party agency. RNG technology ensures that each spin does not depend on the spins that have already been or will still be made. This means that with each spin, the player's chance of winning is always the same.

There are two types of RNG:

  • True RNG. Here we are talking about a specific device or chip, which is in the physical world, for example in a land-based casino. Its main principle of operation is the generation of random numbers, where each of them corresponds to a symbol on the slot reel. RNG is slow enough, so a great solution for online casinos was Pseudo RNG

  • Pseudo RNG. This is certain software that constantly generates random numbers. This is done on the basis of its algorithm. The rest of the principle is exactly the same as the classical RNG. However, a set of base numbers in PRNG is predefined in advance and cannot be changed. However, to prevent the possibility of interference of third parties, the base set of numbers is periodically replaced by random numbers.

How does RNG work?

The first and most important is that the random number generation mechanism has no memory. The RNG does not know if a player has won or lost. All combinations that fall out are determined by mathematical algorithms. The result of the game does not result in any planned outcome, it is just a sequence of combinations. In theory, a person could break the bank in the slot two times in a row, but it does not look very probable. Rather, it is unlikely, because the number of possible sequences and combinations that the program generates is enormous. Imagine that each combination consists of 32 hexadecimal symbols.

Once you start the slot machine, the RNG generates 100 random numbers per minute, which in turn means a certain combination. Thus, the only way the player can "influence" the outcome of the game is to choose the moment in which to click on "Spin". In fact, it is pure luck. When the result appears on the screen, the system instantly counts how much the player has won or lost and updates the information about his balance. During free spins and bonus rounds, the same system works.

There are many misconceptions and myths among players, which are based on the fact that each slot has its own cycle to know when it will pay off. However, this is more than a fairy tale. True RNG has only one function and that is number generation. It's important to understand that the number generation process is actually separate from the slot game.

Another misconception players have is that they think there are "cold" and "hot" slot machines. Each slot interacts with an RNG, which produces up to a billion numbers every second. The results obtained will be really random. Based on this, it is impossible to predict when there will be winnings in the slot. As a rule, the frequency and size of payouts are already known in advance. Absolutely no matter how often you play, what size bet is committed or how often you click on the "Spin". You will not be able to change the result of the game.

Are slot machines random or programmed

The answer to this question is: slot machines can be both programmed and random. The point is that the algorithm by which the slot machine works is programmed to work randomly. In other words, the RNG is programmed to show random sets of symbols on the lines you choose. Therefore, the result is unknown and the symbols and selected lines are completely random. From all this you can conclude: in spite of the random appearance of symbols, the longer you play the slot, the higher is the probability that you will win.

It is important to remember that the RNG system has no memory or history. That is why each result generated by the generator is random and does not depend on the previous one.