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GameArt Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.7

Reputation: 8.9
Average RTP: 8.8
Graphics: 8.7
Features: 8.9
License(s) Curacao E-gaming

GameArt is a new casino slot studio that has been making waves in the industry. They have been around since 2013 and are continuing to grow as they become more popular. GameArt creates slots based on games that people love, such as Piggy Holmes and Hawaiian Fruits. All of their games are available in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Chinese (traditional), Korean, Japanese, German and French!

Best Paying GameArt Online Slots

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GameArt Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Rosh Immortality Cube 97.1 % Extreme x30000
# 2 Diamond Magic 97.02 % High x3000
# 3 Cleopatra Jewels 96.96 % Medium x1625
# 4 Castle Blood 96.95 % Medium-low x3179
# 5 Sushi Yatta 96.92 % Medium x5000
# 6 Super Heated Sevens 96.65 % Medium x4000
# 7 Hollywoof 96.64 % High x7650
# 8 Wild Marmalade 96.64 % Extreme x50000
# 9 Aladdin's Quest 96.59 % Medium x2396
# 10 Dolphins Dream 96.55 % High x2295
# 11 Fortune Panda 96.52 % Medium x1064
# 12 Book of Museum 96.51 % High x23216
# 13 Nefertiti HyperWays 96.5 % Extreme x150000
# 14 Mystic Riches 96.5 % Medium x5000
# 15 Mega Bunny 96.5 % Extreme x50000
# 16 Fortune Lions 96.48 % Medium x1358
# 17 Joan of Arc 96.47 % High x3290
# 18 Surfin’ Joker 96.47 % Medium-low x1336
# 19 Explosive Reels 96.42 % High x5554
# 20 Money Farm 96.42 % Medium-high x1200
# 21 Crystal Mystery 96.36 % High x5171
# 22 Ali Babas Riches 96.36 % High x5772
# 23 Angry Dogs 96.36 % Extreme x50000
# 24 Spartans Legacy 96.35 % Medium x497
# 25 Dynamite Fruits Deluxe 96.34 % Medium x5000
# 26 Santa's Factory 96.32 % High x6404
# 27 Fortune Tiger HyperWays 96.3 % High x15000
# 28 Maradona Hyperways 96.3 % Extreme x50000
# 29 20 Hot Fruit Delights 96.29 % Low x2600
# 30 Xtreme Summer Hot 96.29 % Low x2600
# 31 Caligula 96.28 % High x1532
# 32 88 Riches 96.28 % Medium x1011
# 33 Royal Gems 96.28 % Low x520
# 34 African Sunset 96.28 % Medium-low x1872
# 35 Jumpin Pot 96.28 % Medium-low x403
# 36 Dragon Whisperer 96.25 % High x5073
# 37 DaVinci Codex 96.22 % Medium-high x1841
# 38 40 Super Heated Sevens 96.21 % Low x500
# 39 King Of Monkeys 96.2 % High x5129
# 40 Diego Maradona Champion 96.2 % High x10000
# 41 Mariachi Fiesta 96.2 % High x4093
# 42 Striking Joker 96.2 % Medium x5000
# 43 Lucky Babies 96.19 % High x1038
# 44 Power Dragon 96.18 % Medium-high x1642
# 45 Dynamite Fruits 96.16 % Low x1000
# 46 Wild Wild Fruit 96.16 % High x3492
# 47 Book of Alchemy 96.15 % High x5860
# 48 Wolf Quest 96.15 % Medium-high x1519
# 49 Chili Quest 96.15 % Medium x1372
# 50 Emperors wealth 96.14 % High x5572
# 51 Dawn of Olympus 96.13 % High x13221
# 52 Wild Dolphin 96.12 % High x2778
# 53 Piggy Bjorn 96.12 % Extreme x50000
# 54 Bubble Fruits 96.12 % Medium x1454
# 55 Golden Dragon 96.11 % Low x2012
# 56 Apocalypse Quest 96.11 % High x3495
# 57 Wild Wild Quest 96.11 % High x3495
# 58 Peter's Universe 96.1 % Medium x2384
# 59 Piggy Holmes 96.1 % Medium x2294
# 60 Hot Fruit Delights 96.1 % Low x1420
# 61 Xtreme Hot 96.1 % Low x600
# 62 Jade Treasure 96.1 % Medium x1073
# 63 Chinese Zodiac 96.1 % Low x1886
# 64 Wolf Hunt 96.1 % Medium x2294
# 65 Lucky Coins 96.09 % Medium x1372
# 66 King Of Monkeys 2 96.09 % Medium x1816
# 67 Burning Flame 96.09 % Medium-high x1002
# 68 Battle for Atlantis 96.09 % Low x1344
# 69 El Toreo 96.08 % High x1691
# 70 Battle For Cosmos 96.08 % High x6000
# 71 Azrabah Wishes 96.08 % High x15023
# 72 Summer Jam 96.08 % Medium x4000
# 73 Lilly Palmer London 96.08 % High x250
# 74 Hawaiian Fruits 96.08 % Extreme x76723
# 75 Nefertitis Nile 96.08 % High x8981
# 76 Hawaiian Christmas 96.08 % Extreme x76723
# 77 Monkey Pirates 96.08 % Medium x2590
# 78 Gold Of Ra 96.08 % Medium x1078
# 79 Flaming Reels 96.06 % Low x594
# 80 African Sunset 2 96.05 % High x8778
# 81 Diego El Pibe De Oro 96.05 % High x8778
# 82 Three Kings 96.04 % Low x3768
# 83 Book of Cupigs 96.04 % High x6235
# 84 Venetia 96.03 % Medium-high x2740
# 85 Captain Candy 96.03 % Low x689
# 86 Book of Oziris 96.03 % Low x500
# 87 Five Star Luxury 96.02 % Medium-low x1657
# 88 Magic Unicorn 96.02 % High x1515
# 89 Kitty Twins 96.01 % Medium x1050
# 90 Five Elements 96.0 % Medium-high x7760
# 91 Guardian Lion 96.0 % Medium-low x2300
# 92 Eddy Dundee 96.0 % Low x100
# 93 Night at KTV 96.0 % Low x390
# 94 Norns Fate 96.0 % Medium x3260
# 95 King Of Time 96.0 % Medium-low x2550
# 96 Treasure Reef 96.0 % Medium x4500
# 97 Dragons And Pearls 96.0 % Medium-high x7700
# 98 Bushido Code 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 99 Thai Dragon 96.0 % Medium-low x2700
# 100 Storming Flame 95.98 % Medium x1001
# 101 Spooky Graves 95.97 % Medium x1707
# 102 Queen Of The Seas 95.93 % Medium-low x3019
# 103 King Of Wealth 95.87 % Low x448
# 104 Dragon King 95.87 % Medium-low x1502
# 105 Pirate Queen 95.86 % Low x500
# 106 Lady Luck 95.86 % Medium-low x1453
# 107 Santa's Farm 95.84 % High x1803
# 108 Ancient Gong 95.83 % Low x470
# 109 Magic Dragon 95.8 % Medium x1964
# 110 Money Farm 2 95.74 % Medium x1758

Best GameArt Online Casinos

Cashback up to 15%
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€

GameArt Slots RTP

How many providers try to attract attention to their games? It's quite simple. Many of them create graphical masterpieces that transport the player to another world and make them feel free. Others develop special features that amaze the imagination. After all, the bonus options can make your winnings that much bigger. Others try to create slots with different volatility so that everyone can choose the game that suits them best. One thing they have in common is the presence of RTP. Without a theoretical return, slots cannot exist.

GameArt understands this and creates slots that meet all the parameters of popular games. There are slots with different volatility, different unique features, bright and eye-catching designs, and different RTPs. Speaking of which, the minimum RTP value for the slots provider is 95.83%, and the maximum value is 97.1%. It turns out that the average theoretical return is 96.465%. This is a very good indicator that is recommended for all users to play.

Best 7 GameArt Slots

All developers want their slots to be in demand, so they try to make as many changes and other features as possible. However, players still know exactly what the best slots should be. What you might think is features, RTP or graphics? No, what most players are sure of is that the best slots are the games with the most to win, because that's the ultimate goal of every player, anyway. And here's GameArt's list of the best slots:

  • Nefertiti HyperWays with an RTP of 96.5% and a maximum multiplier of x150,000

  • Hawaiian Fruits with an RTP of 96.08% and a maximum multiplier of x76,723

  • Mega Bunny with an RTP of 96.5% and a maximum multiplier of x50,000

  • Maradona Hyperways with an RTP of 96.3% and a maximum multiplier of x50,000

  • Piggy Bjorn with an RTP of 96.12% and a maximum multiplier of x50,000

  • Rosh Immortality Cube with 97.1% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x30,000

  • Azrabah Wishes with an RTP of 96.08% and a maximum multiplier of x15,023.

GameArt Slots Features

GameArt's slots help users get the most out of their winnings. Here you will see features such as:

  • Mystery Features, Mystery Multiplier, Mystery Cube, Mystery Ways, Collect Multipliers, Free Spins Mystery Cube, Mystery Double, Mystery Collect, Mystery Removal, Buy Bonus (Rosh Immortality Cube)

  • Bonus Wheel, Expanding Wild, Sticky Wild, Gamble (Azrabah Wishes)

  • Stacked Walking Wild, Respin (Nefertitis Nile)

  • Jackpot, Gigantic Symbols, Golden Piggy Coin (Piggy Holmes).

Even more, features you'll find directly in the GameArt slots. Here you'll have the chance to play the classic bonus rounds, as well as enjoy free spins with multipliers and the option to double your winnings. Remarkably, there's also a Megaways technology borrowed from BTG, but the company has decided to modify it a bit and call it something else.

GameArt Slots

GameArt slots have versions with 5-6 reels and different numbers of paylines. Here you can see 10,15, 25, 50, 4096 paylines. In addition, there are HyperWays and MegaWays. You can choose the number of lines in some games only, in other slots you can't and you only bet per spin. The minimum bet in all slots is 0.01 USD per line, and the maximum bet is 5 USD per line. In Megaways games the minimum bet is between 0.4 and 200 USD.

For the more thrill-seekers, try winning the jackpot in slots such as Queen of the Seas, Castle Blood, Tiger heart, Money farm 2 and more than 30 other games.

To start betting in GameArt slots, you need to start the slot and find the game control buttons on the main screen below the playing field. In the centre of the screen you will find the Spin button, and to the right and left of it are the betting, sound and autoplay buttons. You can also take a look at the payout table by clicking on the button of the same name.

GameArt Slots List

The company was established in 2013 and has developed around 110+ slots with different themes, specifications and in some cases different designs. However, in 9 years, the company has released 12 or more slots a year. That's a pretty serious figure, which confirms that they were releasing at least 1 slot per month. If you compare GameArt's portfolio to other developers, it's an average provider in terms of volume. However, it can compete quite well with other companies in the iGaming market.

Fairness of GameArt Slots

The provider GameArt is constantly updating its software in order to provide players with the best possible service. This also applies to the RNG, which is used in all games. The random number generator is used to make sure that the results you see in the games are completely random and not tampered with. This software is constantly checked by specialized companies which test RNG. GameArt has several certificates which prove that the released software is fully operational. In addition, the company has business licences, including Curaçao license, Pagcor and Gaming Lab.

Mobile GameArt Slots

The first and most important difference between GameArt and other developers is that the provider is primarily focused on developing games for mobile phones and tablet devices. This means that all GameArt's game content is available on Android and iOS platforms. In addition, you can run slots on all screen resolutions, because thanks to the HTML5 technology used in the development, all games are adaptable to any screen. This technology also helps to conserve the resources of your mobile devices and run slots directly in the browser of your smartphone or tablet.

GameArt Slots Sound and Graphics

The graphics used by GameArt are quite good quality. The new slots with the Megaways and HyperWays options look particularly good. Remarkably, excellent animation is also used here, which will make you feel great because the animation here is top-notch. The same goes for the sound, which blends perfectly into the gameplay.

Best 7 Mobile GameArt Slots

GameArt is gaining increasing recognition among gamers. The company's games are not only visually beautiful but also allow you to play at any time, even when the desktop computer is out of reach. How do you do that? It's simple - just grab your smartphone and open a game at any online casino provider's partner. Pay the most attention to such models:

  • Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways, a slot machine with multiple special effects running at 97.1% RTP, High volatility and the potential to win up to x30,000 bets

  • Ali Baba's Riches - the studio's famous video slot will take you to the Arabian world. Here you can increase your balance by up to 5,772 times your winning bet. This slot has a payout of up to 96.36%

  • Money Farm - Another well-known studio name will send you to a farm. It hides the highest betting multiplier of x1,200 and an RTP of 96.42%

  • Spartans Legacy takes you back to the days of Sparta and gladiatorial battles. If you win, you can take away a maximum of x4,000. The game has a payout of 96.35%

  • 20 Hot Fruit Delights is a slot machine designed specifically for fans of the classic plot. It has a payout of 96.29% of all bets and an opportunity to increase your bet by 2,600 times

  • Maradona Hyperways is a video slot for fans of football and the legendary Argentine footballer in particular. A slot machine with a licensed Hyperways engine can bring a lucky player an x50,000 bet. In the main game, the slot has an RTP of 96.3%, and in Bonus Buy it is 97.7%

  • Fortune Tiger HyperWays is a three-dimensional video slot for Asian lovers that includes High risk, 96.3% payout, 60,466,176 Hyperways, x15,000 bet multiplier.

Best 7 Free GameArt Slots

Of the entire range of free versions of the company's slot machines, the titles that have performed best are:

  • Golden Dragon - Eastern-themed video slot features an RTP of 96.11%, 2,012 times the maximum winnings, 50 paylines and Low risk

  • Night at KTV - Spend a night of excitement with this atmospheric video slot. The winning tool offers you an RTP of 96%, Low volatility and a betting range of 0.15 - 75 coins. You can win up to 390 times your bet

  • Three Kings - the game provides the opportunity to reach a betting multiplier of x3,768. The RTP is 96.04%

  • Jade Treasure is a slot machine in which you can increase your balance by x1.073 of the winning bet. Player returns can be as high as 96.1%

  • Castle Blood is a video slot that only seems dangerous and scary. It hides a sum of 3,179 times the bet. The payout is pleasantly impressive at 96.95%

  • Five Star Luxury - the name holds a maximum multiplier of x1.657. The RTP is 96.02%

  • Queen Of The Seas - Find the treasure with the main characters of the slot. Its size reaches x3.019 bets. Keep in mind that the game's RTP is not high enough - 95.93%.

Best 7 Bitcoin GameArt Slots

Online casinos that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for bets offer a fairly good selection of slot machines. The best option for betting via blockchain from the studio's portfolio, we would say:

  • Piggy Bjorn 2 Winter is Coming - a video slot with a huge winning potential of x80,000 and an RTP of 96.91% makes it the best option for the most patient players

  • Dawn of Olympus - The model offers a 96.13% return on all bets placed, with a maximum multiplier of x13,221 and High volatility

  • Azrabah Wishes - a video slot with an Arabian theme, a 96.08% payout and an x15,023 betting multiplier

  • Book of Cupids is a creative slot machine featuring cute piggies as Cupids. The slot algorithm can give out a sum of up to x6,235 bets. The RTP is kept at the same level of 96.04%

  • Battle For Cosmos - a model with the prospect of getting an amount greater than 6,000 times the bet. The RTP is 96.08%

  • Dolphins Dream - transport yourself for a while into the sea. Thanks to the friendly and colorful inhabitants, you'll have the chance to earn 2,295 times your bet. This slot has a yield of 96.55%

  • Ramses Treasure is a video slot that adds to the overall slot machine collection with an ancient Egyptian theme. The game has an RTP of 95.49% and the highest bet multiplier of x2,951.

How Do We Rate GameArt Slots?

Rating is not as straightforward a task as it might seem to a large number of users. Our aim is not to simply list the first video slots we come across in the studio's catalog, but to analyse them completely using several important criteria. Only the best options ended up in the list of those that we can recommend.

To make it clearer to you how our ranking has grown, we will describe all the evaluators used. Firstly, we have paid attention to the RTP. This is one of the main indicators of any gambling game. Then we paid attention to the maximum multiplier. Knowing it, you can estimate the monetary potential of the slot. Modern graphics (2D, 3D, HD), multifunctionality (the game should fascinate and be addictive) and well-thought-out gameplay (the user should want to experience again and again the emotions that a slot machine can give) were also in our sphere of interest.

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