Wild Symbol in Online Slots Explained + Best Slots List

Wild symbols help users get more winnings because they can substitute for simple pictures and complete winning sequences. These symbols have a number of options that are designed to diversify the gameplay and add to the excitement of the game.

Anyone who has ever played slots knows that the most winning combination is a line of identical symbols. The modern online slot machines have greatly expanded the possibility of winning, thanks to the introduction of the so-called Wild symbol.

So what are Wild symbols in casinos, how are they used, and what are they? Wild symbols are pictures that have a unique function and can be used to replace individual pictures in a slot. By using a Wild symbol, you can create a winning combination. Casinos that use Wild not only make it easier for players to win, but also become more attractive in their eyes.

In addition to the well-known Wild, these symbols are also called Substitute symbols because they are only used to replace simple pictures. Using this symbol, you can win even without getting the full combination by simply replacing the unsuitable symbol with the necessary one. It is important to note that in some cases the Wild symbol wins on its own.

Best online slots with Wild Symbol

Book of 99 Online Slot Logo

Book of 99

Wild: Yes
Fruit Million Summer Edition Online Slot Logo

Fruit Million …

Wild: Yes
Age of Egypt Online Slot Logo

Age of Egypt

Wild: Yes
Moon Temple Online Slot Logo

Moon Temple

Wild: Yes
Lucky Lady Moon Online Slot Logo

Lucky Lady Moon

Wild: Yes
Gorilla Gold Megaways Online Slot Logo

Gorilla Gold M…

Wild: Yes
Hit the Route Online Slot Logo

Hit the Route

Wild: Yes
Hawaiian Dream Xmas Online Slot Logo

Hawaiian Dream…

Wild: Yes
Kaiser Online Slot Logo


Wild: Yes
Diamond Tower Online Slot Logo

Diamond Tower

Wild: Yes
Sushi Yatta Online Slot Logo

Sushi Yatta

Wild: Yes
Volcano Fruits Online Slot Logo

Volcano Fruits

Wild: Yes
Dead or Alive 2 Feature Buy Online Slot Logo

Dead or Alive …

Wild: Yes
Mechanical Clover Online Slot Logo

Mechanical Clo…

Wild: Yes
Primal Megaways Online Slot Logo

Primal Megaways

Wild: Yes
King of Cats Online Slot Logo

King of Cats

Wild: Yes
Lucky Fortune Cat Online Slot Logo

Lucky Fortune …

Wild: Yes
Hey Sushi Online Slot Logo

Hey Sushi

Wild: Yes
Dragon Hot Hold and Spin Online Slot Logo

Dragon Hot Hol…

Wild: Yes
Razor Shark Online Slot Logo

Razor Shark

Wild: Yes
Frozen Fruits Online Slot Logo

Frozen Fruits

Wild: Yes
Jellyfish Flow Ultra Online Slot Logo

Jellyfish Flow…

Wild: Yes
Joker Troupe Online Slot Logo

Joker Troupe

Wild: Yes
Taberna De Los Muertos Online Slot Logo

Taberna De Los…

Wild: Yes

How does Wild work on slots?

By its very nature, Wild substitutes for simple pictures and helps in forming combinations. To give you an idea, let's look at an example. You have a Wild and two simple symbols, e.g. 9. In this case, if you have all three on a payline, you will get a payout equal to what you would get if you had three 9's rolled at the same time. That means regular symbols that do not play an additional role can be replaced with Wild symbols. This symbol cannot replace Bonus or Scatter symbols.

There is another combination when two or more Wild symbols on one active payline appear. In this case, it will be a separate combination and it will be paid according to the payout table. If you have several Wild symbols in a row, then they can form other combinations, as long as the common symbols are on the same line as this special symbol. However, one condition must be met, all combinations must start from the leftmost reel.

How does Wild usually look?

The Wild symbol usually looks like a normal picture, given its construction. Typically, you will see "Wild" written in this picture. In some cases, it may be a character or an object. In order to find out what Wild looks like in the slot you are playing, then simply go to the paytable.

Of course, there are exceptions, when due to the Wild, it may not occupy a single cell, but several vertically, or it may expand vertically after the reels have stopped. This will be discussed below. In any case, in order to distinguish Wild from other symbols know:

  • It may be different from the other pictures

  • There are times when the centre of the picture is labelled Wild

  • Can be an image of a character or an object

  • Check the table to see what the Wild looks like in the slot you've chosen.

Types of Wild symbol

You have probably already played slots and seen what Wild looks like. In a lot of classic games, it's just a picture that takes up one space on the playing field. Just think, there are Wilds that have additional options. What are they? Let's look at a few:

  • Expanding. This type of Wild, when appearing in one of the cells on the reel, stretches across the whole column and takes up the whole reel. As a rule, it works during the free spins round. However, it may appear in the standard game mode

  • Stacked. The difference between this type of Wild and the classic Wild is that it usually occurs in groups. This can be manifested by one, two or three Wild symbols appearing on the same reel at the same time. The Wild can end up taking up the entire reel if three of them appear on the reel

  • Sticky. This type of Wild has the peculiarity that it sticks to the slot where it lands and stays there for a few spins. It can happen that during a respin feature one Sticky Wild will drop out and form a winning sequence. This gives the player another respin during which they get another Sticky Wild and there are several of them on the playing field. This can continue until the Wild symbols fill up the whole field. This is extremely rare, but it is enough to understand how they work

  • Shifting. This is a kind of moving Wild. Its special feature is that it can fall anywhere on the playing field. Once this happens it will remain there until the next spin. With each new spin, this Wild will move until it disappears from the screen. To make it clearer, here is an example, a Wild will appear in the centre position on the 4th reel and stay there until the next spin. With each spin, it will move one box to the right or left. Until it disappears from the screen reaching the outermost reel. The direction of movement may be different. For example, from left to right, from right to left or from top to bottom

  • Multiplier. The main function of the Multiplier Wild is to multiply winnings. It is usually an x2 multiplier for the combination in which the Wild takes part. It is difficult to find it in normal gameplay. However, it is not uncommon in bonus rounds. It is similar to the classic Wild, which is no different from the other symbols.

How often do you get Wild on slots?

It is difficult to say with what frequency Wild appears in slots. The point is that if it is a regular Wild that occupies one cell, it will appear as a regular symbol. However, if it is a Wild that performs extra options, it may be slightly less frequent. However, on 95% of slots according to my database Wild symbols appear much more frequently. The point is that I have tried to select slots in which Wild will appear much more often than in other slots.

Why does Wild so popular

This symbol is popular because it allows you to make additional profits on combinations that might not have been winning. In addition, if you get a large number of Wild symbols on the playing field, you will be waiting for a huge win. In any case, playing with Wild is much more fun, especially when this symbol performs different functions like Expanding or Shuffle.