Best Mythology Themed Online Slots

The mythological theme in slot games isn’t a new phenomenon. Ancient Egypt and Greece, as well as other places with spectacular history, are interesting to lots of people who like historical characters, myths, and legends, the gods of Olympus, and stories about the glorious heroes of the past. That’s why many software developers have adopted mythology themes and use them to this day. Online casino sites cover this topic extensively in their games and offer players to try out a variety of slots based on myths for free! So keep reading to know more about these games.

Best paying Mythology themed online slots

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Why are Mythology-Themed Slots so Popular

Though there aren’t that many video slots featuring myth and legend plots, such a topic still enjoys lots of attention from players. Mythology-themed games seem to be one of the most popular categories in any online casino. And there’s no wonder why: myth stories have lived for thousands of years. And despite the fact that they’re all very different, they share a common theme - the heroes confront monsters and giants, which symbolize the forces of disorder and senseless destruction. This is a victory of reason against chaos, civilization against barbarism, human values against an unfriendly world.

And that’s why now when it seems that senseless destruction and lack of reason are winning, classical myths don’t lose their relevance. Players can relate themselves to the characters, and that’s the main reason for choosing this category of slots.

How I Picked the Best Slots

In order not only to enjoy the mythology-themed game but also to raise some cash, it’s important to consider the criteria for how to choose a slot. By following the rules listed below, you’ll be able to achieve your goal and profit from playing online casinos:

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the RTP. The more profitable the slot, the higher the RTP. This rule of choice should be taken as a basis!

  • It’s better to choose a slot machine with medium volatility. Slots are classified into three variance levels. Stick to the medium one. This will be the best choice for those who have just started playing at online casinos but still want to gain some profit.

  • It's always best to choose video slots with interesting designs. The game should hook you. Take the Thunder Zeus slot for example. While many games differ from each other primarily in terms of graphics, this slot really takes extra effort to give the user a unique experience: there are two separate sets of reels, unequally sized, with nine possible pay-lines each, for a total of 18 pay lines.

Common Main Characters and Paying Symbols

The most popular characters of mythology-themed games are ancient gods, in particular Zeus, as well as heroes, for example, Odysseus. Special symbols can be depicted both as legendary places (e.g. Mountain Olympus) and famous figures like Hades, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and others.