Shifting Wilds Feature Explained + Best Paying Slots

Have you ever thought about why the game libraries of almost any online casino are mostly occupied by online slots? This is partly because of the number of games released regularly. But that’s certainly not the only reason. So many gamblers love slot games for their bonus features. And one of the most popular ones is Wild symbols.

When spinning the reel, Wilds can drop randomly, helping a player get winning combinations. Software developers add Wild symbols to spice up the gaming experience and make gamblers more involved in the process. Since Wilds are extremely popular, no wonder there are many types of them, including wandering, expanding, sticky, stacked, and, of course, the shifting ones, which this review is dedicated to.

Shifting Wilds at Online Casinos

Playtech was the first-ever company to introduce shifting Wild in their gaming products. And since then, lots of other developers have adopted this idea, and now you can easily come across a game with this feature in it. As you already know, shifting Wilds are one of the few types of Wild bonuses. And just like any other Wild symbol, they replace any other symbols, except for bonus ones, i.e. scatters.

How Does the Shifting Wilds Feature Work?

This is the question everyone is curious to know the answer for, especially if you are yet to explore slot games with such a feature. The distinctive benefit of shifting Wilds is that they actually stay on the reel for more than one spin. If you are familiar with sticky Wilds, you already know that those have the same characteristic. But what is the difference between sticky and shifting Wilds then? It’s all about that shifting feature that not only allows the symbol to remain with a player longer but also shifts from spin to spin, changing its location.

The shifting symbol will keep on moving until it reaches the end of the right or left edge of the reel, where it would normally appear in the first place. However, in some slot games, it may appear in any position and subsequently move arbitrarily for a certain number of spins that, depending on the game, may and may not be displayed in the game’s interface.

How Does It Get Activated?

Usually, any Wild symbol activates randomly, and shifting Wilds are no exception. It is impossible to predict when shifting or other Wild, or any bonus symbol will show up on the reel since their occurrence is always a surprise and determined by a random number generator. However, to understand when the Wild may appear in more detail, you need to read the "Paytable" section carefully. Besides, the information from a paytable can also help you get familiar with all the symbols in the game, as well as understand which combinations are the most profitable.

Even shifting Wilds can vary from game to game, therefore the principles will also be different. The symbol can technically appear on all or only some of the lines. In terms of moving direction, it can shift both horizontally and vertically, or even diagonally. Thus, it can move and make the neighboring symbols profitable by creating combinations. If you want to know what shifting symbols are in action, there is always a possibility to try out games with this feature in demo mode. If lucky enough, a player can get more than one Wild symbol per spin, and these can be different. For instance, one Wild symbol will shift and remain on the reel, while the other(s) may not.

Is the Shifting Wilds Feature Beneficial for Players?

You need to understand that the benefits from playing slot games with shifting Wilds directly depend on the game itself. The chances of their appearance, as well as how beneficial they are in terms of winnings are not identical for all the games either. In this regard, it is always recommended to try as many games with this Wild feature as possible to see which one you will enjoy the most. However, despite some obvious differences, shifting Wilds have many advantageous and beneficial aspects to offers regardless of which slot machine you would eventually go with, such as:

  • Shifting Wilds and Wild symbols, in general, make a slot game much more attractive. Needless to say that not all the slots have the Wild-symbol feature, so finding the ones that do really make for interesting gameplay with a potential for big wins.

  • High level of excitement. Spinning the reel can easily get boring, but not if you get a shifting Wild here and there.

  • Great help with making and multiplying profits. You never know how lucky you can get with winning combinations, so a symbol that helps to add a missing puzzle to a possible great combo for more than one spin is something gamblers always appreciate.

  • Shifting Wilds make it possible to win big.

  • Increased winning odds. Not only shifting Wilds can make up for a missing combination but also increase the odds of the initial bet set on a line.

If you are ready to give online slot machines with shifting Wilds a try, find a trustworthy casino to gamble at, sign up, and enjoy the benefits of this feature to its fullest! Good luck!