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Genesis Gaming Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.6

Reputation: 8.9
Average RTP: 9.3
Graphics: 8.5
Features: 8.4
License(s) United Kingdom, Alderney

This is a review of Genesis Gaming software. This program contains all the features that you would need in order to start your own casino, including games and security measures. They have been providing this service for over 10 years now, so they are very experienced with what people want and how to provide it. If you are looking for reliable hosting software for your online casino then I recommend checking out Genesis Gaming!

The same is true if you would like to play their products at online casinos. All slots are perfectly made and decent RTP.

Best Paying Genesis Gaming Online Slots

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Genesis Gaming Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Lucky Dragon Boat 97.56 % Low x1000
# 2 Fortune turtle 97.41 % Low x500
# 3 Lion's Fortune 97.4 % Medium x5000
# 4 Unicorn grove 97.39 % Medium x4500
# 5 Mirror Magic 97.34 % High x11000
# 6 Lust and Fortune 97.33 % Medium x5000
# 7 Ski Jump 97.3 % Medium x4500
# 8 8 Bit Intruders 97.28 % Medium x5000
# 9 Schlager Millions 97.26 % Low x500
# 10 Night of Sevens 97.26 % Low x660
# 11 Live Jazz 97.26 % Medium x5000
# 12 Sugar smash 97.25 % Low x1000
# 13 Rich panda 97.25 % High x10000
# 14 Dinosaur Adventure 97.25 % Medium x5000
# 15 Lion dance festival 97.24 % Low x500
# 16 The Great Escape Artist 97.23 % Medium x5000
# 17 Cai Shen's Fortune 97.21 % High x10000
# 18 Sahara Queen 97.2 % Medium x5000
# 19 Piñata Bandidos 97.19 % Medium x4000
# 20 Machine Gun Unicorn 97.18 % Medium x4300
# 21 Fire and Ice Island 97.15 % Medium x5000
# 22 Dragons Rock 97.13 % Low x450
# 23 Tres Huevos 97.1 % Medium-high x7500
# 24 Fortune Dragon 97.1 % Medium-low x2000
# 25 Temple of Luxor 97.1 % Low x800
# 26 World Cup Football 97.1 % Medium-high x7500
# 27 God Of Cookery 97.1 % High x10080
# 28 Fa Fa Fa 97.1 % Medium x5500
# 29 Bounty Hunter 97.1 % High x11000
# 30 Shanghai Night 97.1 % Medium x5000
# 31 The Great Cashby 97.09 % Low x1000
# 32 Jazzy Christmas 97.09 % Medium-high x7600
# 33 Arizona Treasure 97.07 % High x10000
# 34 Antique Riches 97.05 % Low x600
# 35 Year of the Dog 97.04 % High x9000
# 36 Viking Treasures 97.03 % Low x66
# 37 Dragons Scroll 97.03 % Medium x5000
# 38 Deep Sea Diver 97.0 % High x10000
# 39 Super Wilds XL 96.91 % Medium-high x566
# 40 Star Crystals 96.87 % Medium x5000
# 41 Singles' Day 96.85 % Medium x4000
# 42 Time Voyagers 96.85 % Medium x5000
# 43 The Munchies 96.77 % Medium x4500
# 44 Mysterious gems 96.66 % Medium-high x7500
# 45 Bier Fest 96.55 % Low x500
# 46 Cash Cauldron 96.48 % Medium x5000
# 47 Wu Xing 96.43 % Medium x4500
# 48 Attack of the Zombies 96.37 % Medium x4000
# 49 Wild Space 96.37 % Low x900
# 50 Hansel and Gretel 96.34 % Low x400
# 51 Crosstown Chicken 96.29 % Low x600
# 52 Gumball blaster 96.29 % Low x500
# 53 Reindeer Wild Wins 96.21 % High x10000
# 54 Journey to the West 96.21 % High x10000
# 55 Game of Swords 96.19 % Medium x5000
# 56 Savanna King 96.19 % High x10000
# 57 Savanna King XL 96.16 % High x5000
# 58 Reindeer Wild Wins XL 96.16 % High x800
# 59 Today's Weather 96.13 % Medium x5000
# 60 Gods of Giza 96.13 % Medium x400
# 61 Power Switch 96.13 % Medium-low x1900
# 62 Dragon Scroll XL 96.12 % Medium-high x2000
# 63 Da Hong Bao 96.1 % Medium x4000
# 64 Rumpel Thrill Spins 96.1 % Medium x3880
# 65 CaiShen's Fortune XL 96.04 % High x1000
# 66 Emperor's Diamond 96.04 % Medium x7200
# 67 Leprechaun Legends 96.03 % Medium x5000
# 68 Hero Twins 96.0 % Low x1000
# 69 Seven Deadly Sins 96.0 % Medium x4710
# 70 Storm Rider 96.0 % Low x100
# 71 Da Hong Bao Gold 96.0 % Low x888
# 72 Cool As Ice 95.92 % Low x660
# 73 Gingerbread Lane 95.88 % Medium x4700
# 74 Haunted Night 95.72 % Medium x4500
# 75 Winstones Resort and Ca… 95.65 % Medium-low x2300
# 76 Clash of Queens 95.57 % Low x500
# 77 Livin luxurious 95.57 % High x10000
# 78 Yggdrasil: The Tree of … 95.5 % Low x900
# 79 American Diner 95.5 % Low x770
# 80 Fruity Grooves 95.4 % High x10000
# 81 Reptile riches 95.27 % Medium x5000
# 82 More Cheese Please 95.27 % Medium-high x7920
# 83 Chang'e Goddess Of The … 95.26 % Low x400
# 84 Mobster Lobster 95.26 % High x9800
# 85 Space Botz 95.24 % Medium x4400
# 86 Red panda paradise 95.24 % Medium-high x7800
# 87 Orion 95.21 % Medium x1000
# 88 Thunderbird spirit 95.2 % Medium-low x2500
# 89 Birds Blooms 95.2 % Medium-low x2000
# 90 A bark in the park 95.18 % Medium-high x7500
# 91 SuperWilds 95.12 % Low x800
# 92 Dragon Slayers 95.05 % Medium-high x8000
# 93 Galapagos islands 95.04 % High x10000
# 94 Pillaging Pirates 95.04 % Medium-high x7800
# 95 Robyn 95.04 % Medium x5000
# 96 River Dragons 95.04 % Medium x4500
# 97 Opera Of The Masks 95.01 % Medium-low x2000
# 98 Leprechaun Tales 95.0 % Medium x4500
# 99 Rich mans toys 94.92 % Low x800
# 100 Hear Me Roar 94.91 % Low x1000

Best Genesis Gaming Online Casinos

100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Genesis Gaming Slots RTP

Do you often wonder which games you prefer to play with which RTP? One would assume that this is a fairly rare occurrence. The fact is that players chase big winnings without thinking about what lies ahead. However, experienced players know that RTPs can substantially increase their chances of winning. That's why they often choose games that have a theoretical return percentage of at least 96%, which allows such players to win much more often and more often than others.

Knowing this, the provider Genesis Gaming has built an RTP of 96.7% into their games on average. This is slightly higher than some developers who can afford games with an average RTP of 96%. However, even that 1% can sometimes make the difference. The Genesis developers have made this variable at an average level because it is not the highest figure.

Best 7 Genesis Gaming Slots

The company has been known for quite some time, and like every developer, they have the slots that players like best. This is where the RTP and the possible winnings that users can get come into play. So, check out Genesis Gaming's list of the top 7 slots and maybe you'll find the game you like best:

  • Lucky Dragon Boat with an RTP of 97.56% and a maximum possible winnings of x750

  • Fortune Turtle with 97.41% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Lion's Fortune with an RTP of 97.4% and a maximum multiplier of x300

  • Unicorn Grove with 97.39% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x750

  • Mirror Magic with 97.34% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x1,000

  • Lust & Fortune with 97.33% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Ski Jump with 97.3% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x500.

Genesis Gaming Slots Features

Almost every provider is remembered by players with a set of options. Some developers come up with and patent their own solutions, while others simply use what others have come up with. This kind of rotation is due to the fact that some providers just don't want to come up with something new and cool, thus not impressing the players. Genesis Gaming offers a lot of different features, but these are options that you've seen before and more than once:

  • Wild, Bonus (Temple of Luxor)

  • Antidote Free Spins (Attack of the Zombies)

  • Symbol Bombs (Machine Gun Unicorn)

  • Multiplier Mans, Expando-Man (SuperWilds)

  • Pick’em, Credit Award, Revealed Symbols, Mystery Symbols, Cyclops Feature, Hydra Feature, Skeleton Feature (Jason's Quest)

  • 243 Ways (Robyn)

  • Wu Xing Feature (Wu Xing)

  • Stacked Wilds (Bloodlines).

Genesis Gaming Slots

Admittedly, only the latest releases of Genesis Gaming slots look more bearable. However, for the most part, this provider's slots are not wildly popular. It's like a 'grey mouse' in the iGaming market.

Players are offered games with 5 reels and 20, 25, 40, 50 or 243 paylines. The bets in the slots start at 0.01 USD and end at 1000 USD per spin. Notably, there aren't as many slots with All Ways as you'd like, but they do exist. The provider does not release classic 3 reel slots and this is more of a positive component.

In order to start playing, you will need to start any slot you like. You will then be taken to the main game screen with the playing field. On the right-hand side of the playing field you will find the game controls. There are Autoplay, Settings, Spin and Turbo Spin buttons. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the betting controls. Choose your best bet and click on Spin.

Genesis Gaming Slots List

The company has released just over 110 games since its launch in 2008. By and large, that's a pretty passable figure. It turns out that the provider releases roughly 8+ slots a year. Some competitors release almost half as many games. So in that respect, Genesis Gaming is one step ahead of the competition. However, over 110 games is not a very large portfolio, like Microgaming's, for example. However, the company is just starting to expand into new markets and there are many more discoveries to come.

Fairness of Genesis Gaming Slots

Genesis Gaming develops games using state-of-the-art technology that helps to produce random results. By doing so, the developer provides players with a completely honest algorithm that cannot be taken advantage of. This technology is called RNG and it is responsible for the randomness of the results. To improve the provider's credibility, they use the services of independent testers that check whether the RNG works properly. Genesis has also licensed its operations in jurisdictions such as Alderney and UK Gambling Commissions.

Mobile Genesis Gaming Slots

Do you enjoy playing slots on your mobile phone? Then it's great news for you that Genesis Gaming is constantly improving its development algorithms and incorporating HTML5 technology into its games. What does this mean? It means you don't have to download cumbersome clients to your mobile phone or tablet. All games can now be enabled directly in the browser of your Android or iOS device. Thanks to the fact that the resources of the devices themselves are not used, this technology greatly speeds up the download process and allows you to play from phones and tablets in any slot.

Genesis Gaming Slots Sound and Graphics

Genesis Gaming's graphics cannot, unfortunately, be called modern. Yes, they are undoubtedly simple classic slots, with the occasional interesting option with a modern design. However, for the most part, these graphics are already quite old. The same is true of the sound. It's an ancient sound line with a lot of obscure sounds. The company is clearly not looking to make new slots that are adapted to current realities and user requirements.

Best 7 Mobile Genesis Gaming Slots

Play Genesis Gaming slots from your mobile devices. You won't be disappointed, because the game content will work on all Android and iOS devices. Take a look at the games that have become the best:

  • Machine Gun Unicorn. A fantasy tale of a unicorn with a machine gun instead of a horn. Players will be offered an RTP of 97.18% and a maximum multiplier of x105

  • Mirror Magic will bring you an x1,000 multiplier and an RTP of 97.34%

  • Clash of Queens will tell the story of a battle between two rulers. They will be able to offer an RTP of 95.57% and a maximum multiplier of x750

  • Robyn. Many thought Robyngood was a man, but that was a mistake. Take on the tyrant king's challenge for an x400 win. The game has an RTP of 95.04%

  • Ragnarok. Help Thor protect his home! Slot has an RTP of 94.5% and winnings of 250,000 coins

  • Euro Golden Cup. Play in the Euro Golden Cup and win up to x1,000 in prize money. RTP in the game is 94.35%

  • Temple of Luxor. Place your bets and find out how favorable the gods of Egypt are to you. The slot has an RTP of 97.1% and maximum winnings of 25,000 coins.

Best 7 Free Genesis Gaming Slots

Often players ask "can I play Genesis Gaming slots for free?". Of course, you can! The provider allows you to experience the gameplay and gameplay for free. Here are the games you can try:

  • Wu Xing. Chinese nobles vying for the throne of the ruler of the nation. The slot has an RTP of 96.43% and a payout of 100,000 coins.

  • SuperWilds. See all the Wild symbols in a slot with an RTP of 95.12%. The maximum multiplier is x500

  • Bier Fest. A special beer festival with a top prize of x1,000 on your bet. The RTP for this game is 96.55%

  • Gods of Giza. This historical slot that tells the story of the Egyptian gods can give you up to x400 of your bet. The slot's RTP is 96.13%

  • Jason's Quest. Another Egyptian legend is that you have to fight the Cyclops and the guardians of the treasure. The maximum winnings are x1,000 and the game's RTP is 94.5%

  • Attack of the Zombies. The zombie apocalypse has arrived and you need to protect the planet. For this, you get x750 slot multiplication and an RTP of 96.37%

  • Antique Riches. Collect antique works of art and you could win the top prize of 250,000 coins. The game's RTP is 97.05%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Genesis Gaming Slots

Genesis Gaming hasn't been left out when many developers started to actively introduce cryptocurrency betting options. You can play with Bitcoin and other games in the best slots:

  • Bloodlines. Find your prey and turn it into a vampire. The slot has a multiplier of x1,000 and an RTP of 94.55%

  • Cash Cauldron. Battle of the Wizards is capable of giving you up to 10,000,000 coins. The RTP is 96.48%

  • Cool As Ice. The adventures of a polar bear will keep you distracted and relaxed. The game's RTP is 95.92% and the maximum multiplier is x1,000

  • Dinosaur Adventure takes you back to the time of the dinosaurs for up to x800 in winnings and an RTP of 97.25%

  • Dragons Rock. Save the dragon spawn and you'll get a big win of up to x1,500. Slot RTP will delight you with 97.13%

  • Haunted Night. The time for witches has come and you're invited to take part in a coven. The RTP in this slot is 95.72% and the multiplier reaches x2,500

  • More Cheese Please. The carefree rodent will devour cheese until you enter the game. The RTP of this game is 95.27% and the multiplier reaches x2,000.

How Do We Rate Genesis Gaming Slots?

It is only possible to create a list of the best slots based on some parameters. Preferably, the main ones can be measured or evaluated. Therefore, one of the fundamental values we choose is the RTP. Thanks to the theoretical RTP you can find out exactly how promising a particular game is and whether it is worth playing it. But, this is a technical point that everyone should know. Apart from evaluating the game's potential, we also take a closer look at what features are in the game and whether they are interesting for the players. You have to admit that without a mobile version, many of you won't play even the best games. Therefore, be sure to check for a mobile version of the slots. If this option is available, then very cool.

Another component without which any ranking would fall flat is choosing the games with the highest possible winnings. After that, all that remains is to look at the graphics and assess how up-to-date they are. We also check how responsive the gameplay of a particular game is.

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