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Caleta Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 7.9

Reputation: 8.4
Average RTP: 7.4
Graphics: 8.3
Features: 8.7
License(s) Curacao E-gaming

Welcome to a new way of playing slots! At Caleta, they offer the newest and most exciting slot games for you to play. The company has over 50 different slots that come with their own unique theme and bonus round so that you can always find something new to try out. Whether you're looking for an easy game or one with more challenges, the team guarantee there is something for everyone here at Caleta Gaming!

Caleta Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 Lords Balcony 97.55 % Low x420
# 2 Kabaddi Raiders 97.15 % Low x250
# 3 Cherry Cherry 97.05 % Low x500
# 4 Hungry Chef Pickem 97.02 % Medium x100
# 5 Hungry Chef Pickem 97.02 % Medium x100
# 6 Pick' Em Fruits 97.02 % Medium x100
# 7 Gamdom Strike 96.73 % Extreme x15000
# 8 Banana Drop 96.7 % Medium x6031
# 9 Arctic Valor 96.7 % Medium x6031
# 10 Halloween Pick'em 96.5 % Medium x5000
# 11 Carnival Beauties 96.47 % Medium-low x1116
# 12 Fortress Charge 96.45 % High x16000
# 13 Fruitverse 96.33 % High x10000
# 14 Hungry Chef 96.16 % High x500
# 15 Wild Fruit 96.14 % Medium x500
# 16 Dragon Rising 96.09 % High x2100
# 17 Fright Night 96.04 % Medium x500
# 18 Frozen Fluffies 96.03 % High x1000
# 19 Princess of the Ocean 96.03 % High x2600
# 20 Billion Llama in Vegas 96.0 % Medium x5250
# 21 Hallowinner 96.0 % High x2600
# 22 Astro Wild 96.0 % High x10000
# 23 Paradise Trippies 96.0 % Medium x5000
# 24 Viking Madness 96.0 % High x2300
# 25 Cutey Cats 96.0 % High x2600
# 26 Football Pro Scratchcard 95.65 % Medium-low x2500
# 27 Cruise of Fortune 95.41 % Medium x500
# 28 Caves and Treasures 95.41 % Low x500
# 29 Rio de Janeiro 94.6 % Medium x1200
# 30 New Fruit 94.6 % Medium x1200
# 31 Reis do Egito 94.6 % Medium x1200
# 32 Talismanes 94.6 % Medium x5000
# 33 Samba 94.6 % Medium x1200
# 34 Halloween 94.42 % Medium x4500
# 35 Village Brewery 94.39 % Medium x500
# 36 Lucky K 94.19 % Medium x500
# 37 Vegas Baby 94.19 % Medium x1200
# 38 Golden Hook 94.17 % Medium x4000
# 39 Hurricash 93.61 % Medium x2300
# 40 Billion Llama 93.42 % Medium x4000
# 41 Magic Forest 93.17 % Medium x500
# 42 Hidden Kingdom 93.17 % Medium x500
# 43 Crystal Unicorn 93.17 % Medium x500
# 44 Torch of Fire 92.85 % High x2200
# 45 Ocean Richies 92.67 % High x1800
# 46 The Dressing Room 92.67 % High x2200
# 47 Crazy Lab 92.56 % Medium x500
# 48 Enchanted Cash 92.54 % Medium x1100
# 49 Madame Fortune 92.54 % Medium x1100
# 50 Madame Fortune 92.54 % Medium x1100
# 51 Heroes Empire 92.49 % Medium x1000
# 52 Pirates of Fortune 92.05 % High x1300
# 53 Beach Tennis 91.79 % High x2150
# 54 Feel The Music 91.67 % High x2000
# 55 Lucky Express 91.67 % High x2000
# 56 Lost Saga 91.67 % High x2000
# 57 China Charms 91.67 % High x2000
# 58 Football Pro 91.67 % High x2000
# 59 Gold Fever 91.67 % High x2000
# 60 Basketball Pro 91.67 % High x2000

Best Caleta Online Casinos

100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Caleta Slots RTP

The average RTP of the Caleta Gaming library is very modest by industry standards - just 94.5% to 95%. This figure does not reach at least not bad by a decent 1.5 units. What's more, I studied the provider's entire library in detail and got frustrated. Their library contains a large number of models where the RTP is unacceptably low. Even land-based casinos by other developers are now shipping games with a higher RTP than 91% - 92%.

In the meantime, I have noticed that this studio has shown a tendency to improve this situation. For the last year, it has been releasing games with a higher return value. It can already be classified as "good, above average". And that is fine. It immediately becomes clear that the provider doesn't just create games for sale, but worries about their relevance and quality for players. It seems logical that the company's employees analyse the popularity of its products over time and, if any shortcomings are identified, strive to fix them in future models.

Best 7 Caleta Slots

A huge drawback of the provider's products is the library's unacceptably low RTP. At the same time, there are still about a dozen game variants in the studio's catalog with a decent payout percentage. The best of them include:

  • Cherry Cherry is a classic slot with an RTP of 97.05% and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Hungry Chef Pick Em, a cooking-themed slot with a 97.02% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x100

  • Pick'Em Fruits - a slot with a rare row layout, 97.02% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x100

  • Gamdom Strike, a game based on a popular computer game with an RTP of 96.73% and a maximum multiplier of x15,000

  • Halloween Pick'Em - a slot with a 5*1 symbol layout, 96.5% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x500

  • Carnival Beauties. Carnival entourage is complemented by an RTP of 96.47% and a maximum multiplier of x1,116

  • Hungry Chef - the 'tasty' slot has a 'tasty' RTP of 96.16% and a maximum multiplier of x500.

Caleta Slots Features

In terms of the use of special features, the provider's products can be divided into two types. In one case, the slots are quite simple, using no more than 1 bonus option. In the second, a lot of interesting, sometimes even innovative solutions are included in the game.

Incidentally, this provider is one of the few who very rarely use Wild in their games. Scatter and Free Spins are very often used instead. In general, it is possible to meet in the products:

  • Scatter (Hungry Chef Pick Em)

  • Free Spins (Pick' Em Fruits)

  • Wild (Hungry Chef)

  • Multiplier, Free Spins Multiplier (Gamdom Strike)

  • Pick Em (Halloween Pick'Em)

  • Avalanche/ Cascading wins (Gamdom Strike)

  • Bonus Wheel (Carnival Beauties)

  • Buy Feature (Gamdom Strike)

  • Stack (Billion Llama in Vegas)

  • Respin Per Reel (Beach Tennis)

  • Gamble Bonus (Princess of the Ocean)

  • Sticky Wild (Viking Madness)

  • Expanding symbol (Crystal Unicorn)

  • Jackpot (Reis do Egito)

  • Thron Feature (Lucky K).

In addition to the above bonus features, the provider offers several slot models where you can choose the game's protagonist or select objects.

Caleta Slots

The Caleta Gaming library has yet to gain the love and trust of players from all over the world. At the moment, the provider's slots are available at several dozen online casinos that predominantly serve the Brazilian market.

The head of the company declares that they are not going to stop there. Their development is just beginning, both in relation to popularisation in other markets and the production of even more diverse games. For now, the studio uses the mechanics of 3 and 5 reel slots. They are complemented by 1-3 rows. Caleta is one of the few developers who like to experiment with single-row games.

Simple slot models have 1 payline. The more standard versions support 9-243 active lines. The betting range varies from 0.09 EUR to 200 EUR per line.

The studio's slots interface is easy to use. Thanks to the easy-to-use layout of the slot control buttons, you can easily place your bet (using the + and - icons), set up fast spinning reels and autoplay mode. To lock the automatic spins, select the number of spins you want and wait for them to end. To stop them prematurely, press the same button again.

Caleta Slots List

Caleta Gaming is one of the few South American representatives in iGaming. Its office was originally located in Florianopolis, Brasil. At that time, three South American countries - Colombia, Argentina and, in fact, Brazil itself - were the main geographical areas of focus for sales. Very quickly, having gained recognition among the players in these territories, the studio decided to move on. To do so, they opened their first office outside of Brazil - in Gibraltar. This allowed the provider to begin the journey to promote its products internationally.

In 3 years of presence, the company has given users more than 55 video slots and several dozens of lottery games (bingo, keno, scratch tickets). The annual growth of the library is 17-18 models of slots alone. This is a very good rate of library additions. Considering the high quality of their machines, growing confidence in the company's games and its desire to develop, this studio has all chances to break into the leaders.

Fairness of Caleta Slots

There is no clear legal information about the company on its website. All Caleta Gaming reports is certification information from two countries, one of which is Colombia. I have a hunch that the second country is Brazil. For now, if you want to play the company's slots for money, choose a licensed casino that certifies the software offered to players. In this case, you will be guaranteed that the main technical characteristics of the studio's slots are fully compliant with the declared ones, and the RNG works clearly, honestly and without failures.

Mobile Caleta Slots

iGaming, like everything in this world, has undergone significant changes over the years. This includes the availability of slot machines. Long-time players remember how they used to have to go to a land-based casino to play. Years later, games became more accessible. They could be accessed at home through PCs and laptops. Today's slots are available 24/7 thanks to HTML5 technology.

Caleta Gaming makes it possible for its consumers to play from any smartphone, regardless of its operating system or novelty. Not only do the mobile slots retain all of their functionality, but also the gaming possibilities. Every month news comes in from all corners of the world that yet another player has received a large payout by playing through a mobile device. This studio also expects to be the hero of the news bulletins someday, along with the winner.

Caleta Slots Sound and Graphics

If you're looking for slots with a modern design, Caleta Gaming is a great choice. This small company uses all their skills to make its games fun to play. Bright colours, delightful soundtracks, 3D animations, interesting themes - will make your gaming session enjoyable.

Best 7 Mobile Caleta Gaming Slots

Following a comprehensive evaluation of Caleta's slots, we have compiled a ranking of the best HTML5 titles from the company's portfolio. It looks as follows:

  • Lords Balcony - the title can fetch the winner an amount greater than 6,000 times the bet. The game's payout is also praiseworthy. It reaches 97.55%

  • Imperial: Operation Rio - the game's storyline takes us into the computer world, the world of Counter-Strike. It offers a maximum prize of x15,000 bets, High volatility and an RTP of 96.73%

  • Carnival Beauties - Carnival Beauties with their respective attributes are capable of paying out prizes of up to 100,000 USD, as well as a Jackpot. The payout of the game is 96.47%

  • Frozen Fluffies - Antarctica is not only the icy part of our planet but also the story for this game. Play and win prizes worth 1,000 times your bet. The return on the machine is 96.03%

  • Princess of the Ocean is a pirate-inspired slot machine with an RTP of 96.03% and a betting potential of x2,600

  • Cruise of Fortune - company model with Medium volatility, RTP 95.41% and highest winnings x500 bet

  • New Fruit - From the name, you can draw the right conclusion about the classic fruity plot of the game. The maximum prize is x1,200 bet, and the payout is 94.6%.

All of these games run on any mobile device with an internet connection. You do not need to download any additional software to download them. The selected model is downloaded via the browser. This saves a lot of phone memory and allows you to get to the game even faster.

Best 7 Free Caleta Gaming Slots

Caleta's portfolio offers many worthy models. We invite you to consider the slots with one very important aspect - the presence of a demo option. This is a mode where you can play as much as you like without investing your cash. Thus, you get to enjoy the gameplay without losing anything. The best games from the provider with demo mode are:

  • Pick' Em Fruits - this game offers the highest bet multiplier of x100 and a yield of 97.02%

  • Halloween - the favorite holiday is now also in the studio slot! Here you can increase your balance by up to 1,200 times your bet. The payout is 94.6%

  • Reis do Egito is a video slot with a maximum prize of x1,200 bets and a fixed yield of 94.6%

  • Caves and Treasures is a variant of the company that offers a prize of 500 times the bet and a return of 95.41%

  • Viking Madness - the Viking theme never fades away. This game also features several technical points like a 96% RTP and a slot prize pool of x2,300

  • Fright Night - with this model you can win an amount greater than 500 times your bet. The return on the machine is 96.04%

  • World Wild Cup is a sports-themed slot machine. It includes an RTP of 96.2% and the highest bet multiplier of x800.

Best 7 Bitcoin Caleta Gaming Slots

The reason for creating the Caleta best Bitcoin slots ranking is quite simple - the popularity of the cryptocurrency. While it was not initially believed in, it is now in demand among a variety of businesses, including iGaming. We suggest getting to know the provider's top blockchain names:

  • Kabaddi Raiders - the name suggests a return of 97.15% of the money invested by players, as well as a maximum prize of 250 times the stake

  • Fruitverse, a 5 reel version with a 96.33% return and a maximum prize of x2,000

  • Hungry Chef - a video slot offers a risk of 500 times your stake at a payout of 96.16%

  • Halloween Pick'em - a title with a maximum prize of 1,500 USD in the main game and Progressive Jackpot feature and an RTP of 96.5%

  • Wild Fruit is a video slot with a 96.14% return on your investment and a maximum payout of x25,000

  • Dragon Rising - a video slot with an Asian flavour, x2,100 betting potential, High volatility and an RTP of 96.09%

  • Cutey Cats - the story is about cute pets - cats. From the technical points, we'll highlight the RTP of 96% and the maximum prize of x2,600 bets.

How Do We Rate Caleta Gaming Slots?

Creating a ranking of the company's best slots is no easy task. It is important to evaluate each model from different angles, not just one thing. The design, for example. We were heavily influenced by the payout figure in forming our list. This is an important component of the slot, with which we assess the potential of the mechanics. But that's not all that matters to us.

We've also explored the prize features of slots as the most fascinating and anticipated part of the gameplay. We invite you to familiarise yourself with them as you explore our rankings. Next, we looked at the graphics of the slots. We chose the best versions with more modern solutions in this area. Another important parameter for us was the compatibility of slots with smartphones and other gadgets. This allows you to play at any time and from anywhere.

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