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Felix Gaming Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 7.8

Reputation: 8.3
Average RTP: 7.3
Graphics: 8.6
Features: 8.2
License(s) Curacao E-gaming

The team at Felix Gaming is a group of seasoned veterans from the casino slot development industry, and they want to bring their expertise to you. They have developed games that are innovative and engaging, which means that players will be more likely to enjoy them. For example, if you're looking for a game with an Irish folklore theme, then the Mr.Luck has what you need.

Felix Gaming Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Fortune Deck 98.0 % High x10000
# 2 Joker Heist 97.6 % High x3125
# 3 Hit Saber 97.5 % Medium x5000
# 4 Its a Joker 96.98 % Medium-high x400
# 5 Jack The Winner 96.84 % Medium-low x2500
# 6 Cai Shen 689 96.83 % Medium x18000
# 7 Three Kingdoms Romance 96.81 % Medium x5000
# 8 Pharaoh's Temple 96.67 % Medium-low x2500
# 9 Jungle Beats 96.66 % Medium x5000
# 10 Planet Rocks 96.57 % Medium-low x3000
# 11 Gummy Bears 96.54 % Medium x5000
# 12 The RollZone 96.47 % Medium x5000
# 13 Dark Mystic 96.4 % Medium-high x7600
# 14 Mr. Luck 96.34 % Medium-high x7600
# 15 20 Boost Hot 96.33 % Medium x4000
# 16 Spin Nachos 96.23 % High x10000
# 17 Monaco Fever 96.23 % Medium x5000
# 18 Witcher Cave 96.23 % Medium-low x2500
# 19 Amazing Yu 96.22 % High x80
# 20 The Kukers 96.19 % Medium-high x1500
# 21 Shake! Shake! 96.16 % Medium x5000
# 22 Spinbox 96.14 % Medium x4000
# 23 Cazombie 95.96 % Medium x500
# 24 Light Dance 95.94 % Medium-low x2000
# 25 Lines of Magic 95.92 % Medium-low x2000
# 26 Book Of Anunnaki 95.87 % Medium-high x7600
# 27 Fruity Mania 95.86 % Medium x4000
# 28 Deep Blue Jackbomb 95.78 % Medium x500
# 29 40 Pixels 95.62 % Medium-high x500
# 30 Red Lion 95.6 % Medium x20000
# 31 Juicy Wilds 95.58 % Medium-high x7600
# 32 Under The Fifth Sun 95.52 % High x100
# 33 Sugar Land 94.44 % High x100
# 34 Wild Beast of Crete 92.5 % High x10000

Best Felix Gaming Online Casinos

Cashback up to 20%
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Felix Gaming Slots RTP

When choosing slot machines, it is important that they have at least an acceptable RTP. This means that the RTP of the slot should be at least 96%, but the ideal RTP for players should be as close to 100% as possible. This would indicate that both the user and the operator are on an equal footing. Otherwise, the operator always has a greater advantage.

For example, with an RTP of 96% and your betting deposit of 100 EUR, the machine is guaranteed to "take" 4 EUR from you. If we talk about a slot with an RTP of 94%, this amount will increase by 1.5 times. You have to admit that it's a small amount, but it's unpleasant when your money just walks away.

And on this point, Felix Gaming appears to have underperformed. In its already small portfolio of slots, an impressive proportion of games have RTP models that don't even reach 96%. The average return on bets of the company's products is 95.5%. This problem can be attributed to the fact that the studio's specialists do not fully understand the needs of players due to their inexperience in the online sphere. However, this is just an average value. Therefore, you can safely relax and play these slots, because the RTP in individual models here will be much higher than the average value.

Best 7 Felix Gaming Slots

Despite the RTP issue, the provider does have a few games with a rate of return that is described as good. These are models such as:

  • It's a Joker - the RTP is 96.98% and the slot can give a maximum multiplier of x120

  • Cai Shen 689 - RTP is 96.83%, and the slot can also give a maximum multiplier of x18,000

  • Three Kingdoms Romance - RTP is 96.81% and the slot can give a maximum multiplier of x450

  • Pharaoh's Temple - RTP is 96.67% and the slot can give away a maximum of 30,000 coins

  • Planet Rocks - RTP is 96.57%, and the slot can also give a maximum multiplier of x218

  • Dark Mystic - the RTP is 96.4%, and the slot can give a maximum winning of 112,500 coins

  • Mr Luck - the RTP is 96.98%, and the slot can give away a maximum winning of 31,250 coins.

Felix Gaming Slots Features

The lack of production associated with a low RTP for players has been successfully made up for by the provider with a variety of bonus options. They make the gameplay interesting and exciting. For example, in Felix Gaming slots there are:

  • Free Spins, Free Spins Multiplier (Lines of Magic)

  • Scatter (Fruit Mania)

  • Wild (Red Lion)

  • Respin (Mr Luck)

  • Bonus game (Pharaoh's Temple)

  • Progressive Jackpot (Dark Mystic)

  • Substitution symbol (Light Dance)

  • Symbol collection (Energy) (Planet Rocks)

  • Pick Objects (Monaco Fever)

  • Additional Wilds (It's a Joker)

  • Skip-No-Win (Juicy Wilds)

  • Mystery symbols (Cazombie)

  • Stack (40 Pixels)

  • Additional Free Spins (Witcher Cave)

  • Bonus Wheel (Under The Fifth Sun).

Felix Gaming Slots

The average slot machine from Felix Gaming looks as follows: 5 reels with three rows, 20 paylines (from left to right) and bets ranging from 0.01 EUR to 20 EUR.

To appeal to more players, the provider also has slots with three, four reels, bets of up to EUR 400 (such as 40 Pixels) and 5-40 paylines, as well as models with 720 ways to win.

On top of that, the company has a great offer for lovers of big winnings - the progressive jackpot. So far, the choice is small, consisting of only 2 units, but it can be stated that a start has been made. It can therefore be assumed that the company will not stop at one progressive jackpot game.

To start the gameplay, users need to set the stake per line (the "Bet" button, followed by "+" and "-"), its maximum size ("Max bet"). In some models, it is possible to additionally set the coin denomination ("Denom") and select the preferred number of active lines ("Lines").

For the players' convenience, the provider has also thought of an additional function called "Autoplay". This feature helps to automate the process without affecting the outcome of the game. Even when it is activated, the RNG still affects the result of the symbols.

Felix Gaming Slots List

Before turning its attention to the online sphere of gambling, the provider had a thorny path in the land-based sphere. The first virtual gambling slot was released in 2016. Since then, the company has picked up a good pace in the annual production of games in the region of 8-9 models. Considering the small staff of the provider, this rate of release of new models guarantees the company to reach the top of the gaming providers in the coming years.

Despite the lack of slot machines in their portfolio, the specialists are doing their best to ensure that their games attract more users around the world. At the same time, the relevance of their products is confirmed by the good demand among players in many geographical markets.

Fairness of Felix Gaming Slots

Users have no chance of finding information about the software's certification and licensing of the provider's activities. An indirect confirmation of its high quality is the cooperation with quite big industry representatives. If even in this situation you are embarrassed by the lack of evidence of RNG's honesty, choose those online casinos with Felix Gaming software, where the operator itself certifies the software being implemented on its site.

Mobile Provider Slots

The company uses all the modern technologies available today to develop its product. These involve, among other things, HTML5 programming. Thanks to this, Felix Gaming's games meet all modern standards, including 24/7 access on Android and iOS mobile devices.

The provider also has some pixelated models. These slots will take you back in time when even a computer was more of a luxury than a common item in the house. It goes to show that the company tries to find an approach to every player, and it's only a matter of time before all the flaws in its products are corrected. And even so, you can play games of this format on mobile devices without restriction.

Felix Gaming Slots Sound and Graphics

Felix Gaming slots have delightful graphics and great music addition. When at least one of the bonus symbols is dropped on your screen, you can see excellent quality animations. Together, users get a great gaming experience with the modern slot machines from this company.

Even when you're looking for vintage slots in a provider's library, you can expect to get only the exterior design out of the vintage. In all other respects, you'll have as much fun as you do with the latest slot machines from even the leading providers.

Best 7 Mobile Felix Gaming Slots

From the entire Felix portfolio, we can highlight a few of the most attractive slot machines. These, thanks to the HTML5 technology used, are available on all devices, including smartphones. These titles are:

  • Joker Heist - in everyone's dreams, we all have a place for big money. And while some go out and rob banks, the provider offers to do it outside the law, just by spinning the reels in this game. The amount at stake is not insignificant. It exceeds the bet by a factor of x3,125. The return on the game is quite high - 97.6%

  • Dark Mystic - Become the hero of a mystical story and win 112,500 coins. Keep in mind that the mechanics support Medium-High volatility and a return of 96.4%

  • Spin Nachos - A slot machine as hot as all Mexicans and what makes it so is High risk, a 96.23% betting return and a prize potential of x10,000 bets

  • Lines of Magic - colorful design and atmospheric storyline complemented by a maximum win of 25,000 coins and an RTP of 95.92%

  • Light Dance - You don't need to search for the appropriate club to get to the neon party, just download this game onto your smartphone. The payout here is 95.94%, and the maximum prize is 11,250 coins

  • Fruit Mania is its interpretation of the classic, i.e. fruit-based, slot machine plot. The Provider has provided the opportunity to walk away with 1,000,000 coins at Medium risk and a return of 95.86%

  • 40 Pixels is a fruity story with pixel symbols and is capable of returning 95.62% of bets and paying out a prize of 1,000 times the stake.

Best 7 Free Felix Gaming Slots

In this selection we present the names of the most attractive slots from the developer's catalog for free play:

  • Under The Fifth Sun, a video slot with a storyline focusing on ancient civilisations includes an RTP of 95.52% and a prize potential of x100

  • Sugar Land, a model dedicated to sweets, with a return of 94.44% and a maximum prize of 100 times the stake

  • Juicy Wilds - a fruity game scenario complemented by Medium-High risk, a maximum prize of x3,000 bets and a return of 95.58%

  • Cazombie is a video slot that will send you into a world ruled by zombies. Here you can risk your money in an attempt to walk away with a maximum prize of x500 bet. The return on the game is set at just below average - 95.96%

  • Amazing Yu is a slot machine designed for Asian users and lovers of the relevant theme. The RTP here is 96.22%, and the prize potential is x400 bets

  • The Kukers - a video slot that can give the lucky player an amount of money over 1,500 times the bet. The payout is a pleasing 96.19%

  • Spinbox is a slot machine with classic mechanics, a 94.14% betting return and a maximum prize of x4,000.

Best 7 Bitcoin Felix Gaming Slots

Cryptocurrency has been of particular interest in recent years, both in the financial markets and in the field of iGaming. This has led to the opening of many online casinos that accept bitcoin payments. Consequently, the number of games for this type of establishment has grown exponentially. Here is a list of the best bitcoin games Felix has to offer:

  • Gummy Bears is a multi-purpose slot machine that offers you the chance to risk your money in an attempt to win more, namely 5,000 times your bet. The return on the game is 96.54%

  • Planet Rocks - space crystals can bring the lucky player a sum of x218 bets. The RTP is 96.57%

  • Book Of Anunnaki - rich and advanced for its time, ancient civilisations are often an inspiration for developers. The return on the game is 95.87%, with a maximum prize of 50,000 coins

  • Deep Blue Jackbomb - the underwater world still holds many mysteries. And in this case, one of them is how to get to the maximum prize of x500 bets. The return rate is 95.78%

  • Mr Luck - a model with a prize potential of 31,250 coins and a fixed payout of 96.34%

  • 20 Boost Hot - "classics never get old": thought the developer's experts and introduced a corresponding slot machine in 2022. The model features an RTP of 96.22% and a maximum prize of x1,000

  • Monaco Fever - this developer's version offers an RTP of 96.23% and a maximum prize of 100,000 coins.

How Do We Rate Felix Gaming Slots?

In creating the ranking of games eligible to be called the best, we have been guided by a combination of several parameters. These will be discussed below. Firstly, it is the RTP. Experienced players know that the higher the percentage of this parameter, the better the chances of forming winning combinations.

The second is smartphone compatibility for quick access to betting. You can play at home, at work, on the road or the beach. Thirdly, we've chosen games with a good range of prize options to make playing even more fun. Fourthly, we made sure to estimate the maximum winnings, because this is the most expected part of the game. Fifth, we strived to ensure that our selection contained games with modern graphics. Sixthly, we have chosen slots with exciting gameplay.

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