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RubyPlay Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 7.9

Reputation: 8.4
Average RTP: 8.2
Graphics: 7.6
Features: 8.2
License(s) Curacao E-gaming

RubyPlay is a casino slot studio that offers their visitors the chance to play slots online. They have a wide selection of games and they are constantly expanding. Their games are designed in such a way that they're easy to learn, but hard to master! In addition, RubyPlay has an excellent customer service team who can help with any questions or problems you might have as well as live chat for instant response.

RubyPlay Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Grand Express Action Cl… 96.94 % Medium x2000
# 2 Elephant Stampede 96.91 % Medium-high x1900
# 3 Zeus Rush Fever 96.9 % Low x8600
# 4 Rush Fever 7s Deluxe 96.9 % Medium-low x8600
# 5 Sun of Ra 96.9 % Medium-high x4200
# 6 Rush Fever 7s 96.9 % Medium-low x8600
# 7 Adventures of Lil Red 96.9 % Medium-high x2800
# 8 Book of 8 Riches 96.9 % Medium-high x8000
# 9 Dia De Los Muertos 96.88 % Medium-high x4000
# 10 Bull Fever 96.88 % High x4000
# 11 Vegas No Limit Wins 96.88 % Medium-high x4260
# 12 Silver and Gold Mine 96.88 % Medium-high x2800
# 13 Grand Express Diamond C… 96.88 % Medium x2000
# 14 He He Yang 96.86 % Medium-high x2700
# 15 Enter the Vault 96.82 % Medium-high x8000
# 16 Diamond Explosion 7s 96.82 % Medium-high x8000
# 17 Wizards Spell 96.81 % Medium-high x7500
# 18 #Alice and the Mad Resp… 96.71 % Medium-high x1395
# 19 Clovers of Luck 2 96.7 % Medium-high x1298
# 20 Roman Legend 96.57 % Medium x2000
# 21 Slotie 96.57 % Medium x2000
# 22 Rockin' Gorilla 96.57 % Medium x2000
# 23 Zeus Rush Fever Deluxe 96.56 % Medium-low x4501
# 24 Macau Beauties 96.52 % Medium-high x5400
# 25 Vegas Hotties 96.52 % Medium-high x5400
# 26 Ancient Pharaoh 96.51 % Medium-high x2000
# 27 Medusa Money 96.5 % Medium x1400
# 28 Book of Riches Deluxe 96.49 % High x10000
# 29 Christmas Fortune 96.49 % Medium-high x5500
# 30 Brilliant Gems 96.49 % Medium x2500
# 31 Pirates Booty 96.49 % Medium-high x5800
# 32 Dragon Ladies 96.49 % Medium-high x5500
# 33 Wolf Haven 96.49 % Medium x1350
# 34 Viking Crusade 96.49 % Medium-high x5000
# 35 Book of Riches Deluxe C… 96.49 % High x10000
# 36 Lady Phoenix 96.49 % Medium-high x3500
# 37 Loco Habanero 96.49 % Medium-high x5500
# 38 Arcane Beauties 96.48 % Medium-low x600
# 39 Prosperity Journey 96.48 % Medium-high x10000
# 40 Shake Shake Leprechaun 96.48 % Medium x500
# 41 Shake Shake Christmas 96.48 % Medium x1100
# 42 Golden Forge 96.48 % Medium x736
# 43 Quest of Gods 96.48 % Medium-high x10000
# 44 Shake Shake Money Tree 96.48 % Medium x1100
# 45 Mayan Cache 96.47 % Medium-high x2300
# 46 Tiki Blaze 96.47 % Medium x1123
# 47 Madame Luck 96.47 % Medium-high x1500
# 48 Royal Griffin 96.47 % Medium x2300
# 49 Reel All Stars 96.47 % Medium x1000
# 50 Savage Lion 96.46 % Medium x5100
# 51 New Year Rising 96.46 % Medium-high x2000
# 52 Volcano Rising 96.46 % Medium-high x2000
# 53 New Year Happiness 96.46 % Medium-high x5100
# 54 Grand Mariachi 96.44 % Medium x1034
# 55 Eredivisie Goal Collect 96.44 % Medium x5000
# 56 Egyptian Sun 96.44 % Medium x1000
# 57 Alice in the Wild 96.42 % Medium x1600
# 58 Mucho Loco Habanero 96.41 % Medium-high x50000
# 59 Piggy Gold 96.41 % Medium-high x7000
# 60 Blazing Tiger 96.4 % Medium x900
# 61 Clovers of Luck 96.4 % Medium x1600
# 62 Mayan Blaze 96.4 % Medium x5000
# 63 More Dragon Ladies 96.39 % Medium-high x5000
# 64 Cache Rush 96.39 % High x1050
# 65 Dr Frankenstein 96.39 % Medium x5400
# 66 True Wild 96.37 % Medium x1578
# 67 Bamboo Fortune 96.37 % High x10200
# 68 Native Spirit 96.37 % Medium-high x1578
# 69 Vegas Repeat Wins 96.36 % Medium-high x3710
# 70 Prosperity Blessing 96.34 % Medium-high x1345
# 71 Arabian Secret 96.34 % Medium-high x1345
# 72 African Cats 96.33 % Medium-high x5500
# 73 Dragoness 96.33 % Medium-high x5500
# 74 Dragon 8s 25x 96.3 % Medium x2500
# 75 Gallantry 96.29 % Medium-high x5700
# 76 Wild Thirst 96.26 % High x10300
# 77 Rio Pleasures 96.24 % High x13000
# 78 Sheerluck 96.22 % High x5400
# 79 Immortal Empress 96.18 % Medium-high x10400
# 80 Hot and Heavy 96.14 % High x10300
# 81 Aztec Noble 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 82 Dawn of the Incas 96.0 % Medium-low x1400
# 83 Book of Riches 94.89 % Medium x5100
# 84 Dragon Prophecy 94.61 % Medium-high x6000

Best RubyPlay Online Casinos

100% up to 100$/€

Ruby Play Slots RTP

Modern online casino games are, for the most part, designed with a focus on maximizing player interest. Therefore, many developers who are trying to make their way to the top are bringing positive upgrades to their games. For example, some of them are focusing their development on volatility, and some of them are trying to get the players interested in more features. And some are trying to make a bigger RTP, which has been increasingly used as a benchmark by casino customers lately.

Ruby Play slots have an average RTP of 96%. This is a sufficient level to start playing and do so profitably. I always recommend that players choose slots that have a theoretical RTP of at least 96%. But, the other thing to understand is that I use an average. If you take all slots individually, some of them will have a much higher RTP.

Best 7 Ruby Play Slots

Provider Ruby Play develops interesting slots that use mostly Asian motifs. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of work to get players interested, as there are plenty of different offerings on the market. Still, there are those games that players have identified as the best and that are worthy of taking a place at the tops:

  • Grand Express with an RTP of 96.94% and a maximum multiplier of x2,000

  • Elephant Stampede with an RTP of 96.91% and a maximum multiplier of x1,900

  • Book of 8 Riches with an RTP of 96.9% and a maximum multiplier of x8,000

  • Sun of Ra with an RTP of 96.9% and a maximum multiplier of x4,200

  • Zeus Rush Fever with 96.9% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x8,600

  • Vegas No Limit Wins with an RTP of 96.88% and a maximum multiplier of x4,260

  • Adventures of Lil Red with an RTP of 96.9% and a maximum multiplier of x2,800.

Ruby Play Slots Features

To keep players coming back to play more and more slots, every company tries to do something special. For example, many developers increase the RTP or change the volatility of slots. However, a common way to attract players is through features. It is the prize features that are able to amaze the player with winnings and exciting action. Take a look at what features Ruby Play has to offer:

  • Buy Feature, FreeSpins, Mystery symbol, Wild (Mayan Blaze)

  • Additional Free Spins, Free Spins, Free Spins Mode Choosing, Scatter symbols (Roman Legend)

  • Bonus symbols, Respins, Symbols collection (Energy), Wild (Dragon Ladies)

  • Book of ... mechanic, Expanding Symbols, FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild (Book of Riches Deluxe Chapter 2)

  • Jackpot (Aztec Noble)

  • Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, FreeSpins, Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, Respins, Scatter symbols, Wild (Bull Fever)

  • Bonus symbols, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Respins, Wild (Prosperity Journey)

  • Buy Feature, FreeSpins, Multiplier, Random Wilds / Additional Wilds, Scatter symbols, Wild (Clovers of Luck).

Ruby Play Slots

Ruby Play creates slots that are designed with 5 reels. This is interesting because there are no slots with 3 or 6 reels. In this way, the company stresses that they are in the business of producing modern games without the infusion of classics. Perhaps this is the right approach in order to attract as many players as possible. These designs contain 10, 30, 50, 240 or 243 paylines on which winning sequences are drawn.

The minimum bet per line is 0.01 USD, and the maximum is 2 USD. So the smallest bet in a 50 paylines slot is 0.50 USD, and the maximum bet is 100 USD.

Jackpot lovers, namely those players looking for slots that have them, will be pleasantly surprised. The fact is that Ruby Play offers its customers several games in which they can tickle their nerves and get a chance at big winnings. Such games are:

  • Vegas No Limit Wins

  • Enter The Vault

  • African Cats

  • Wild Thirst

  • Hot and Heavy.

Ruby Play Slots List

Ruby Play was created in 2018 by a team of developers whose combined experience in gambling is more than 20 years. The developer's portfolio contains 67 games. The average number of games released per year is 22-23. This is quite a high level for a young company that is relatively new to the iGaming market. If we compare the provider with its competitors, its portfolio is of course quite meagre. However, it is much more than some developers who have a dozen games in their portfolio and strive to conquer the market.

Fairness of Ruby Play Slots

Provider Ruby Play is dedicated to creating first-rate slots. Notably, all of the company's software is based on RNG. That is to say, you can trust this software. The fact is that it allows you to generate random round results in every game. And in order for players to have more confidence in the developer's games, it gets certified by independent laboratories that test the software. If they are not satisfied with how Ruby Play's slots algorithm works, then the provider will be banned from carrying out its activities.

Mobile Ruby Play Slots

The company's slots work well on a multitude of modern platforms. Particular attention is paid to developing games for mobile devices. You can run Ruby Play slots directly on your mobile phone or tablet. To start playing, simply open your browser and launch the company's slots. The games work great on all modern devices thanks to the use of HTML5 technology which helps adapt all games to multiple displays on Android and iOS devices. In addition, HTML5 helps to keep your device from being overloaded by streaming playback.

Ruby Play Slots Sound and Graphics

How would you describe the Ruby Play developer's graphics? For me, it's more of a standard graphic with no outstanding innovations. It's the kind of graphics most slots use. However, there is something interesting about the provider's games that keeps me coming back to their slots again and again. The great sound, which reminded me of playing in land-based casinos, makes you feel like you're playing somewhere in Macau. Really realistic.

Best 7 Mobile Ruby Play Slots

We would like to point out that mobile devices allow players to bet even when they are not at home. At the same time, not every video slot is compatible with mobile devices, which means it simply won't load. That's why we decided to help you out and compile a list of the best Ruby Play slots adapted for smartphones. These include:

  • Elephant Stampede is an African safari-themed video slot capable of paying out prizes of up to x1,900 and has a return of 96.91%

  • Zeus Rush Fever - The model sends players to Olympus to mythological heroes, includes Low-Medium risk, a 96.9% payout and a betting potential of x8,600

  • Vegas No Limit Wins is notable not only for its land-based casino storyline but also for its Progressive Jackpot feature. The return is 96.88% and the winning pool is x4,260

  • Dia De Los Muertos - a variant with a Mexican theme offers prizes of up to x4,000 and an RTP of 96.88%

  • Clovers of Luck 2 - In the magical forest created by the company, this video slot features a maximum prize of x1,298 bets and a player return of 96.7%

  • Rockin' Gorilla - a variant with an attractive storyline, a prize with a maximum bet multiplier of x2,000 and an RTP of 96.57%

  • Book of Riches Deluxe is a slot machine that has several features in addition to book mechanics. As for the slot's prize potential, it's pretty good - x10,000 bets. The payout is 96.49%.

Best 7 Free Ruby Play Slots

The free version of Ruby Play slots allows players to get to know them without risking their own money. We suggest you don't waste your time and play the provider's most attractive free models first. These include:

  • Book of 8 Riches is a slot machine with attractive features, an RTP of 96.9% and a maximum prize of x8,000

  • Rush Fever 7s Deluxe - the classic in HD quality, capable of bringing players not only visual enjoyment but also a payout of 8,600 times the bet at a fixed payout of 96.9%

  • Bull Fever is an option that allows the player to get richer by 4,000 times the betting amount. The return on the game is 96.88%

  • He He Yang - this video slot provides a maximum multiplier of x2,700 and a return of 96.86%

  • Roman Legend is a slot machine based on the Roman period in ancient times. It contains a maximum prize of x2,000 bets and an RTP of 96.57%

  • Vegas Hotties - this game has an RTP of 96.52% and a betting potential of up to x5,400

  • Medusa Money - this quite generous video slot gives users the chance to win 1,4000 times their bet. The game's generosity is evidenced by its above-average RTP of 96.5%.

Best 7 Bitcoin Ruby Play Slots

The studio's slots are growing in popularity not only in traditional online casinos but also in establishments with the ability to pay in cryptocurrency. In our opinion, the best models from Ruby Play's range for crypto casinos are:

  • Grand Express Action Class - Take a colorful train journey and win 2,000 times your bet in the Casino Wagon. The RTP is 96.94%

  • Adventures of Lil Red is a slot machine with a winning potential of x2,800 and a return of 96.9% of users' money invested

  • Silver and Gold Mine - In search of gold in this slot, you can reach a maximum multiplier of x2,800 at an RTP of 96.88%

  • Enter the Vault - the game's storyline supports the theme of luxury and its attributes, includes an RTP of 96.82% and a prize pool of x8,000

  • Alice and the Mad Spawn Party is a slot machine based on the famous Alice tale. It supports a 96.71% return on player bets and a prize of up to x1,371

  • Rockin' Gorilla is an option where players get the chance to top up their casino account with 2,000 times their bet. RTP 96.57%

  • Slotie is a slot machine with a robotic game design, a maximum payout of x2,000 and an RTP of 96.57%.

How Do We Rate Ruby Play Slots?

To create a quality list of Ruby Play's best gaming models, we focused on the return rate of its products. Why? Because this is the only indicator that tells us about the quality of the winning combinations. For us, it was important to offer variants from the portfolio with the most attractive RTP. This increases the chances of players getting larger payouts. In addition to the RTP, we have included the games with the most modern, most proven and most beloved by player's prize options in the ranking. A little later on, you'll see that this makes for an exciting gaming experience.

We also chose HTML5 models. You can play them both via PC and via your smartphone. With our ranking, you can get to know the winning potential of the slots. You'll get a great chance to find out what the mechanics of the game have in store for you. From a visual point of view, we have chosen games with the highest quality graphics. They will immerse you even deeper into the story. And, of course, we have included the models with the most impressive gameplay.

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