Dragon Tiger: Guide + Casinos List

Dragon tiger is a popular game at online casinos. It’s a fun, easy to learn card game that can be played with two people (casino player and dealer at online casinos). The goal of the game is for the player who has collected more cards than his/her opponent when all cards have been dealt, and discarded from play, to capture as many cards as possible from those remaining in the play pile.

The game starts with one player dealing all the cards from a standard 52-card deck. The dealer then turns over some of these to make two  hand piles, leaving at least three cards in each pile. The number of remaining face up cards determines how many rounds there are before dragon tiger begins and is greater than 14, it will be 12; less than seven, dragon tiger will start on round four. Dragon Tiger also has an optional rule that allows players to discard up to five consecutive pairs if they want to get rid of them quickly and build their own hand quicker - but beware because this can backfire as well!

Dragon tiger at online casinos is often being players with live dealers so it is a good thing for players that prefer such sort of gambling.

Best Dragon Tiger Online Casinos

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