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Spinmatic Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.1

Reputation: 8.7
Average RTP: 8.3
Graphics: 8.0
Features: 8.2
License(s) Malta

For those who are looking for a new casino slot studio, Spinmatic is the perfect choice. With over 100 games to choose from and an interface that has been designed with the user in mind, Spinmatic offers players something they won’t find elsewhere. When visiting their website or downloading their app, you will be able to play slots right on your phone as well as any other device you have at home. The team behind this company understands how important it is to offer users variety and convenience when playing online slots so they make sure all of these features are available at all times!

Spinmatic Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Fruity Beats Xtreme 99.08 % Medium x4500
# 2 Fairy Dust Xtreme! 99.04 % Medium-low x1500
# 3 Ed Jones and Book of Ba… 99.0 % Medium-high x7550
# 4 Ed Jones and Book of Ba… 99.0 % Medium-high x7500
# 5 Ed Jones and Book of Se… 99.0 % Medium-high x7600
# 6 Poseidon Xtreme! 99.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 7 Sizzling Blaze Jackpot … 97.47 % High x10000
# 8 Sizzling Blaze 97.47 % Medium x5000
# 9 Sizzling Blaze Jackpot 97.47 % Medium x10000
# 10 Space Oddity 97.12 % Medium-low x2000
# 11 Bank Run 97.06 % High x10000
# 12 Meteoroid 97.06 % Low x1000
# 13 Galacnica Xmas 97.01 % Medium-low x1800
# 14 Ed Jones and Book of Ba… 96.9 % High x10000
# 15 Fancy Jungle 96.85 % Medium-high x75
# 16 Synthway 96.84 % Medium-low x60
# 17 Caishen's Treasure 96.66 % High x1000
# 18 Rooster 96.66 % High x10000
# 19 Haunted Chateau 96.55 % Medium-high x1620
# 20 Mafioso 96.44 % High x400
# 21 Wild Valentines Xmas 96.38 % Medium-low x2500
# 22 Zombcity 96.38 % Low x1000
# 23 Wild Valentines 96.38 % Medium-low x500
# 24 World of Gods: Niflheim 96.33 % Medium-low x2500
# 25 Fall of the Beast 96.31 % Medium x1000
# 26 Danza De Los Muertos 96.25 % Medium-high x1500
# 27 Danza De Los Muertos 96.25 % Medium-high x1500
# 28 3 Amigos 96.22 % Medium-high x7500
# 29 Christmas Joy 96.14 % Medium-low x500
# 30 Buffalo Boost 96.08 % Medium x5000
# 31 Poseidon 96.04 % Medium x5000
# 32 Calico Jack 96.04 % Medium x4500
# 33 Patanjali Chakra 95.98 % High x10000
# 34 Shaolin Twins 95.95 % Medium-high x4860
# 35 Mr.Hat: Sunshine 95.87 % High x75
# 36 Mr.Hat: Before the Sunr… 95.87 % High x75
# 37 Wild Cat 95.72 % High x10000
# 38 Spring Invaders 95.72 % High x5000
# 39 Baby Blue 95.72 % High x10000
# 40 Spinalott Night Show 95.71 % Medium-low x2000
# 41 Fruity Beats 95.7 % Low x200
# 42 Egyptian Stone 95.63 % Medium-high x500
# 43 Starbatch 95.63 % Medium x10000
# 44 Fairy Dust 95.63 % Medium x5000
# 45 Ed Jones and Book of Se… 95.63 % Medium-high x7500
# 46 Real Life Super Heroes … 95.52 % Medium-high x1000
# 47 Book of Eon 95.5 % Medium x5000
# 48 Mahala 95.49 % Medium x5000
# 49 Plata o Plomo 95.4 % Medium x7000
# 50 The Golden Egg 95.36 % Medium x5000
# 51 Boss Vegas 95.26 % Medium x4400
# 52 Sushi House 95.26 % Medium-low x400
# 53 Madame Moustache 95.18 % Medium-high x500
# 54 Fortune Dynasty 95.05 % Low x2000
# 55 Roboland 95.05 % Low x1450
# 56 Fortune Dynasty 95.05 % Low x2000
# 57 Lama Glama 95.05 % Low x2000
# 58 El Fuego 95.04 % Low x2000
# 59 Helio Luna Revenge 94.93 % Medium-low x2000
# 60 Helio Luna 94.93 % Low x2000
# 61 Need for Space 94.86 % Low x150
# 62 Mayanera 94.82 % Low x1000
# 63 Mayanera Return 94.82 % Medium x1000
# 64 Ed Jones and Book of Ba… 94.78 % High x10000
# 65 Real Life Super Heroes 94.58 % Medium x4600
# 66 Rosemary 94.23 % Medium-high x7500
# 67 Jelly Teddy 94.14 % Medium x5000
# 68 Fruit Monster Christmas 93.81 % High x10000
# 69 Fruit Cube 93.81 % High x10000
# 70 Fruit Monster 93.81 % High x40
# 71 Betrick Son Of A Leprec… 93.79 % Medium-low x6
# 72 Code 243-0 93.5 % Medium x1000
# 73 Nice Cream 93.47 % Medium-low x100
# 74 Nice Cream 93.47 % Medium-low x100
# 75 Fruit Farm 93.47 % Medium-low x2500
# 76 Holly Molly Hole 93.24 % High x10000
# 77 Lazy Bones Freeway 93.07 % Medium x5000
# 78 Lazy Bones Freeway 93.07 % Medium x5000
# 79 Infectus 92.99 % Low x250
# 80 Spincircus 92.99 % Low x2000
# 81 Galacnica 92.97 % Low x25
# 82 CosmoMix 92.97 % Low x25
# 83 Scratch or Treat 92.0 % High x10000
# 84 Silver Diggers Scratch 92.0 % High x10000
# 85 Love Balloon Scratch 92.0 % Medium-high x10000
# 86 Krampus Scratch 92.0 % High x5000
# 87 Bingooo Scratch 92.0 % High x10000
# 88 Lovebirds 92.0 % High x10000
# 89 Ekeko Scratch 92.0 % High x10000
# 90 Gift From Santa Scratch 92.0 % High x10000
# 91 Gold Digger Scratch 92.0 % High x10000
# 92 Copper Diggers Scratch 92.0 % High x10000

Spinmatic Slots RTP

Spinmatic offers its players slots and other games with an average RTP of 96.2%. This is quite a good figure when you consider that some other providers may have a much lower one. In addition, the average is the sum of all games divided by the number of games. Therefore, this value can be much lower than in some individual slots. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for any RTP percentage in your chosen slot. Below I'll give you an overview of games that have an excellent RTP.

Best 7 Spinmatic Slots

Each of the providers who develop games has top content that players prefer. It's mostly based on player preferences, which are slots with high RTPs and the possibility of big winnings. At Spinmatic, the top slots are as follows:

  • Fairy Dust Xtreme! with an RTP of 99.04% and a maximum multiplier of x300

  • Ed Jones and Book of Seth Xtreme with an RTP of 99% and a maximum possible multiplier of x2,000

  • Sizzling Blaze with 97.47% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • Space Oddity with 97.12% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x2,000

  • Galacnica Xmas with 97.01% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x250

  • Ed Jones and Book of Bastet with an RTP of 96.9% and a maximum multiplier of x4,000

  • Fancy Jungle with an RTP of 96.85% and a maximum multiplier of x1,500.

Spinmatic Slots Features

It can take plenty of time to try and explain each developer's promotional policy. However, it ultimately comes down to a few key features: marketing, design and a set of technical features. It is to the technical characteristics of slots that the parameters of RTP, volatility and the availability of bonus options belong. Spinmatic has a whole set of interesting features that will appeal to every player:

  • Book of ... mechanic, Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Wild (Ed Jones and Book of Bastet)

  • Expanding Wild with Respin, Free Spins, Free Spins Multiplier, Random multiplier, Random Wilds / Additional Wilds, Scatter symbols, Stack (Code 243-0)

  • Buy Feature, Free Spins (Buffalo Boost)

  • Substitution Symbols, Free Spins, Free Spins Multiplier, Multiplier, Progressive Jackpot, Scatter symbols, Stack, Wild (Fancy Jungle)

  • Expanding Symbols, Respin Wild, Starburst mechanic, Sticky Wilds (Galacnica Xmas)

  • Additional Free Spins, Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols (Ed Jones and Book of Seth)

  • Burst (Crash, Bustabit like) Mechanic (Meteoroid)

  • Spreading Wilds or Wild Rush, Symbol Swap (Fairy Dust)

  • Features Map, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Level Up, Nudge Feature, Reelset Changing, Symbols collection (Energy) (Boat Trip Mississippi).

Spinmatic Slots

For the most part, Spinmatic releases slots with 5 reels. There are no classic 3 reel slots, and perhaps that's for the best. After all, it's much more fun to enjoy playing those games where there are bonus rounds and other features. You'll find 5, 10, 20, 25 or 243 paylines in each of the slots. Plus, there's the Bothway option in some slots, which allows you to make winning sequences from left to right and right to left. This doubles the probability of winning. The minimum bet per line is 0.01 and the maximum bet per round is 80 USD.

Provider Spinmatic is quite popular with players, and the Fancy Jungle jackpot slot has been invented and developed following numerous requests from customers. It's one jackpot game so far, but hopefully, there will soon be many more.

To place a bet, proceed to the main slot screen. Near the Spin button there is an icon of coins, click on it. A window will open in which you can select the bet that the player needs. To start Autospin click on the three triangles, which are also next to the reels button. Simply select the number of spins you want, enter the appropriate parameters as needed and start autoplay. You can also select Fast Spin here, so you don't have to wait too long for the result of the round.

Spinmatic Slots List

Spinmatic was founded in 2017. In a fairly short time, the provider has gained some popularity with players by bribing them with big winnings and interesting plots. There are more than 70 games in total in the provider's portfolio. There are slots, scratch cards and other arcade games. But, most of them are still slot machines.

The average number of slots released per year at Spinmatic is roughly 14-16 games. It's average because some providers release 20+ games every year. And if you compare the size of the game portfolio with other developers, Spinmatic would be somewhere in the middle. After all, some providers have more than 100 or 200 games in their catalog.

Fairness of Spinmatic Slots

Spinmatic produces slots that are based on a random number generator. This allows each game to generate a random result. It is also the only fair algorithm that ensures fair play. Providers constantly test their software for deviations in special testing labs.

These labs test the software and detect various deviations if any. Once the software has been tested and adjusted, the provider is granted a license to operate. Additionally, Spinmatic has licensed its operations in Malta. This allows the company and its employees to operate transparently in many countries around the world.

Mobile Spinmatic Slots

Love to play from mobile phones or tablets at online casinos? No problem! Spinmatic places great emphasis on the fact that its customers will be using Android or iOS mobile devices. That's why the company's management decided to develop all games using HTML5 technology. It is this technology that allows adapting the content for all kinds of display resolutions and optimizing the resource consumption of your device. But, it is not necessary to go into the technical aspects. All you need to start playing games on your mobile phone or tablet is simply to run the game directly in the browser of your device. After that, enjoy the game.

Spinmatic Slots Sound and Graphics

As for the sound that is used in Spinmatic slots, that is a separate topic of conversation. The thing is that the company tried to diversify the sound range as much as possible and make some unique changes in the voicing of their games. Therefore, the output is quite interesting and realistic. As for the graphics, it is mostly the usual unpretentious animation component. Yes, there are interesting moments and a vision of how the features should work. In any case, you need to try these games out before concluding.

Best 7 Mobile Spinmatic Slots

It's nice that the provider isn't thinking about their comfort and saving resources, but also the comfort of the end user. The availability of a mobile version of the slot machines is a testament to this. Thanks to this, players have virtually unlimited access to the game. Why practically? Because you are required to have internet traffic available to use. let's now look at the options that are most attractive for playing on the go:

  • Ed Jones and Book of Bastet Deluxe Extreme is one of the best video slots in the industry, as it has an incredibly generous payout percentage of 99%. In this case, even a maximum prize of just x500 doesn't overshadow the slot's features

  • Sizzling Blaze Jackpot Deluxe - a title with a 97.47% return and a chance to win a prize of x10,000

  • Caishen's Treasure is an Eastern-style game that offers a 96.66% payout and can pay up to x1,000 bets

  • Mafioso is a highly volatile studio variant with an RTP of 96.44% and maximum winnings of x400

  • Danza De Los Muertos is a slot machine that takes you to a traditional Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. To create a good mood the provider used not only beautiful graphics but also a decent RTP of 96.25% and a maximum bet multiplier of x1,500

  • 3 Amigos - once again, a Mexican story with all the familiar trappings of that country. Here you have the chance to win 2,700 times your stake at a payout of 96.22%

  • Galactica Xmas - This game's exciting storyline is complemented by a high RTP of 97.01% and a betting potential of x500.

Best 7 Free Spinmatic Slots

If you are still unfamiliar with the Spinmatic catalog but would like to get acquainted as soon as possible, you need to go to the official website of the studio and find the game you are looking for in the portfolio. You do not need to invest your own money in such an acquaintance - it is guaranteed to be available in free mode. The second option for getting to know the studio's slots is through an online casino. In this case, players get the opportunity to play not only for free but also subsequently switch to the paid version. We suggest you start with:

  • Synthway - this video slot has a 96.84% return and a maximum prize of x600

  • Haunted Chateau - a title with an RTP of 96.55% and a maximum payout of up to x1,620

  • World of Gods: Niflheim - a variant with a mystical story, a maximum bet multiplier of x500 and a payout of 96.33%

  • Fall of the Beast - this slot has an x1,000 betting opportunity. The payout reaches 96.31%

  • Buffalo Boost is an attractive slot machine from both a technical and visual point of view. The RTP is 96.08% and the maximum prize is x750 bets

  • Calico Jack is a pirate-style variant, ready to pay prizes of up to x500 bets and has a return of 96.04%

  • Wild Valentines Xmas - this video slot has a payout of 96.38% and a betting potential of x1,500.

Best 7 Bitcoin Spinmatic Slots

Spinmatic games are available at all types of existing online casinos, including cryptocurrency casinos. Operators include the studio's software in their library, as it can meet the needs of most gambling enthusiasts. The studio's best crypto games are worth mentioning:

  • Ed Jones and Book of Bastet Xtreme - a video slot with the technical ability to win up to 5,000 times your bet with an incredibly attractive 99% payout

  • Sizzling Blaze Jackpot is a classic slot machine, that offers prizes of up to x10,000 and has an RTP of 97.47%

  • Fruity Beats Xtreme - a title with a prize potential of x500 and a player yield of 99.08%

  • Poseidon Xtreme! - an option where you get a chance to win an amount greater than 1,000 times your bet. RTP - 99%

  • Space Oddity - a slot machine with up to x2,000 winnings on the bet and an RTP of 97.12%

  • Fancy Jungle is a variant of the provider with excellent graphic quality, x4,500 betting potential and a 96.85% payout

  • Zombcity is a slot machine with an apocalyptic scenario, a maximum prize of x1,000 bets and an RTP of 96.38%.

How Do We Rate Spinmatic Slots?

When we ranked Spinmatic's brightest slots, we were guided by the fact that they offer several benefits to the player. Firstly, the RTP, which was the basis for our game selection. We strived to choose the most highly profitable variants that provide the best formation of winning combinations. Also, these games are compatible with smartphones and tablets of all existing operating systems, which makes them available 24/7/365.

In addition, we have chosen games with a variety of bonus features so that you have plenty to choose from. Everyone will find an option to suit their interests. When compiling the ranking, we also evaluated the winning potential of the slot machines. By studying our ready-made list, you can easily understand the maximum amount available to win in each proposed model. All of the video slots in our ranking are created with the support of advanced graphics technology. This, in turn, makes the story even more exciting. As for the gameplay, without which slot machines cannot exist, everything is also quite good. We have weeded out the worst by including the games with the most interesting gameplay.

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