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Green Jade Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.1

Reputation: 8.7
Average RTP: 7.5
Graphics: 8.8
Features: 8.9
License(s) Malta

Green Jade is a casino slot studio that offers high quality slots to players. They have an impressive portfolio of games and offer the most popular titles on the market. If you enjoy playing video poker, they also offer this type of game! Green Jade has been in operation since 2017 and has grown by leaps and bounds ever since. It specializes in digital gaming and takes pride in offering new content that players will love.

Green Jade Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Galaxy Wing 97.99 % Medium-low x3000
# 2 The Christmas Slot 97.01 % Low x500
# 3 Ocean Escape 96.69 % Medium-high x2500
# 4 Dragon Lord 96.5 % Medium x4500
# 5 Cheeky Cheshire 96.27 % Medium-high x7500
# 6 Dragon Fruit 96.2 % Medium-high x5000
# 7 Toin of Gold 96.2 % Medium-low x2500
# 8 Vbet Diamond 96.2 % Medium x5000
# 9 Book of Babylon 96.19 % Medium-high x5000
# 10 Casino Blocks 96.15 % Medium-low x2500
# 11 Extreme 7 96.1 % Medium-low x1500
# 12 Ra Ko 96.09 % Medium x8020
# 13 Fruit Punch K.O. 96.0 % Medium-high x7500
# 14 Candy Prize BIG 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 15 Speedy Candy Game 96.0 % Medium-low x3000
# 16 Parimatch K.O. 96.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 17 Viking Smash 95.6 % High x7500
# 18 Gladius KO 95.31 % Medium-high x2500
# 19 Stamp Wild 95.26 % Medium-high x7800
# 20 Spin Bet Station 95.16 % Medium-low x2500
# 21 Side Bet 11K 95.16 % High x11639
# 22 Pick a Pinata 95.16 % Low x32
# 23 Rednex KO 95.1 % Medium-high x4000
# 24 Neon Lights 95.09 % Low x8
# 25 Jade Puzzle Game 95.08 % High x10000
# 26 Alien KO 95.08 % High x10000
# 27 Fruit Slice 95.08 % Low x1000
# 28 Son of Midas 95.02 % Medium-low x665
# 29 Western Rush 95.0 % Low x1000
# 30 Finding Mr Green 94.99 % High x10000
# 31 Hammer of Fortune 94.99 % High x10000
# 32 Fortune Stones 94.82 % Low x1000
# 33 Galaxy Rogues 94.08 % Medium x5000
# 34 Tap Tap Splat 94.0 % High x1500
# 35 Candy Prize 94.0 % Medium x5000
# 36 Frankie Holiday 93.33 % Medium-high x2500
# 37 Troll KO 93.1 % Medium x2000
# 38 Cash Quiz Game 93.0 % Low x3000
# 39 Candy Wall Game 92.87 % Medium x10000

Best Green Jade Online Casinos

100% up to 200$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Green Jade Slots RTP

The average RTP of the Green Jade Games catalog is 95%. These figures do not make the studio stand out from the crowd of similar companies. Moreover, this percentage is not good enough for a company that aspires to do so. But it should be noted that this company is a young representative of the industry. They have come to present their vision for gambling. Yes, perhaps the downside to their products so far is that the RTP is not high enough. Time goes on, the provider continues to evolve and it is possible that as early as 2022, the upcoming releases will please us with a higher RTP than it was before.

Instead, the company focuses on bonus features and the use of unique mechanics. For example, this developer is the creator of the unusual Knock Out mechanic. The specifics are that players can remove certain symbols and win chests. In this way, they get the opportunity to receive additional Free Spins as well as additional cash payouts. Simply put, thanks to this patented mechanic, you can swap losing symbols for winning ones.

Best 7 Green Jade Slots

What are the best slots? How do you define them? After all, each player has his own criteria for putting slots in his personal ranking. In this regard, I place slots with the highest RTP in the rank of the best slot machines. Together with the maximum winnings included in their algorithms, these games can bring users big winnings.

Green Jade Games best slots are:

  • The Christmas Slot. Has an RTP of 97.01% and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Dragon Lord. Has an RTP of 96.5% and a maximum multiplier of x100

  • Cheeky Cheshire. Has an RTP of 96.27% and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Toin of Gold. Has an RTP of 96.2% and a maximum multiplier of x700

  • Dragon Fruit. Has an RTP of 96.2% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Book of Babylon. Has an RTP of 96.19% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Casino Blocks. Has an RTP of 96.15% and a maximum multiplier of x2,500.

Green Jade Slots Features

In order to ensure that users enjoy the gameplay, the provider has incorporated many interesting options into the mechanics of the slots. Some models also feature unique bonus features patented by the company. These allow players to come out a winner more often. There is such a variety of them that it is impossible to reproach the studio's experts for not doing anything. Some of the more common features include:

  • Free Spins, Additional Free Spins (Viking Smash)

  • Wild, Respin Wild, Moving Wild, Sticky Wild, Random/ Additional Wild (Cheeky Cheshire)

  • Scatter (Frankie Holiday)

  • Bonus Wheel (Son of Midas)

  • Buy feature (Fruit Punch K.O.)

  • Multiplier, Random Multiplier (Son of Midas)

  • Bonus game (Ra Ko)

  • Expanding symbol (Book of Babylon)

  • Giant Mystery Symbol (Dragon Fruit)

  • Knock out (Alien KO)

  • Skill Balance Pot (Candy Prize)

  • Bonus bet (Side Bet 11K)

  • Gamble (Stamp Wild).

Green Jade Slots

Green Jade Games is a small, growing company based in Malta. To promote the industry and open up new geographical markets, the studio is a regular exhibitor at international trade shows. So far, the studio's games are available at a limited number of online casinos. This prevents the studio from gaining widespread recognition.

There are no progressive jackpot slots in the studio's portfolio. Instead, the provider experiments with mechanics. This makes its games unique and competitive. Users can choose models produced according to the 53, 33, 64, 77, 8*8 scheme.

The paylines, together with the bet size, are important technical parameters for a slot machine. They give players an idea of how much total money can be wagered in a particular model. The provider's library includes slots with 10-50 paylines, as well as games with 243 options to win. In the latter, the bet is placed per spin. Betting amounts can be varied from 0.2 EUR to 550 EUR.

Use the "+" and "-" buttons to form a bet. You don't have to set anything else up. For added comfort, the provider has added Autoplay and Quick Game Mode to the interface.

Green Jade Slots List

Green Jade Games is a young developer. More than 30 specialists, ranging from managers to engineers, work on the creation of game content on a daily basis. The studio's first video slot was released the year they began operations. It happened in 2018.

Over the next 3 years, this developer has released more than 20 more titles, 8-9 units each year. This number of games in the portfolio, as well as the speed chosen by the studio, is another drawback. The fact is that there is more than one example of young game studios in the industry that release more than 15 titles a year. This fact gives players more variety than Green Jade.

Fairness of Green Jade Slots

The fairness of the RNG is a very important indicator for players. No one will play slots that do not meet regulatory requirements. On the other hand, the licensed operators will also refuse to cooperate with such providers. Simply put, the lack of any proof of the quality of the gaming software greatly affects the popularity of the provider.

To avoid such a situation, this developer has licensed its operations in Malta. This is one of the strictest jurisdictions in relation to gambling and, accordingly, one of the most reputable. Regulatory authorities of that country take very seriously the work on controlling the quality, safety and fairness of games for online casinos. This gives the studio the right to claim that their games are fully ready to be sold in the best clubs.

Mobile Green Jade Slots

This studio is of the opinion that their games are worthy of being always at the players' fingertips. And in order to realise this, they've used the HTML5 coding language. As a result, all Green Jade slots can be easily integrated into any platform. This allows casino customers to play directly from their mobile devices and tablets when choosing this studio's slots.

GJ's mobile slots are all about convenience coupled with accessibility. You can open the studio's games directly in your device's browser, no third-party software is required to keep you playing. And mobile slots can even be played on outdated OS versions.

Green Jade Slots Sound and Graphics

The graphics in the company's games are quite good. Each game invites users to dive into a new story. This is done by using themed images and complemented by quality music. Despite the fact that not every slot has "live" 3D technology, the bonus rounds are able to please with their effects. In those games where, on the contrary, this technology is used, they are as good as games from leading software vendors.

Best 7 Mobile Green Jade Games Slots

Mobile devices have not only made life easier for us with their advent, but they have also made it possible to bring our favorite hobby into the online realm. Understanding this, Green Jade has set out to develop mobile slots. The best of them in the studio's portfolio can and should be called:

  • The Christmas Slot is a title with a yield of 97.01%. Bear in mind that we have indicated the maximum amount. There are variants that the operator can choose the size of. The maximum winnings are x500 bets

  • Vbet Diamond - a video slot where you can win a prize worth 5,000 times your bet with an RTP of 96.2%

  • Extreme 7 - 2020 model with a prize potential of x1,500 and an RTP of 96.1%

  • Spin Bet Station is a 3 reel slot machine with a 95.16% payout and a maximum prize of x2,500

  • Side Bet 11K - the video slot offers the opportunity to increase your balance by an amount greater than your bet of 11,639 times. Helped by an RTP of 95.16% and High volatility

  • Son of Midas - the model sends us back to ancient Greece. The slot is presented with an RTP of 95.02% and a maximum prize of x665 bets

  • Fortune Stones - May fortune smile upon you and give you the highest possible payout. Its size is x1,000 bets. The RTP reaches 94.82%.

Best 7 Free Green Jade Games Slots

From the company's overall portfolio, we can highlight a selection of the best free video slots:

  • Troll KO is a 6 reel model with a maximum payout of 2,000 times the bet and a payout of 93.1%

  • Frankie Holiday - the name sends you and the main characters to a sunny beach, which holds a winning potential bet of x2,500 and an RTP of 93.33%

  • Candy Prize, a developer model with an RTP of 94% and winnings of up to x20,000

  • Hammer of Fortune is a colorful and well-styled slot machine with an RTP of 94.99% and a betting multiplier of a maximum of x10,000

  • Alien KO is a slot with a maximum payout of up to x10,000 and a payout of 95.08%

  • Neon Lights is a model dominated by below-average returns, which as a percentage is 95.09%. The prize potential reaches x400 bets

  • Gladius KO - this Roman game offers a betting range of 0.5 to 100 coins, a maximum prize of x2,500 and an RTP of 95.31%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Green Jade Games Slots

Green Jade works with operators who have implemented blockchain payment technology on their platform. Casino customers can bet anonymously and as securely as possible. If you are one of those for whom this is important, we suggest you join a reliable gaming club, deposit your account and play the developer's best crypto games:

  • Dragon Lord - take the opportunity to win 40,000 USD using the game's built-in mathematical algorithms. There's also a 96.5% return on your investment

  • Ra Ko is the title that hides the maximum prize of 8,020 times the bet and an RTP of 96.09%

  • Fruit Punch K.O. - Video slot with Medium-High risk, 96% RTP and x1,500 betting potential

  • Candy Prize BIG - the game uses the popular Cluster Pays engine. With prize options and working algorithms, the user has the chance to improve their account by a factor of 10,000. The RTP is 96%

  • Stamp Wild - Studio model with a maximum betting prize potential of x400 and an RTP of 95.26%

  • Cheeky Cheshire is a colorful slot machine with an eye-catching plot, a maximum betting prize of x300 and a payout of 96.27%

  • Finding Mr Green is an interactive slot machine, characterised by a 94.99% return on the money wagered and a maximum prize of x10,000.

How Do We Rate Provider Slots?

Even a single criterion can be used to identify the company's best slots. This is how we have ranked the developer's games in terms of their profitability. However, in this case, we considered the company's games on the presence of a combination of several parameters. Among them we took RTP - some generous paylines. We are also guided by the understanding of the need to offer you options with exciting gameplay and a nice set of bonus options. We also looked at the slots' maximum payout as being the most exciting part of the slot machines.

We then moved on to review the developer's products in terms of quality and design style. It was important for us to choose the games with the most attractive design and graphics that are in line with current trends. Finally, we would like to note that the entire studio's portfolio, including the games in the ranking, is not demanding on smartphones. The games work equally well on computers and smartphones with the oldest OS versions. All of the above parameters coming together in one slot allow us to call them high quality, and therefore the best.

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