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Capecod Gaming Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 7.9

Reputation: 8.5
Average RTP: 7.4
Graphics: 7.6
Features: 8.3
License(s) Curacao E-gaming

Capecod Gaming is a new gaming studio that focuses on slot games. It was just released and now has over 100 slots available. The company wants to make it easier for people to play the best slots, so they have created an online casino where players can find everything from classic slots like Cold War or Brain Dead, to more modern ones like Pin Up Diner or Safari River.

Capecod Gaming Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Portals and Dragons 98.12 % Medium x4000
# 2 Er Colosseo 98.01 % Medium-high x7500
# 3 Neon Strike 98.0 % Medium x4600
# 4 Warrior Angels 97.51 % Low x600
# 5 Black Gold Texas Riches 97.3 % Medium x4100
# 6 Mayan Adventure 97.28 % Medium x5000
# 7 Man in Mask 97.19 % Medium x4500
# 8 Vikings 97.05 % Medium x4350
# 9 Candy Land 96.8 % Medium x4000
# 10 Fruits 96.58 % Medium x4400
# 11 Cavemen 96.48 % Medium x4500
# 12 Bandit Saloon 96.43 % Medium x4500
# 13 Penguin Safari 96.37 % Medium x4000
# 14 Cinema 96.36 % High x5000
# 15 Immortal Blood 96.34 % Low x700
# 16 Guardians of the Kingdom 96.21 % Medium-low x2500
# 17 Little Duck 96.12 % High x10000
# 18 Stardust Evolution 96.02 % Medium x4100
# 19 Tuareg 96.0 % Medium x4500
# 20 Conquistadores 96.0 % Medium x4500
# 21 Puppies and Kittens 96.0 % Low x500
# 22 Puppies and Kittens 96.0 % Low x500
# 23 Calaveras 96.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 24 Roswell Secrets 96.0 % Medium-high x7500
# 25 Stardust Extended 95.99 % Low x500
# 26 Masked Rider 95.91 % Low x700
# 27 Masked Rider 95.91 % Low x750
# 28 Bell Fruit 95.8 % High x4000
# 29 Titanic 1912 95.71 % High x10000
# 30 Crystal Sky 95.71 % Low x30
# 31 Gems of Egypt 95.68 % Medium-low x2000
# 32 Double Fruits 95.66 % High x6000
# 33 Oktoberfest 95.52 % Medium-low x2500
# 34 Cuba Libre 95.5 % Medium-low x2500
# 35 Money Pig 95.5 % Medium x4500
# 36 Time Machine Creator 95.45 % Medium x4500
# 37 Miss Ocean 95.42 % Medium x4150
# 38 West and Stars 95.39 % Low x1000
# 39 Fairy's Treasure 95.39 % Medium-low x2500
# 40 Phantomask 95.39 % High x9700
# 41 Les Folies 95.37 % Low x66
# 42 IX Legio 95.37 % Medium x5000
# 43 Les Folies 95.37 % Low x66
# 44 T Rex Adventure 95.35 % Medium x4500
# 45 Lucky Star 95.34 % Medium-low x2500
# 46 Tex Mex 95.34 % Medium x4500
# 47 Galaxy Explorer 95.34 % Medium x5000
# 48 Drift King 95.33 % Medium x4600
# 49 MAGICLAND 95.31 % Low x500
# 50 Pyramid Escape 95.28 % Medium x4000
# 51 PLAYBOY 95.27 % High x10000
# 52 Jungle Land 95.26 % Low x800
# 53 Reel Coaster 95.25 % Medium x5000
# 54 Space Mission 95.25 % Medium x5000
# 55 Cold War 95.22 % Medium-low x1000
# 56 Crazy Doc 95.22 % Low x33
# 57 North Men 95.2 % Low x40
# 58 El Mata Toro 95.2 % Medium-low x2400
# 59 Wild Galleon 95.19 % Medium x4500
# 60 St Patricks Gold 95.19 % Low x40
# 61 Bomber Fruit 95.19 % Medium x4760
# 62 Seven Wonders 95.15 % Medium-low x2500
# 63 Bella Napoli 95.14 % Medium x4000
# 64 Chicken Hatch 95.12 % Medium x4000
# 65 Mayan Temple Advance 95.09 % Medium-low x2500
# 66 Video Bar 95.09 % Low x1000
# 67 Horus Gold 95.09 % Medium x4900
# 68 MARIO'S CUP 95.09 % Medium x5000
# 69 Alaska Fever 95.05 % Low x500
# 70 Klondike Fever 95.05 % Low x500
# 71 Don Corlemone 95.05 % Low x20
# 72 Genius 95.04 % Medium x4500
# 73 Moschettieri 95.03 % Medium x5000
# 74 Chunky Fruit 95.0 % Low x500
# 75 La Gitana 94.96 % Medium x222
# 76 Fire Department 94.96 % Medium-high x6000
# 77 New Orlean 94.91 % Medium x5000
# 78 Arsène Lupin 94.71 % Low x900
# 79 Moonshine 94.66 % Low x44
# 80 Jupiter 94.6 % Medium x5000
# 81 Chef and Zen 94.56 % Low x800
# 82 Rio 94.55 % Medium x5000
# 83 Hercules 94.52 % Medium-high x8000
# 84 Lido 94.44 % Medium x4500
# 85 Bomb The Jackpot 94.41 % Medium-low x2500
# 86 Los Muertos 94.38 % Medium x5000
# 87 Shangri La 94.25 % Medium x4500
# 88 Pirate's Bounty 94.2 % Medium x4400
# 89 Pirate's Bounty 94.2 % Medium x4400
# 90 Mayan Temple Revenge 94.16 % High x10000
# 91 THE BRIG 94.13 % High x5000
# 92 Ulysses 94.03 % Medium x4345
# 93 Cleopatras Temple 93.99 % Low x1000
# 94 Treasure Buster 93.99 % Medium x5000
# 95 Lucky BBQ 93.98 % Low x170
# 96 3 Monkeys 93.95 % Low x1000
# 97 Fish and Wins 93.94 % Medium x222
# 98 Sengoku Battle 93.92 % Medium-low x2500
# 99 Acme Bank 93.31 % Low x1000

Capecod Gaming Slots RTP

Return-To-Player (RTP) is one of the technical parameters of any slot. On the one hand, it shows how much money a player gets in the form of payouts during a long game session. On the other hand - what part of bets goes to the operator as income. From this begs the conclusion - the higher RTP, the higher your profitability and, accordingly, lower at the operator. Such games should be chosen.

Capecod Gaming's average RTP is 95%. This percentage brings the company closer to the list of iGaming studios releasing generous slot machines in terms of returns. Yes, it's not perfect, but having games with very high returns in the library gives hope that the situation will change for the better. Perhaps in the future, the studio will gather its strength and skills and start producing slots only with RTPs above the industry average. But there is one weighty nuance. The fact is that high-yielding slots are not profitable for operators, which means that they rarely appear in casinos.

Best 7 Capecod Gaming Slots

The Capecod Gaming slots ranking you'll see below is particularly admirable. All of the games included in it have a very high betting return (97% or more). Games with this level of RTP are a rarity in the industry. Be sure to try these titles at an online casino:

  • Portals & Dragons are one of the most generous slot machines in the industry. Its RTP is 98.12% and the maximum multiplier is x5,000

  • Er Colosseo is only slightly inferior in terms of returns. An impressive 98.01% return on your bets and a maximum multiplier of x7,500 are sure to catch your eye

  • Neon Strike is the third-highest returning slot in the studio's personal catalog ranking. Its RTP is 98%, and the maximum multiplier is a little more modest - 'only' x1,000

  • Warrior Angels with an RTP of 97.51% and a maximum multiplier of x4,000 will make your time fun and rewarding

  • Black Gold Texas Riches. According to the studio's mathematical calculations, this slot can return 97.3% of all bets and offers the chance to catch a maximum multiplier of x5,000

  • Mayan Adventure also has a very high payout. With an RTP of 97.28%, you get to win a maximum multiplier of x1,000

  • Man in Mask is a bright, hot slot with an RTP of 97.19% and a chance to win a maximum multiplier of x1,000.

Capecod Gaming Slots Features

Players with at least 20 years of experience in iGaming remember what the first online slots were like. They were 3 reels slot machine with no or only one additional prize option. Winnings on such models were very rare. Over the years, providers have changed their approach to gambling. Through the inclusion of various bonus features, winnings have become more frequent. The payouts in this studio's slots will lead you to:

  • Free Spins (Man in Mask)

  • Scatter (Portals & Dragons)

  • Wild (Er Colosseo)

  • Multiplier (Neon Strike)

  • Bonus Game (Mayan Adventure)

  • Bonus symbol (Black Gold Texas Riches)

  • Expanding symbol (Ulysses)

  • Stack (Molly's Ranch)

  • Additional Free Spins (Bank Job)

  • Random Wilds (Magic Woods)

  • Cluster Pays (Storm of Elements)

  • Mystery symbol (Pixel Quest)

  • Reels Doubling (Double Fruits)

  • Respin, Respin Wild (Money Pig)

  • Expanding wild with respin (Stardust)

  • Free Spins Multiplier (Alaska Fever).

Capecod Gaming Slots

Capecod Gaming is a leading provider in Italy. Starting in the mid-2010s, the studio began planning its expansion into other markets. Currently, its games are used by some 100 online gambling clubs operating for countries ranging from Australia to North America.

Experimentation with different mechanics and algorithms is not about this developer. Most slot machines are based on 5 reels. The slot grid is complemented by 3-6 rows. Payouts are made on 10-30 paylines. Some models support the Both ways payout feature.

The range of bets per line will not excite high rollers. The maximum wager of 25 USD and a minimum of 0.01 USD will please only casual gamblers. But there are a couple of patterns that are unlike the studio's standard. They look like this: six or ten reels with 243 paylines or Cluster Pays and bets of up to 300 USD.

Capecod Gaming Slots List

Capecod Gaming is a pioneer in the gaming industry. A few years ago, it crossed the 30-year mark of its market presence. Over the years, the provider has achieved some success first in land-based, then online and finally in social gambling. Since 2017, the studio has been an Italian part of the Novomatic Group. I don't think there is any need to explain that it has remained the biggest representative of the industry for many years.

The transition to a new level in the gambling sphere took place in 2013. At that time, the studio began releasing slot games for online casinos under its own name. Since then, the company has amassed a portfolio of 110+ video slots and other game types. The annual increase in slots alone is 11-12 models. I expect 2022 to be even more productive, as the first quarter alone will increase the catalog by 7 models. This is a very good place. It will soon help the company catch up with leading iGaming developers.

Fairness of Capecod Gaming Slots

I have some bad news for you. The company's official website, for some reason, has decided to withhold information about its software licensing and certification. Perhaps this is not hiding the facts at all, but simply a real refusal to license and certify its library. On the other hand, the studio has worked without complaint for more than 30 years. I have a hunch that being a resident of Italy for all these years, it did license its activities in that jurisdiction. In the meantime, in the absence of real information, I would advise playing slots of this studio thoughtfully. Choose platforms that offer only certified software.

Mobile Capecod Gaming Slots

The studio's first developments were made using Flash technology. Some of them still work only with additional software. But this is rather an exception. In fact, almost the entire studio's library has been successfully transcoded to HTML5 structuring language. Thanks to this, games can easily be adapted for smartphones/tablets with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Capecod Gaming's video slots are available in portrait mode only. This is a great way to play on the go, as players have round-the-clock access via the browser of your device.

Capecod Gaming Slots Sound and Graphics

You may remember that this developer started with land-based gambling. That experience is reflected in online games. Until recently, the studio produced technologically outdated models in terms of design. Only in the last few years has the audio-visual approach to their products been revised. Graphics quality has been improved from 2D to 3D, beautiful animations have been added and there is a pleasing sound during gameplay. This has made all the software attractive to those who prefer video slots designed to modern standards.

Best 7 Mobile Capecod Gaming Slots

For your ultimate comfort with quick access to the best video slots from the Capecod portfolio, we've decided to put together a ranking of the studio's top 7 choices. These include titles such as:

  • Arsène Lupin - Low risk slot machine with a payout of 94.71% and a maximum win rate of x1,000

  • Cinema - become an important part of this cinematic story and be one of those who take away with them an amount greater than 1,000 times the bet. The return here is a fixed 96.36%

  • Drift King - this slot is capable of paying out prizes greater than 5,000 times the bet. The RTP of the slot is 95.33%, which is not a good return percentage in the general

  • Jupiter, a model based on ancient Greek myths and legends, includes a return of 94.6% of users' deposited funds, as well as a maximum prize of x1,000 bets

  • Magic Land - you're sure to have fun when you start betting in this game. Its plot is based on the adventures of Alice in the rabbit hole. Once you reach the end, you'll probably take home the maximum prize of 95.31%. The return on the model is 95.31%

  • Phantomask is a slot machine with an unusual appearance, a fascinating plot, an RTP of 95.39% and a maximum payout of 1,000 times the bet

  • Rio is a slot machine that gives users a great chance to not only have fun but also to win a prize worth 1,000 times their bet. The return on this model is 94.55%.

You can run these games on your Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets. They do not require you to download any additional software, so they are available directly from your browser.

Best 7 Free Capecod Gaming Slots

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get to know Capecod's products. Although they don't have any outstanding performance, both creatively and technically, they are quite interesting for collectors of gaming experiences. Remarkably, you can do so even without raising your own money. The studio's introductory video slots include:

  • Guardians of the Kingdom - this model is worth considering for progressive jackpot catchers. The game offers a maximum prize in the base game of 500 times the value of the bet, as well as a 96.21% payout

  • Stardust Evolution - a variant from the Provider's portfolio with a maximum win rate multiplier of x500 and a return of 96.02%

  • Little Italy is a video slot dedicated to the gastronomic delights of Italy. Here users get the chance to multiply their stake by 4,000 times and include an RTP of 95.83%

  • Bell Fruit, the company's classic variant, consists of an RTP of 95.8%, High volatility and a betting prize potential of x5,000

  • Warrior Angels - model includes Low risk, the highest bet multiplier of x400 and an RTP of 97.51%

  • Vikings is a slot machine with an ancient Scandinavian theme, an RTP of 97.05% and a maximum payout of x1,000

  • Bandit Saloon - Once downloaded, this video slot takes users back to the heyday of the dangerous Wild West. The model offers a 96.43% payout and a betting potential of x2,000.

Best 7 Bitcoin Capecod Gaming Slots

There are several hundred studio video slots in the provider's account. They are too different and it's often not easy to choose a technically appealing option. We decided to help you out and have ranked the slot machines that fit the criteria of great cryptocurrency models the most. All of them are produced by Capecod and are available at Bitcoin casinos:

  • Portals & Dragons is a variant of the company that provides a 98.12% return on users' investment and a betting potential of x10,000

  • Black Gold Texas - The 2017 model features a 97.13% return and a maximum bet multiplier of x5,000

  • Cavemen is a slot machine dedicated to ancient times, the period of the beginnings of mankind. It assumes a maximum win of x1,000 bets and an RTP of 96.48%

  • Penguin Safari - this variant offers a return of 96.37% and the highest multiplier of x3,000

  • Little Duck invites users to go on a farm. The technical parameters include an RTP of 96.12%, High risk and a maximum multiplier of x1,000

  • Masked Rider - in this game, you get to see an amount in your account greater than 10,000 times your bet. The model's RTP is 95.91%

  • Ghost Quest is a mystical slot machine with an RTP of 95.83%, excellent graphic quality and a maximum payout of x4,000.

How Do We Rate Capecod Gaming Slots?

A key factor in selecting slots from the Capecod catalog was their RTP. It is the only one that can reveal the secret about the payoff level of the game's mechanics. Any user can estimate his chances of getting his money back in the long run. The higher the percentage of this indicator, the better for the user. Besides, it was important for us to show you what you will be betting for. That is why we have indicated the number of maximum winnings for each game in the ranking. We are sure that the gameplay will now be even more exciting for you.

We have further evaluated and included in our ranking games varied and interesting bonus options. This will make your casino session exciting. We have also strived to allow you to play on mobile devices. All of the models listed are ready to run on all kinds of devices that have internet access. You can rest assured that you will get first-class gameplay in games with vibrant graphics.

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