Best Online Slots with Auto-Play Feature

AutoPlay slots or slot machines with an autoplay option are very popular with players around the world, and there is a simple explanation for this. The autorun option gives the player the opportunity to win without actually doing anything. This is what distinguishes autoplay slots from those in which it is not presented, and the player is required to be fully involved in the game process. In the article, we will dig into the details of the auto-spin feature, discuss its peculiarities, and answer the question of whether the mode is worth trying or not.

A Complete List of Best Paying Slots with Auto-Play Option

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The Innovative Auto-Play Feature

Modern technologies are all about finding new ways of making our lives much easier, more comfortable, and more productive by wasting less time – after all, time is money! The same applies to the gambling industry as the birth of online platforms has brought casino games right into the comfort of people’s homes. Nowadays, all video slots have been installed with an autoplay feature in order to give players a seamless as well as exciting user experience. Let’s take a closer look at what the automatic mode is.

What is the Autoplay Feature on Slots?

The automatic mode of playing slots is exactly what the name of this process suggests. This mode allows gamblers to play slots multiple times without manual control over each spin. Thus, players can set up their favorite slots so that they do not have to constantly monitor the game, and they can engage in any other activity while fortune, perhaps, decides their fate. This feature is great for people who feel like they are sure to get lucky today but do not have enough time to play without looking up from their computer monitor. The automatic mode also speeds up the game significantly. It is for this reason that most online casino gaming platforms include this feature in the list of online slots gaming options.

Online slots bring great pleasure to the players. Graphics and audio accompaniment attract more and more gamblers to online slots. Unfortunately, the autoplay mode does not allow you to carefully consider all the details of the graphics, since the game is running at a fast pace. Therefore, it will be optimal to use the auto game after you have familiarized yourself with the theme and graphics of the selected slot and have played in manual mode several times.

The most important parameter of the automatic game is the number of auto spins that the player sets before enabling this option. The decision on the number of spins should be influenced by two factors: the relationship between the player's bankroll and the bet and the time the player wants to allocate for auto spins. Depending on your balance, you can set a loss limit. For example, if your balance is pretty low but still lets you make a dozen spins, you can turn on 5-10 auto spins. In other cases, when you have a big sum to place bets, select 25 or 50 auto spins. The biggest number of auto spins available is 100. It’s for high-rollers, apparently, who are waiting for a big prize, and not willing to sit there all day and spin the reels.

As for Bonus Rounds, it is important to note that some in-game bonuses require the player to make a choice. In this case, the auto-play stops until the player chooses how to use the bonus. Thus, every five to ten minutes it is worth checking how the auto-play process is going.

Some developers of online slots include additional options in automatic mode for the convenience of players. To give an example, the autoplay feature can be stopped before all selected spins are over. The second useful option stops the game when the total winnings exceed the set value. Going back to the computer and seeing that the game has stopped because you won as much as you wanted is an incomparable pleasure.

How to Activate the Autoplay Feature?

The autoplay feature can be activated on the main screen of the selected game. You just need to click on the corresponding button and set up your spins (choose the number of auto spins, coin value, and so on).

Should I Use the Autoplay Feature?

Whether to enable the autoplay feature or not is 100% up to personal preferences. The mode has its pros and cons. The most pertinent advantage is that the feature saves the player time so that you can play a large number of spins within a specified period of time. At the same time, it should be noted that in some situations it is still better to play in standard mode. The automatic play feature assumes that the player will make the same bet throughout the entire game. If a player prefers to constantly change the parameters of bets and lines, then it will be inconvenient for him/her to play in this mode. For example, some players use a strategy of gradually increasing or decreasing bet rates. While the autoplay mode is activated, it’s impossible to do that.

In addition, the feature of automatic spins does not impact the return-to-player percentage in any way. And the volatility won’t change with the mode activated. Still, the autoplay feature is worth trying at least once.