Best New Online Slots (Latest Releases)

The new online slots are much more interesting than the old games. The new slots have many more prize options, which give you more payouts. In addition, there are stunning graphics and various unique technical features. If you compare the new online slots to the classic ones, the latter will be much looser due to the old design and the modest set of different payout features.

New Online Slots

(players from United States are welcome)

Books and Bounties Online Slot Logo

Books and Boun…

Released: Aug. 31, 2021
Demon Academy Multi Themes Online Slot Logo

Demon Academy …

Released: Aug. 17, 2021
Leprechaun's Coins Online Slot Logo

Leprechaun's C…

Released: Aug. 9, 2021
ZZ Top Roadside Riches Online Slot Logo

ZZ Top Roadsid…

Released: Aug. 8, 2021
Odin Protector of Realms Online Slot Logo

Odin Protector…

Released: July 29, 2021
Fortune Circus Online Slot Logo

Fortune Circus

Released: July 22, 2021
Kaiser Online Slot Logo


Released: July 20, 2021
Book of Truth Online Slot Logo

Book of Truth

Released: July 15, 2021
Hotel Yeti-Way Online Slot Logo

Hotel Yeti-Way

Released: July 15, 2021
Spicy Meatballs Megaways Online Slot Logo

Spicy Meatball…

Released: July 14, 2021
Quarantine Online Slot Logo


Released: July 13, 2021
Sushi Yatta Online Slot Logo

Sushi Yatta

Released: July 13, 2021
Coin Bash Online Slot Logo

Coin Bash

Released: July 13, 2021
Bamboo Grove Online Slot Logo

Bamboo Grove

Released: July 9, 2021
Gemix 2 Online Slot Logo

Gemix 2

Released: July 8, 2021
Fruletta Online Slot Logo


Released: July 7, 2021
Chip Spin Online Slot Logo

Chip Spin

Released: July 6, 2021
Robin: Nottingham Raiders Online Slot Logo

Robin: Notting…

Released: July 5, 2021
Empty the Bank Online Slot Logo

Empty the Bank

Released: July 1, 2021
Midnight in Tokyo Online Slot Logo

Midnight in To…

Released: July 1, 2021
12 Trojan Mysteries Online Slot Logo

12 Trojan Myst…

Released: July 1, 2021
Blazing Mammoth Online Slot Logo

Blazing Mammoth

Released: June 30, 2021
Codex of Fortune Online Slot Logo

Codex of Fortu…

Released: June 30, 2021
Fortune Reels Online Slot Logo

Fortune Reels

Released: June 29, 2021

The iGaming industry adds a dozen new online slots every year. Each of them is designed to delight players with high winnings, new features and other components for a good gaming experience. What's more, this field is constantly being expanded by new providers. They strive to break in loudly and gain the trust and interest of online casino visitors.

The first online slots appeared in the early 21st century and looked monotonous - a 3-reel field with a fruit theme and 1 payline. Over time, they began to change for the better, both in terms of visuals and in terms of winning prospects. This is how the slots introduced the exciting Megaways, Avalanche Reels, Cluster Pays, Bonus buy, MultiMax, Fire Wild and many more features.

Over the long years of the online gambling industry, providers have used almost every possible theme in the creation of video slots. However, the imagination of modern designers and programmers knows no bounds, so even a common theme in the hands of experienced professionals becomes "a broken record". With technology advancing and studios thinking up new algorithms to win, you can be sure that players will be delighted with online slots more than once.

Why to play new slots?

It is no secret that many people find it difficult to change their habits. The same can be said for gamblers. When you have already managed to allocate for yourself the best online slots, it is difficult to "betray" them and your belief in their high quality. However, this is a deceptive decision, because the industry is constantly evolving, bringing new emotions, new features, new ways to win. You'll never get bored if you get to know iGaming's new releases, you can be sure of that!

Let's take a closer look at the reasons why we suggest you should shut out the old slots and play the new ones:

  • A new breath for old plots. We all know that the first online slot machine theme was fruit. But even that can be refreshed with humour, as was the case with Mr Slotty's No More Fruits

  • Adding new mechanics and features to increase the chances of winning. A case in point is Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster, due for release in November 2021. In this slot, instead of the usual adjacent chains of symbols, the payout will be based on the cluster system, which is not familiar to players

  • Improvements in sound and graphics quality. Thanks to their change for the better, players can easily immerse themselves in the game's proposed theme. Take IGT Cleopatra 2, for example. As soon as you load this slot on your screen, the Egyptian motifs will take you back more than 2,000 years. Thanks to this you will become a part of the life of this ancient ruler of Egypt

  • Modern slot machines are licensed and tested to ensure that the stated RNG matches the actual RNG. If the data is correct and the mechanics work well, a certificate is issued to the provider. But in order to avoid running into scammers online, choose the right operator or know how to distinguish a fair slot from a fake.

But are these the main parameters alone that you should definitely get to know the new online slots for? The answer is unequivocal - these are just the "first flowers". Every provider knows how to surprise you again and again.

Specifics of new online slots

In order to impress their admirers, gaming studios use new technology for the benefit of online casino customers. Because of this, players from slot to slot get bigger winnings, higher volatility, more features, more reels, more pay lines, etc.

However, to expect that every bet you make will always win is naive. The mechanics of any slot machine are built in such a way that only luck will allow the player to get really big winnings. Several parameters are responsible for this point. For example, volatility. The higher it is, the rarer the players will fall out winning bets, but the winnings themselves can be greater than the original bet of up to x50,000. High-volatility slots are being created more and more often nowadays. However, you have to understand that in order to win big money, your gambling account has to be worth a substantial amount. With its help, you will painlessly survive losing rounds and get closer to big winnings.

For those players not chasing big sums, slots with low volatility are worth considering. For more frequent but smaller wins, providers provide a large playing field (a grid with 6 or more spinning reels) and even more pay lines. Although there are many ways to win in these machines, the maximum stipulated amount will not exceed x500 of the initial bet.

Features of new video slots

Older players will remember how online slots have evolved over 20 years. At first, they were simple 3-reel slots with 1 payline. A little later, providers added a bonus game feature that gave you the chance to increase your winnings in a single spin. And this was in addition to increasing the number of reels to 5, and the number of paylines could be as high as 9.

A whole new round of online slot development began with Betsoft. It was in the early 2010s with the launch of Fruit Zen. It was packed with Respin, an additional Wild symbol, and the presence of multipliers allowed you to win $2,500 in this slot machine. Following this company's lead, other providers started to introduce additional features to their games.

It is no surprise to anyone today that algorithms can increase the odds of winning by tens or even hundreds of times. The most popular ones today are Megaways, Cascading, Expanding reels, Buy bonus and Colossal symbols. While their influence on your draws differs from one another they all have the same basic idea of helping you win big winnings more often than in our progressive jackpot games. For more frequent wins and to increase the effect of the game itself, the providers mix several features into each game in addition to simple ones like Respin, Wild, Bonus game, Scatter.