Bonus Game in Online Slots Explained + Best Slots Rating

The bonus game is an extra round in which the player is encouraged to earn a big win. This game will start after several bonus pictures have appeared on the reels. Bonus games may differ in plot and implementation, but what they have in common is the possibility of winning up to x10,000.

Slots are one of the only casino games that haven't stopped evolving since its inception, with software developers pushing the envelope with practically every new title they release. Slots are now a booming success, with much more reels and pay lines, excellent graphics and animations, and a plethora of additional features.

In recent years, software developers have focused their efforts on creating online slots with a more complex structure and numerous extra features in order to increase the entertainment value of the games and thereby keep players interested longer. As well as increasing players chances of winning big, the extra features usually add more complexity and dynamics to the slot and contribute to the story, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Best online slots with Bonus Game

Book of 99 Online Slot Logo

Book of 99

Bonus Game: Yes
Age of Egypt Online Slot Logo

Age of Egypt

Bonus Game: Yes
Diamond Tower Online Slot Logo

Diamond Tower

Bonus Game: Yes
Cash Elevator Online Slot Logo

Cash Elevator

Bonus Game: Yes
Victoria Wild Online Slot Logo

Victoria Wild

Bonus Game: Yes
Goddess of Lotus 10 Lines Online Slot Logo

Goddess of Lot…

Bonus Game: Yes
Maradona Hyperways Online Slot Logo

Maradona Hyper…

Bonus Game: Yes
Sonic Reels Online Slot Logo

Sonic Reels

Bonus Game: Yes
Grand Loot Online Slot Logo

Grand Loot

Bonus Game: Yes
Wild Fruit Super Wheel Online Slot Logo

Wild Fruit Sup…

Bonus Game: Yes
Spirit of Mustang Online Slot Logo

Spirit of Must…

Bonus Game: Yes
Reel Hero Online Slot Logo

Reel Hero

Bonus Game: Yes
Midnight in Tokyo Online Slot Logo

Midnight in To…

Bonus Game: Yes
Divine Lotus Online Slot Logo

Divine Lotus

Bonus Game: Yes
Fortune Reels Online Slot Logo

Fortune Reels

Bonus Game: Yes
Tree of Light Online Slot Logo

Tree of Light

Bonus Game: Yes
Hippo Pop Online Slot Logo

Hippo Pop

Bonus Game: Yes
Midnight Show Online Slot Logo

Midnight Show

Bonus Game: Yes
Pathway to Riches Online Slot Logo

Pathway to Ric…

Bonus Game: Yes
Da Hong Bao Gold Online Slot Logo

Da Hong Bao Go…

Bonus Game: Yes
Treasure Mania Online Slot Logo

Treasure Mania

Bonus Game: Yes
Fruletta Online Slot Logo


Bonus Game: Yes
Divine Dragon Hold and Win Online Slot Logo

Divine Dragon …

Bonus Game: Yes
3 Lucky Pots Online Slot Logo

3 Lucky Pots

Bonus Game: Yes

What is Bonus game (not Free spins)?

Essentially, the bonus game is a separate round that is triggered on top of the slot when you catch the special symbols. Thanks to this round, you can win quite a big prize. There are several variants of this game, however, most of them are outdated or simply not popular with players.

There are many varieties of bonus games. Therefore, it is important for you to have an idea of what it looks like. Bonus games are available in all modern and classic slots.

Once you have caught the special pictures, the bonus game starts and the special pictures (which can be anonymous symbols, cards, barrels etc) appear and you have to choose one of them based on luck. In most cases, it will be three pictures and you have to choose one of them. If you are lucky, you will get a payout under the chosen picture; if you choose wrong, the bonus game is over. A prime example is the Bloodsuckers slot. Here, once the bonus game starts you will need to choose among the coffins, those in which the hidden payouts. Sometimes the winnings from these rounds can be as much as x10,000 of your original bet.

There are also arcade bonus rounds, where you have to perform an action or help a character. You'll be rewarded for doing so. Sometimes you can get Wheel of Fortune in the bonus game, where in addition to cash payouts can be applied to the number of free spins and multipliers. Generally speaking, the storyline and bonus game are essentially up to the developer's imagination.

How to get bonus game?

In order for the bonus game to start you need to catch the special symbols. However, it may happen that it starts randomly at any time while you spin the reels. The bonus game will start after you catch the bonus symbols. In some games you need to catch three bonus symbols, in others, only two will be enough. Either way, they all trigger the bonus game.