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Side City Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.3

Reputation: 9.1
Average RTP: 7.9
Graphics: 8.9
Features: 8.1
License(s) United Kingdom, Malta

Side City is a casino slot studio that offers players the opportunity to enjoy slots in an immersive setting, with vibrant graphics and sound effects. Players can choose from over 150 different games, including classics like Wonderhounds or newer favorites like Charms and Witches. Special promotions are regularly available on their website for those looking for an added bonus!

Side City Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Egyptian Rise 97.756 % Medium x4550
# 2 Wild Dodo 97.015 % Medium x4000
# 3 La Bomba 96.272 % Medium x4560
# 4 Venice Magic 96.18 % Medium x5000
# 5 Bavarian Fest 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 6 Coral Reels 96.0 % Medium-low x2550
# 7 Fortunes of the Amazons 95.8 % Medium x5000
# 8 Fortunes of the Dead 95.79 % Medium x4600
# 9 Jolly's Gifts 95.71 % Medium x4300
# 10 Charms and Witches 95.533 % Medium x5000
# 11 Fiesta Cubana 95.272 % Medium x5000
# 12 Buccaneer's Bay 95.044 % Medium-low x2540

Side City Studios Slots RTP

The RTP is one of the most important indicators of any slot. With its help, users are able to draw their own conclusions about the financial returns of a slot machine. The most profitable games from this perspective are those that are as close to 100% as possible. Since such games are rare and no operator wants to fill its lobby with generous models for players, you should choose games with an RTP of at least 96% and higher.

The average RTP of Side City Studios' slot library is approx. 95.7%. From these figures, I can conclude that between players and operators, this company has chosen the latter. By that, I mean the strategic focus on profiting from the slot machine. In the case of the library as a whole, it is aimed at making sure that it is the casino that has a particular advantage. We're talking about games where more than 5% of each player's bet goes to the operator's income. And ok I would have found at least one jackpot title in their library where the RTP is almost always lower, but no. There are no such models. In my opinion, this level of RTP is not enough to be able to recommend their slots.

Best 7 Side City Studios Slots

Side City Studios' gaming library is far too limited in scope. The small portfolio has led to slots with the insufficient payout being forced into my top slots rankings. Rather than decent payoffs, these variants offer a nice maximum payout. These games are worthy of the most attention on your part:

  • Egyptian Rise is an Egyptian-themed slot. Its features include a very generous RTP of 97.76% and a maximum multiplier of x400

  • Wild Dodo is another generous return model from the provider's library. g is 97.01%, maximum multiplier x10,000

  • La Bomba - a video slot with a decent RTP of 96.27% and the same maximum multiplier of x500

  • Venice Magic also has good returns (96.18% multiplier) and a maximum multiplier of x2,500

  • Fortunes of the Amazons is ranked as one of this studio's best slots, simply because there are no other games with good returns in the library. Its RTP is 95.8%, with a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Fortunes of the Dead can be described as a slot machine with a 95.79% betting return and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Jolly's Gifts is a girly anime-style slot with an RTP of 95.71% and a maximum multiplier of x750.

Side City Studios Slots Features

First of all, I should note that the studio's portfolio is small. The only thing I could distinguish from it was that the provider used a limited set of bonus features. They are standard, but that in no way suggests they are monotonous. The studio's games include:

  • Wild, Random Wilds (Charms and Witches)

  • Respin (Fiesta Cubana)

  • Scatter (La Bomba)

  • Multiplier (Wild Dodo)

  • Gamble (Buccaneer's Bay)

  • Risk game (Egyptian Rise)

  • Bonus Wheel (Venice Magic)

  • Bonus game (Fortunes of the Amazons)

  • Stack (Jolly's Gifts).

Side City Studios Slots

Residents of Europe and Africa are unlikely to have seen even a few of the titles in the studio's catalog. Those in North America, on the other hand, were more fortunate. They were the ones who had the opportunity to study the Side City Studios portfolio. As I mentioned above, there are no jackpot titles in it, whether progressive or at least local.

This developer's games run on 5 reels. The slots are divided into 3 or 4 rows according to the number of rows. These simple mechanics use traditional paylines. Users can choose slots with 20, 40 or 50 lines. Of the more modern models, there are 2 titles where payouts happen in a more modern way - 243 ways to win. This means that payouts will occur every time a winning combination is collected on the playing field, regardless of which line it happened on.

The studio's slot betting range is between 0.25 EUR and 625 EUR. Its size the slots interface makes it very easy to adjust. If you need to increase your bet, click on the button with the coin and the '+'. It is located above the spin activation button. If, on the other hand, you want to decrease your bet, pay attention to the similar button below the spin with the "-" sign. In some models, the slots interface looks different. To select your stake, you'll need to click on the button with the coin and select the most suitable option from the available options. Not all, but many slots feature Autoplay. It allows you to trust the slot machine to spin the reels, while the player is drinking tea or chatting to friends.

Side City Studios Slots List

Surprisingly, Side City Studios is one of the oldest iGaming representatives from Montreal, Canada. This studio started in the late 20th century. It's not hard to guess that their work for many years has involved making products for land-based casinos. The main geolocations of their slot machines were numerous cities in the United States and Canada.

In 2015, the studio was acquired by industry giant NYX Gaming Group. After that, SCS retrained as an online casino software vendor. I don't think too successfully, as as of 2018 there is no information about its further success. It is more likely that this small studio has been fully absorbed by NYX Interactive. In the 3 years that the studio has been on the market, only 12 video slots have been released under its name - 4 in one reporting year. Such a number of games would not allow the studio to stand out from the rest of the developers.

Fairness of Side City Studios Slots

This studio dates back to the early days when it was "unfashionable" to have a gambling license. This only changed dramatically after 2010. In that decade, most providers rushed to license their activities. Side City Studios was one of the few companies that did not seek to enter the international arena. Accordingly, it had no need to obtain this document. The situation is similar to the proof of the integrity of RNG. There is no evidence that their games meet the standard quality requirements of online software. To avoid cheating, choose only a licensed operator who tests the games in independent laboratories.

Mobile Side City Slots

Any game in the developer's catalog is available on any technical device. Whether it's a PC, mobile phone or smartphone, the entire game range will play equally efficiently. This is made possible by HTML5 technology. It allows the slots to automatically adjust to the proposed conditions - OS, screen size, age of the device. Along with this, you get games that will always be on the prowl with you.

Side City Studios Slots Sound and Graphics

I have to say that Side City Studios' slot models look pretty decent. They are beautiful in terms of both aesthetics and quality. HD technology is a guiding force in product design. It's complemented by pleasing sound effects, which makes the slot complete. Yes, they're unlikely to evoke incredible emotion in terms of visual needs, but they're absolutely good.

Best 7 Mobile Side City Slots

We want you to have fun playing video slots. And you can do it not only through your personal computer but also through your mobile device. This opens up new horizons, so you can enjoy the game even when you're completely out of time. You don't need much to do it - just spin the reels by downloading the slot on your smartphone. The list of the best Side City Slots mobile games includes:

  • Venice Magic is a 5 reel slot machine that offers a maximum payout of x2,500 and a payout of 96.18%

  • Jolly's Gifts - By downloading this slot to your mobile, you open up the world of children's toys. Great graphics, an RTP of 95.71% and the ability to increase your balance by x750 of the bet amount rule here

  • Wild Dodo - what could be better than an adventure on a paradise, sunny island? Of course, the prize that the slot has in store! In this case, we're talking good money - x10,000 bets. And that's complemented by an excellent RTP of 97.015%

  • Charms and Witches is a slot machine that will appeal to fans of dynamic video slots. This model uses the theme of the funniest and scariest night of the year - Halloween night. The RTP is 95.533% and the betting potential is x3,000

  • Fortunes of the Amazons - the name suggests investing your money on bets to snatch the maximum prize, which is up to x500 bets. The payout is 95.8%

  • Egyptian Rise - designed in neon colors, with a 97.756% player return and a prize payout of up to x400

  • Buccaneer's Bay is an atmospheric and addictive slot machine with an RTP of 95.044% and a high betting multiplier of x1,500.

Best 7 Free Side City Slots

Although the provider focuses on creating paid slots, there are also free games in the studio's portfolio. We've picked up some excellent options for you:

  • Coral Reels is a video slot in which you get to boost your bankroll by x150 bets. Please note that this model has no published RTP

  • Bavarian Fest - a title with an unknown percentage of return to the player, with maximum winnings of 500 times the bet

  • Wild Dodo is a slot machine with a Medium risk, a 97.015% player return and the highest payout of 10,000 times the bet

  • La Bomba is a 5 reel slot machine with 25 paylines, ready to pay lucky players up to x10,000 bets. With a high multiplier, the slot machine consists of an equally adequate return percentage of 96.272%

  • Jolly's Gifts - in this game, the provider has provided a return of 95.71% and a betting potential of x750

  • Egyptian Rise - Neon-inspired slot lovers will enjoy this model. In addition to aesthetic enjoyment, players get the chance to win an amount greater than 400 times the bet. Remarkably, the model has an above-average RTP of 97.756%

  • Charms and Witches is a developer variant with Low-Medium risk, the highest x3,000 wager and a payout of 95.533%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Side City Slots

At Bitcoin casinos, be sure to take a closer look at our list of the company's best crypto slots. It looks like this:

  • La Bomba is a slot machine with a return of 96.272% of the money invested and a betting potential of x10,000

  • Venice Magic - head to beautiful Venice for a prize of up to x2,500. RTP - 96.18%

  • Fiesta Cubana, which takes players on a traditional Latin American holiday. Added to the excitement of the story are the prize options, Medium volatility, 95.272% payout and a maximum prize of x2,500

  • Fortunes of the Amazons - a company variant with an RTP of 95.8% and a prize potential of x500

  • Fortunes of the Dead is a slot machine with a Mexican entourage, ready to pay out with a maximum multiplier value of x500. The game includes an RTP of 95.79%

  • Charms and Witches - the model offers a return of 956.533% of players' bets, and is capable of paying out up to 312,500 USD

  • Egyptian Rise - the variant includes an RTP of 97.756% and a maximum prize of 32,000 USD.

How Do We Rate Side City Slots?

When creating our ranking of the company's best slots, we didn't so much take into account the creative elements of the slot, such as a compelling storyline or high-quality graphics (although we took that into account too), but rather the technical characteristics. It is these, taken together, that allows us to assess our chances of winning the maximum prize. By the way, when listing the company's top slots, we've specified the maximum amount you'll be entitled to each time you download the developer's name onto your PC. However, you'll be happy to know that the company's games also work on smartphones. The choice is yours. However, we would like to point out that the RTP indicator played a central role in our ranking. From other important technical points, we also evaluated the prize options of the games. The titles with the brightest and most proven solutions in this area made our final list. And, of course, we chose the slots with the most exciting gameplay.

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