Online Slots FAQ (Every Question Covered)

Online slots are popular with players because of their ease of use and their ability to win real money. All you have to do is choose your bet size and click on 'Spin'. Whether you play at night or during the day, on the internet or on any offline device, these games will be great fun without any inhibitions. In addition, every player has the opportunity to play slot machines for free.

It's hard to believe, but the first slot machine appeared in 1887 in England. It was invented by the owner of an automobile repair shop in order to pass the time while a customer's the car was being repaired. A few years later, two friends from New York also created a slot machine, which became the prototype of the modern slot machine. In both cases, this technical marvel became so popular among gamblers that many casinos became interested in it. However, at the time, slot machines were so underdeveloped that many operators cheated and tampered with the outcome of the game. Fortunately, modern slots located in legitimate online casinos do not have the ability to give out cheating combinations.

It's hard to believe, but for a period of time, mechanical slot machines gave away... gum as a prize. In the future, slot machines have changed, improved and reached a peak of development in the 80s of the 20th century. It was in this decade had the largest number of new slot machines. And that's in addition to the fact that in 1976 had to create the world's first video slot.

As for the now commonplace online slot game, it appeared in 1995. Its creator was Microgaming, a company known to every player. Needless to say, that to this day, the company continues to create trends? After the Internet became available to almost everyone, there was a new round in the formation and development of gambling. Many operators rushed to create new slot machines for online casinos, and the players themselves, in turn, considered the potential in such virtual institutions.

Could Charles Fey, who was the first to introduce the first slot machine to the world, have imagined that technology would one day be able to transfer the functionality of his creation to the vast expanse of the internet? We will never know. But we think he would have been delighted with the outcome.

Today's online slots use innovative technology to increase players' chances of not just winning, but winning big money. This is especially true of slots with cumulative jackpots. But even without that, you've got a chance to be hundreds of thousands of dollars richer by using the latest slot technology (Megaways, Gigablox, infiniReels, Cluster Pay, etc).

How to play online slots?

Today, the number of slot models is off the charts. We're talking about tens of thousands of game variants with different themes, bonus features, odds of winning, pay lines, and the quality of the graphics. Needless to say, any player would not have a lifetime to explore each and every one of them. Thanks to such diversity, you can be sure that you will always be able to choose a slot to your liking and interests.

Before you start playing a particular online slot, you should check the paytable. It can be found in the Help section; every game has one. After that, it's worth analysing the information described. This will help you understand what you can get as a reward in this game. Keep in mind that you will never be able to determine the outcome of your bet. Even though many slots involve stopping the reels, this has no effect on the chance of winning. All that matters here is luck and nothing else.

Also, before you bet in cash rather than the free currency built into the slot (in the case of playing in demo mode), make sure it's original. This is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and here's why:

The original slot is essentially a factory-set product. No casino operator has even the slightest chance of fixing its algorithm to suit their interests

The original slot is absolutely certain to have undergone an international quality check by one of several international independent laboratories. In this way, the provider confirms that the declared RTP percentage and variance are the same as advertised.

A newcomer to gambling might not see anything special here, but experienced players understand how important the honesty of the slot machine and the operator in particular is.

If after analyzing this information you are satisfied and decide to play further, adjust your bet size and number of pay lines (if allowed by the rules of the game). If you choose the maximum bet, the slot will automatically adjust to the maximum number of active pay lines. The higher the number of pay lines, the greater your winning potential will be.

Then all you have to do is spin the reel and hope that you will be the lucky ones in the game of your choice. What makes online slots so remarkable is that you don't need any strategies to play them. You have to understand that any gambling game aims to make a profit from the player. The amount of money that will return to the player, expressed in the established mechanics of the slot level RTP. So, if the slot machine assumes the RTP level of 95%, it means that for each successful bet you can get 95% of its size. The rest goes to the casino operator's coffers.

How can you win on online slots?

Over the decades of online slots, various winning schemes have emerged among players. According to them, they are plausible and have a right to life:

  • The most popular winning technique among casino customers is the Martingale system. It requires you to start the game with a minimum bet, and after each loss, double it

  • Another strategy states that after each unsuccessful spin you should reduce your bet by 1 point

  • If you have a few unsuccessful spins, choose another online slot

  • After losing a predetermined amount of money, stop

  • After a big win, change the slot

  • After a triggered bet, increase the bet. However, if the winning streak ends, return to the original level.

By using these systems to play, the risk of losing money is minimized. Play responsibly.

Is there a way to tell when a slot machine will hit?

The nature of online slots does not guarantee players constant winnings. You can never know how each successive bet will play out. However, if you investigate the parameters built into the machine, you can assess the risks.

Every online slot has its own betting return percentage. This is known as the RTP figure. On average it ranges from 95-97%, there are also slot machines with levels both below and above these figures. This percentage indicates that in the long run, the player can get his money back at this rate.

Another indicator of your chances of getting a win back from a slot is the variance. The higher the level, the less chance you have of winning quickly. If it does happen, the amount will be impressive. Conversely, when the variance is low, you'll win more often, but not as much. Such slots are great for wagering bonuses.

Is it safe to play online slots?

The development of technology affects online casino games equally positively and negatively. Internet fraudsters easily find vulnerabilities in the security of gambling sites. In this way, they illegally gain access to players' wallets, their data and affect their game balance. You can easily avoid these problems if you choose only a licensed casino with a good reputation. A gambling establishment with safe gaming does not have to be old. Even a young establishment can be reliable if it is part of an online casino operator's network with a lot of weight in iGaming.

Secure online casinos are characterised by data encryption with 128- or 256-bit encryption protocols. Also, online slots with a high level of security have a built-in RNG. It guarantees customers that the game is not affected by outside influences. If so, you can easily find this information on the casino's website. In addition, many operators additionally certify all game content in independent laboratories. This means that the operator is serious about providing fair gaming.

Can you play for real money on the Internet?

Yes! Gambling sites are open 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy your gaming experience even at night. Many games have two modes of play - demo and real money games. If you choose a new slot machine, we suggest you get used to it first in demo mode and only then risk your money.

Can you win money playing online slots?

Thanks to the variety of online gambling, you can not only have a fun time, but you can also make an income from your hobby. Studies have shown that particularly successful casino customers can earn over $60,000 a year. And that's not the limit. Among the variety of gaming content for gambling sites are games with progressive jackpots. Winners qualify for anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to infinity. In such slots, the pool grows minute by minute and many players favour such slots.

You can also play games for real money in tournaments. These are held both within a single gambling club and in cooperation with providers. In this case, the winners receive a portion of the prize pool depending on their place in the tournament table. The biggest payouts go to the first 3-5 places. However, the selection of online slots is limited to a few models. These are listed in the tournament rules.

If you don't have any big payout plans, you can open up absolutely any online slots of the playground and try your luck. Depending on its functionality and prize features, you have the chance to earn anywhere from small to large sums.

Can you play online slots for free?

Each provider allows casino customers to experience their products for free. To do so, you can click on the image of the slot and select "Demo play" mode. You don't even have to register at the gambling site to do so. What's more, almost every provider's official website features a portfolio. Any game (except live dealer and progressive jackpot slots) will be open to you for free.

When you open the free slots, there is already money in their balance. This is a virtual currency that is built into the mechanics of the slot machine. In this case, you can play and win, but your winnings as well as the account currency will be virtual. If you lose, the virtuality rule also applies. You will not lose anything from your pocket.

Can you hack online slots?

The history of gambling has seen cases in the past where cheaters have managed to hack into slot machines and online slots. Nowadays, the chance of a good outcome for them is close to zero. The fact is that today's online slots are hashed through cryptographic functions, even for the best hackers in the business. Cracking them is an almost impossible task. Even if one considers the possibility of a possible bad outcome, such criminals cannot remain anonymous. That's why the risk of hacking online slots is currently non-existent. You can safely bet in the best casino games and not worry about anything.

Can you play online slots without internet?

Yes! The modern gambling industry allows you to play online slots without the internet. All you have to do is download the models that interest you and play. The great news is that the selection of offline slots is just as huge as that of online games. Even though it's the online slots that are in the highest demand, the providers don't stop paying a large percentage of attention to their developments. Because of this, offline games have high-quality animations, graphics, sounds and other integral parts of a slot machine.

The rules of offline games are exactly the same as their online versions. Because of this, many players hone their skills in offline slots and only then begin to bet online. This is not the only positive thing about offline slots:

No risk of getting a virus on your computer. Despite the fact that nobody is surprised by anti-virus software these days, the chance of "getting a virus" from an online site is still quite high

For those who want to play slots at work, their offline versions are a great way out. It's not uncommon for companies' security services to monitor their employees' misuse of work time online. With downloadable versions of games, you can easily play at your desk without the risk of being accused of disruption.

So you can easily play your favourite games even when you have no internet connection.

Do online slots pay more at night?

The most popular time of day for online casino customers is at night. This is not surprising - many people are back from work, on tourist trips while on holiday in another country and so on. Many are still convinced that it is at night that the biggest payouts occur. We hasten to disappoint you - this is not the case. Online games can not determine the time of day and period in which to "give" more. A built-in RNG is responsible for the combination of combinations, including winning combinations. It cannot be influenced in any way.

However, if you want to increase your chance of winning, find an online casino that offers to participate in their promotions during this period. Quite often, more favourable terms and conditions apply to such offers. With bonuses, including bankroll raises or free spins, you have the opportunity to get richer at night.

Also, for the best payouts in online slots during the night, the same principles apply as for any time of day - play at the maximum bet with the maximum number of pay lines.

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