Bet Size in Online Slots: A Complete Guide

Before playing an online slot, you need to go through a setting stage, within which you select the number of active lines and place bets from the proposed range. As a rule, this range is quite wide and allows you to bet from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. But what are average bet sizes? Is it necessary to place max bets? Does it bring any benefits? We will answer these and other questions in our guide!

The Range of Bet Sizes: When to Bet to the Maximum?

It is sometimes hard for a beginner to understand all types of bets and slots terms. We will try to explain in simple language what coin denomination (or coin value) is, what the difference with total bet value is, and why sometimes you should bet the maximum for each round.

Two Different Approaches

There are 2 approaches for measuring the bet size of a particular slot – coin denomination (coin value) and total bet value. A coin is a conventional unit of a bet in slots, and the total amount of the bet depends on its face value (as a rule, it’s from 0.01 to 1 and even higher). For example, with a denomination of 0.01, the minimum bet monetary unit is 1 cent (hence, the name cent slots - the games you can play with such a denomination).

Thanks to the coin value, players have some flexibility in assessing the total amount of the bet. As a rule, a wide range of bets is provided, allowing you to accurately manage your gaming budget. Along with the coin denomination, the total bet amount is determined by the number of lines and the number of coins.

If you are playing a slot game with 25 paylines, with a coin denomination of 0.01, your total bet per spin is 0.25, since there are 0.01 per payline:

  • 0.01 (coin denomination) x 25 (paylines) = 0.25 (total bet).

If you increase the coin value to 0.02, the bet per spin will be 0.50:

  • 0.02 (coin denomination) x 25 (paylines) = 0.50 (total bet).

Keep in mind that you can change the size of the bet only in accordance with the denomination of the coins. In some slots, you can set an individual bet size by changing the bet level. Depending on the level of bets, a multiplier is applied to the coin denomination, as a result of which your total bet changes. For example, if you select a coin denomination of 0.02 at bet level 2, the denomination increases to 0.04. Thus, if you are playing a slot game with 25 paylines:

  • 0.02 (coin denomination) x 2 (bet level) = 0.04;

  • 0.04 x 25 (paylines) = 1.00 (total bet).

How Much Money an Average Slot Allows to Bet

An average slot allows you to gamble up to $100 per spin. The range of bets is usually between 1 and 100 coins (that is, $1 and $100 respectively). Surely enough, there are slots that provide really small bets like 0.2 coins (Bikini Party, Sakura Fortune, Book of Dead, and so on). Yet, it is better to play slot machines with the ability to wager from 1 to 1,000 coins. It won’t influence the RTP, but it may enhance the chances of winning a huge prize (a progressive jackpot, for instance).

Should I Play Max Bet on Slot Machines?

The maximum bet or Bet Max is the highest amount that can be wagered on one spin in a slot. It’s the bet with the maximum denomination and the number of coins with the maximum number of lines. Most modern slots have a special button or “Bet Max” tab, which allows you to make the highest bet with one click, without having to set everything up manually. However, be careful: sometimes the maximum bet is several hundred dollars per spin (this is a common thing in online slots).

The reason the max bet is so important in slot machines is that there are many games where the jackpot or progressive jackpot can only be won if you bet the max. You need to bet to the maximum in many slots in order to get a chance to hit the jackpot or the progressive jackpot.

Such a condition, however, may make it impossible for you to play some slots. For example, if your budget is only $50, and the maximum bet is $5, then the game will most likely end very quickly. The maximum should also be placed if the slot has free spins or bonuses since all winnings in the bonus round are paid out based on the bet per spin at the moment of which the bonus was activated.

Does Playing Max Bet Increase Odds to Win?

If all wins are proportional to the size of the bet, then the payout percentage is always almost the same, regardless of whether you are betting one coin per line, two, or any other possible multiple bets. There are exceptions. On some machines, higher rates will unlock payment symbols. If, for example, the bells are losing symbols when betting one coin per line, but winning when betting at least five coins, then additional coins increase the winning percentage for those who place the corresponding bets.

In online slots (especially with a progressive jackpot), it is always better to bet to the maximum. At the very least, it will improve the chances of winning a huge prize. If your budget is small, then it is better to play slots with a small maximum bet than to bet fewer coins or fewer lines. This is an excellent strategy for playing over a long period.