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Merkur Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.8

Reputation: 9.5
Average RTP: 7.9
Graphics: 8.5
Features: 8.8
License(s) United Kingdom

Merkur is a software provider that has been around for years. They are well known in the industry and have many casinos who use their services, including some of the major players. Merkur's business model is based on providing software exclusively to casino operators, but it doesn't come with any restrictions as long as they meet certain criteria. This can be seen as both an advantage and disadvantage because there are no limitations but if you don't qualify then you're out of luck.

Best Paying Merkur Online Slots

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Merkur Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Golden Mechanics HD 97.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 2 Cash Impact HD 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 3 Amazing Mr. Sevens HD 97.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 4 Chrome Angel 97.0 % Medium x4550
# 5 Brilliant Burst 97.0 % Medium-low x1990
# 6 The Dream Trail 97.0 % Medium-high x7600
# 7 Crimson Mage 97.0 % Medium x4430
# 8 Spring Dreams 97.0 % Medium x5100
# 9 Dazzling 97.0 % Medium-low x1800
# 10 Snow Wolf 97.0 % Medium x4750
# 11 Under the Rainbow HD 97.0 % Medium-low x2010
# 12 Amazing Mr Sevens 97.0 % Medium-low x1780
# 13 Ocean Empire 97.0 % Medium x4000
# 14 Lost Riches 97.0 % Medium-high x7700
# 15 Robin Raven 97.0 % Medium x4500
# 16 Golden Wings 97.0 % Medium-high x7700
# 17 Loa Spirits 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 18 Ring the Bell 97.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 19 Hidden Lands 97.0 % Medium x4400
# 20 Highway 81 HD 97.0 % Medium x4050
# 21 Reel'n'Run 97.0 % Medium-low x1560
# 22 Random Joker HD 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 23 Legend of Marula 97.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 24 Saludo de Muertos HD 97.0 % Medium-low x1500
# 25 La Tigresa 97.0 % Medium-low x1590
# 26 Gemblitz HD 97.0 % Medium-low x3050
# 27 Exo Team HD 97.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 28 Electric Burst HD 97.0 % Medium-low x2300
# 29 221b Baker Street HD 97.0 % Medium-low x1940
# 30 Succubus Offer 97.0 % Medium-low x1570
# 31 Frenzy Sevens 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 32 Sevens Kraze HD 97.0 % Medium x4180
# 33 Septagem HD 97.0 % Medium-low x2300
# 34 Fire Burst HD 97.0 % Medium x4440
# 35 Gods of Midgard 97.0 % Medium x4005
# 36 Dragull HD 97.0 % Medium x4000
# 37 Scent of the Money 97.0 % High x10500
# 38 Mississippi Fortune 97.0 % Medium x4600
# 39 Dinosaur Kingdom 96.95 % Medium-low x1950
# 40 Coffee House Mystery 96.95 % Medium x4400
# 41 Golden Diamond 96.92 % Medium x4500
# 42 Fruitopia 96.91 % Medium x5000
# 43 Silverbird 96.87 % Medium x4300
# 44 Multi Wild 96.68 % Medium-high x7450
# 45 Prime Liner 96.65 % Medium x4100
# 46 Fallen Alien 96.64 % Low x100
# 47 Pipeliner 96.6 % Medium x5000
# 48 Nileliner 96.6 % Medium-low x800
# 49 World of Wizard 96.56 % Medium-high x7150
# 50 Joker's Cap 96.4 % Medium-high x7030
# 51 Pyramids of Egypt 96.35 % Medium x4190
# 52 Salmon Catch 96.33 % Low x100
# 53 Blazing Star HD 96.31 % Medium-high x7496
# 54 Merkur Magnus 7 96.31 % Medium-low x2100
# 55 Palace of Poseidon 96.3 % High x11400
# 56 Light Blocks 96.3 % Medium-low x2100
# 57 El Molinador HD 96.3 % Medium-low x2090
# 58 Tiki Shuffle 96.3 % Medium-high x7450
# 59 Coin of Cornucopia 96.3 % Medium x5380
# 60 Multi Supreme 81 96.3 % Low x2100
# 61 El Molinador HD 96.3 % Medium-low x50
# 62 Thunder Storm 96.21 % Medium-low x3050
# 63 Tricky Trio 96.18 % Low x200
# 64 Treasure Bay 96.16 % High x10300
# 65 Multi Fruits 96.11 % Medium-high x7030
# 66 Brilliant Sparkle 96.11 % Medium-low x1400
# 67 Yucatan 96.1 % Medium-high x7210
# 68 Spirits of the East 96.1 % Medium x50
# 69 Sci-donia HD 96.1 % Medium x5000
# 70 Team Action 96.1 % Medium-high x7652
# 71 Grand Canyon 96.1 % Medium-low x2500
# 72 Centurio 96.08 % Low x100
# 73 Hide and Seek 96.07 % High x100
# 74 Rising Liner 96.06 % Medium-low x1970
# 75 Vampires 96.06 % High x10800
# 76 Dragon and Knights 96.05 % Medium x5000
# 77 Knockout Wins 96.05 % Low x500
# 78 Hexen Kessel 96.03 % Medium x5000
# 79 Ka-Boom HD 96.03 % Medium x2000
# 80 Monkey Mayhem 96.03 % Medium x5000
# 81 Theatre of Rome 96.02 % Low x700
# 82 Golden Gate 96.01 % Low x1000
# 83 Gold Cup 96.01 % High x10330
# 84 221B Baker Street 96.0 % Medium-high x7200
# 85 Fruitinator 96.0 % Medium-high x7800
# 86 Liberty Bells 96.0 % Medium x4620
# 87 World of Circus 96.0 % Medium-high x7200
# 88 Zentaurus 96.0 % High x10200
# 89 Big Buck Bunny 96.0 % Medium x5450
# 90 Railroad 96.0 % High x9800
# 91 Endless Summer 96.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 92 Hot Flame 96.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 93 Sindbad Merkur 96.0 % High x9700
# 94 Triple Flame HD 96.0 % Medium-low x1900
# 95 Captain Stack 96.0 % Low x40
# 96 Forbidden Princess HD 96.0 % High x9600
# 97 Pizza Express 96.0 % Medium-low x1900
# 98 Golden Goose 96.0 % Medium-high x7800
# 99 Dreaming Island 96.0 % Low x40
# 100 Taco Tuesday 96.0 % Medium x4750
# 101 Hocus Pocus Deluxe 96.0 % Medium-low x1900
# 102 Wild Supreme HD 96.0 % Medium-low x1790
# 103 Tropical Heat 96.0 % Medium-high x7600
# 104 Triple Triple Chance HD 96.0 % Medium-high x7700

Merkur Gaming Slots RTP

Video slots are said to be the easiest type of game in an online casino. So what? There's no need to think through strategies, spin the reels in one click and get a lot of emotion. This is the case, but there are still some nuances. They lie in the need to analyze the inherent dispersion in the algorithm models, hit rates, RTP. The latter figure tells us what part of your bets will go to the operator as income, and what part the players will fight for. The higher the return rate, the better for the user and worse for the operator.

By this parameter, Merkur Gaming's products can neither be praised nor recommended to players. The average RTP of the slots library is 95%. It would seem that this figure is quite low. But, it is worth remembering that this is just an average figure. Theoretical returns in some slots will be much higher and amount to 96-97%. That's why Merkur Gaming's slots will end up making the recommended RTP percentage because only some of the games contain low percentages.

Best 7 Merkur Gaming Slots

Among Merkur's entire slots catalog, there are at least a dozen good models. They can be safely recommended as the games with the highest RTP of the entire provider's collection. When you play at the online casino, look out for the following models:

  • Succubus Offer with 97% RTP, maximum winnings 15,000 coins

  • Dragull HD with RTP 97%, maximum multiplier x1,250

  • Brilliant Burst with 97% RTP, maximum multiplier x500

  • Cash Impact HD with RTP 97%, maximum multiplier x200

  • Chrome Angel with RTP 97%, maximum x5,000

  • Crimson Mage with 97% RTP, maximum multiplier x5,000

  • Dazzling with 97% RTP, maximum multiplier x500.

These and several other simulators dilute the studio's extensive library of slots with good return rates.

Merkur Gaming Slots Features

To create video slots, the provider involves his entire team of specialists in the process. Some develop the design, others put some important parameters into the algorithm as mentioned above, others think through the bonus options, and still, others bring it all to life. In doing so, the team always acts cohesively to make sure the game is of high quality and interesting to the players. One of the reasons why a video slot can 'shoot into the heart' of players is the bonus features. The company's products most often include:

  • Free Spins (Tri Piki)

  • Wild, Sticky Wild, Guaranteed Wild in Free Spins, Respin Wild (Dragull HD)

  • RTP range (Cuccubus Offer)

  • Respin (Forbidden Princess HD)

  • Substitution Symbol (Cash Impact)

  • Risk/Gamble (Double) game (Snow Wolf Supreme)

  • Bonus game (Treasures of Egypt)

  • Stack (Fountain of Fortune)

  • Scatter (Dragon's Maid)

  • Multiplier (Tribe of the Sun)

  • Gamble (Silverbird).

Merkur Gaming Slots

As a manufacturer of land-based casino games, Merkur Gaming is following the same path when it comes to producing slots for the online niche. Thus, the company's products are characterised by a classic five-reel and three-reel retro field. The developer has a system of local jackpots. It allows up to 5 big cash prizes to be won in a special bonus round.

The range of bets per line varies from game to game but is generally between 0.01 USD and 200 USD for the library. To fix your stake, use the coin buttons. These are located at the bottom left of the playing field.

As for the paylines themselves, the slots from this studio support from 5 to 243 paylines. Some models feature pay-as-you-go payouts and the ability to adjust the number of lines. In this case, an additional button with the lines appears in the interface. It is located between the buttons for setting bets.

In addition to the bet size and number of lines, you can also set the autoplay to 100 spins. To do this, use the button next to the spin activation button. Autospins allows you to automate the gameplay.

Merkur Gaming Slots List

The history of Merkur Gaming goes back to 1957. Only 5 decades later, when the internet began to develop, the company began to produce online slots. Since then, 230 models have accumulated in its library. Annually, 16-17 models are released on the market, which is becoming more and more interesting to the users. This rate of production of video slots allows the company to rank among the fastest studios in iGaming and maintain a high level of competition in the market. Moreover, this trend has continued for many years.

Fairness of Merkur Gaming Slots

The company does not send its products to any test laboratories. However, don't worry - all software can be given a virtual "Made in Germany" quality label. This is evidenced by the annual increase in sales turnover and the steady increase in demand for their products among punters. In addition, the honesty and high quality of the software are indirectly proven by its excellent reputation. With more than 60 years of experience, the company has not had a single complaint about their products.

Even if you are still in doubt, there is a way out of this situation. Choose those gambling establishments in which the operator himself sends the software to independent testing laboratories for verification. This way, you will know that the games of this provider can be trusted.

Mobile Merkur Gaming Slots

Online casino products from Merkur Gaming can be divided into mobile and Flash slots. While the latter is considered already outdated and available subject to an optional extension, the former meet all the requirements of modern times. They are made using an HTML5 layout, which allows slots to be played in situations where Flash technology is powerless. This applies to playing on mobile devices without the use of additional software, improved server response speed by reducing the weight of the product and accessibility even in places where internet connectivity leaves much to be desired.

Merkur Gaming Slots Sound and Graphics

To praise the quality of Merkur Gaming's graphics and music is to write the company off as an advance for future releases. For now, we can only state that the quality of the graphics in its slots is at the level of the mid-2000s. It's pretty basic and can hardly even be described as attractive. However, this does not prevent the company from increasing its influence in the online market every year. As for land-based casinos, their reputation has been unshaken for decades.

Best 7 Mobile Merkur Gaming Slots

It's no secret that for many gamers the advent of HTML5 technology has been a happy event. Thanks to it, games can easily adapt to all screen sizes, offering high image quality on all types of devices. The best mobile slots in the provider's range are:

  • Ring the Bell - this slot machine has a classic storyline and simple design, with several payout options: 92%, 94%, 95%, 96%, 97%, the risk from Low to Medium and a maximum prize of 5,000 times your stake

  • Septagem - the creative slot machine includes in its parameters an RTP in the range of 85% - 97% and can pay players an amount greater than 500 times the bet

  • Under the Rainbow - the company's model is a game with a customisable RTP between 92% and 97% and is also capable of paying out x2,000 bets

  • Salmon Catch is a slot machine with a bet multiplier of x2,000 and a return of 96.33%

  • Light Blocks - this model offers a promising 96.3% return on all bets placed and a maximum prize of x1,000

  • Scent of the Money - Win an amount of money in this video slot that is 1,000 times your bet. Keep in mind that this name implies a customizable payout in the range of 85%-97%

  • Reel'n'Run is the developer's variant with a 5*3 slot grid and a winning potential of x1,000. The slot's profitability is presented in the form of a customisable RTP of 85% to 97%.

Best 7 Free Merkur Gaming Slots

If you're not already familiar with Merkur's products, it's time to get acquainted with the list of top names and try betting on them. Don't worry, your losses won't affect your real balance. You won't be able to convert your winnings into real money, either. Nevertheless, if you are still in doubt about whether or not to play the developer's products, we advise you to test the following free games:

  • Fruitopia is a classic slot machine in both plot and design. The game offers a 96.91% return on bets and a maximum prize of x200

  • Night of the Werewolf is a video slot with an interesting theme, offering payouts of 95.57% to 96.85% and the chance to get rich by x10,000 on your winnings

  • Pop Art, a slot machine that interprets the classic plot in a more interesting variation can offer users a stake of 1,000 times the amount and an RTP of 96%

  • Ankaa's Dawn - An interesting story is diluted with x500 prize potential and an RTP of 95.92%. What makes this slot best for free play is the presence of High volatility

  • Flamenco - the slot machine offers the opportunity to win an amount that exceeds the winning bet by a factor of 1,000

  • Eastern Lights - Asian culture has burst into the lives of many providers for a reason. The growing interest in eastern countries is creating interesting games like this one. Here you can get up to 24,000 coins. The RTP is 96.05%

  • Tribe Of The Sun is a slot machine with a 96.02% return on player bets and a maximum prize of x2,000.

Best 7 Bitcoin Merkur Gaming Slots

The best Merkur slot machines that accept cryptocurrency in online casinos are as follows:

  • Magnus 7 - a title with a classic story, a 96.31% return on player bets and a prize potential of x10,000

  • Silverbird - title contains an RTP of 96.87% and a prize potential of x2,000

  • Ocean Empire - You can tell from the name that the game immerses users at the bottom of the ocean, has a winning potential of x10,000 and several RTP options: 92%, 94%, 95%, 96%, 97%

  • Snow Wolf Supreme - an animal-inspired slot machine that can bring the lucky player a prize of x2,000 of the betting value. The RTP is 96.1%

  • Forbidden Princess is a slot machine that operates on several payout options. Their final percentage is fixed when integrating the slot into the casino website and can be 90%, 92%, 94% or 96%. The winning potential is an amount greater than 1,000 times the bet

  • Treasures of Egypt is a video slot with 5 reels and an unequal distribution of rows can bring the user an amount more than 600 times the bet. note that the RTP is 96.03%

  • Fountain of Fortune is a slot machine that will take you to a castle full of riches. The maximum reward you can take away from here is 2,430 times your bet. The slot machine has a yield of up to 96.07%.

How Do We Rate Merkur Gaming Slots?

To form a list of the company's best mobile, bitcoin and other slot categories, we didn't dwell on the RTP alone. Of course, this is one of the most important parameters of any slot machine, and we evaluated games primarily on this metric. At the same time, we also made sure that the games had a competitive maximum prize potential. The prize potential was stated in the descriptions of the slots from our rankings.

We've also chosen games that are available on mobile devices. Agree, it's incredibly convenient when your favorite slot machine works not only on your PC but also on your mobile device. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that we have chosen games presented in a modern package. They use the most sought-after prize features that can lead to maximum winnings and that enhance the gameplay of any slot machine. Lastly, we left the assessment of Merkur's products in terms of graphics. Our list includes games with both HD graphics and more outdated design methodology, but in demand even now.

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