Why do I Keep Losing on Online Slots?

A video slot is a rather simple casino entertainment. As a rule, you just place a bet, click on the Spin button, and wait for the results. In comparison to other gambling activities, like blackjack or poker, it doesn’t require any specific skills or knowledge. Slots are the games of fortune. However, a few players know that even in slots, there are certain strategies that can improve your chances of winning and stop the series of misfortunes.

The Casino Always Wins – May Be It Does Not

Many players have heard the phrases: "the house always wins" and "if you want to make money in a casino, open your own." The secret to the success of gambling houses lies in the rules of slot games they offer to play. Depending on the slot you have chosen, the mathematical expectation of a casino win can range from 0 to 9% of the average bet per spin.

However, you may continue losing your bankroll not because of these rules but due to your poor choice of slots. Keep reading to find out beginners’ most common mistakes and how to stop your losing streak.

May Be You Are Playing at a Rigged Casino

The best way to avoid being scammed by rigged casinos is to be proactive. That is, try not to play on suspicious platforms. It is not very difficult to identify a shady site. Here are some criteria that should make you suspicious:

  • lack of data on where the casino is registered, which jurisdiction it is subject to, and which regulatory body issued the license;

  • dingy-looking website design;

  • a poor game collection;

  • a huge amount of advertising;

  • lack of various payment methods (the platform accepts just one currency through a couple of deposit/withdrawal mediums);

  • unclear terms and conditions for promotions and bonuses, money transactions, and so on.

It is also worth paying attention to additional factors. For instance, scammers rarely use expensive software for their casinos. Consequently, such gambling platforms work terribly, load slowly, and the interface is displayed crookedly. Be vigilant and spend time exclusively in well-known and trusted casinos.

May Be You Are Playing too Volatile Slots

Volatility (or variance) is another important characteristic for choosing a video slot. Gamblers distinguish between High, Medium, and Low volatility. It allows you to assess the level of risk for a particular slot. More risky games involve rare but large wins, less risky ones – frequent but small prize payouts. Thus, too volatile slots can take your money for hours, giving nothing, and that is why you may lose games time after time.

The choice of the slot’s volatility level depends on the gambler’s style of playing. Hardcore gamblers prefer slots with high volatility. They are ready to spin the reels all day long in the hope of hitting a big jackpot. Casual gamblers get more pleasure from the very fact of winning. Any prize combinations cause positive emotions in them.

High volatility slots can be recognized by the large jackpot amounts for the most valuable combos. World-famous hits of high variance games include Book of Ra, Dead or Alive, Vikings, Fruit Warp, Montezuma, and Reel Steel. Popular low volatility slots are Motörhead, Starburst, Spartacus, Invisible Man, Space Wars, Frog Grog, Jack Hammer 2, and many others.

May Be You Are Playing too Low RTP Slots

Return to Player (RTP) is the term that online casinos use to describe the final percentage of all money wagered on slots that will be returned to players within a specified period of time. So, if you wager, let us say, $100 on a video slot that has a 90% RTP, then you can expect to get back about $90 in winnings. This is why it’s always advised to look for high payback slots. Most “one-armed bandits'' tend to have an RTP of 95% to 96%. Anything above 96% is considered a good return-to-player percentage. Give preference to games by NetEnt and Playtech. They typically come with an RTP of 97% and higher.

May Be You are Suffering a Losing Streak

If losses are pursuing you in slots, you just have to put up with it. Keep in mind that “one-armed bandits” are unpredictable, and the result is random. And there’s no other way.

But don’t try to make up for your losses. This is the worst decision you can make for your bankroll. After all, if you take an unjustified risk, you’ll raise rates to a value incommensurate with your budget and lose again. The losses will be several times greater than before.

If you’re going through a losing streak and it’s draining your bankroll, then don’t do anything. Take a break. Your favorite games and casinos will wait for you as long as you need. During this time, you’ll move away from losses, gain strength and inspiration that will help you not lose your temper and self-respect in the future.

Closing thoughts

As you can see, there might be various reasons why you continue losing on slots. Now, you can reconsider your manner of playing them and try to improve the basic techniques. Remember, successful gambling requires patience in the first place. The foregoing tips don’t guarantee that you’ll hit a million-dollar jackpot right away. Still, they’ll help you keep your bankroll safe and, hopefully, make it bigger.