Pai Gow: Guide + Casinos List

Pai gow game is very similar to poker, but played with dominoes. Unlike most other games of chance, pai gow poker has a long history and deep tradition. The gambling game originated in China during the 18th century and was popularized in America by 19th-century sailors who frequented Chinese ports. Pai gow is usually played with two or more players, using a set of 32 tiles based on four suits (coins/circles, strings of coins/bamboo sticks, bowls/sticks & swords).

At online casinos pai gow looks a bit different. Here you don't need other players involved to make this game ready to play. You just need to form 2 separate hands using 2 cards for the 1st hand and 5 cards for the 2d hand.

Best Pai Gow Online Casinos

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