Stacked Wilds Feature Explained + Top Paying Slots

The history of online slot machines saw many innovations and interesting changes. From the traditional one-armed bandits that are still quite popular, especially among those who appreciate simplicity, to really sophisticated video slots with crazy graphics and different features. And one of the features that gamblers enjoyed the most in online slot games is wild symbols. Nowadays, you will hardly meet any player who would not know what the wild symbols are. Nevertheless, some still do not fully understand how they work and what types of wild symbols are there.

The most important role of any wild symbol is that when it appears on the reel, it allows players to get winning combinations they would not have got otherwise. So simply, it acts as a replacement to complete any kind of combination a slot game has, and therefore allows one to win more money. Thus, there are multiple variations of wild symbols, including multiplier, sticky, stacked, expanding, shifting, spreading, and more. Stacked Wilds do the same job as normal wild symbols, however, as the name suggests, they drop in stacks, i.e more than one at a time. Keep on reading to find out about the essence of stacked Wilds, how they work, where to find them, and how they can be beneficial for you.

How to Start Playing a Game with Stacked Wilds

First of all, choose a trusted and reputable online casino. Check for license availability, game library, depositing and withdrawal conditions, feedback, and the mobile version of the site. You have to make sure you choose the game that features stacked Wilds, otherwise, you won’t be able to see them in action. Use a filter on online casino websites, or search for such slot games on the Internet. Once you’ve found the game (or games) with this feature and are ready to try them out, you can either make a deposit and play for real money right away, or start off by using a demo mode that the majority of games have.

How Does the Stacked Wild Feature Work?

Any wild symbol, including stacked one, has a certain chance of appearance, which means you never know for sure when it is going to drop. This makes stacked Wilds one of the most valuable symbols one can get playing online slot machines. Basically, stacked Wilds work the way the other wild symbols do, but due to the fact that it covers more than one symbol per spin, the chances of getting a better winning combination are much higher. Usually, you can expect from two to five stacked Wilds on the reel per one spin.

Sometimes, software developers make stacked Wilds remain on the reel even after you spin it again, which is even more beneficial considering the potential amount you can win. As mentioned above, most often, no more than three stacked Wilds are expected during a game session. But again, each slot has its own rules. To get familiar with those rules, each slot game offers information about symbols, combinations, and sometimes even frequency of combos in a “Paytable”.

The number and conditions for the wild symbol to appear are different. For example, some games feature up to 5 such symbols per spin. Sometimes the stacked wild appears on the reels at the very beginning and does not show up during further spins. Also, you may come across games that only offer stacked Wilds while playing a bonus game. Considering that bonus games can be the most profitable, stacked Wilds would add up to the already great chances to hit it big time.

Stacked Wilds have been highly demanded and loved by players all over the world, which resulted in almost any big software developer adding the feature in some of the games they release. For instance, such giant and legendary companies like IGT, Playtech, Quickspin, or Thunderkick have exciting games with the stacked wild feature in them.

Stacked vs Expanding Wilds

If you are familiar with expanding Wilds, by now you might have noticed certain similarities between these two. But the main difference is that stacked Wilds never take up the whole line or even the whole reel. In terms of combinations, each symbol of stacked Wilds is considered separately. On the contrary, expanding Wilds is capable of creating winning combinations on different paylines at the same time. Basically, when it appears on any position of the playing field, the symbol fills the whole reel. In other words, it expands vertically, horizontally, or sometimes even diagonally.

What Does the Stacked Wilds Feature Mean for Players?

Stacked Wilds are bonus symbols that are supposed to help gamblers get more winning scenarios. In this regard, the main advantage of such a bonus for players is that they are more likely to multiply their initial stack. Thus, preferring slot machines with stacked Wilds, gamblers expect to increase their chances of winning. It is important to know a bit more about the features of these special wild symbols:

  • payments for certain combinations received thanks to stacked Wilds are made according to the general rules of the emulator;

  • stacked Wilds are most often to be seen in slots with high or medium volatility;

  • stacked symbols may drop multiple times.

Choosing slot games with stacked Wilds, you open a whole lot of opportunities that not only will brighten up your gambling experience but also allow for generous rewards and, perhaps, even a jackpot!