Paying Symbols in Online Slots: All You Need to Know

Paying symbols in online slots are symbols that make up winning combinations. Paying symbols can be low paying - usually fruit and card pictures - or high paying - in most cases Wild, Scatter, Bonus and others. All symbols in the slot are used to form payable combinations, as a result of which players get winnings.

If roulette is the queen of casino gambling, then slots are undoubtedly the king. This type of game has remained the most popular among users for many years. Despite all the simplicity of the gameplay during slots spins, users would do well to understand what the random images on the reels mean and what they are for.

Every slot is made up of reels that contain thematic images. These are commonly referred to as symbols. Each symbol in a slot performs several important tasks, including forming winning combinations, triggering bonus rounds and extra options, and jackpot drawing.

Along with each new spin, images fall onto the reels in random order. During the game, users need to activate special symbols and winning combinations. The amount of winnings from the triggered bet depends on several factors. This is the size of the bet, the face value of the dropped symbols and their number. Accordingly, to get a big payout, it is necessary to make the maximum bet and collect as many of the most "expensive" symbols on the grid as possible. All information about possible winning combinations and amounts is given in the slot payout table.

Types of paying symbols

In addition to the engineers and programmers, each slot machine is created by designers. They select the theme of the slot and the symbols that are used in the spins. For example, if the game has a robbery theme, you are likely to see paid symbols such as money, bandits, gold, piggy banks, safe deposit boxes, newspaper reports, etc. In addition, most slots additionally use images:

  • Gemstones

  • Fruit, berries

  • Card suits

  • Numbers, letters

  • Other.

It is customary to use the above images in slots of all themes. At the same time, these symbols must be in harmony with the theme of the game. For example, in a slot that uses a historical theme, it is quite rare to see images of card suits.

From a thematic point of view, we have sorted out the symbols. At the same time, they can be divided into two other types:

  • Low paying (basic)

  • High paying (special) symbols. These include the special symbols Wild, Scatter, Bonus, Jackpot, Multipliers, etc.

High paying symbols

It's no secret that users play slots to make big payouts. Modern games give them that opportunity, thanks to some unique tools. These include:

The Scatter symbol plays several roles in the slots. Firstly, it is one of the highest paying symbols. Secondly, in some slots, Scatter is a trigger for triggering a round of free spins. Players can also earn cash prizes and cash prizes with free spins as a reward for striking this symbol. When a Scatter with free spins activates, all spins within the bonus round require no financial investment. All money won, in turn, is deposited into the game account.

The Wild symbol in a slot machine works on the same principle as the joker in a card game. This icon is the highest paying of all the symbols available. This symbol helps to get a payout when the player is just one symbol short of creating a winning combination. This works as follows: The Wild converts the missing icon into the necessary icon and the user receives their payout. However, there are some limitations. This symbol cannot replace Bonus Game, Scatter, Free Spins symbols.

The Bonus symbol activates various bonus features that are built into the slot. This could be, for example, Pick Me. By opening this feature you can get additional prizes. More often than not, they all turn out to be Free Spins.

Multipliers are another of the highest paying symbols in the slots. It is capable of increasing your winnings by several times. The most common multipliers are x2 to x4, but there are also x10 multipliers. The size of the multiplier is often indicated on the icon of such a symbol. In addition, some providers provide Multipliers with the Scatter function. In this case, if at least one Scatter appears on the playing field, your winnings will be multiplied. Consider another option. When your spin turns out to be a winning one, and there are several multipliers on the grid, they are all multiplied by the number that makes up the aggregate of those symbols.

The Jackpot symbol can have two functions in slots. In one case, players are required to have 5 of these symbols in a row; in the other, it opens up the opportunity to participate in a special round where the jackpot is drawn.

Separate from all of these symbols is the paytable Scatter/Wild symbol. It has both of the characteristics of these symbols taken separately. This means that it can replace other symbols and trigger a round of free spins.

Low paying symbols

The basic symbols fulfil a simple role. They are designed to bring players small payouts. This is only possible when a winning combination is collected on the game grid. Most often it is about paylines. They can be fixed (players cannot change the number of active lines) and variable (you can choose your preferred number of lines within the limits laid down by the slot mechanics).

The low-paying symbols are the card denominations. For example, a ten is denoted by the colorful letter T, a jack by J, a queen by Q, a king by K and an ace by A. At the same time, each of these symbols has a different payout. Some pay more, others less.

Among other things, the low paying symbols can vary in size. For example, two identical symbols may appear on the playing field, one of which occupies two-thirds of the reel, and the other one fifth. This does not mean that the combination will be winning.

Where to learn about paying symbols of a slot

Before opening a slot machine, many users take the time to thoroughly study its characteristics. These include:

  • Information on the available paytable symbols in the slot

  • Payouts of symbols

  • Information on winning combinations

  • Volatility

  • RTP.

If you're new to the game, don't rush off to search for the above information on third-party websites. They are all published in the dedicated slot section. You can easily find this information by looking at the "I" (info) button and clicking on it. Its location varies from slot to slot, but it is always present.

How many symbols do a slot have?

The assortment of symbols in the slots is not varied. At the same time, they can also yield large payouts. If you take the currently most popular slot with a 5 x 4 slot grid as an example, it turns out that there are 20 symbols on the field at the same time. Of these, usually unique (not recurring) landed in the process of each rotation of 8-10 base paytable characters. As for the special symbols, there will be no more than 2-3.

However, this does not mean that you will get a payout every time. For your spin to be successful, a set of symbols must land on the grid, as laid down in the slot machine algorithm. To stand a better chance of winning, choose slots that have the most special symbols.