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Holland Power Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.4

Reputation: 8.8
Average RTP: 9.1
Graphics: 7.6
Features: 8.1
License(s) Malta

Holland Power is a casino slot studio that wants to make your game time fun and exciting! They have created over 80 slots games, some of which are 3D. You can play on your home computer or mobile device. Holland Power has found success through the following conversion rate optimization strategies:

  • Personalized service

  • Social media marketing

  • User experience design

Holland Power Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Aladdin 97.0 % Medium x5000
# 2 Big Money Cruise 97.0 % Medium x4500
# 3 Jackpot Runner 96.7 % Medium x5000
# 4 Darts Champion 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 5 Opera 96.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 6 Pirates Fortune 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 7 Red Hot Sevens 96.0 % Medium x5000

Holland Power Gaming Slots RTP

Of all the possible technical parameters of slots, one of the most important is its RTP. While newcomers choose colorful, technological options, experienced players choose according to their profitability. Only then are the other parameters evaluated - volatility, number of lines, maximum winnings and more. To call a slot profitable, it must have an RTP above 96%. The higher this percentage, the more the player equalizes his chances of winning with the provider.

Holland Power Gaming's average RTP is 96% to 97%. This is one of the best rates in the entire gaming industry. It suggests that the studio's slots are primarily for the benefit of the players, not the operators. Maybe that's why this company's software is very rare at online casinos.

Best 7 Holland Power Gaming Slots

The best in terms of giving back in the provider's library, I will point out:

  • Super Joker is a classic video slot with an RTP of 97.1% and a maximum multiplier of x20,000

  • Lucky 20 is a slot machine with an RTP of 97.1% and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Red Hot - includes an RTP of 97% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Lucky 100 is another online casino slot option with a 97% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x20,000

  • Pink Sevens - the company's video slot has an RTP of 97% and a maximum multiplier of x25,000

  • Red Hot Sevens is a slot machine made by all the canons of the classics, but with a high RTP - 97% and the maximum multiplier (x5,000)

  • Big Wizard has an RTP of 97% and a maximum multiplier of x250.

All of the above games have very high volatility. Always keep this in mind when selecting a betting strategy.

Holland Power Gaming Slots Features

The functional side of Holland Power Gaming's library of games is limited. In terms of prize options, this studio's slots are as close to the classic variants as possible. The studio's games include:

  • Wild (Real Ghost)

  • Scatter (Ice Fever)

  • Free Spins (Club Havana)

  • Progressive Jackpot (Rio Carioca)

  • Bonus game (Dice Shooter)

  • Multiplier (Mr Diamond)

  • Risk (Double) game (Taxi Driver).

All of these bonus features, though simple, are still a feature no developer is without. If you're looking for models with simple functionality, Holland Power Gaming games are sure to please.

Holland Power Gaming Slots

The studio develops slots with predominantly classic themes. The huge selection of spectacular slot machines has long supplanted timeless classics. In addition, the studio's slots are only available at a handful of online casinos. All together do not contribute to its popularity.

The developer uses the mechanics of 3 and 5 reels. As with all standard games, the payouts here are made exclusively through the lines. Their number is limited to four options: 5, 10, 25 or 50 paylines. In some models they are fixed, in others, players can change their number to suit their needs.

The studio doesn't experiment much with betting sizes either. They range from 0.01 USD per line to a maximum bet per spin of 50 USD. Accordingly, the provider's library would not be an interesting option for high rollers.

After loading the slot machine, adjust the number of paylines. The slot interface has a 'Lines' button, which is used to select the number of lines. Then set the bet amount per line and the coin denomination. Also, if necessary, you can set the Auto Play. The reels will spin until either your balance runs out or you manually stop this mode.

Holland Power Gaming Slots List

The studio has been based in a southern Dutch city since it opened. It produces mainly video slots for online casinos. The company also occasionally produces table games, poker and even bingo.

In its 10 years of existence, the company has released a total of just over 45 games. 38 of them are video slots. The annual increase in the library of the type of games we are interested in is only 3-4 variants. Such a number of slots in the portfolio does not allow the company to come even close to the industry leaders. However, you can see that it does not strive for leadership. All these years it has been working for interest rather than for development.

Fairness of Holland Power Gaming Slots

Unfortunately, I could not find any official information confirming the safety of the slot machines. There is also no information on the licensing and certification of the software. It is likely that they do not exist. The fact is that the law in the Netherlands prohibits gambling activities on the Internet. The exception is sports betting, and this developer is not involved in this niche.

If you do want to get acquainted with the products of this studio, choose a casino that is certified to offer the software. Although there is not much to choose from, you might give it a try. You might get lucky.

Mobile Holland Power Gaming Slots

Holland Power Gaming opened in 2011. During that period, all gambling only ran on desktop computers and only supported Flash extensions. Almost immediately after the advent of more advanced HTML5 technology, the studio adopted it. This tool allowed slots to open on any device - PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Thus, the company's software was divided into two types: Flash slots and HTML5 slots. Unlike other studios, this one did not change the old models for a more modern look. The former remains available only through third-party software. The second variant, on the other hand, opens on any screen, on any OS, directly in the browser.

Holland Power Gaming Slots Sound and Graphics

The studio is in no hurry to produce ultra-modern slots. Nor is the choice of themes very wide. It is either fruit, horror or dice. Only occasionally has the studio tried to introduce an unusual theme. So there were games with themes of travel, taxi rides and Brazilian carnival. Even in this case, the studio did not rush to use the latest technology. Its choice of slot design settled on 2D graphics. This technology is already considered obsolete.

Musically, the studio also goes its own way. You won't find any unusual notes in their library. In the newer models, the music is smooth, without certain unique features. In the classic versions, the melody can be heard directly as the reels spin and is close to the retro style.

Best 7 Mobile Holland Power Gaming Slots

After taking a closer look at Holland Power's gaming portfolio, we've concluded that players should be given a list of the company's top mobile video slots. With them, your life will become brighter and more gambling. Here's that list:

  • Aladdin is a colorful, medium risk slot machine. The provider has provided a 97% return on users' investment and a betting potential of x500

  • Big Money Cruise - the sea cruise that players take after downloading this model is capable of giving all lucky players an amount greater than 1,500 times their bet. The return on the game is 97%

  • Darts Champion is a game dedicated to sports fans. It includes Medium volatility, an RTP of 96% and a top prize of x650 bets

  • Jackpot Runner is a model dedicated to retro slot enthusiasts. It includes a 96.7% player yield and a winning betting potential of x5,000

  • Opera is a slot machine with a musical theme, an RTP of 96% and a maximum multiplier of x12,500

  • Pirates Fortune - set sail with a group of pirates searching for treasure at an x1,000 bet. The game has a return rate of 96%

  • Red Hot Sevens - Hot as Fire video slot offers the following conditions for the maximum x300 betting prize: RTP 96% and Medium risk.

Best 7 Free Holland Power Gaming Slots

Remarkably, every willing adult user has the opportunity to play the studio's best slots for free. Since the provider's website is under development, the free games from our ranking can be found exclusively at modern online casinos. Place your bets without risk in titles such as:

  • Opera is a slot machine dedicated to the ingenious composers of past centuries. The betting range in the game is 0.1-100 coins, RTP - 96%, and the winning potential of the bet - x12,500

  • Darts Champion - the company's 5 reel variant offers Medium risk, an RTP of 96% and a top prize of x650 bets

  • Pirates Fortune - with a betting range of 0.1 to 100 coins, players can increase their balance by more than 1,000 times the value of the winning line. The payout is as high as 96%

  • Jackpot Runner - In this slot machine with a slot design popular in the past, players open themselves up to a maximum prize of x5,000 bets. The return is 96.7%

  • Aladdin - a video slot with a fairytale theme can give you a top prize of x500 bets at an RTP of 97%

  • Red Hot Sevens - In this fruity title, users can win a prize of 300 times their bet. The return on the game is 96%

  • Big Money Cruise is a slot machine with an exciting storyline that has a 97% return and can pay out prizes of up to x1,500 bets.

Best 7 Bitcoin Holland Power Gaming Slots

With the advent of Bitcoin in iGaming, the mood of players has changed dramatically for the better. By 2014, many had already seen the promise of this type of currency and switched to playing mostly in Bitcoin. The benefits are enormous, but the downsides are minimal. This is the reason why the demand for cryptocurrency games continues to grow. For lovers of Bitcoin and other currencies, we have prepared a list of slots open for betting with them. These include titles such as:

  • Red Hot Sevens is a developer's version with 5 reels, 5 paylines, a yield of 96% and a winning payout of 96%

  • Jackpot Runner - like the previous model, this one presents a classic story. It includes an RTP of 96.7%, as well as the highest prize of x5,000 bets

  • Aladdin - the company's variant that hides the biggest prize of x500 of the bets value and an RTP of 97%

  • Big Money Cruise - this cruise-themed video slot gives players a great chance to win a prize of x1,500. The payout is 97%

  • Darts Champion is a 5 reel 10 paylines video slot with an RTP of 96% and the highest bet multiplier value of x650

  • Opera is a music video slot with a payout of 96% and a betting potential of x12,500

  • Pirates Fortune is a title in which you can win a prize worth x1,000 bets. THE RTP IS 96%.

How Do We Rate Holland Power Gaming Slots?

Creating a company slot machine rating has become a necessity, as players often make the wrong choices. Because of this, global losses occur, which in turn undermine users' confidence in gambling. In our list, we included Holland Power games with the well-known and most attractive RTP. In these games, we also evaluated the winning potential to create an exciting gaming session for you. You certainly won't get bored. By the way, also thanks to the modern variety of bonus features in the games from our ranking. The choice is not limited to Wild and Scatter alone.

We also rated the company's slots in terms of excellent gameplay and quality audiovisuals. It should be noted that all the games we offer you work on all types of devices. This is especially useful when players have a limited amount of time to wager the bonus they receive. In this case, they can pick up their smartphone, download the online casino website and, following the bonus rules, play any game from our rankings right on the go. Remember, this recommendation works for customers of those casinos whose rules do not prohibit Holland Power slots.

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