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Geco Gaming Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.3

Reputation: 8.5
Average RTP: 8.1
Graphics: 8.4
Features: 8.7
License(s) Malta, Curacao E-gaming

The internet is a wonderful place. It provides an opportunity for people to do anything they want, and with Geco Gaming, you can now play your favorite slot games from the comfort of your own home! Geco Gaming has taken the casino experience to a whole new level by providing players with access to their favorite slots anytime and anywhere. With more than 100 unique titles available on desktop or mobile devices, there are plenty of opportunities for players to enjoy playing at this studio.

Geco Gaming Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 88 Coins 97.01 % Medium-low x2500
# 2 Scatter Brains 96.207 % Medium-low x2500
# 3 5 Ages of Gold 96.12 % High x100
# 4 Treasure Pond 96.089 % Low x1000
# 5 Mystic Gems 95.995 % Medium x4500
# 6 Treasure Compass 95.994 % Low x1000
# 7 Time Gamble 95.957 % Medium-low x2200
# 8 Pie Toss 95.915 % Medium-low x2590
# 9 My Fair Pearl 94.191 % Medium x4000
# 10 Bridal Miss'cheif 94.0 % Low x700
# 11 Tie the Knot 94.0 % Medium-low x2500

Geco Gaming Slots RTP

It is generally accepted in the industry that slot machines recommended for use in online casinos should have an RTP of 97% or higher. In this case, their level of betting returns is called extremely high. In the worst case, the rate of theoretical return of bets should be at least 96% (such percentage is called good, acceptable). If games have RTP below 96%, they cannot be recommended. The only exception is slots with progressive jackpots.

In this regard, some of Geco Gaming's video slots deserve some good reviews, as their portfolio features models with 96% or more ROI. Even so, the library's average RTP is only 95% to 95.5% due to the presence of a game provider with an extremely low ROI in the library.

Best 7 Geco Gaming Slots

The ranking of the best slots is based on their payout rate. And there's a rationale for that. No amount of graphics, no amount of gameplay will "save" a slot from falling among players if it doesn't give players their money back. Some of the best games produced by Geco Gaming include:

  • 88 Coins has an RTP of 97.01% and a maximum multiplier of x6,660

  • Scatter Brains has an RTP of 96.207% and maximum winnings of 50,000 coins

  • 5 Ages of Gold has an RTP of 96.12% and a maximum multiplier of x100

  • Treasure Pond has an RTP of 96.089% and maximum winnings of 50,000 coins

  • Mystic Gems has an RTP of 95, 995% and maximum winnings of 100,000 coins

  • Treasure Compass has an RTP of 95.994% and maximum winnings of 40,000 coins

  • Time Gamble has an RTP of 95.957% and maximum winnings of 500,000 coins.

Geco Gaming Slots Features

Today, 'empty' retro games are of interest only to a narrow circle of players. To attract the younger generation of users, as well as fans of spectacular games, Geco Gaming has included a set of bonus options in its products:

  • Free Spins, Free Spins Mode Choosing (5 Ages of Gold)

  • Wild (Pie Toss)

  • Scatter (88 Coins)

  • Bonus Game: Pick Objects (Tie the Knot)

  • Bonus symbol, Expanding Symbol, Substitution symbol (Pie Toss)

  • Bonus Wheel (Bridal Miss'cheif)

  • Multiplier (My Fair Pearl)

  • Gamble (Time Gamble)

  • Respin (Treasure Compass).

It should be noted that the developer's number of prize options is small compared to other providers. However, if one considers the fact that the company was able to fit all the listed features into its very limited product portfolio, a good picture emerges.

Geco Gaming Slots

Geco Gaming slots are not particularly popular with players. This is because operators most often integrate products from those studios which have a more impressive portfolio. In this case, on the other hand, there are very few games. In addition, the provider does not have slots with the progressive jackpot. Even if only slightly, it also affects the popularity of the game studio.

The provider's entire catalog consists of 5 reel slots and 3 to 50 paylines. Payouts in these slots follow a classic left-to-right scenario. A few games stand out from the provider's portfolio. Their mechanics include a more modern way of paying out in the form of 243 ways to win.

In terms of betting size, the provider's models are quite varied. For example, while one machine accepts bets from 0.2 EUR to 4 EUR, the amount increases from a minimum of 0.3 EUR to a maximum of 300 EUR.

Before activating the gameplay, users need to adjust the line bet. The "Total bet" button is provided for this purpose. There is no choice of coin denomination in the provider's product. But the interface allows you to activate the autoplay mode (button Auto Spin). Then all that remains is to spin the reels to test your luck.

Geco Gaming Slots List

According to some reports surfacing in reputable industry publications, Geco Gaming was sold to Playtech PLC back in 2016. However, there is no official confirmation of this. Nor has there been any information about the company's operations for a long time. The last slot was released in 2019 and no trace of activity could be found after that. Perhaps the company has been producing games under the Playtech name ever since, or perhaps they merged at the time. We are not going to guess, we are stating the facts.

The company managed to produce 11 video slots during its period of open activity. It did not produce any other types of games. In 2016 and 2018, the studio created 4 models each, while in some years it was passive. At other times, the specialists released an average of one game a year. This portfolio is one of the smallest in the industry and it is a shame that this studio has not had time to reach its full potential.

Fairness of Geco Gaming Slots

It is difficult to answer the question of whether Geco games are fair, as it is not possible to find their official website. One can only guess that the provider has adhered to all the accepted rules, including in terms of RNG. This is indirectly confirmed by the Rising Star nomination in 2015 at one of the shows.

If the 2016 deal did take place, then the later games are guaranteed to have a fair RNG. The reason for this is that the parent company would not allow slots with unproven fairness to be sent to the market. In any case, if you choose a licensed casino with Geco Gaming software that audits their products annually, you will be fully confident in the quality of their RNG.

Mobile Geco Gaming Slots

The studio's slots are fully up to date. The fact is that HTML5 technology has been used in their production. Thanks to it, slot machines are available at any time, even if you're on the go. Playing on a smartphone or tablet with Android, iOS, any slot from the portfolio will not only open but also work stably. Taken together, this means that even if your device isn't young anymore, you'll still get fast access to them.

Geco Gaming Slots Sound and Graphics

It's a shame that Geco Gaming disappeared from the industry very quickly and left only a small footprint. They had a lot of potential in the development of their company. This can be seen even in the very first models. They use technology to improve the graphics quality to a state-of-the-art level. Furthermore, this can also be seen in the choice of music which accompanies the gameplay and its storyline.

Best 7 Mobile Geco Gaming Slots

If you're still in doubt about whether or not you can find Gego Gaming slot machines in a mobile casino, we suggest you put all your doubts to rest. Thanks to the use of modern HTML5 technology, they are available on smartphones. We suggest you try the best mobile Geco models to start with:

  • Treasure Pond - The game takes you to an amazingly beautiful garden with a pond, in which you can find some pretty good winnings. The payout is x50,000. The financial return on the game is 96.09%

  • Bridal Miss'cheif - the title sends players to a glamorous party. Here you not only get to enjoy the party but also walk away with a sum of 250,000 USD

  • 5 Ages of Gold, a video slot dedicated to ancient civilisations, includes an RTP of 96.12% and a maximum prize of 15,000 USD

  • Pie Toss - this game offers a payout of 95.92%, which is close to the average. The maximum prize here is 500,000 USD. In addition, there are several interesting features without which the game would not be as attractive

  • Mystic Gems - this slot machine offers payouts of up to 100,000 USD and a fixed refund of 95.995% of the money invested in the game

  • Tie the Knot is an appellation dedicated to a solemn day in many people's lives - a wedding. Here you can get back up to 94% of your investment or, even better, win 31,250 USD

  • My Fair Pearl - For lovers of Asian traditions, this is the title on offer. It's packed with a winning potential of 1,500,000 USD with a return of 94.19%.

Best 7 Free Geco Gaming Slots

We have compiled for you a ranking of the best Gego titles that are available at any affiliated casino in demo mode. It looks as follows:

  • Time Gamble is a slot machine with an adventurous atmosphere and is capable of paying out up to 500,000 USD. The RTP of this video slot is 95.96%

  • 88 Coins - in this variant, the provider has again resorted to the Asian style. The game has the highest return rate in the provider's range at 97.01%, but also the lowest winnings at 6,660 coins

  • 5 Ages of Gold is not only attractive but also in its 96.12% betting return rate. The slot machine can make you richer by 15,000 virtual coins

  • Tie the Knot - this game's festive storyline is perfectly complemented by a maximum prize of 31,250 coins and an RTP of 94%

  • Scatter Brains is a slot machine with good gameplay, an opportunity to win up to 50,000 coins and a return of 96.207%

  • Treasure Compass - an option that will credit the player's account with 40,000 coins. The payout of the machine has to be taken into account. It is 95.99%

  • Mystic Gems is a video slot with a fairytale theme. The game features a maximum prize of 100,000 coins. The model has a return rate of 95.995%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Geco Gaming Slots

If you think that bitcoin casinos have a limited selection of video slots from Gego and other providers, you are sorely mistaken. The newest type of casino has the same variety of slot machines as a traditional casino. We, on the other hand, want you to bet on the best bitcoin slots of the provider when you visit the first type of establishment. These include:

  • Pie Toss - head into the kitchen to cook a meal for 500,000 USD. The game offers a return of 95.915%

  • 88 Coins - the title is willing to pay out 6,660 USD at an RTP of 97.01%

  • Treasure Pond - with this game you have to be prepared for a payout of 96.09%. The prize potential of the game is not bad and amounts to 50,000 USD

  • My Fair Pearl is the slot with the most generous winnings of the entire portfolio - 1,500,000 USD, Medium risk. The drawback of the slot's mathematics is its low RTP. Its percentage is 94.19%

  • Bridal Miss'cheif - a model with a beautiful design, a prize potential of 250,000 USD and a return of 94% of the money invested by players

  • Treasure Pond is a colorful slot machine that invites users to take a chance and carry away 50,000 USD. Don't forget, though, that the game also has an RTP of 96.09%

  • Scatter Brains - the model supports a good return of 96.207% and is ready to pay out up to 50,000 USD.

How Do We Rate Geco Gaming Slots?

In forming our ranking, we looked at the company's portfolio from different technical and creative perspectives. It is not enough for a game to look attractive in terms of graphics and storyline. It is also important that the technical parameters allow us to call the slots top-notch. To call them that, we made sure that the games did not maintain a critically low RTP.

By looking at the payout percentage, you can gauge your chances of winning the maximum prize. The size of the latter was just as important to us, as it makes the gameplay even more gambling and exciting. On top of that, we chose slots with a set of good features for you. They are important to us as a tool to improve gameplay and a way to increase payouts. You can also rest assured that the models listed are available on mobile phones. This will allow you to play when it suits you, even if you are at work.

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