Best Paying Horror Themed Online Slots

Horror slots stand out thanks to memorable visuals and the overall atmosphere. Often they contain dark humor, which makes the gameplay even more fun. Some big software developers, like NetEnt, pay special attention to the genre, which is why gamblers can often find lots of great horror titles in their game library. Other developers are catching up with great horror releases as well.

Best paying Horror themed online slots

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If you’re into zombies, you’ll enjoy games like Zombies or Necromancer, which both are perfect examples of great animation, as well as interesting and engaging storylines. Fans of vampires would certainly appreciate NetEnt’s classics called BloodSucker. All of these slots are perfect for Halloween lovers: there’s a lot of blood and the action often takes place in the dark. Playing horror slots not only gives players chances to win real money but also is a great way to tickle your nerves and throw out negative emotions.

Basically, both experienced developers and young gambling studios turn to create horror-themed online slots. Unique genre features and complete freedom in the plot presentation allow them to create striking titles that are always in great demand among keen gamblers. So the huge popularity of such games is explained by the interest that people at all times showed in mystical stories. Facing the unknown forces the imagination to work actively and helps to release the accumulated emotions. And this is exactly what many seek in online gambling.

How I Picked the Best Slots

Now that we know that there are many great horror titles, there’s still one question remaining: which game to choose and what are the main criteria? Let’s take a closer look at what should be considered when picking online slots:

  • RTP. This is actually one of the most important factors that many seem to neglect. In theory, this indicator shows how much a particular video slot returns to players. Ideally, it should be around 97-98%, but depending on the game, it ranges from 90 to 98%;

  • Volatility. Many know that some slots are known for frequent winnings, while others, on the contrary, can be more beneficial, but much less often. In the first case, games have high volatility, in the second, the volatility is lower;

  • Gameplay. Even within one specific genre like horrors, some games may come across as less exciting or engaging than others. It’s always a good idea to try them out in a demo mode first to see whether you like them or not;

  • Features. Look at what the horror game has to offer: bonus rounds, pay lines, bonus symbols, interactive mini-games, jackpots, etc.

Common Main Characters and Symbols

When it comes to video slots, there are a few main types of symbols that are likely to be in horror-themed games. These include:

  • Paying symbols, which are represented by various in-game characters or symbols, each of which has its own value. Expect coffins, vampires, hockey masks, etc.

  • Wild symbols. They can replace other non-winning symbols to eventually create winning combinations. These may be the characters from famous horror movies.

  • Scatter symbols. These symbols activate bonus rounds usually referred to as free spins. In turn, special features of bonus rounds can be very different and bring players the biggest profit. Any character can be a Scatter - a zombie, werewolf, etc.