Pay Both Ways Feature Explained + Best RTP Slots

Both Ways Feature allows players to receive payouts in both directions. That is, in the classic sense of payout formation, the symbols should line up from the first reel on the left side and form a sequence moving to the right. In most cases, many players were upset when they saw that the winning sequence was forming from the right reel and moving to the left. Now this drawback has been eliminated and you can play slots where paying chains are formed both from left to right and from right to left.

Playing slots players feel the excitement, loads of thrills and relentless action if they choose the games that suit them best. Users experience the thrill of seeing the reels stop and the winning sequence, the Wild and Scatter symbols appear while playing, and the bonus rounds that help in the winnings that increase your bankroll. However, these are not all the options that keep players in a state of nervous excitement waiting to win. There are several other interesting features that can provide an extra boost of excitement and excitement.

One such option is both ways feature. Sure, it's not as spectacular as a free spins round or expanding wilds feature, but it can have a positive effect on a number of other slot features. So, if you find a slot that includes this feature, you will love it and play slots with both ways feature more often than other games.

Best Pay Both Ways online slots

(players from United States are welcome)

Lucky Fortune Cat Online Slot Logo

Lucky Fortune …

Both Ways: Yes
Happy Ape Online Slot Logo

Happy Ape

Both Ways: Yes
Wealth Inn Online Slot Logo

Wealth Inn

Both Ways: Yes
Galactic Girls Online Slot Logo

Galactic Girls

Both Ways: Yes
Twisted Turbine Online Slot Logo

Twisted Turbine

Both Ways: Yes
Mighty Fruits Online Slot Logo

Mighty Fruits

Both Ways: Yes
Day and Night Online Slot Logo

Day and Night

Both Ways: Yes
Tree of Light Online Slot Logo

Tree of Light

Both Ways: Yes
Don Slottione Online Slot Logo

Don Slottione

Both Ways: Yes
Romance V Online Slot Logo

Romance V

Both Ways: Yes
Spin Joker, Spin Online Slot Logo

Spin Joker, Sp…

Both Ways: Yes
Knockout Diamonds Online Slot Logo

Knockout Diamo…

Both Ways: Yes
Suncatcher Gigablox Online Slot Logo

Suncatcher Gig…

Both Ways: Yes
Disco Dance Online Slot Logo

Disco Dance

Both Ways: Yes
Showers Online Slot Logo


Both Ways: Yes
Showers Circus Edition Online Slot Logo

Showers Circus…

Both Ways: Yes
Divine Carnival Online Slot Logo

Divine Carnival

Both Ways: Yes
Starlight Online Slot Logo


Both Ways: Yes
Hot Coins Hold and Win Online Slot Logo

Hot Coins Hold…

Both Ways: Yes
3 Fruits Win Double Hit Online Slot Logo

3 Fruits Win D…

Both Ways: Yes
Popping Potions Online Slot Logo

Popping Potions

Both Ways: Yes
3 Lucky Pots Online Slot Logo

3 Lucky Pots

Both Ways: Yes
Nitropolis 2 Online Slot Logo

Nitropolis 2

Both Ways: Yes
Legend of the White Buffalo Online Slot Logo

Legend of the …

Both Ways: Yes

How do 2 way slots work?

Every player knows that spinning the reels sooner or later results in winning free spins round, a bonus round or a regular winning combination in a regular game. In most cases, you'll find lots of pay lines, unless you're playing classic slots. And in all slots, paying combinations are formed on the left-hand side and go to the right. But, players can be very uncomfortable when three or more symbols, form a combination on the right side and go to the left. After all, they know very well that if such a combination is formed from the left to the right, then a big win is ensured.

However, when you find a slot that has both ways, you will be glad you did. From the name of this option, it is clear that winnings can fall in both directions: left to right and right to left. No longer will you be upset that the right symbols fell out in the wrong direction. With this option active, you'll definitely have a much better chance of getting frequent winnings and large payouts.

This option does not need to be activated. If the slot informs you that there is both ways feature, it is likely to be enabled by default and work all the time you play and spin the reels.

It can sometimes happen that this feature is presented as a special feature of the slot. What it means is that it is not activated during the standard game, but during free spins or a bonus round.

Do win both ways slots pay better?

In all slots, the lines play no role in the RTP. Likewise in the case of both ways, there is no evidence that it has any effect on the percentage of theoretical returns. However, the presence of this option may indicate that the slot will be more volatile, resulting in less frequent but larger winnings.