Multiplier Free Spins in Online Slots + Best Slots List

A multiplier is a very interesting and common feature that online casino software developers are implementing in many video slots. As the name implies, it multiplies payouts by a certain number. The feature doesn't require any specific actions to activate it. Nevertheless, game vendors constantly find new ways to implement multipliers and keep gamblers interested in their products. Often, the solutions are original. For example, slot machines with the free spins multiplier feature are gaining more and more popularity.

Best online slots with Multiplier Free Spins Feature

Age of Egypt Online Slot Logo

Age of Egypt

Mult. Spins: Yes
Gorilla Gold Megaways Online Slot Logo

Gorilla Gold M…

Mult. Spins: Yes
Diamond Tower Online Slot Logo

Diamond Tower

Mult. Spins: Yes
Lucky Lady Moon Online Slot Logo

Lucky Lady Moon

Mult. Spins: Yes
Volcano Fruits Online Slot Logo

Volcano Fruits

Mult. Spins: Yes
Dead or Alive 2 Feature Buy Online Slot Logo

Dead or Alive …

Mult. Spins: Yes
Hey Sushi Online Slot Logo

Hey Sushi

Mult. Spins: Yes
Razor Shark Online Slot Logo

Razor Shark

Mult. Spins: Yes
Taberna De Los Muertos Online Slot Logo

Taberna De Los…

Mult. Spins: Yes
Viking Hoard Online Slot Logo

Viking Hoard

Mult. Spins: Yes
Pop Online Slot Logo


Mult. Spins: Yes
Wild Flower Online Slot Logo

Wild Flower

Mult. Spins: Yes
Spirit of the Beast Online Slot Logo

Spirit of the …

Mult. Spins: Yes
Sweet Bonanza Online Slot Logo

Sweet Bonanza

Mult. Spins: Yes
5 Lions Megaways Online Slot Logo

5 Lions Megawa…

Mult. Spins: Yes
Multiplier Odyssey Online Slot Logo

Multiplier Ody…

Mult. Spins: Yes
Monopoly Megaways Online Slot Logo

Monopoly Megaw…

Mult. Spins: Yes
Vikings Unleashed Megaways Online Slot Logo

Vikings Unleas…

Mult. Spins: Yes
Diamond Mine Megaways Online Slot Logo

Diamond Mine M…

Mult. Spins: Yes
Chip Spin Online Slot Logo

Chip Spin

Mult. Spins: Yes
Viking Runes Online Slot Logo

Viking Runes

Mult. Spins: Yes
Golden Castle Titanways Online Slot Logo

Golden Castle …

Mult. Spins: Yes
9 Blazing Diamonds Online Slot Logo

9 Blazing Diam…

Mult. Spins: Yes
Elemento Online Slot Logo


Mult. Spins: Yes

Free Spins Multiplier: Definition

The online casino gaming process implies the use of various additional options, especially this is referred to as slots. The Free Spin Multiplier is a special symbol that multiplies winning combinations in free spins rounds by a certain coefficient. This is a usual welcome option along with the action of Wilds and Scatters. The feature is usually activated automatically, depending on the type of game, it can have its own characteristics. More details are further!

How Does the Multiplier Free Spins Feature Work?

The multiplier free spins feature can be triggered only when scatter symbols appear on the game screen. To give an example, the Scatter will launch a series of free spins, in which it is possible to have a multiplier with coefficients 3x, 7x, 10x. The more such symbols are dropped out per time - the higher the received coefficient. With every successful round, the indicator can grow or stay the same. In any way, such a feature is meant to keep a player interested in the slot.

Multiplier is designed to make the game different, progressively more successful. In this case, the functions of the special symbol do not depend on the game mode. The multiplier will help you test slots and earn on gambling entertainment.

In free spins, multipliers can be found much more often than in the usual mode, since game manufacturers, as a rule, tend to somehow distinguish free spins in comparison with standard spins, and multipliers are great for this. It also happens that in a regular game some multiplier symbols appear, and in free spins - others. The feature is interesting because in some slots they are chosen by players themselves (of course, you have to "guess", since all the pictures of the coefficients are hidden).

Fixed vs Random Multiplier

In the gameplay process, the multiplier can manifest itself in different ways. It may be fixed or random. As a fixed feature, it implies the multiplier coefficient is predetermined. It stays on the same level regardless of your actions. Fixed multipliers are usually characteristic of:

  • a successful series of spins (or a number of winning bonus levels). With each new spin, the Multiplier coefficient remains the same;

  • in the round with bonus options, as a second-stage free option.

When a slot has a random Free Spin Multiplier feature, it means that your spin will have a multiplier that can change for every spin. One spin can have a multiplier of 2x and during the next free spin, it will change to 6x. Usually, the random coefficient does not exceed x5, but this is quite enough to make a profit.

Depending on the slot, the “random feature” can be active:

  • together with Wild symbols. The wild symbol usually fulfills the role of the joker in the main and additional games. Often in the action of Wild, there is an automatic multiplier, the coefficient of which can also grow with an increased appearance of the symbol on the screen;

  • as a consequence of the appearance of Scatters - a multiplier is frequently attached to the Scattering Symbol and tends to grow with the number of hit winning combos.

What is an Average and Maximum Free Spins Multiplier

With the help of coefficients, you can double, quadruple your winnings, or increase them even by 100 times. The average Free Spins Multiplier is between 2x and 10x. Coefficients above average are quite rare: as a rule, it’s no more than 20x.

There are often cases when the start of free spins is preceded by a round in which the player must somehow determine their number and the size of the multiplier. This can be a deliberate choice from the proposed options, or a semblance of a game in which you have to act at random. One of these video slots is Wild Blood. You have to choose bottles of blood to find out how many spins you are entitled to, and what multiplier will act in them.

In each casino game, the effect of the coefficients is different. Information on this can be found in the "Payouts" section of the respective slot machine.

Multiplier Free Spins Can Cause Truly Huge Wins

Free Spins Multipliers will typically increase all winnings incurred during free spins by a set number (for example, 2X, 10X, and so on). Let’s say, you have activated a bonus round with 5 free spins that comes with a maximum 20X multiplier. If each spin is successful (you hit 3-5 identical symbols on one pay-line), then, your winnings during these free spins will be increased by 20 times! Of course, it’s only in theory as one-armed bandits are completely random and unpredictable. Yet, free spins multipliers are a great chance to significantly increase your overall winnings.