Free Spins in Online Slots Guide + Best Paying Slots

Free Spins is a separate option that gives the player spins without investing their own money. There are many variations of this option, but their main purpose is to give 5,10 or 15 free spins with a random or fixed multiplier. This type of bonus can also include a respin option, which is also aimed at giving you free spins.

Best online slots with Free Spins

Book of 99 Online Slot Logo

Book of 99

Free Spins: Yes
Age of Egypt Online Slot Logo

Age of Egypt

Free Spins: Yes
Moon Temple Online Slot Logo

Moon Temple

Free Spins: Yes
Hit the Route Online Slot Logo

Hit the Route

Free Spins: Yes
Gorilla Gold Megaways Online Slot Logo

Gorilla Gold M…

Free Spins: Yes
Hawaiian Dream Xmas Online Slot Logo

Hawaiian Dream…

Free Spins: Yes
Diamond Tower Online Slot Logo

Diamond Tower

Free Spins: Yes
Lucky Lady Moon Online Slot Logo

Lucky Lady Moon

Free Spins: Yes
Kaiser Online Slot Logo


Free Spins: Yes
Sushi Yatta Online Slot Logo

Sushi Yatta

Free Spins: Yes
Volcano Fruits Online Slot Logo

Volcano Fruits

Free Spins: Yes
Dead or Alive 2 Feature Buy Online Slot Logo

Dead or Alive …

Free Spins: Yes
Primal Megaways Online Slot Logo

Primal Megaways

Free Spins: Yes
King of Cats Online Slot Logo

King of Cats

Free Spins: Yes
Lucky Fortune Cat Online Slot Logo

Lucky Fortune …

Free Spins: Yes
Hey Sushi Online Slot Logo

Hey Sushi

Free Spins: Yes
Frozen Fruits Online Slot Logo

Frozen Fruits

Free Spins: Yes
Razor Shark Online Slot Logo

Razor Shark

Free Spins: Yes
Joker Troupe Online Slot Logo

Joker Troupe

Free Spins: Yes
Taberna De Los Muertos Online Slot Logo

Taberna De Los…

Free Spins: Yes
Happy Ape Online Slot Logo

Happy Ape

Free Spins: Yes
Heroes Hunt Megaways Online Slot Logo

Heroes Hunt Me…

Free Spins: Yes
Kingmaker Megaways Online Slot Logo

Kingmaker Mega…

Free Spins: Yes
Sails of Fortune Online Slot Logo

Sails of Fortu…

Free Spins: Yes

Free Spins as a bonus option is one of the most popular among players. And that's no surprise. Judge for yourself. By opening the spins feature in a slot machine, the player increases the chance of winning money. At the same time, this chance is given to him for free. On the other hand, free slot machine spins are a great way to save money. For example, if your $2 bet wins and you get to take 15 spins, so you've held onto $30.

It is now clear to you exactly why this option is in such demand. Consequently, this does not go unnoticed by the providers. Increasingly, they are incorporating the free spins feature into the mechanics of new games. This benefits everyone - players, developers, and the online casino itself.

As far as the players are concerned, it's clear - everyone's aim is to win, not to waste their money. Otherwise, everyone would just be playing demo slots. It's important to the developers that their products are relevant to the players. Every time a casino customer bets, a certain percentage of the profits from the bets that don't work for them go into the provider's "pocket". If we talk about the benefits of free spins for the gambling establishment itself, there is something to note here as well. Just like the developers, the operator gets part of the money from each "bad" bet. That said, many operators take the opportunity to promote their site with free spins. Most often it happens as part of promotions. However, in this case, slots that do not have a built-in free round feature are offered.

What do Free spins on slots mean?

First of all, let's define the terminology. Free Spins on slots are special rounds in the game. In fact, the situation is as follows: the player rotates the slot machine drum for free. At the same time, the winnings from such rounds are credited in real money.

Normally you can win 10-20 free spins. If we are talking about 5 or fewer free spins, then it is worth saying that the player has been given a respin. Some slots have the option of extending the free spins.

Each slot machine has its own mechanics and prize options. If you want to understand when this type of bonus will be awarded, open the payout table of your chosen game. It clearly explains this information.

The free spins used can be spun manually or automatically. Some slot machines do not provide you with an alternative in this regard. More often than not, you will find machines that offer both of these spinning modes. When the bonus round starts, you do not have the option to change the bet amount. If you get this option in a slot with a cumulative system, the bet will be based on the average of all previously placed bets.

How do I get Free spins?

As mentioned above, in order to get a series of free rounds, you need to collect Scatters on the playing field. There is a simple rule in slot mechanics: include more Scatters = more free spins (almost always). For example, if you gather 3 Scatters, you get 10 free spins, if you gather 4 - 20, 5 or more - 30 units.

Some slot machines do not adhere to this rule. Let's look at the exceptional cases in more detail:

  • No matter how many Scatters you collect, 3 or 4, 5 or 6, you'll get, say, 15 free spins and that's it

  • Unlimited series of free spins. In this situation, the bonus rounds will last as long as there is an event in the slot. For example, until the entire vial is filled.

Some modern slots provide the option of not wasting time and money waiting to get free spins. At any time in these games, you can buy them for money. As ridiculous as it sounds, this option is wildly popular with players.

Another good option for getting free spins can be to buy bonus bets. In this case, the chance of getting free rounds is increased by additional Scatters appearing on the playing field. In both cases, we recommend paying attention to the percentage of return on bets. The higher it is, the better it is for you.

How often do you get Free spins on slots?

Free spins on slots have become an integral part of a successful casino game. If you ask any player what their priority Bonus option is, most will answer unequivocally - free spins.

Needless to say, in 80% of slots according to my database? As part of the free spins, you may be offered an additional bonus game. Winners may qualify for increased multipliers, another Free Spins package, a Wild symbol set, etc. To win additional bonuses, most often you are offered to choose one of several. These could be images of cards, crates, etc. This way you not only get free spins, but also other bonuses. But the second one is much easier to get if you have a well-developed intuition. There's nothing surprising here, though. For the thrill of the game, it's important to give back to the players and not work for nothing.

To understand how often the free spins will roll out, you need to have an understanding of how the slots work. To make it easier for players, the providers provide information on the betting return percentage, the variance of the slots. If the variance is high, don't expect to get a package of free spins often. However, if you catch the right number of Scatters, your winnings within the spins will turn out to be quite large. Any money you win in this case will be added to your bankroll. Accordingly, if the variance is hovering around 90-94% (which is average), you may open free spins more often. In this case, you stand a chance of having more frequent payouts from the spins. At the same time, they will be small.

Can Free spins get retriggered?

Although slots are designed to delight players, they are first and foremost a business. And it would be strange if a single slot machine did not offer the opportunity to re-launch free spins. In the worst case, players would wait for them, and then close the slot and go play another game. In addition, any slot machine is a mechanics based on the GCG and it is rather problematic to prohibit the generator from re-creating combinations for free spins. Therefore, the answer to this question is unequivocal: yes on the majority of slots.

This raises another question: what do you expect from a slot machine? A big payout or just frequent free spins? If the second outcome is important to you, you should be aware that in this case, the free spins will give you small amounts.