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Crazy Tooth Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 8.3

Reputation: 8.2
Average RTP: 8.3
Graphics: 8.6
Features: 8.6
License(s) Curacao E-gaming

Crazy Tooth Studios is a relatively new casino slot studio in town and they are here to give you the best slots experience ever! To celebrate their opening, Crazy Tooth Studios has released an exclusive game called "Golden Hook". This game is only available for a limited time at their studios. Come play with them today!

Best Crazy Tooth Online Casinos

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Crazy Tooth Slots RTP

One of the main indicators of the quality of a library is its average RTP. It shows whose interests the developer is generally following. Crazy Tooth Studio's average RTP is 96%. There are several models in the studio's library with insufficient RTP (below 95%). To mitigate this shortcoming, the studio has created more than a dozen titles with an RTP above 96%. This number, though it is not the limit of players' dreams, it allows asserting that a sufficient level of betting returns is observed.

This percentage shows that the provider, in trying to please operators, is not forgetting the players as well. Judge for yourself. It is absolutely not profitable for casino owners to fill their library with slots with RTP of 98% and higher, so young studios might be left out. In this regard, such companies quite often either remain out of business or have to reckon with the interests of operators as well. And so while some developers go along with casino owners, this studio decided to go a different way. The result is a good average RTP library for a novice provider.

Best 7 Crazy Tooth Slots

To find the payout of a particular slot, check its paytable. In addition to the RTP, the rules of the game, the maximum winnings and the bonus features used in the mechanics are published there.

For those looking for Crazy Tooth Studio's most generous slots, I've compiled them into a single list:

  • Arctic Valor - the studio's first slot and immediately with the library's highest RTP - 96.7% and a maximum multiplier of x6,031

  • 3 Devils Pinball is dedicated to the game of pinball and includes an RTP of 96.7% and a maximum multiplier of x2,597

  • Banana Drop. This slot will immerse you in the jungle, where you'll be looking for an RTP of 96.7% and a maximum multiplier of x6,031

  • Queen of The Crystal Rays. A neon coloured slot with an RTP of 96.7% and a maximum multiplier of x2,597

  • Seven 7's - this game has it all: the rare 1*1 mechanics with expansion to 7 reels, a high RTP of 96.6% and a maximum multiplier of x25,000

  • Diamond Force is another slot with an unconventional solution, an RTP of 96.53% and a maximum multiplier of x102

  • Fortress Charge keeps up with its predecessors in terms of uniqueness, a good 96.45% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x16,000.

Crazy Tooth Slots Features

Bonus features play an important role in increasing demand for the game. Currently, only a true connoisseur between an intonation slot with lots of extra features and an empty retro slot will choose the second option. To meet the demands of more players, providers are coming up with new or incorporating features that have been tried and tested for years. This makes the game more interesting and exciting. The following features are present in the slots of this studio:

  • Team Up (Diamond Force)

  • Scatter (Lucky Cluck)

  • Wild (Queen of The Crystal Rays)

  • Reel Quest, Multiplier (Fortress Charge)

  • Stack (Arctic Valor)

  • Free Spins, Guaranteed Wild in Free Spins, Random Wild (Banana Drop)

  • Changing Reelset (Seven 7's)

  • Bonus game (3 Devils Pinball)

  • Multiway (Arctic Valor)

  • Multiplier in Free Spins (3 Devils Pinball)

  • Respin Insanity (777 Mega Deluxe)

  • хSticky Wild (Lucky Cluck)

  • LadyEarth Bonus (Lady Earth)

  • 777 Rainbow Respins Bonus (777 Rainbow Respin).

Crazy Tooth Slots

This studio cannot boast of the popularity of its products. And since 2019, it has been in the shadow of its main partner Microgaming. But that doesn't stop the studio from producing vibrant, innovative slot machines that are sometimes even superior in quality to their partner's games.

The company's games have acquired a unique style. It makes it easy for players to stand out from the crowd. First and foremost, this applies to the provider's mathematical solutions. The studio has moved almost completely away from classic and standard slots. If there are any five-reel slots in its library, they have a scheme with a non-equal row arrangement. Other games have four, six and even seven reels. Separately want to highlight Seven 7's slot machine. After loading it on your screens you will see a rare pattern - a slot with 1 reel and 1 row, which in the game will expand to 7 reels and the same 1 row.

I'd also like to mention the provider's excellent imagination in terms of using algorithms to help you win. Some players are offered models with classic paylines (1 - 51), while others are offered 127 - 4096 ways to win. Another payout option at the provider is called CoinVerge. It consists of putting together a winning combination relative to the side brackets near the grid. While offering players a good choice of payout methods, the provider has been "stingy" about the size of the bets. They range from 0.1 EUR to a modest 115 EUR. Highrollers are unlikely to be satisfied.

I would like to point out that the provider's interface is concise and easy to use. All the buttons you need are in one place, so players don't have to look around the game screen too much. You can set the bet by using the button with the image of coins. For turbo mode, use the arrow button, and for autoplay use the reduced spin button.

Crazy Tooth Slots List

Crazy Tooth Studio has been based in Reno, Nevada since its inception. This state was, and still is, the most gambling state in the US. The studio started out as a software producer for land-based and social casinos. It wasn't until 2018 that the head of the company began to consider a move into the online sphere. After the change of direction, the company unveiled its first slot quite quickly. The release took place in February 2019. Since then, more than 10 titles have entered the market - 5 per year.

The provider does not rush to fill their portfolio with games. They are primarily focused on producing quality and innovative games. This would be difficult for a small studio to achieve if they were "stamping out" them on a monthly basis. I have to say that this number of games is no match for the industry leaders. But not all studios need it. Many have enough to do what they love.

Fairness of CrazyTooth Slots

The company's operations are closely monitored by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The activities are to be understood as the developer's compliance with applicable laws, regulations, payment of all required taxes, correct operation of the products produced and much more. In addition, this regulatory body accepts complaints from players in case of suspected fraud by the developer or operator.

Crazy Tooth Studio's website has no information on software certification. That said, it is highly likely that the studio ensures its absolute honesty and this is documented in eCogra.

Mobile Crazy Tooth Slots

All of the studio's slots are adapted for mobile devices and tablets. Their operating systems do not matter, as they play equally well on both Android and iOS thanks to HTML5 technology.

Crazy Tooth Slots Sound and Graphics

Imagination, experience, and a commitment to innovation are the driving forces behind Crazy Tooth Studio. Their games use 3D graphics that are capable of capturing players' attention. In the Fortress Charge slot, for example, all the characters come to life and the game itself, along with the music, draws us into the gameplay. Using modern technology for slots graphics and music is more of a system than an exception. If you like games that use all the latest technology, welcome to Crazy Tooth Studio's gaming library.

Best 7 Mobile Crazy Tooth Studio Slots

We invite you to explore a list of the highest-quality slot machines from the developer's catalog. In the casino library, take a closer look at the following titles:

  • Ancient Warriors is a slot model with high image quality, an RTP of 96% and a maximum prize of 1,807 times the bet

  • Seven 7's - looking for the big money? Then this is the place for you. A slot machine capable of paying out prizes over 25,000 times the bet, with a pretty good RTP (96.6%)

  • Fortress Charge is a creative video slot in which the heroes fight and the rows are presented in the form of castle floors. It has an RTP of 96.45% and the highest payout of x16,000

  • Lady Earth - Try your luck in an attempt to increase your balance by x450 bet. The return on the game is 96.08%

  • Bubble Beez - once again, the studio's innovative slot machine with Tumble Reelz™ mechanics, an x5,792 wager and an RTP of 94.16% / 96.15%

  • Queen Of The Crystal Rays - this model offers a prize payout of x2.795 and an RTP of 96.7%

  • 777 Mega Deluxe is a slot machine with the rarest 4*7 grid, a maximum prize of x6,601 bets and a yield of 96.1%.

The options listed not only work on PC but also mobile devices. This means that you'll find these titles in any mobile casino partnering with Crazy Tooth.

Best 7 Free Crazy Tooth Studio Slots

The following free company options caught our eye more than any other. We hope you will be as impressed as we are:

  • Diamond Force is a company model in which the power of gems can bring players prizes worth 13,175 times the stake. The game's RTP is 96.53%

  • Rhino Rilla Rex is a video slot that takes you into a forest full of adventure and danger, hiding a maximum prize of 5,000 times your stake. As for the payout, it's not good enough at 94.13%. Nevertheless, the game has a second option and has a payout of 96.2%

  • Queen Of The Crystal Rays - a slot machine with a maximum prize of x2,597 and an RTP of 96.7%

  • 777 Rainbow Respins - an appellation capable of awarding prizes over 6,601 times the bet with a built-in payout of 94.2% / 96.1%

  • 3 Devils Pinball - Try your luck, 'outsmart' the mechanics of the slot and take home an x2,597 bet! The RTP here is 96.7%

  • Build the Bank - the bank you'll be directly involved in the building is capable of bringing 4,000 times your bet into your pocket. The tool is a pretty decent return of 96.09%

  • Seven 7's is a model with an x25,000 bet multiplier and a yield of 96.6%.

We would like to point out that these same models are also available in the main version, which accepts and pays out real money. To do this, you need to quit the demo mode and select "Play for money" mode.

Best 7 Bitcoin Crazy Tooth Studio Slots

Cryptocurrency is gaining millions of users worldwide every year. Because of this, both providers and operators have started to use cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Players can increasingly come across Bitcoin casinos that offer a huge selection of video slots for betting. From the company's overall catalog, we will highlight cryptocurrency games such as:

  • 777 Super BIG BuildUp - a variant with an RTP of 96.19% and a maximum payout exceeding 15,000 times the bet

  • 777 Rainbow Respins is a multi-purpose slot with an RTP of 94.2% and a betting potential of x6,601

  • Lucky Clucks is a dynamic game with a betting multiplier of x2.201 and a player return of 96.19%

  • Ancient Warriors is a model with a betting potential of x1,807 and a maximum payout of 96%

  • Banana Drop is a slot machine with an RTP of 96.7% and the highest multiplier of x6,031

  • 777 Mega Deluxe is the developer's model with a maximum bet of x6,601 and a return of 96.1%

  • Bubble Beez - in this bee kingdom, you have the chance to get a payout of 5.792 times the bet at an RTP of 94.16%/ 96.15%.

How Do We Rate Crazy Tooth Studio Slots?

We have ranked slots by looking more at the payout rate. We tried to avoid low-return options, focusing solely on high-yield slots. However, knowing that this is not enough to call a slot the best, we also evaluated its other qualities. For example, we looked at the winning potential of each model in the library, which is the most expected item in the slot.

We then move on to look at the bonuses and features built into the game. These make the slots interactive and modern. We also made sure that the slots were compatible with mobile devices and made sure that the mechanics were clear and fine-tuned. Next, we checked the image quality of the games. It was important to us that the design was as modern as possible.

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