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Sigma Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 7.9

Reputation: 9.2
Average RTP: 7.3
Graphics: 8.5
Features: 7.7
License(s) United Kingdom

Sigma is a casino slot studio that was designed to give players the experience of playing slots in an actual casino. This company prides themselves on being able to produce quality games and machines for people all over the world. Sigma has been working hard since their inception in 2014, and they are not slowing down anytime soon! They are always looking for new ways to improve their products so that customers can have an even better time playing at their casinos.

Sigma Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Pick A Fortune 95.79 % Medium x4560
# 2 Attic Treasure 95.5 % Medium x4430
# 3 Kites Kingdom 95.5 % Medium x4500
# 4 The Jewel Thief 95.14 % Medium x4300
# 5 Gringo Dineros 95.14 % Medium x5000
# 6 Lucky Fairy 95.05 % Medium x5000
# 7 Birthday Bonanza 95.03 % High x10000
# 8 Bollywood Party 95.0 % Medium x250
# 9 Golden Money Frog 95.0 % Medium x500
# 10 Tower Treasure 95.0 % Medium x4721

Sigma Slots RTP

As a rule, a lot of different mathematical functions and calculations have to be taken into account to release a slot. That's why not all games become popular. The thing is that the provider needs to develop a unique design or conditionally unique, to come up with a certain plot according to which the action takes place on the playing field, and only after that to connect the graphic and storyline with the technical side of the slot. Namely, with RTP, volatility and game combinations. The most important parameter of these three options is considered to be RTP.

It is the theoretical RTP that allows players to be in the plus or minus most of the time, depending on which indicator is used in the slot. Take Sigma for example, where the average RTP in games is 95.2%. Of course, it's not 96% or even 97%, but it's just an average figure you need to know at what level the slots have a theoretical return. Naturally, individually some games will show a much higher RTP.

Best 7 Sigma Slots

Every online casino has games that are popular with the rest of us. Why? It depends on many parameters, but, the main ones can be considered dynamic play, RTP and the possibility of big winnings. Providers do their best to make their games popular. But, it all depends on the personal preferences of each player. That's why Sigma has some top slots that I recommend to play:

  • Pick A Fortune with 95.79% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Attic Treasure with 95.5% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Kites Kingdom with 95.5% RTP and maximum winnings of 20,000 coins

  • The Jewel Thief with an RTP of 95.14% and a maximum multiplier of x2,500

  • Gringo Dineros with an RTP of 95.14% and a maximum multiplier of x1,000

  • Lucky Fairy with an RTP of 95.05% and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Birthday Bonanza with an RTP of 95.03% and a maximum multiplier of x500.

Sigma Slots Features

Again, you would agree that having a high RTP and a high multiplier is very cool. However, if there are no features in the slots, what's the point of playing them? Just spin the reels? Such an approach could have worked 10 years ago, but slot machine design has become so advanced that it is impossible to imagine a game without at least a mini bonus rounds and free spins. Many developers have gone further and offered their players not to wait for the bonus combination to roll out and buy the bonus round for real money.

Sigma offers its users mostly classic features, which are found in plenty of slots. However, you should take a look at them:

  • Bonus Game (Tower Treasure)

  • Pick Objects, Multiplier, Progressive Jackpot, Wild (Birthday Bonanza)

  • Bonus Wheel, Free Spins (Golden Money Frog)

  • Multiplier (Rollem Rollem)

  • Expanding Wild (Kites Kingdom).

Sigma Slots

Provider Sigma produces mostly 5 reel slots. The thing is, they decided to move away from the classic 3 reels models. Perhaps this is for the best. Because slots with more modern graphics and design will be much more popular than simple classic games. Pay attention to the fact that the minimum bet per line is 0.01 USD, and the maximum is 5 USD. If we talk about total bets, for example in a slot with 50 paylines, the minimum bet would be 0.50 USD, and the maximum is 250 USD. In total in their development provider uses 5, 20 or 50 paylines. The number of lines in some games can be changed depending on your preference.

Users can become jackpot winners in just a few spins. The fact is that the provider Sigma offers slots with jackpot-winning possibilities. However, there are only three slots:

  • Golden Money Frog

  • Hi Lo Roller

  • Birthday Bonanza.

When you start playing Sigma slots, you may notice that all you have to do is start the selected game. Once it has loaded, you can see the playing field in front of you, below which are the slot control buttons. In the lower-left corner is the paytable button, on the right is the balance, the number of lines, the bet size control and the Spin button.

Sigma Slots List

Sigma has been on the gambling market since 2014. During that time, the provider has been able to develop an estimated 12 slots. Of course, at first, you might think, what could one do for 8 years? However, you should know that the provider has only been developing slots until 2019. As of today, they are producing other solutions for iGaming. The average number of games the provider produced per year is 1-2 slots. This is the lowest value you could see. In addition, the game catalog cannot compete with other providers in the current realities.

Fairness of Sigma Slots

In terms of the honesty and openness of Sigma's software, the first thing worth noting is that it uses a random number generator. It's also important that this RNG is tested for compliance by international testing labs. This shows that the provider is committed to providing players with quality games and proven fair software. Among other things, the developer is licensed under UK law.

Mobile Sigma Slots

The provider's slots are designed with the latest technological solutions and developments in mind. You can open the games on your laptop or desktop computer. In addition, slots will be available on mobile phones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems. Thanks to the latest HTML5 technology on which the content is created it becomes cross-platform. This means that all released games can be launched from the browser of your mobile phone or tablet. In addition, the gameplay will adapt to the screen resolution automatically and the memory of your device will not be overloaded.

Sigma Slots Sound and Graphics

Notably, the graphics in the slots are of such a vague nature. That is, Sigma has slots that contain some of the prettiest and latest graphics, and others where the graphics are reminiscent of older classic games. Either way, the graphics and animation are top-notch when compared to some of the providers whose animation and graphics are related to older slots technologies. Apart from that, the audio and sounds, in general, allow you to relax and not be stressed by the harshness.

Best 7 Mobile Sigma Gaming Slots

Mobile slots are incredibly popular because of their accessibility. Whereas in the past you had to go to a real casino to bet on slot machines, things are now much easier. All you have to do is grab your smartphone, download it to your phone and enjoy. To our delight, Sigma Gaming has decided to join the general trend and started creating so-called fast, that is, mobile slots. As the best ones in the studio's portfolio, we will highlight:

  • Attic Treasure - an old, abandoned house that holds many secrets. Want to solve the mystery of just one house? Play this slot. Amongst the many trophies, you'll find hidden cash, totalling around 400,000 USD. The payout is 95.5% and the risk level is Medium

  • Golden Money Frog - the video slot's storyline is based on Asian culture. It offers a maximum payout of x500 bets and an RTP of 95%

  • Birthday Bonanza - you have an opportunity to win the sum of 100,000 USD. If this amount seems small to you, we suggest you participate in the formation and, accordingly, the chance to win the Progressive Jackpot. The game's RTP is 95.03%

  • Hi Lo Roller, a classic provider variant, pays out up to x20,000 at an RTP of 95%

  • Gringo Dineros - The Wild West is the place for the big money. Lucky ones can get up to 625,000 USD here. Returns are set at 95.14%

  • Rollem Rollem is a video slot dedicated to dice. The technical parameters of the game include an RTP of 95% and a maximum payout of 20,000 USD

  • Kites Kingdom is a slot machine that takes you back to medieval China. The game supports an RTP of 95% and a maximum prize of x20,000 bet.

Best 7 Free Sigma Gaming Slots

There are at least a few reasons why we'd like to offer you a list of the company's best free slots. These include the absence of risk, the opportunity to learn the mechanics of the game, the ability to enjoy the game even when there is no money in your casino account, and much more. Without dwelling on the reasons in more detail we suggest moving on to the list of the best free options from Sigma Gaming:

  • Golden Money Frog - A video slot can bring you 500 times your bet. The payout is 95%

  • Birthday Bonanza is a colorful and atmospheric slot machine that can pay out prizes up to 1,000 times your bet. The return on the game is 95.03% of the money wagered

  • Bollywood Party - try betting on this slot and reach a maximum payout of x250 bets. It should also be understood that the slot also has a Medium risk and an RTP of 95%

  • Lucky Fairy - the lightness of this model's plot is complemented by an RTP of 95.05% and a winning potential of x1,000

  • Tower Treasure is a 3*3 playing field set on the wall of a medieval castle. If you find the "key" to the mechanics of the slot, which is lucky, you'll go inside and collect your prize, which is 400 times your bet. The RTP is set at 95%

  • Rollem Rollem is a video slot where you will 'battle' the slot's mathematical algorithms for the right to collect a prize pool of x1,000. The return is 95%

  • Pick A Fortune - play Studio Slots and win a maximum prize of x1,407 times.

Best 7 Bitcoin Sigma Gaming Slots

When visiting a crypto casino, enjoy only the provider's best Bitcoin models:

  • The Jewel Thief, a slot machine in the criminal genre, offers a maximum prize of 125,000 USD and a payout of 95.14%

  • Pick A Fortune - this model offers an RTP of 95.79% and a prize payout of x1,407

  • Gringo Dineros is a slot machine that takes you into an atmosphere of danger and the desire to make big money. How do you do it? Spin the reels and win a maximum prize of 625,000 USD. Keep in mind that the RTP is 95.14%

  • Attic Treasure - Enjoy an interesting game scenario, the opportunity to walk away with 400,000 USD and Medium volatility. Remember, though, that the slot maintains a 95.5% return

  • Bollywood Party - a model with an RTP of 95% and a prize payout with a maximum multiplier of x250

  • Kites Kingdom - play and win prizes worth 20,000 times the bet with a yield of 95.5%

  • Lucky Fairy - Consider this slot machine as an opportunity to win a prize of 40,000 USD with a 95.05% betting return.

How Do We Rate Sigma Gaming Slots?

When ranking the company's best slots, our payout rate played a crucial role. It allows us to assess the generosity of the slot machine in question. But not just limited to it, we also took a closer look at the maximum winnings of each model and let you get to know them as well. In addition, we also evaluated the prize options as one of the main opportunities to improve the quality of gameplay and payout formation.

We haven't forgotten to explore the availability of games on mobile devices either, as a good video slot should be adapted for smartphones and tablets of all operating systems. In addition to the technical aspects, we also focused on the quality of the graphics, which allows you to immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the spinning of the reels.

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