Winning Hit Frequency in Online Slots Explained

Imagine you're in a casino, and it's your first time playing the slot machines. You sit down at a machine that has three rows of symbols on the screen and is flashing bright colors. The game begins with a loud woop sound-and then stops abruptly. A few minutes later, there's another wop! And then another one after that. What are the odds of winning?

That depends on how many times the reels spin before they stop again forming some winning combination - which is called "hit frequency." In order to win on slots online often enough, you need to have what's called an average hit frequency (AHF) higher than 20%. This is what can be expected in medium or low volatility slot machines.

Best online slots with disclosed Hit Frequency

(players from United States are welcome)

Book of 99 Online Slot Logo

Book of 99

Hit Freq.: 29.83 %
Kaiser Online Slot Logo


Hit Freq.: 19.92 %
Volcano Fruits Online Slot Logo

Volcano Fruits

Hit Freq.: 20.65 %
King of Cats Online Slot Logo

King of Cats

Hit Freq.: 38.89 %
Sails of Fortune Online Slot Logo

Sails of Fortu…

Hit Freq.: 23.8 %
Heroes Hunt Megaways Online Slot Logo

Heroes Hunt Me…

Hit Freq.: 26.86 %
Emerald's Infinity Reels Online Slot Logo

Emerald's Infi…

Hit Freq.: 22.05 %
Pop Online Slot Logo


Hit Freq.: 32.98 %
Spirit of the Beast Online Slot Logo

Spirit of the …

Hit Freq.: 23.65 %
Twisted Turbine Online Slot Logo

Twisted Turbine

Hit Freq.: 20.78 %
Multiplier Odyssey Online Slot Logo

Multiplier Ody…

Hit Freq.: 24.6 %
12 Trojan Mysteries Online Slot Logo

12 Trojan Myst…

Hit Freq.: 20.83 %
Chip Spin Online Slot Logo

Chip Spin

Hit Freq.: 19.15 %
Christmas Tree Online Slot Logo

Christmas Tree

Hit Freq.: 31.6 %
Viking Runes Online Slot Logo

Viking Runes

Hit Freq.: 31.8 %
Wild Chapo Online Slot Logo

Wild Chapo

Hit Freq.: 20.85 %
Samurai Ken Online Slot Logo

Samurai Ken

Hit Freq.: 15.42 %
Book of Itza Online Slot Logo

Book of Itza

Hit Freq.: 17.66 %
Crazy Mix Online Slot Logo

Crazy Mix

Hit Freq.: 37.4 %
Golden Castle Titanways Online Slot Logo

Golden Castle …

Hit Freq.: 33.81 %
Desert Shark Online Slot Logo

Desert Shark

Hit Freq.: 19.85 %
9 Blazing Diamonds Online Slot Logo

9 Blazing Diam…

Hit Freq.: 41.97 %
Elemento Online Slot Logo


Hit Freq.: 44.25 %
Epic Riches Online Slot Logo

Epic Riches

Hit Freq.: 33.97 %