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For many years, the United Kingdom has been a hub for gambling. It is no secret that the majority of people who have gambled at some point in their life live there. The UK Gambling Commission estimates that over 80% of adults gamble occasionally or regularly, which is more than any other country on earth! With such a large population, it's not surprising to find out how much money changes hands each year. In fact, according to one study conducted by Dr. Sarah Cattan and published by the Centre for Economic Performance at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), £23 billion was bet annually in 2014 alone with an annual turnover of £1 trillion pounds!

The United Kingdom has always been a country with very liberal gambling laws. In fact, the first casino in Britain was opened by King Charles II as soon as he took power in 1660. But there have been some changes recently and online gambling is now illegal for British citizens to partake in. The UK Gambling Commission was created to enforce these new regulations, which are based on three basic principles: prevention of harm, protection of children and fairness.

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