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Mascot Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 9.0

Reputation: 9.5
Average RTP: 8.5
Graphics: 9.1
Features: 9.2

Mascot is a casino slot studio. It's the first of its kind with an innovative approach to slots gaming. With Mascot, players can play slots from anywhere in the world without leaving their homes. They have three different types of games: video poker, table game and slot machine games which can be played on any device including mobile phones and tablets.

Mascot Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Bamboo Bear 97.2 % Medium x4530
# 2 Wild Spirit 97.0 % High x9960
# 3 Lion's Pride 97.0 % High x10060
# 4 Merlin's Tower 96.9 % Medium x5009
# 5 Northern Heat 96.9 % Medium x4400
# 6 Gemz Grow 96.7 % Low x500
# 7 The Riot 96.7 % Medium x5000
# 8 CanCan Saloon 96.7 % Low x1000
# 9 Pinup Dolls 96.7 % Low x350
# 10 Anksunamun 96.6 % Medium x4000
# 11 Re Kill 96.6 % Low x750
# 12 Gryphon's Castle 96.6 % High x10400
# 13 Evil Bet 96.5 % Medium x5500
# 14 Red Horde 96.5 % Low x500
# 15 Benny's the Biggest Game 96.4 % Medium x250
# 16 Purple Pills 96.1 % Medium x4400
# 17 The Rite 96.1 % Medium x5000
# 18 Fruit Vegas 96.1 % Medium x5100
# 19 1X Fruit 96.1 % Medium-low x2500
# 20 Robin of Loxley 96.1 % Medium x37
# 21 Legioner 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 22 Hell'Sing 96.0 % Low x1010
# 23 Mermaid's Bay 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 24 The Tomb 95.8 % High x10000
# 25 Twin Fruits of Santa 95.5 % Medium x500
# 26 Twin Fruits of Olympus 95.5 % Medium x5000
# 27 Three Corsairs 95.5 % Medium x10
# 28 Fruit Monaco 95.45 % Medium x5000
# 29 Wildlife Riches 95.4 % High x10111
# 30 Fairytale Coven 95.4 % Medium x5000
# 31 For The Realm 95.4 % Medium x4620
# 32 Riot 2 95.38 % Medium x5000
# 33 Zeus The Thunderer 95.3 % Low x860
# 34 Fruit Machine x25 95.3 % Medium x3750
# 35 Primal Bet Rockways 95.27 % High x10000
# 36 Deepsea Riches 95.23 % Medium x5000
# 37 Double Triple Fruits 95.23 % Low x400
# 38 El Fiesta De Muertos 95.22 % Low x900
# 39 The Candy Crush 95.2 % Medium x5000
# 40 Dragons Nest 95.2 % Medium x5000
# 41 Venetian Magic 95.2 % Medium x5000
# 42 Merry Scary Christmas 95.2 % Medium x5000
# 43 Easter Luck 95.2 % High x9800
# 44 Aloha! Tiki Bar 95.2 % High x10500
# 45 Trump Card Queen 95.2 % Low x550
# 46 Hydra's Lair 95.19 % Medium x4500
# 47 The Princess and Dwarfs… 95.19 % Medium-low x3000
# 48 Prince Of Persia 95.1 % High x10340
# 49 Mayan Riches Rockways 95.1 % Medium x5000
# 50 Cleopatras Gems Rockways 95.1 % Medium x5000
# 51 Queen Of Spades 95.1 % Low x400
# 52 Greedy Greenskins Rockw… 95.08 % High x10000
# 53 Loot The Train! 95.02 % High x10000
# 54 Fruits of Luxor 95.0 % Low x500
# 55 Bastet and Cats 95.0 % Low x790
# 56 Fruit Disco: Megastacks 95.0 % Medium x5040
# 57 Fruit Macau 95.0 % Medium x4300
# 58 The Book of Amaterasu 95.0 % High x10000
# 59 Sakura Quest Dice 95.0 % Low x1010
# 60 Across The Universe 94.9 % Medium x5000
# 61 The Myth 94.8 % Medium x5000

Best Mascot Online Casinos

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Mascot Gaming Slots RTP

Mascot Gaming entered the market in 2018. In the beginning, the company consisted of just two programmers who wanted to produce a really high-quality product. It took them two years to achieve their goal. During this period, the team analysed the market, talked to the players, recruited experienced employees, and, in the end, gained experience. And, it should be noted, quite successfully. By 2022, the company's management had managed to conclude a number of lucrative agreements to place their products on the major gaming platforms.

Today, Mascot is a successful online casino software studio. The success, according to players, lies not only in the audio-visual quality of the slots and their mechanics but also in their huge payout potential. The average RTP library of this studio is 96%. That's not a bad rate of return on bets. It is significantly higher than that of many competing providers but slightly lower than that of industry leaders. Since the studio's management team has ambitions to become one of the top developers, even more, generous slots can be expected from the company in the near future.

Best 7 Mascot Gaming Slots

A small percentage of users choose a game in terms of its visuals. The majority, especially experienced players, evaluate the game's overall performance. These include graphics, variance, prize options, RTP, and maximum winnings. Of all the above, only the last two parameters always remain the same. They are used to rank the best slots in any provider's library.

Some of the studio's best include:

  • Bamboo Bear - Slot with 97.2% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x4,000

  • Wild Spirit - Slot with 97% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Lion's Pride - a slot with 97% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Merlin's Tower - a slot with an RTP of 96.9% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Northern Heat is a slot with an RTP of 96.9% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Gemz Grow - a slot with an RTP of 96.7% and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • CanCan Saloon is a slot with an RTP of 96.7% and a maximum multiplier of x2,000.

Mascot Slots Features

To be attractive in the eyes of players, the company is constantly thinking about how to improve its games. One of the main ways is to offer slots with cool features and complement them with smooth animations. With these, the slots' plots come to life and the bankroll increases. Mascot copes with this task perfectly. What's more, having a variety of bonus features is one of the main features of the gaming library.

The provider's games are present:

  • Wild, Guaranteed Wild in Free Spins, Random Wilds/ Additional Wilds, Respin Wild (Fruit Vegas)

  • Scatter (Merlin's Tower)

  • Random Multiplier (Hell'Sing)

  • Free Spins, Additional Free Spins (Gryphon's Castle)

  • Stack (Wild Spirit)

  • Expanding Wild with respin (Mermaid's Bay)

  • Respins (Hell'Sing)

  • Multiplier (Legioner)

  • Avalanche / Cascading wins (Cleopatra Gems Rockways)

  • Mystery symbol (The Tomb)

  • Bonus symbol (The Rite)

  • Bonus game (CanCan Saloon)

  • Sticky Wilds (Anksunamun)

  • Buy Feature (For the Realm)

  • Synchronizing Reels (Twin Fruits of Santa)

  • Multiway (Cleopatra Gems Rockways)

  • Risk/Gamble (Double) game (Evil Bet).

Thanks to the fact that in many models, the fall prizes combinations are accompanied by a delightful animation, spinning the reels are much more fun.

Mascot Slots

The provider's games are aimed at different geographical markets. The company's excellent marketing efforts and participation in international trade fairs, coupled with high-quality products, have contributed to the popularity of the company's slots.

At first, the company's specialists took standard mechanics with 5 reels and 10 to 243 paylines. After gaining proficiency, the company began to include six-reel slots in its library, including those with unevenly distributed rows. More modern slots use a model with multiple ways to win (1024 - 46,656).

The provider has decided to stick to the 0.1 EUR - 200 EUR range in terms of betting possibilities. To place a bet, click on the "Bet" button. It is located in the left-hand corner of the playing field. Then select one of the available deposit amounts for a spin and click on the yellow spin button.

Additional features on the provider's interface include autoplay ("A"), quick spin, full screen, music settings (the gearwheel image in the slot menu).

Mascot Slots List

Since launching the first slot, the Mascot Gaming team has promised to produce 12 video slots a year. The statistics, however, show that they were wrong in their calculations. And not for the worse, but for the better. The company's average output per year is 15 slot machine models. In this case, we can talk about the studio's excellent work, because with speed there is absolutely no loss of quality. This is very important in a highly competitive environment.

Although there are only 45 games in the company's portfolio, we cannot say that this is a disadvantage. In assessing their speed potential, we can conclude that the company is keen to conquer iGaming. And while that's still out of reach for them, it's certainly ahead of the game.

Fairness of Mascot Slots

Mascot Gaming is authorised to produce slots by the government authorities of several strategic jurisdictions at once: Malta, Isle of Man, Alderney, UK, Gibraltar. This puts their online casino games operations on a par with the best providers in the industry. In addition, the existence of these licenses imposes more responsibility on their holders. For instance, the slots must be safe and comply with all the rules and regulations of the gambling industry.

Mascot Gaming also has its products certified by the independent Gaming Laboratories International. The certification proves that the RNG's performance meets all industry requirements. This includes the compliance of the declared parameters with the actual parameters, the fair operation of the RNG and its stability.

Mobile Mascot Slots

One of the important prerequisites for a modern studio is the use of HTML5 technology. With this video slot layout technology, games adapt to all screen sizes of any technical device. If you play through a PC, you get high-quality games without the help of third-party software. The same situation happens when you use smartphones and tablets. Regardless of the brand of gadget, its year of manufacture and operating system, all games are played in high quality.

Mascot Slots Sound and Graphics

With a non-trivial approach to everything it does, Mascot Gaming produces atmospheric video slots. Every game theme is perfectly supported by the graphics and various visuals in the form of animations. The Japanese-themed Bamboo Bea slot, for instance, has a perfectly drawn dragon breathing fire onto the playing field while winning combinations are being played. And while playing Re Kill, for instance, the bloodied hands of a zombie will keep you in suspense from time to time. 3D technology, perfectly sharp images and well-chosen music will keep you coming back for more.

Best 7 Mobile Mascot Slots

Mascot Gaming offers its players many advantages, including the ability to play from all modern devices. Be it a mobile phone or tablet with Android or iOS operating systems. Here are the best mobile games:

  • Easter Luck. Help the rabbit find the golden eggs and then it will reward you with a generous multiplier of up to x3,000. The RTP of this game is 95.2%

  • Fruit Machine x25. A video slot that has been made with an emphasis on the classics. The symbols used to form combinations are Cherries, Sevens, Bells, Bananas and other fruits. Slot RTP is 95.3% and the maximum multiplier is x3,750

  • Trump Card Queen. The slot is dedicated to the theme of gambling. In the story, two girls need to beat a savvy gambler at casino games. For that, you get an RTP of 95.2% and a multiplier of x5,000

  • Cleopatras Gems Bingo. This is a truly unique bingo slot game. Yes, there will be special balls and you can re-launch each round. The RTP of this slot is 95% and the multiplier is x2,500

  • Greedy Greenskins Rockways. Pick up the goblin gold, which is hidden in their dungeon. There will be x7,500 multiplication and an RTP of 95.08% waiting for you

  • The Candy Keno. A slot based on the Keno lottery. Run the slot as a standard game and for guessing the number of balls you will get the appropriate multiplication. If you match 10, you will get x130,000 multiplication. The game's RTP is 95.15%

  • El Fiesta De Muertos. The Mexican Feast of the Dead can do all sorts of mystical things. Play the slot to find out which prize will be yours. The maximum multiplier is x1,000 and the game's RTP is 95.22%.

Best 7 Free Mascot Slots

Play for free before you start playing for real money. The provider offers you to test each game:

  • Wildlife Riches. This slot tells a story about the lives of wild animals. There will be 1,024 Ways to Win and a multiplier of up to x5,000 and an RTP of 95.4%

  • Hydra's Lair. The game is set in ancient times when knights dare to search for treasure in the Hydra's cave. If you find the hidden riches you will get a bet multiplied by x500. The theoretical return of the game is 95.19%

  • Deepsea Riches. Another treasure story. Go exploring the depths of the sea and find the lost gold. The multiplier in this slot is x2,500 and the RTP is 95.23%

  • Loot The Train! This is a wonderful western about a pretty girl who decides to rob a train carrying gold reserves. The game's maximum multiplier has no limits because it adds up during the bonus round. However, the maximum multiplier for a combination in regular game mode can be as high as x1,500. The game's RTP is 95.02%

  • The Princess and Dwarfs Rockways. As you know, the dwarves were very hard-working. Their queen made them work in the mines to mine emeralds and other gems. Find these treasures and you will be multiplied by up to x625. The game's RTP is 95.19%

  • 1X Fruit. A classic slot that contains 5 reels and lots of fruit. Combinations in this game can be made in both directions. The maximum multiplier is x500 and the RTP is at 96.1%

  • Double Triple Fruits. An interesting game that features the symbiosis of several fruits in one. The maximum multiplier in the game is x3,000. The theoretical return rate is 95.23%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Mascot Slots

Mascot Gaming offers its players many state-of-the-art solutions. Including every player has the option to bet in cryptocurrencies in games such as:

  • Riot 2. A post-apocalyptic horror game where you have to survive on the streets of the city. The maximum multiplier in this game is x1,400 and the RTP is 95.38%

  • Mayan Riches Rockways. A sculpture of ancient people as well as ancient tombs and other structures will be available to you in this game. The RTP is 95.1% and the multiplier reaches x2,000

  • Across The Universe. Become an astronomer and explore uncharted planets and other cosmic bodies. Remarkably, you can get x750 multipliers for doing so. The theoretical return on this slot is 94.9%

  • The Candy Crush. Visit a candy shop and win up to x2,500. Slot RTP is 95.2%

  • For The Realm. A fantasy world opens up to you in this game. Manage hordes of humans against dark elves and orcs. The game has a maximum multiplier of x750 and an RTP of 95.4%

  • Twin Fruits of Santa. The Christmas fruits that Santa has in store for you will bring big winnings. The maximum multiplier in the game is x500 and the RTP is 95.5%

  • Cleopatras Gems Rockways. Descend into Cleopatra's tomb and make your way through the mazes and traps to earn a multiplier of x500. The slot's RTP is 95.1%.

How Do We Rate Mascot Slots?

When compiling our ranking, we try to take into account as many parameters as possible. This will determine which slots are at the top and which are not. The main parameter that we use as a starting point-RTP. Next comes features, of course. For you to be excited about the game bonus round should have a storyline and be profitable. It's also important that the slots are adapted for mobile devices.

Then we look at the maximum gain that can be achieved in the long term. The bigger it is, the better, of course. After that, it remains to be seen whether the gameplay and design match the players' requirements.

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