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August Gaming Slots: Best RTP Games, RTP Info, Slots List (2024)

Overall rating: 7.7

Reputation: 8.3
Average RTP: 8.4
Graphics: 7.2
Features: 7.9
License(s) Curacao E-gaming

August Gaming is a casino slot studio that has created over 40 exclusive slots for use in casinos and other gaming locations. They have been making games for years, and their quality can be seen by the many awards they have received. These award-winning games are available at online casinos, as well as brick-and-mortar establishments across the world. If you want to play one of their newest releases, check out "3 Treasures" or "5 Blessings".

August Gaming Slots RTP (A List of Best Slots)

# Slot Name RTP % Volatility Max Win Play For Real
# 1 3 Treasures 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 2 The Magical Lamp 95.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 3 King Kong 95.0 % Medium x3500
# 4 The Third Lotus Prince 95.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 5 Mega Fortune God 95.0 % Medium x4000
# 6 Double 88 95.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 7 Samurai Warrior 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 8 Lucky Panda 95.0 % Medium x2000
# 9 Super Fruit 95.0 % Medium x4000
# 10 Hail The Emperor 95.0 % Medium x4000
# 11 Mr Tiger 95.0 % Medium-low x2500
# 12 Empress Dowager Cixi 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 13 Numbers Deluxe 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 14 Mythical Fire Qilin 95.0 % Medium x2500
# 15 5 Blessings 95.0 % Medium x4000
# 16 Zhuge Liang 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 17 The Red Phoenix 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 18 Fortune Luck 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 19 Lucky Kids 95.0 % Medium-low x2000
# 20 Mahjong Pong 95.0 % Medium x4000

August Gaming Slots RTP

August Gaming's products feature a customisable RTP. This means that every operator that this studio starts a partnership with can choose the RTP for their casino. Nowadays, many developers are guilty of producing just such games. This is how studios shift the responsibility for the payout capacity of slots to the operator.

All slots from this company have 3 RTP options, two of which are the same for all models - 95%, 96%. If we are talking about the third RTP percentage option, it varies from game to game. Most often we are talking about very profitable for users odds over 97%. It is not difficult to calculate that the average RTP of a slot library is around 96% - 96.5%. This is considered to be an excellent figure in iGaming. Moreover, few gaming studios can boast a similar average betting return of their library.

Adjustable RTP is the main problem, even though the slots from this developer have a good payout. It consists of the impossibility of truly knowing the true percentage of the game you have chosen. Most often the casino call centre specialists are not competent in such situations and the players have to waste their time. Still, I would like to point out the games of this studio in a positive way. While other operators have their first percentage starting at 91% and often ending at 95% to 96%, August Gaming's starts at 95%.

Best 7 August Gaming Slots

I mentioned above that players are often deprived of the truth about the RTP of a slot with a customizable percentage. But I can give some tips. They will increase your chances of finding slots with the highest developer offered betting returns. First, choose the top online casinos. In such institutions, operators are not afraid to integrate models with good returns into their platforms. Second - choose casinos where the operator itself publishes the current RTP size of each model.

So, the best in terms of impact may be:

  • Mythical Fire Qilin with an RTP of 97.22% and a maximum multiplier of x333

  • Empress Dowager Cixi with 97.17% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x3,500

  • 5 Blessings with an RTP of 97.16% and a maximum multiplier of x300

  • Numbers Deluxe with 97.16% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x90

  • Lucky Panda with 97.11% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x300

  • Fortune Luck with 97.09% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x10,000

  • The Red Phoenix with 97.08% RTP and a maximum multiplier of x10,000.

August Gaming Slots Features

August Gaming is not too generous with the inclusion of bonus features in its games. However, you can expect at least 2 prize options. In addition to Free Spins and Wild, which are present in every model, you will find:

  • Substitution symbol (3 Treasures)

  • Multiplier ( 5 Blessings)

  • Scatter (Double 88)

  • Respin (Hail The Emperor)

  • Additional Prepaid Wild (Empress Dowager Cixi)

  • Stack (Numbers Deluxe)

  • Bonus game (Fortune Luck)

  • Synchronizing Reels (Lucky Kids)

  • Avalanche/ Cascading wins (King Kong)

  • Multiway (Lucky Panda).

August Gaming Slots

The provider itself proudly claims to be a leading provider of revolutionary gaming solutions and a producer of innovative entertainment content. To put it bluntly, that statement is far too controversial. It would be more accurate to say that the studio is in search of better solutions for most players around the world. So far, their slots are only represented in a few dozen online casinos targeting the Asian market.

The provider's portfolio includes models with 5 and 3 reels. Using classic playing field layouts, the studio has also decided not to experiment too much with the number of lines. You can choose titles with 8 to 1024 paylines. The betting range in this company's products ranges from 0.8 EUR to 300 EUR. Unfortunately, August Gaming still does not have any progressive jackpot games.

There are several settings on the slots interface. To keep your interests in mind, adjust the coin denomination and bet level using the button. These parameters form the basis of the playing session. Of the advanced settings, the option to use Autoplay and Turbo Spin is suggested. Autoplay will remain in effect until you deactivate it yourself. To set it, hold down the Spin button for a long time. The fast spin mode can be set up via the slot menu.

August Gaming Slots List

The company pays particular attention to the quality of the software it produces. To get a clear shot at the users' interests, its specialists conduct global market research. All of this is then carefully studied, worked through, and finally goes into production. Given the complexity of the process, the studio produces just 3-4 video slots a year. After 6 years, the provider's portfolio totals just under 20 titles. It's not hard to guess that with such a small library, the company won't have a chance to catch up with iGaming's leaders for a long time to come.

Fairness of August Gaming Slots

The provider's games are fully protected by state-of-the-art SSL encryption protocols. Data protection is done in compliance with the requirements of the regulatory body, Curacao eGaming. Curacao's gambling laws are considered among the most unreliable due to a lack of protection of players' interests. And I could wholeheartedly recommend you not to play their games, but there is one thing. The truth is that it is not always a question of whether or not you have a license. Here and in this situation, I can say that their slots are reliable and honest. This is evidenced by the studio's cooperation with iTechLabs, an independent testing laboratory. This lab tests August Gaming's games annually for fair RNG performance. Consequently, it proves the high quality of the software.

Mobile August Gaming Slots

To keep up with the established providers in the industry, this company had to at least create affordable games. And it hasn't missed that opportunity. Users can open slots anywhere, anytime. This is true for devices with internet access regardless of their operating system. Playing slots on a mobile or tablet saves you traffic due to the low weight of the games. And this advantage goes in addition to those previously listed.

August Gaming Slots Sound and Graphics

More than 90% of the library's slots have an Asian theme. As for their design, the provider uses already outdated 2D graphics. I don't rule out the fact that this is more of a drawback than a virtue. That said, almost any player would agree with me that design is far from being the most important thing in slot machines. If we talk about the music part of the game, it uses a good theme track. By complementing the theme of the slot with appropriate music, it helps you enjoy the Asian flavour.

Best 7 Mobile August Gaming Slots

Despite some technical shortcomings at August Gaming, we can highlight some of the company's best mobile slots. Their list looks like this:

  • King Kong - the provider has brought the protagonist of several legendary films, the giant gorilla, into the story. As for the technical side of the slot, we can only note its winning potential of x1,000 bets. RTP and risk level unknown

  • Empress Dowager Cixi is a video slot dedicated to the times of Empress Cixi of the Qing dynasty. The game is known to have Medium risk built in. The RTP is customizable with a maximum of 97.17%. The maximum prize is x3,500

  • The Third Lotus Prince is a colorful, neatly designed slot machine with a prize pool of x4,000 bets and RTP 96.2%

  • Super Fruit - the bright story is diluted with a maximum prize of 3,000 times the bet. We can't say anything about the payout, as it's not specified

  • Numbers Deluxe - this game is inspired by Asian culture. The RTP is 97.16%, but the winning potential of the bet is not very happy - only x90

  • 5 Blessings - the slot machine has the highest prize payout of up to x300 bets with its fairly attractive RTP of 97.16%

  • Lucky Kids - a model with the ability to see an amount in your account greater than 2,430 times the bet. RTP has not been officially published.

Best 7 Free August Gaming Slots

While you have to be as careful as possible with the paid versions of the studio's slots, there are essentially no drawbacks in their free version. You don't risk your money, which means you can play for a long time. We advise you to start with the following options:

  • The Magical Lamp is a fairytale-themed slot machine with a betting potential of x1,000. The slot machine's profitability raises some concerns, as its percentage is not specified

  • Zhuge Liang is a video slot with a military theme, a maximum prize of x2,500 bets and a betting range of 2.5 to 1,000 USD. Keep in mind that the RTP is not disclosed here

  • Hail The Emperor is a title with a betting potential of x100. Note that in this game, too, the actual return percentage is not officially published

  • Samurai Warrior - according to publicly available information, only the maximum prize can be noted. It is x100 bets. RTP unknown

  • Mega Fortune God - a title with an unpublished payout and a betting multiplier of x100

  • Double 88 is a slot machine with a maximum prize of x300 bets and an unknown RTP. Despite the lack of return percentage data, this model has gained mass love from users

  • Fortune Luck is one of the company's worthiest models with an RTP of 97.09% and a maximum prize of x10,000 bets.

Best 7 Bitcoin August Gaming Slots

Among the entire August Slots portfolio, we can highlight several models that appeal primarily to cryptocurrency players. They offer both small and large bets in Bitcoins, Litecoins and other cryptocurrencies:

  • Fortune Luck is a model that offers you the opportunity to increase your balance by x10,000. The payout is known to be 97.09%

  • The Red Phoenix - slot machine includes a yield of 97.08% and a maximum prize of x10,000 bets

  • Mr Tiger is the developer's variant, which offers a return of 95% and a maximum prize of x1,000

  • Double 88 - an option with an unknown RTP and betting potential of x300

  • 5 Blessings is a video slot that gives you the chance to win an amount greater than 300 times your bet. The payout is 97.16%

  • Zhuge Liang - a model with no information on its payoff and a maximum prize of x2,500 bets

  • Super Fruit - the game's lighthearted storyline is complemented by a maximum prize of 3,000 times the bet. The RTP is unknown.

How Do We Rate August Gaming Slots?

When ranking the company's best slots, we were primarily guided by the RTP. This is a very important parameter that allows us to evaluate the generosity of the mechanics. As you can see, this parameter is present in a limited number of titles, so we evaluated games according to other important indicators. In particular, we examined the prize options and chose titles with the most modern solutions in this area. These make the gameplay even more exciting. Another purpose of including bonus rounds and other bonus options is to make the gameplay unique. We have also looked at the company's slot machines in terms of their prize potential.

By understanding how much can be won, users have the option of accepting the rules of the game or abandoning the slot altogether, not wanting to trade up for small amounts. Also, we've only chosen models that are adapted for mobile devices, meaning they're made using HTML5 technology. With it, games are not only available on mobile phones but also on tablets. In this way, users get the chance to place their bets right on the move. Another point we have considered is the graphics. Although the provider does not use cutting-edge technology in design, all slots are of good quality and neat.

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