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Wager Gaming Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2023)

Overall rating: 8.1

Reputation: 8.6
Average RTP: 7.2
Graphics: 7.9
Features: 8.1
License(s) Curacao E-gaming
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The Wager Gaming platform is a casino slot studio that offers players an easy way to play slots. The company was founded in 1998 by two gaming industry veterans who were frustrated with the lack of innovation in the market. They wanted to create something that would change how people played casino games, and they succeeded!

Wager Gaming has been able to give gamers more choice than ever before. They can play slots from any device, at anytime, anywhere they want. So if you are looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite game, check out the casinos below.

Wager Gaming Slots RTP

The slots that are great at everything are the ones that stand out. Developers are not ashamed of such games, and they are proud to present them. However, what is there to be ashamed of in their productions? That's right, poor technical specifications and lack of proper graphics and features set. As you have understood, I am now talking about RTP and volatility. If volatility is an individual parameter, which you can choose at your discretion. Then the RTP is much more. Here you have to stick to a clear instruction and follow it.

Wager Gaming's slots have an average RTP of 94%. I'll be honest, that's not nearly the level that's recommended to start playing. However, the 96% that is recommended to play refers to a single slot, not the average. Therefore, the averages are not covered by this parameter. As a consequence, you may find that many slots will have RTPs much higher than the 94% average.

Best 5 Wager Gaming Slots

Wager Gaming has the best slots, which you can check out. The thing is, the best slots are so for a number of reasons. They are either liked by a lot of players because of some unique option that is designed and implemented in the game, or because of the RTP and maximum possible winnings. A list of the company's best slots would therefore look as follows:

  • Tailgate Blitz with 96% RTP and maximum winnings of 500,000 coins

  • Dragon Master with an RTP of 95.42% and maximum winnings of 1,000,000 coins

  • Triple Paradise Riches with 95.4% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • 20,000 Leagues with an RTP of 94.5% and a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Jungle King with an RTP of 93.244% and a maximum multiplier of x3,750.

Note that there are only five slots. The fact is that the company provides paid versions of the slots and has actually closed off access to being able to explore them more thoroughly. Therefore, I'm sharing with you the information I was able to find after spending a long time searching. You will not see super high RTP here. But, I was attracted by the part with possible winnings. Sometimes the multiplier and winnings in Wager Gaming slots reach truly astronomical values.

Wager Gaming Slots Features

The main task falling on the shoulders of each provider is to work on the visual and technical side of the game. If the technical side is clear, then the visual components like bonus options should also be at a high level. Why do bonuses refer to graphics? It's simple, they don't affect the RTP in any way, so it's clear that they're just a graphical gimmick that keeps players in a state of tension and excitement.

Provider Wager Gaming offers players the following features, which are not unique, but attractive enough:

  • Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols (Birds Of Paradise)

  • Progressive Jackpot (Coral Cash)

  • Multiplier, Bonus Game, Wild (Sumo)

  • Bonus Wheel, Stack (Wheel of Chance II The Big Wheel)

  • Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, BonusGame: Pick Objects, FreeSpins, Nudge Feature, Scatter symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), Wild (Double Header)

  • Additional Free Spins, Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, FreeSpins, Risk/Gamble (Double) game (1st and 10).

Wager Gaming Slots

There are only two versions of 3 and 5 reel slots in the developer's portfolio. The 3 reel slots are the ones many are used to seeing in land-based casinos, and it was the idea of the provider to get as close to the real games as possible. But 5 reel slots are more modern games and they are used in land-based casinos as well as online casinos. Each of the slots contains 1, 10 or 25 paylines.

The minimum bet per line starts at 0.01 USD and goes up to 10 USD. So you can judge by yourself, that the minimum bet in a slot with 25 paylines is 0.25 USD, and the maximum bet is 250 USD. To try your luck and win the jackpot there is only one slot you can use - Coral Cash.

Want to start playing Wager Gaming slots but don't know where to start? Don't worry, it's really simple. You just need to find a slot provider with the features you want, or choose from the list of the best slots above. Then run it on your computer or mobile device. The game will load and you will see in front of you a playing field with symbols on it. Immediately below it is a special menu with buttons:

  • Paytable - find out how much you can get for each combination of symbols

  • Autoplay - start the round with autospins

  • Lines - select the number of lines

  • Bet - set the bet amount you want

  • Bet Max - set the maximum betting value with a single click

  • Spin - start playing.

Wager Gaming Slots List

Wager Gaming originated in 1996 and was previously known under different names, one of which was Odds On Gaming. The fact is that the years went by and there were rebrandings, as a consequence each time there was a change of brand name. It is difficult to say when the company began developing slots for online casinos. But, it is safe to say that there are 40+ slots in their current portfolio, from classic 3 reel slots to the more modern 5 reel slots. Of course, the volume of the developer's portfolio is still quite thin, but let's hope that they begin a more massive promotion.

Fairness of Wager Gaming Slots

Provider Wager Gaming produces games that are based on the RNG algorithm. This means that all games generate random results thanks to special software. This is what ensures that the games are fair and honest. However, the provider does not stop there and decides to have their software tested by special independent labs. Such auditors, issue a certificate of conformity that the provider's slots can be trusted and there are no deviations in their software.

Mobile Wager Gaming Slots

Venture out into the world of gambling using your computers and mobile devices. The company develops and adapts games for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. This means you can easily run any Wager Gaming game on your device. All you need to be connected to the internet and have a built-in browser on your phone or tablet. All games can be launched directly in your browser without having to download an application. Such opportunities have arisen with the advent of HTML5 technology that allows you not to overload your device and run applications and games.

Wager Gaming Slots Sound and Graphics

There's no denying the fact that Wager Gaming's games don't feature outstanding graphics or many masterful animations. On the contrary, it uses simple graphics that are more suitable for classic slots and rather primitive sounds.