Coin Value and Bet Level in Online Slots

Online slots are capable of providing casino players with a good profit, but for this, they need to be properly configured. The basic settings of slot games are set by manufacturers, but players can choose the coin value, the number of lines, the level/rate of the bets, and other important parameters of the gameplay. By competently managing these settings, gamblers can increase the likelihood of winning and the profitability of the game. In the article, we will tell you about such key parameters as coin denomination (coin value) and bet value, and how exactly they can influence your betting techniques.

Basic Parameters of a Bet in Online Slots

Many players get confused when they hear the terms like coin denomination or bet rate. Some consider them to be the same thing. But they are not. Both terms are related to slot parameters and can be changed in the game’s settings. But what exactly do they mean? Let’s find out!

What is Coin Value on Online Slots?

A coin denomination (or coin value) shows how much money you can place on a single pay-line. Let's consider a simple example. For clarity, you can open any free slot machines and check their bet settings. Let's say we have a slot machine with nine lines, each of which is allowed to bet from 1 to 10 coins. The denominations of the coins are:

  • 50 cents;

  • 1 dollar;

  • 2 dollars.

If, according to the rules, switching the number of lines is provided (and all the best slots allow this), the user has the right to leave only one line and put only one coin of 50 cents on it. This virtual 0.5 dollar is the coin value and the minimum bet of such a video slot.

However, it is best to use all of the lines, betting one dollar coin on each. Then, the total bet will consist of nine lines, each of which has one coin. In total, we get $9 of the final bet with the coin denomination of $1.

Note that all selected lines must be marked with the coin value, otherwise they won’t become active and will not be able to form winning combinations. To make things easier, you can simply click on the Bet Max button – and all lines will automatically participate in the game with the maximum stakes.

Sure, you can bet more than 1 coin per line. For that, you just need to change the bet rate/level.

What is Bet Level on Online Slots?

Bet level is basically a number of coins that can be wagered on one pay-line. This parameter is easier and more convenient to change in online slots.

Again, let’s consider the example mentioned above. For instance, you select a video slot with 9 pay-lines, each of which is allowed to bet from 1 to 10 coins. The value of a coin is 1 dollar. You want to increase the total bet. For that, you need to change the bet rate (value) in the slot’s settings. Let’s say instead of 1 coin, you decide to bet 2 coins. Then, your total bet will be counted the next way:

$1 (coin value) x 2 (bet level/the number of coins per line) x 9 (the number of pay-lines) = 18 dollars

Switching the denomination of coins and the number of coins can be considered interchangeable. Moreover, these parameters do not affect the probability of getting a win. At the same time, connecting more lines gives more chances of success, while increasing costs for each bet. As a rule, the use of an increased number of coins for betting on slots directly increases the size of the potential winnings (only the size, not its probability, unless the rules clearly state otherwise). And even then, when a certain level of bet is required, the user of a slot is usually promised a bonus game or a progressive jackpot as a reward, but not a standard fixed prize – such payments are most often available by default.

NetEnt is Known for Such Betting Mechanics

In most slot games from NetEnt, you will not be able to influence the return percentage by setting a certain number of coins on the spin. But in the developer's collection of games, there are slots in which this parameter has a significant value. If you activate additional options when the gameplay is at higher rates, the expected payout percentage will increase. For example, in the Koi Princess slot, the payout percentage ranges from 96% to 96.23%. The RTP is increased if the optional feature is active. That is, if you boost the bet rate and bet 2 coins per line instead of 1. Let's look at other examples:

Mega Joker. If you play at a rate of 1 coin per spin, the payout percentage will not exceed 76.9%. And by activating the rate of 10 coins, which is the maximum, the RTP percentage will increase to 89.1% or even 99%.

The Jackpot 6000 slot. When you play at rates that do not exceed 8 coins per spin, you can expect a guaranteed payback from 74.9% to 79.2%. By choosing a bet of 10 coins, the RTP increases to 98.9%.

But you have to keep in mind that such a betting mechanic is relevant to the mentioned games and other old-type slots. Most NetEnt games have a single payout percentage that does not change when the bet is changed. This means that this rule does not apply and the number of bet coins does not affect the size or frequency of winnings.