Best Paying 7 Reels Online Slots

7 reel slots have in their arsenal a playing field consisting of 7 vertical reels with 4 and up to 8 rows of symbols. These slots have several technical features that give them an advantage over the older 5-reel slots. It is worth noting that these are newer creations that can entice the user with an unusual design and a large number of lines, which normally starts at 50. If you leave the technical part and talk about the features, you will find Cascading reels, Cluster pays, Buy Bonus etc.

Best paying 7 reels online slots

The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew Online Slot Logo

The Magic Caul…

Reels: 7
Christmas Tree Online Slot Logo

Christmas Tree

Reels: 7
Viking Runes Online Slot Logo

Viking Runes

Reels: 7
Elemento Online Slot Logo


Reels: 7
Gemix 2 Online Slot Logo

Gemix 2

Reels: 7
Odin Protector of Realms Online Slot Logo

Odin Protector…

Reels: 7
Golden Glyph 2 Online Slot Logo

Golden Glyph 2

Reels: 7
Odin's Riches Online Slot Logo

Odin's Riches

Reels: 7
Nuke World Online Slot Logo

Nuke World

Reels: 7
Cluster Slide Online Slot Logo

Cluster Slide

Reels: 7
Wrath of Gods Online Slot Logo

Wrath of Gods

Reels: 7
Throne of Osiris Online Slot Logo

Throne of Osir…

Reels: 7

Just imagine that the first slot machine was created more than a century ago. At that time card games were popular and that's why the familiar card symbols were introduced. On the playing field, which originally consisted of only three reels and one payline you could see cards from 9 to A. For a combination of three Aces, you could get a lot of winnings. However, over time these slots had to evolve into more advanced slots and new symbols for bells and fruit were used.

Progress did not stop only at the new symbols. Light saw new, more advanced 5-reel slots, which have made a breakthrough in the world of gambling. To date, these slots can be seen most often in online casinos. Why are there five reels, and not four? Quite simply, our brain is so structured that the visual perception of odd numbers is better. Based on this, we can conclude that after 5-reel slots should have appeared immediately 7-reel slots. However, no. There appeared 6-reel, which does not fit into our idea of a beautiful and odd number of reels. After 6 reels appeared 7 and what was the surprise of developers when it worked and works to this day.

What is a 7 reel slot?

You probably won't be surprised to learn that 7 reel slots are just slot machines that use 7 reels. They also, like other slots, use 6 or 7 rows of symbols. Also, if we talk about the special options in these slots, it can be argued that there will be more because the playing field 7 reel slots are much more classic 3 or 5 reel games. In addition, you'll be waiting for free spins rounds or reinforced Wild symbols. In addition, you can get multiplication in these slots, which will be much higher than usual, in terms of numbers, it can be x10,000+.

Of course, initially, 7 reel slots may seem hard to understand and thereby scare you. There is nothing wrong with them and they are identical to the 3 and 5 reel games. Therefore, if you have played classic slots, you will easily cope and get used to the 7 reels.

How do 7 reel slots work?

Imagine that some slots have 7 reels and 7 rows of symbols. Such slot works the same way as other slot machines - all reels rotate and create paid sequences. But, in some 7 reel slots, the last reel may not rotate. Instead, it stands in place and is used as a column in which with each new spin the pictures fall and are stacked on top of each other.

This is made possible by the Cascading reels feature, which creates paying combinations when the symbols form a sequence vertically or horizontally. After the combination has been made, the symbols from which it was generated disappear and new ones fall in their place. In theory, this process of combustion of symbols can continue indefinitely during one spin.

Why Cascading reels? Because this feature is used most often in 7-reel slots. If this option is not available, there are others no less interesting and profitable. Take at least the presence of a large number of lines, which can make combinations with powerful prize payouts.

How to play 7 reels slots?

You already know that the structure of the 7 reel slots is very similar to the 5 reel slots. Therefore, to start playing you need to choose the number of lines. In some models, the number of lines is already selected for you and you only need to specify the bet amount per spin. If you have a choice of lines, you can put a certain number of coins on each of them. Then specify the value of each coin and start spinning the reels.

However, you still need to find out which symbols bring the highest payout and which features are in your chosen slot. To do this, go to the paytable and clarify all the nuances. In addition, and the table you will also learn how you can activate the various options in the slot.

Specifics of 7 reels slots

To start playing a 7-reel slot you only need to consider two parameters: RTP and volatility. If the theoretical return will give you a general idea of how the slot can pay. At the moment, all slots work on the same principle and they have almost the same RTP. They may differ from each other, but it will be insignificant deviations.

The volatility in 7-reel slots, on the other hand, tends to be high. This is because the chance of 7 of the same symbols appearing on the 7 reels is much lower than in classic games. This only means one thing, that such slots will pay a lot less often. However, the winnings will be much more substantial than in the regular 5-reel models.

In addition, 7-reel slots are relatively new and offer a greater variety of options, which lead to big winnings. This is where features like Cascading Reels, Buy Bonus, Stacked Symbols and Cluster Pays can catch your eye. Options like these always show that slots are capable of paying. In addition to this, you'll have a much higher number of lines. The 7-reel slots have a minimum of 50 pay lines and can go as high as Megaways with thousands of directions.