Pending vs Manual Flushing Casino Withdrawals

Gambling portals don’t normally process your cash-out requests immediately. Usually, they place them in the pending zone. In most cases, withdrawal requests can be canceled, and you have a chance to continue gambling with the funds. Surely enough, some punters are tempted to gamble the money away instead of withdrawing them. How to address this temptation? The best solution is manual flushing. What is the difference between pending withdrawals and manual flushing ones? Why is flushing funds so important? Where and how can you benefit from manual flushing? Find out in this article!

Online Casino Withdrawals

One of the main reasons online casinos and betting sites offer pending withdrawals is to get you to cancel your request and continue playing. This might seem cynical but the house only makes money when someone is playing and losing. They don’t make money when you decide not to play by withdrawing your winnings. By offering a ‘time out’ they are hoping that you will change your mind and reverse the withdrawal request. But there is a way to bypass the “pending period” and manage without reverse withdrawals by directly contacting the casino. The function of manual flushing comes to the rescue..

What Does Pending Withdrawal Mean?

Pending withdrawal is a cash-out request that has been sent to the casino operator but hasn’t been approved and processed yet. As a rule, you can expect your withdrawal claim to be processed within 1-3 working days. Casinos need time to check your personal info and banking details before giving their approval. You might be even asked to provide a copy of your ID if deemed necessary.

To send your withdrawal request for processing, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Fill in your profile with the correct information that fully matches the data from your ID.

  • Go through account verification in the chosen web casino by uploading screenshots or scanned copies of the requested documents.

  • In the payments tab (Cashier), you need to fill in an application for withdrawal, choosing the desired method and indicating the cash-out amount. Make sure the sum meets the minimum withdrawal requirements. Otherwise, your request will be denied.

  • Your request will automatically get the “pending” status. It means the entered details are correct and your withdrawal is sent for processing.

How does the pending period (or pending state) work? We’ll elaborate:

  • Let’s say, you win $500 playing video slots.

  • You intend to cash out $400 of this amount.

  • You place a withdrawal request for $400 to your digital wallet or card.

  • The requested 400 dollars are waiting to be transferred. Thus, you can not access them.

  • The withdrawal money remains in the pending zone until it's officially transferred to your e-purse account.

The main reason for the pending period to exist (though lots of players are against it) is that it helps reduce the casino’s operating expenses. In the same way you have to pay a charge to your bank if you want to receive a cheque sooner or process an international payment, casinos have similar operational costs.

A big plus of pending withdrawals is the possibility to cancel your cash-out request. It can be done right away. Once the withdrawal request is reversed, you can place bets and participate in promotional offers. However, if you are bad at self-control, you are better to consider another payment feature – the manual flushing of cash-outs.

What Does Manual Flushing Withdrawal Mean?

Manual flushing is a feature that allows you not only to place your withdrawal request into the pending period but also to deduct the requested sum from your bankroll. While the money is in the pending state, you can cancel the operation. But if you use the Manual flushing option, the money will definitely not be available until the end of the withdrawal process.

But why is manual flushing so important? Not all online casino players are good at self-control. And having the opportunity to reverse your cash-out with no safeguards in place increases the possibility that you will gamble more money than expected. Manual flushing is a great way to prevent this from ever happening. Upon requesting a cash-out, you can immediately contact the support team through live chat.

How to Find Out if a Casino Allows Manual Flushing?

The simplest way to find out whether your casino has a manual flushing function is to contact the support team. Customer service representatives should provide you with details and activate the feature on your request.

If you don’t want to get in touch with the support team, you can simply search for such information on the Internet. There are lots of websites and reviews suggesting casinos featuring manual flushing.

Aside from that, if there is an auto-flushing feature, it should be indicated in the Cashier section. Just choose the Withdrawal option and look for the Auto Flushing check-box. Click on it, and the feature will be activated by default.

Most of the time, casinos belonging to regulated operators offer manual flushing. Pay attention to the UK and Malta gaming licenses. Unregulated markets like Canada and the USA are more likely to avoid such a feature. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your favorite casino is bad if it doesn’t offer manual flushing. But if you struggle to avoid gambling away money that’s meant to be cashed out, then you should seriously consider searching for a casino that allows you to manually flush the funds.