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Hacksaw Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 7.9

Reputation: 9.2
Average RTP: 6.7
Graphics: 7.9
Features: 8.6

Hacksaw is a company that specializes in casino slot machines. If you are looking for the best studio to create your game, then they have what it takes. Hacksaw creates games with cutting edge graphics and animations, which will make them stand out from their competitors and keep players engaged. They also offer services like press release writing so that you can get some buzz going about your new game!

Hacksaw Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Cash Compass 96.42 % Medium-high x7400
# 2 Let It Snow 96.42 % Medium-high x7400
# 3 FRUTZ 96.4 % High x10000
# 4 The Respinners 96.4 % High x5150
# 5 Aztec Twist 96.36 % Medium-high x6800
# 6 Harvest Wilds 96.35 % High x10000
# 7 Cubes 96.35 % Medium x3167
# 8 Pug Life 96.33 % High x7500
# 9 Rocket Reels 96.3 % High x10000
# 10 Chaos Crew 96.3 % High x10000
# 11 Fruit Duel 96.3 % Medium x3333
# 12 Cubes 2 96.3 % High x10500
# 13 Miami Multiplier 96.3 % Low x600
# 14 Mystery Motel 96.3 % Medium-high x10000
# 15 Om Nom 96.28 % Medium-high x200
# 16 Xpander 96.25 % High x10000
# 17 Gronk’s Gems 96.24 % Medium x7500
# 18 Hop N Pop 96.2 % High x12500
# 19 Stack Em 96.2 % High x10000
# 20 Time Spinners 96.19 % High x10000
# 21 Toshi Video Club 96.17 % High x10000
# 22 Stick 'Em 96.1 % Medium x5000
# 23 Le Bandit 96.0 % High x10000
# 24 Boxes 96.0 % Low x537
# 25 Mayan Stackways 96.0 % High x10000
# 26 Mask of Mystery 96.0 % Medium x10000
# 27 Coins 96.0 % Medium-low x3932
# 28 The Bomb 95.17 % High x10000
# 29 Haunted Circus 94.83 % High x10000
# 30 Forest Fortune 94.6 % High x10000
# 31 Temple of Karnak 94.6 % Medium x10000
# 32 Wanted Dead or a Wild 94.55 % High x12500
# 33 Double Rainbow 94.53 % Medium x5000
# 34 Gladiator Legends 94.44 % High x10000
# 35 Warrior Ways 94.42 % High x10000
# 36 Undead Fortune 94.4 % High x10000
# 37 Buffalo Stack 'n' Sync 94.38 % High x10000
# 38 Frank’s Farm 94.36 % Medium x5000
# 39 Cash Quest 94.36 % Medium x7500
# 40 Canny the Can and the B… 94.34 % High x10000
# 41 Fear the Dark 94.33 % Medium x5000
# 42 Hand of Anubis 94.32 % High x10000
# 43 Alpha Eagle 94.31 % High x10000
# 44 Dork Unit 94.3 % Medium x5000
# 45 The Bowery Boys 94.3 % High x10000
# 46 Stormforged 94.28 % High x12500
# 47 Itero 94.24 % High x10000
# 48 Cursed Seas 94.24 % High x12500
# 49 Tasty Treats 94.23 % High x10000
# 50 Bloodthirst 94.23 % High x10000
# 51 Outlaws Inc 94.17 % High x10000
# 52 Break Bones 94.12 % Medium x3333
# 53 Joker Bombs 94.11 % Medium x5000
# 54 Keep ‘Em Cool 94.07 % Medium x5000
# 55 Born Wild 93.8 % High x10000
# 56 My Lucky Number 92.56 % Low x4
# 57 Love Is All You Need 85.09 % Low x100

Best Hacksaw Online Casinos

100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Hacksaw Slots RTP

RTP is one of the most important indicators of a slot machine. Don't underestimate it, because it helps us understand the casino's advantage and the slot's overall payout. That is, at an RTP of 95%, the operator will take 5% from each of your bets. The remaining 95% of all your bets in the game will be returned to you. Simply speaking, with the help of this ratio you can understand how much you can win from the operator and how much you will lose forever. Keep in mind that this parameter is valid for a long playing session.

Each individual provider chooses its own promotion strategies. Some earn popularity with players through good payoffs, others through graphics, others through slot selection. Hacksaw Gaming has chosen not the best way to stand out from the crowd. The average RTP of its library is 94.5%. What's more, HG has a large number of slots that basically have no place in the online industry right now - 92%, 93%. These are very bad figures and I have no right to advise you to play slots of this studio. The studio is at the bottom of the rankings and it will be difficult for them to break out of it. Also, you need to be careful with some of the studio's slots. They have a volatile RTP. This is relevant, for example, when buying a special feature.

Best 7 Hacksaw Slots

Although the studio's average RTP is insufficient to recommend their games, the provider has a lot to offer. I've found more than 10 models with betting returns of sufficient size. The best of them are:

  • Cash Compass will take you to the shores of the Caribbean Sea, where you will find an RTP of 96.42% and a maximum multiplier of x7,400

  • Let It Snow is a slot machine with many unique features, an RTP of 96.42% and a maximum multiplier of x7,400

  • Frutz is a minimalist slot with an acceptable RTP of 96.4% and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • The Respinners is a slot dedicated to a bygone era of rock and roll. It features an RTP of 96.4% and a maximum multiplier of x5,150

  • Aztec Twist is a slot with an innovative payout mechanism, an RTP of 96.36% and a maximum multiplier of x6,800

  • Harvest Wild is a slot machine that will appeal to vegetarians and those looking for a generous slot payout. 96.35% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • Cubes is a game that pays tribute to users who are in search of a slot with sufficient payout. RTP 96.35%, maximum multiplier x3,167.

Hacksaw Slots Features

Hacksaw Gaming is not known for its guaranteed predictability if we're talking about the inclusion of bonus options in the mechanics of the slot. Each model is a firework of Wilds, Respins, Buy Features and many other useful features. I can guarantee that with the visual simplicity of the company's slot machines, you'll be pleasantly surprised by their interesting features. Look for it in the slots:

  • Scatter (Let It Snow)

  • Wild (Chaos Crew)

  • Miami Multiplier (Frutz)

  • Respin (The Respinners)

  • Multiplier in Free Spins, Free Spins, Additional Free Spins (Aztec Twist)

  • Bonus Wheel (Cash Compass)

  • Buy Feature (Frutz)

  • Cascading wins (Harvest Wilds)

  • Changing Reelset (Cubes 2)

  • Random Multiplier (Mystery Motel)

  • Mega symbol (Xpander)

  • Respin Locking Win (Stack Em)

  • Multiway (Stick Em)

  • Bonus Game (The Bomb)

  • Jackpot (Haunted Circus)

  • Sticky Wild (Born Wild).

Hacksaw Slots

The company's lifespan has only just begun to gain momentum. It entered the industry with the premise of reinventing classic slots to suit modern realities. Consumers have come to love the studio's message, and today the provider already boasts the popularity of its slots at online casinos in Europe and North America. Some of the models have been released exclusively for a certain country. For example, only Swedish residents can enjoy playing Harvest Wilds. Speaking of which, within 2 weeks of its release, the game has garnered a lot of positive feedback. This studio does not stand still and continues to move towards opening up new markets.

There's rarely a player who doesn't dream of hitting the jackpot in an online slot. This explains the popularity of progressive jackpot models. There are no such games in this studio's portfolio. Instead, the provider offers fixed jackpot titles. In the situation of this studio, which cannot boast of worldwide fame, such slots are a great marketing move. The amount of the maximum prize can make the user a dollar millionaire.

The company's slots are powered by four, five, six and seven reels. The same variety can be seen in the number of rows. Their number varies between four and eight units.

In order for the symbols on the reels to produce winnings, lines or more modern payout methods are added to the algorithms. This company has moved away from the classic line payout option. There are only a few units with 15-20 paylines in their library. Other models payout through clusters or 256 to 4096 ways to win. Stand out in the developer's portfolio is Joker Bombs. In this game, scatters are provided for payouts.

The range of bets per spin or per line in the studio's slots can be varied between 0.2 EUR and 100 EUR. In the case of models with paylines, your total bet per spin can be as high as 2,000 EUR. Up and down arrows are provided to adjust its size. As for additional options, the provider has included Autoplay, Turbo and music settings.

Hacksaw Slots List

Hacksaw Gaming is primarily focused on scratch card production. Video slots make up only a third of the studio's portfolio. By 2022, their number had reached 30 units. For a young company that only appeared 4 years ago, and introduced its first slot a little over 3 years ago, that's a pretty good portfolio. I'd also like to point out that despite its commitment to creating scratch cards, this studio maintains an excellent rate of slot production. It produces around 10 models of games every year. This speaks volumes about the company's ambition to gain a strong foothold in the market.

Fairness of Hacksaw Slots

Meeting a new provider always comes with a host of questions. Are the games safe? Is the RNG of their slots fair? Can I trust the company? To answer these questions, you need to look at Hacksaw Gaming's legal documentation. So. The provider currently holds international licenses from Malta, the Isle of Man, and the UK. In addition, their software is certified in more than 10 European jurisdictions. These include Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Spain, etc. As for the information security of the studio's slot machines, the provider is also accredited with the leading ISO 27001 certificate. Taken together, this allows us to have complete confidence in the studio's slots, as they meet all the necessary regulations and standards.

Mobile Hacksaw Slots

You can play the slots on any device - computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the HTML5 coding language, all the company's games are available at any time. Regardless of your device's operating system - Android, iOS, Windows Phone, slots automatically adapt to your screen size and make you feel good.

Hacksaw Slots Sound and Graphics

The provider has chosen a minimalist style for its products. There are no superfluous details or complicated graphics. Some models even look empty and weak in their themes. In other versions, one can also find cartoonish three-dimensional graphics. This also applies to background elements, symbols and special effects. But I liked the selected music. It blends in perfectly with the picture, and thus allows you to effectively integrate into the theme of the game.

Best 7 Mobile Hacksaw Gaming Slots

You should explore Hacksaw Gaming slots on mobile devices. You'll be surprised by the high download speeds, 24/7 betting access and optimum graphics quality. In the meantime, we advise you not to go for the first options from the company's portfolio, but to opt for the best ones. These include:

  • The Respinners - the slot machine's plot was presented to connoisseurs of the Golden Age of Rock and Roll. As for the technical parameters of the game, we have to mention the player's yield of 96.4% and the maximum prize of x5,150 bets

  • Cubes is a variant of the 2020 slot, where users can win a sum of x3,000 bets at an RTP of 96.35%. The thematic side of the slot is the famous Rubik's Cube puzzle

  • Fruit Duel - you'll be treated to fresh fruit and a keen sense of sensation, which on the one hand is achieved by the storyline and on the other by the gameplay, RTP of 96.3%, maximum payout of x3,300 and Medium risk

  • Miami Multiplier - in the light of the neon lights, you can count a win of 6,000 times your bet. The yield here is 96.3%

  • Hop N Pop is a high-risk slot machine that offers you to spend your time spinning the reels for a maximum payout of x12,500 and a return of 96.2%

  • Toshi Video Club - The monochrome design of the game will appeal not only to fans of this style but also to those looking for big money, as there is an opportunity to increase your balance by x10,000 bet. The game's RTP is 96.17%

  • Double Rainbow is one of the studio's latest additions, with a prize potential of x5,000 and a return of 94.53% of the invested money.

Best 7 Free Hacksaw Gaming Slots

If you're still not familiar with Hacksaw's games, you might want to check out the company's free slots. In this case, you don't risk anything, while getting familiar with all the features of its game library. We'll make it easy for you to find the most attractive options without a personal investment:

  • King Carrot is a slot machine with a built-in RTP of 94.51%, Medium volatility and a prize pool of x10,000 bets

  • Haunted Circus is one of the provider's titles with Progressive Jackpot. In the base game, the maximum prize is x10,000 bet. The RTP is 94.83%

  • Stack Em is an option that gives the user a chance to win an amount greater than 10,000 times the bet. The profitability of this model is 96.2%

  • Gronk Games - test your luck and win a truly valuable prize. It comes in the form of a betting multiplier of x7,500. Achieve your win with the Cluster Pays engine and an RTP of 96.24%

  • Xpander is another modern version of the studio's team, with a prize potential of x10,000 and a return of 96.25%

  • Time Spinners - a model with modern HD quality graphics, payouts of up to x10,000 and a return of 96.19% of invested money

  • Forest Fortune is a noble risk, especially when 10,000 times your stake is at stake! That said, keep in mind that the slot has a 94.6% RTP.

Best 7 Bitcoin Hacksaw Gaming Slots

Don't limit yourself to traditional online casinos. It's time to move towards innovation and join the hundreds of millions of people, a significant portion of whom love gambling and choose Bitcoin casinos. We advise you to look out for such Hacksaw Gaming models in such establishments first of all:

  • Rocket Reels - if you're fired up with the idea of snatching up a big payout, we suggest you check out this title. It offers a maximum payout of x10,000 and an RTP of 96.3%

  • Om Nom - sweets not only increase the amount of sugar in the body but can also bring the player an amount greater than the bet by 4,800 times at an RTP of 96.28%

  • Let It Snow is a slot machine dedicated to the magical season of winter, with an RTP of 96.42% and a prize payout of x7,400

  • Aztec Twist - Cluster mechanic is capable of charging a maximum payout of x6,800 on the size of the bet played. The RTP is also quite good, at 96.36%

  • Pug Life is an option with payouts of up to x7,500 bets and a yield of 96.33%

  • Chaos Crew - Try your luck, try your hand at racking up a maximum winning of 10,000 times your bet, guided by additional parameters such as RTP 96.3% and High volatility

  • Buffalo Stack is a Sync game with essentially an x10,000 betting prize pool available and a 94.38% return.

How Do We Rate Hacksaw Gaming Slots?

When compiling our list of Hacksaw Gaming's most attractive slots, we examined the studio's slots for their existence in several qualitative characteristics at once. The first of these includes the return rate for the user. As you know, the smaller the difference between this indicator and the home advantage, the more efficient the payouts are. In the case of this developer, it's simple, because the studio's entire portfolio has the same payout.

This is also the reason why we went on to explore the bonus features. Our choice was to go with the most up-to-date options. It is also important to know what the maximum winnings are available in the slot. We suggest you investigate them as well. Next, we tracked the compatibility of games with smartphones. Our ranking includes only mobile slots. Note also that the ranking includes games with interesting gameplay and good, high-quality graphics.

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