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Swintt Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 7.7

Reputation: 8.1
Average RTP: 7.2
Graphics: 7.8
Features: 8.2
License(s) Malta

This blog post is about how Swintt has been able to be a success in the casino slot studio market. The company started out by designing and manufacturing custom slots for high-end casinos, but then began creating their own games that are now played at small gambling venues all over the world. They have made it their mission to provide an innovative experience with every game they design and manufacture. They strive to create games that can be enjoyed by players of all levels and from all walks of life!

Swintt Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Fruit 40 97.42 % Medium x5000
# 2 Fairy Belle 97.42 % Low x750
# 3 Diamond Fortune 97.04 % Low x1000
# 4 Neptunes Gold 97.02 % High x10000
# 5 Flaming Seven 97.01 % High x5000
# 6 Legendary 97.0 % Low x1000
# 7 Seventy Seven 96.7 % High x500
# 8 Sea Raiders 96.39 % Medium x12955
# 9 Jade Blade XtraSplit 96.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 10 Hachis Quest of Heroes 96.0 % Medium x4022
# 11 Huluwa 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 12 Panda Warrior 96.0 % Medium x10
# 13 Immortal Monkey King 96.0 % Medium x15250
# 14 Wild Kart Racers 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 15 Bollywood Billions 95.78 % Extreme x40000
# 16 Biergarten Unlimited 95.78 % Extreme x40000
# 17 Five Princesses 95.49 % Medium-low x2000
# 18 Cherry Fortune 95.49 % Medium x4500
# 19 Monkey Luck 95.49 % Low x1000
# 20 Egypt King 95.46 % Low x1000
# 21 Egypt King Parimatch 95.46 % Medium x5100
# 22 Bollywood Billions 95.45 % Medium x1729
# 23 Medusa's Curse 95.42 % High x10000
# 24 Wild Wild Tiger 95.42 % High x10000
# 25 Golden Dragon 95.39 % Low x10000
# 26 Golden Reindeer 95.32 % Medium x4500
# 27 Book Of The West 95.32 % Medium x5000
# 28 Golden Genie 95.3 % Medium x5000
# 29 Perseus 95.3 % Extreme x100000
# 30 Highway to Win 95.3 % Medium x1000
# 31 Master of Books Unlimit… 95.3 % Medium x100000
# 32 Lucky Fruit Wheel 95.3 % Medium x2500
# 33 Master of Books 95.3 % Medium x5000
# 34 Leokan 95.3 % Medium x100
# 35 Power Fruits 95.29 % Low x200
# 36 Moon Oak Deluxe 95.29 % Extreme x20000
# 37 Biergarten 95.25 % High x20000
# 38 Magic of Venice 95.21 % Low x1000
# 39 Calliga 95.21 % Low x500
# 40 Dishes to Riches 95.21 % Low x1000
# 41 Sinbads Odyssey 95.2 % Medium x100
# 42 3 Diamonds 95.19 % Medium x4500
# 43 Endless Hair 95.17 % Low x11
# 44 Lost World 95.17 % Medium-low x2750
# 45 Nibelungen 95.13 % Low x100
# 46 Book of Nibelungen 95.11 % Medium x5500
# 47 Jorgen From Bergen 95.1 % Medium x5000
# 48 Everlasting Spins 95.1 % Medium x125
# 49 Battle Heroes 95.05 % Low x500
# 50 King Dinosaur 95.05 % Low x1000
# 51 Wild Wild Witch 95.01 % High x10000
# 52 Vikings of Valhalla 95.01 % Low x500
# 53 Golden Buffalo 95.01 % Medium x1000
# 54 Wild 777 95.0 % Medium x200
# 55 Golden Amazon 95.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 56 Hana Bana 95.0 % Medium x8787
# 57 Dragon King 95.0 % Extreme x25000
# 58 Dia De Muertos 95.0 % Low x1000
# 59 Wild Triads 95.0 % High x10000
# 60 Sushi Master 95.0 % High x10400
# 61 Mystic Bear XtraHold 95.0 % High x10000
# 62 Gem Riches 95.0 % Low x550
# 63 Hawaiian Fantasy 94.99 % Medium-high x8787
# 64 Golden Pig 94.97 % Medium x4500
# 65 Grockel's Cauldron 94.97 % Medium x1040
# 66 Monster Disco 94.97 % High x10000
# 67 Heart of Earth 94.9 % Medium x10000
# 68 Golden888 93.01 % Low x133
# 69 Heart of Earth Xmas 92.32 % Medium x1000
# 70 Seven Seven Pots and Pe… 92.21 % Medium x1080

Best Swintt Online Casinos

Cashback up to 20%
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Swintt Slots RTP

To assess the quality of a developer's software, I always look first at their average RTP (return rate). Together with the maximum winnings, it forms the mathematical basis of the slot machines. The closer the RTP is to 100%, the better for the player and worse for the operators. I recommend that you pay attention to slots with a betting return rate of 96% or higher.

I would like to point out straight away that the return on bets in ISP products is their most important drawback. The average RTP of a provider's library is 94.5% to 95%. That's an unsatisfactory ratio when it comes to users' interests. Instead, the provider focuses on exclusive gamification elements and creating premium slots.

You should also realise that a lack of RTP is not always so bad. The fact is that it is calculated for long-term play, and a good combination with maximum winnings can fall on 5,10, 20 spins. If you see that the game is not going well, get out, don't waste your money. Even better would be if you test the slot machine first in demo mode. Another point about the RTP of the company's slots. Most of the models have a customizable coefficient. That is, their final percentage depends on the operator's wishes and interests.

Best 7 Swintt Slots

Out of the extensive Swintt library, I can point to a few good models. Their mechanics are based on high return rates by industry standards. If you want to get to know their products, take a look at these models:

  • Fairy Belle, a magic-themed slot with a 97.47% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x750

  • Diamond Fortune is an illicit wealth-themed slot with an RTP of 97.04% and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • Neptunes Gold. The nautical theme in the slots excites players with its 97.02% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • Flaming Seven - Classic-themed slot with 97.01% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Superheroes and their attributes in the Legendary slot with an RTP of 97% can bring you a maximum multiplier of x25,000

  • Another classic Seventy Seven slot includes an RTP of 96.7% and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Interesting pirate slot Sea Raiders with an RTP of 96.39% and a maximum multiplier of x12,955.

Swintt Slots Features

The provider's products include several features. The first is the presence of the innovative SwinttGamefy® tool. It is characterized by the availability of missions for several games and unique reward schemes for them. In addition, this technology allows the studio's games to be connected to operators' tournaments.

When it comes to the more 'down-to-earth' features of the company's slots, such as bonus options, users will be met:

  • Free Spins (Diamond Fortune)

  • Additional Free Spins, Free Spins Mode Choosing, Free Spins Multipliers (Cocktail Book)

  • Scatter (Legendary)

  • Risk game (Seventy Seven)

  • Respin (Continental Princess)

  • Expanding symbol (7 Fresh Fruits)

  • Bonus Buy (Aloha Spirit XtraLock)

  • Bonus Win (Extra Win X)

  • Sticky Wild (El Andaluz)

  • Changing Reelset (Rock n'Ways XtraWays)

  • Multiway (Rock n'Ways XtraWays)

  • Bonus symbol (Bloxx Zeus)

  • Bonus game (Aloha Spirit XtraLock)

  • Multiplier (Jorgen From Bergen).

Swintt Slots

Swintt's slots can't boast about their popularity. But this is a temporary phenomenon, as the studio has only recently entered the market. Swintt has not developed a single progressive jackpot game in its five years.

The provider's library is dominated by five-reel models. A few games based on three and six reels are rather the exception. I also found one model that is based on the 5-3*2 scheme. It features 2 playing fields with five reels.

The three-reel slots support 1-8 paylines. The mechanics of the other games include 5 - 50 fixed lines or 243 - 262 144 ways to win. Their betting range varies from 0.01 EUR to 200 EUR.

Use the '+' and '-' icons on the 'Credit Value' and 'Bet Multiplier' buttons to adjust your line betting. Additional features include Auto Spin and Turbo Spin. Instant Spins can be set up using a small lightning bolt. It is located on the Auto Spin button.

Swintt Slots List

In the first two years, the provider released just one video slot a year. 2018, however, saw the release of 27 models at once. In the following years, the company has maintained a similar rate of game production, adding Live Games to its portfolio.

In that time, the studio has released more than 110 video slots alone. At a similar pace, this provider has a good chance of catching up with the leading developers in terms of the number of games in its portfolio. It seems to me that this is quite possible because, at the beginning of 2022, the provider has announced 5 slots at once.

Fairness of Swintt Slots

Swintt does not have its official website with information about its activities, legal information and contacts. Instead, they only provide a website with a presentation of their portfolio. Because of this, I can only speculate about the safety and integrity of their software.

This studio is part of the Glitnor Group, which in turn holds the Malta Gaming Authority license. From this, I can assume that Swintt is also governed by the laws of Malta. This means that all the rules of the law of that jurisdiction are strictly adhered to. These regulations also include the production of games with fair play RNGs. In this situation, I would advise you to choose those online casinos where the operator certifies the software at its own expense in independent laboratories.

Mobile Swintt Slots

The provider's main goal is to establish itself as the most enterprising and fastest-growing player in the industry. It would be strange if, with such ambitions, the company did not act on this. The first thing they started with was a complete switch to HTML5 technology in the production of games. It allows slots to open on any device with an internet connection.

Regardless of your device's OS (iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Mac OS) any model will play equally well and adjust to your screen size. Gameplay is supported by any browser.

Swintt Slots Sound and Graphics

The graphics and soundtracks in the company's slots have not impressed me at all. They are very simple in execution and won't appeal to players with great demands on the visuals of online games. Even in those games where background animations are present, they are incredibly simple. I got the impression that these models were produced in the early days of slots graphics. That's not to say that their portfolio isn't worthy of the public's attention, it just limits the range of the target audience.

Best 7 Mobile Swintt Slots

Playing on mobile phones has become a fashionable trend. You can play anywhere and anytime from your devices in the best Swintt slots. The company is quite active in mobile development and is ready to offer the best slots:

  • Win-O-Rama. A 5 reels slot where you'll see the classic symbols of Bells, Diamonds, Sevens and Fruits. The maximum multiplier in this game is x1,222 and the RTP is 96.09%

  • Bloxx Flare. The unique feature of the playing field will suit every player. There are reels mi a special field where the payout amount is indicated. Quite interesting when you consider that you can get multiplied up to x3,500 here. The RTP of the slot is 92.04%

  • Takutiki. The theme of the slot is Native American life and unique mechanics. Here you can get a lot of emotions and multiplication up to x450 and RTP 92.47%

  • Secret Spellbook Respin. The Sorceress's Secret Spellbook has been found and now you can find all the treasures she has hidden. The top prize of the game was a multiplier of x5,000 and an RTP of 94.55%

  • Bloxx Arctic. The plot of the slot is about the people who live in the Arctic. This slot uses a structure of 5 reels and 5 rows with cells in which the prizes are indicated. The maximum multiplier in the game is x3,500. The RTP is 92.04%

  • Big Max 77. This 5 reels slot is very similar to the models found in land-based casinos. It's a classic Fruit plot, where the multiplier can reach x5,000. The RTP is 93.92%

  • Bloxx Thunder. One of the most important plots found in all the slots about the Greek gods is Olympus and Zeus. Here you will also find out how to master Zeus' thunderbolts and get multiplied up to x1,500. The game's RTP is 93.49%.

Best 7 Free Swintt Slots

A tip for every newcomer to online casinos: if you want to start playing a particular slot, play the free version first. This will give you an idea of how to play and what the developer's slots are all about. At Swintt, the best free slots have been:

  • Seven Seven Pots and Pearls. A unique fruity, classic slot in which you have the opportunity to win one of three jackpots. The maximum multiplication is x1,080 and the RTP is 92.21%

  • Heart of Earth Xmas. Find out what a true Christmas is made of. This futuristic slot tells the story that Christmas has a heart and it's where it all begins. The maximum multiplier is x1,000 and the RTP is 92.32%

  • Santa Pets. Santa also has favorite pets. Of course, they are bunnies, foxes and other animals. The slot uses lots of interesting features which can bring multipliers up to x7,000. The game's RTP is 94.48%

  • King of Sun. Ancient peoples worshipped many different gods. The Mayans, on the other hand, worshipped the sun god the most. The game has a maximum multiplier of x500 and an RTP of 92.06%

  • Monster Disco. Go to a monster party. Everyone will be there: Dracula, Mummies as well as Frankenstein. The slot has a unique XtraHold option with a chance to win x10,000 from your bet per line. The slot has an RTP of 94.97%

  • Cleopatra's Diamonds. Everyone knows that Cleopatra loved diamonds, which have been lost over time. Find these gems and you'll be multiplied by x5,000 and have an RTP of 92%

  • Aqua Lord. Of course, it's all about the god of the sea, Neptune. Discover the treasure chests that are hidden at the bottom of the ocean and get an x5,000 multiplier and an RTP of 93.06%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Swintt Slots

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and is supported by many developers. Swintt is no exception and has integrated the ability to bet in this cryptocurrency for its games. Here are the best Bitcoin games:

  • Dragon Lair. In a cave with lots of gold and gems, there is a protector in the form of a dragon. Outwit it and get a multiplier of x500. The RTP of this game is 92.06%

  • Pyramid of Light. The ancient Pharaoh and his queen were buried in the pyramid. All their gold was also buried with them. If you manage to find all this treasure you will get a multiplier of x1,222 and an RTP of 92.1%

  • Win Eagle. A classic slot machine with a 3x3 field. The maximum prize in this game is x800 of your line bet. Slot RTP is 92.05%

  • Candy Gold. A kind and colorful slot with a Bonus Buy option. Find yourself in the land of candy and other sweets that can generate winnings of up to x7,000. Slot RTP is 94.48%

  • Lucky Jimmy. Leprechauns and their pots of gold have always been associated with good luck and big winnings. In this slot, you have to help Leprechaun Jimmy come down from the rainbow and then he will give you a multiplier of up to x5,000. The RTP of the slot is 93.06%

  • Lucky Mermaid. The golden-haired mermaid will help you find the treasure hidden on the seabed. The multiplier for this slot is x750 and the RTP is 92.04%

  • Mystic Bear XtraHold. Many people in Alaska have been helped by the spirit of the Bear. For some of them, he has opened the door to treasure. Maybe he can help you win multiplication up to x10,000. Slot RTP is 95%.

How Do We Rate Swintt Slots?

The first thing we look at is what RTP the selected slot offers. This value is the most important one. After that, we check what features are present in the game. If they are interesting bonus rounds with interactive games with big payouts, this game will be interesting for the players. When these two points are checked, we check the mobile support. The main condition is that the games should be loaded directly from the browser.

When these parameters have been checked, we study what multiplier or how many coins can be obtained in the chosen game in the long run. It is also a great opportunity to check how attractive the game is in terms of graphics or gameplay. After playing each game it becomes clear which of them is more promising and will be in demand by players.

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