Risk (Gamble) Feature in Online Slots + Top RTP Slots

The risk feature in online slots allows you to increase the winnings you receive as a result of a spin. Generally, once a spin has been completed and a payout has been credited you can click on 'Gamble' and enter a mini round where you will be asked to select a closed card that is higher than the one the slot has chosen. This feature is available in quite a few slots and does not affect the RTP in any way.

Slot machines have won the love of many gamblers. That is why the leading manufacturers are trying to make them more interesting and exciting. This applies not only to the choice of original plots but also to the additional features of the slot machines. Modern online slots surprise interesting bonus games, large jackpots, the presence of special characters. However, the most original is the gamble features that allow players to increase their winnings by several times.

This option came about at a time when slots migrated from machine shops to land-based casinos. Many slot makers wanted to draw maximum attention to their creations, so they came up with a variety of prize options that could help potential players win more. At online casinos, this option became available as soon as the first online slots appeared. It is worth noting that the first video poker variants were the progenitors of this option. No doubt, there are far more interesting and advanced revenue-generating features available today; however, the video poker feature is still very popular. The fact is that this option gives the player the opportunity to increase his winnings in just one click.

Best online slots with Gamble Feature

Fruit Million Summer Edition Online Slot Logo

Fruit Million …

Double-up: Yes
Lucky Lady Moon Online Slot Logo

Lucky Lady Moon

Double-up: Yes
Mechanical Clover Online Slot Logo

Mechanical Clo…

Double-up: Yes
Mystery Museum Online Slot Logo

Mystery Museum

Double-up: Yes
Blazing Star Online Slot Logo

Blazing Star

Double-up: Yes
Amu Tep Online Slot Logo

Amu Tep

Double-up: Yes
Sonic Reels Online Slot Logo

Sonic Reels

Double-up: Yes
Black Horse Deluxe Online Slot Logo

Black Horse De…

Double-up: Yes
Reel Hero Online Slot Logo

Reel Hero

Double-up: Yes
Clover Lady Online Slot Logo

Clover Lady

Double-up: Yes
Reel Joke Online Slot Logo

Reel Joke

Double-up: Yes
Monkey Mania Online Slot Logo

Monkey Mania

Double-up: Yes
Midnight in Tokyo Online Slot Logo

Midnight in To…

Double-up: Yes
9 Tigers Online Slot Logo

9 Tigers

Double-up: Yes
Fortune Reels Online Slot Logo

Fortune Reels

Double-up: Yes
African Mask Online Slot Logo

African Mask

Double-up: Yes
Fruitinator Online Slot Logo


Double-up: Yes
Legendary Sumo Online Slot Logo

Legendary Sumo

Double-up: Yes
Teutoburg Online Slot Logo


Double-up: Yes
Joker Stoker Online Slot Logo

Joker Stoker

Double-up: Yes
HellHot 100 Online Slot Logo

HellHot 100

Double-up: Yes
Rooster Fury Online Slot Logo

Rooster Fury

Double-up: Yes
Around the World Online Slot Logo

Around the Wor…

Double-up: Yes
Cricket Heroes Online Slot Logo

Cricket Heroes

Double-up: Yes

How does risk (gamble) feature work?

The doubling game can be activated after another winning combination. It is up to the player to decide whether or not to take part in the game. As a rule, to start the risk game, the "Double", "Risk" or "Gamble" key must be pressed. Once the risk game is started, the user has only one decision to make. He can win and double his winnings or lose and lose the money he previously earned.

As a rule, the odds of winning and losing are identical. Most online slots offer the risk of risking all of your winnings. On rare occasions, the player may only gamble half of his winnings. One of the key features of the doubling game is that it can be played no more than 5 times in a row or until you lose.

If the first round of doubling is successful, the prize for the winning combination on the reels is doubled. Otherwise, the entire amount at stake is forfeited, and the online slot user returns to the game with the remaining funds in his bankroll.

Since a similar bonus round was originally used in a poker machine, most doubling up games in classic slot machines use card assignments and a similar style. A typical one is to guess the colour of a 'hidden' card.

Guessing a suit is also an option. Since there are four suits, the riskiness of the task increases, which also affects the reward, which in this case consists of multiplying the prize bet by four. A typical round is also with the search for a card that can "beat" the dealer's open card (played by the online slot you have chosen).

It is common to increase your winnings step by step in the risk feature slots allow several times in a row. The risk feature can be interrupted in three cases:

  • First, the player has the right to refuse further doubling and collect his winnings

  • Secondly, a wrong choice can end the adventure, which nullifies the user's winnings

  • Thirdly, some slots have a limit on doubling your winnings. However, more often than not there is no limit.

Of course, if you play slots and regularly use the gamble feature, the chance of increasing your bankroll is much higher. However, you can't forget to be careful: you can lose your money much faster this way, too.

Should you use gamble feature?

You can use the gamble feature when you want to. This is not a mandatory condition. The gamble feature has no effect on your RTP and as a consequence, you can run it whenever you want. For instance, when you wish to increase the winnings you get as a result of a spin. The funds received as a result of the doubling round will be credited to your account when you stop the game and start a new spin.

In each slot, this option can have a different appearance. Many developers have decided to add some variety to this round, and each of them has tried to make the option unique. For example, somewhere it could be barrels that need to be opened or horseshoes that need to be picked and as a result, the number of winnings will be doubled.

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